Write a Letter to a Random Virgin

Remember your first time? Well, even if you don’t, you can party-cipate in this great service from Black Rock Spatial Delivery.

HOW DOES ONE REPRODUCE THE MAGIC OF THE FIRST TIME? FERTILITY 2.0 (yeah its lame but….) From the heart of all possible worlds…. The one you discovered the first time your reality met playa time….spread the love, reproduce the magic…. BRSD wants you to write at least one love letter to the virgin that you were….. to be delivered to an anonymous virgin this year at the burn. There are going to be an unprecedented number of newbies who all need a little synchronistic magic to happen. Let’s make it so. (Even if your not going feel free to join in the fertility 2.0 ) To make it more interesting BRSD invites you to challenge/invite all those who have pollinated and cross pollinated your imagination and your soul to do the same…. In a perfect world we create a cauldron of love letters to be delivered at the gate from every veteran to every virgin.

A good idea to help indoctrinate acclimatize all this year’s n00bz. Being Burning Man, there’s no need to take this seriously, and no doubt all sorts of bacon jokes and snarky pranks will ensue. Click here to write your letter.

BRSD have been faithfully serving the community since 1999, as a kinder, gentler alternative to the Black Rock City Post Office (whose motto is, “there is no team in fuck u”).

Since 1999 we have been doing uniformed bike messenger schtick; taking postcards (we have a large variety of different kinds of cards) and other schwag and delivering it all over the playa to people and then encouraging the recipients to send something to someone else through us in an ever-increasing chain of good vibes and silliness. We have delivered rutabagas, we’ve delivered people, we’ve even delivered a titanium spork to a person on a moving geodesic dome. We are unstoppable.

People come to our camp to send stuff or messages about the playa. They also have been coming to our camp and getting involved doing Spatial Deliveries of their own, after a quick training. The concept is simple and infinitely scalable. Over the past few years we’ve had dozens of deputized deliverators doing daring deeds.

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