Virgins go to Burning Man

Here’s a video from 2011, well made by last year’s Virgins MotionPicturesIbiza on an iPhone, to get you in the mood. You will spot many of the 43 flavors of Burners here.

The geeks from the USB Bus could use some pointers from the cameraman here, forget the dude at 5:50 and go for the girl at 5:52.

Who wants to go home? Not even a month now, are you excited yet?

7 comments on “Virgins go to Burning Man

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  2. Found it. It’s a Lasse Illinton remix of the Sister Sledge song “Thinking of You”. It just take a little detective work on the web.

    • Blues Bob,

      I am wracking my brain looking for that tune as well. No having much luck. Finding mixes by Dimitiri and others, but no Lasse Illiton…. Suggstions?

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