vale Road Kill

Burning Man is becoming so vast that even if you travel by bicycle, you have to be prepared for hundreds of miles of cycling in a week. In addition to all the energy expended on dancing and drum circles, let alone finding and then queueing for the port-a-potty.

All of which makes an Art Car almost essential. But imagine if you were mobility-impaired? In this case, a golf cart is probably the difference between participating in the party, and spending a week locked up inside an RV in a noisy trailer park with no showers and no cable.

I understand the desire of mobility challenged Burners to still participate, and I applaud the DMV having policies for handicapped vehicles. I applaud further the Burners who make sure that these vehicles are dressed up in the spirit of the party – just because someone’s mobility is impaired, doesn’t mean they can’t participate and entertain us.

So it was with much sadness I read Burner Anna Marie‘s story of a “Dear John” letter from BMorg, for her beloved Road Kill.

Anna Marie says,

Throughout the whole ticket process I have been very upbeat. No I didn’t get a ticket, first time in 9 years. I have not bashed )’( , No cruel words have come out of my mouth. I have been very worried about all my of friends theme camps that didn’t get tickets. I always knew that I would in some way get a ticket. Yesterday I got a letter from )’( saying that they have PRE selected some mutant vehicles to come to the playa and they will get a share of the remaining 10,000.00 tickets. I thought, “Yes this is it.” Road Kill delivers mail, takes handicap people around, delivers ice to big camps and has been there 6 years. Why would they not pick him? I wrote to them last night because I always register him as handicap because my father is 83 years old, They told me Road Kill is not a mutant vehicle so he will not be considered. What? Not a mutant vehicle HELLO he is a fucking rabbit not just a golf cart. I have never been so offended in my life. Burning Man you have really crossed the line now. How dare you offended little Road Kill like that. He is a rock star out there and loved by so many. Everyone knows him by name and year after year you can hear people scream, “There’s Road Kill”. RIP Road Kill.
…I sent them pics of him and all. I remember the first day he got his permit. They all came out and said “WOW you decorated him” He even lights up at night. I live for burning man everyday. I eat, breath and sleep Burning Man. This morning for the first time I felt hurt and betrayed. You know the way I spend my nights and days on the Playa, driving old people around. I can’t tell you how many of their bucket lists I have been a part of. On the way into work I was in tears. Im sad for what Burning Man has turned into this year. What a mess this is.

Hello Burning Man. An Art Car is not just a car to us. A theme camp is not just a camp site. This is our home. You gave us a space to make it, we came, we made it, everyone loves it, and everyone wants to come again. THIS IS NOT BECAUSE OF YOUR GENIUS IN URBAN PLANNING. It is not because a dusty lakebed in the middle of nowhere is a nice place to party. It is because hundreds of thousands of Burners have created it as their home, and made it so with art and love and creative spirit. Given freely and unconditionally, as Anna Marie’s story shows.

Attacking Art Cars attacks the party, and attacks the Burner Community too by devaluing what we hold to be most valuable. But attacking the handicapped? This is a new low. Has some sort of dark, satanic Fox been let loose in BMorg’s new henhouse?

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