World’s biggest light sculpture going on Bay Bridge

Burner artist Leo Villareal is a very talented chap. As well as sitting on the Board of the Burning Man Project, he is a founder and Pornj star  figure of the Disorient major theme camp. A couple of years ago he was the first Burner artist to have an exhibition of their works at a major gallery, the San Jose Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). We threw the after-after-party for this event at the Fairmont, a great hotel, I couldn’t understand why security came at 1 AM to complain about the 4-piece live band in the hotel room…

Anyway, last night we went to a launch event at Bill Brady‘s house for the Bay Bridge Lights project, attended by multiple Burners including Space Cowboys. Leo has designed the world’s largest light sculpture, which is to be constructed in time for the America’s Cup on the Bay Bridge between San Francisco and Treasure Island, and will stay for at least 2 years, if not permanently.

Burner culture spreading from the Playa, is greatly enhanced by these public installations. Marco Cochrane‘s Bliss Dance is now on public display on Treasure Island. The Burning Man Project hopes to transform San Francisco’s inner city ghetto the Tenderloin, through the use of interactive art created by Burners.