BREAKING NEWS: Burning Man is NOT Sold Out

Well, well, well. Far be it from me as author of a snarky blog to gloat. NOT! I told you so!

Burning Man has just made an announcement on the official Facebook group:

There are still tickets available in the system, folks … if you stopped trying earlier, try now.

Who would’ve thought it would come to this? A community devastated by the “Swiss Cheese” effect of the ticket lottery. STEP shut down after 17 minutes. 1000 extra tickets expected to be gone in an instant. A whole new cumbersome system of applying for a chance to buy the last 1000 formerly impossible ID-linked tickets. And where did it all get us?

Burning Man is now begging Burners to return to STEP and buy tickets.

Bad news indeed for anyone holding onto scalper tickets and hoping to make a quick buck. But a victory for Burners Against Scalpers. And great news for anyone who’s been thinking there’s no way they could go – maybe now you have a chance.

Certainly makes me wonder why we had to go through ALL that lottery bullshit – to be 3 weeks from the event and IT IS STILL NOT SOLD OUT – not even close.

If you are still looking for a ticket, there are hundreds if not thousands readily available. In addition to all the tickets BMOrg are still trying to unload over the Web – which officially is less than 1000 but in reality could be more, for example if not all the Guest List tickets were awarded – there are 327 at Stubhub, 246 over on eBay and 33 at Craigslist – including 2 for $290.

They insist that there will be no ticket sales at the gate. They insisted that they couldn’t link tickets to IDs too, so I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find people selling tickets at Gerlach and at the gate – even if they’re not “officially” sanctioned, either at the gate or the “outlets” they are indebted to on their tickets page:

Tickets will not be sold at the front Gate of Black Rock City nor at Walk-Up Outlets. We are indebted to our Outlets for their many years of service to our community – please continue to support them!

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    Is there a way you are able to remove me from that service?
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  11. “although it is going to be hard for them to exercise the kind of bureaucracy and control they’re used to, over these events….” AND THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT!!

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  13. I have been going to Burning Man every year and love it very much, and I would hate to miss it! But after all the B.S. this year, I am kind of over it. I’m not saying this is the end for me ever going to Burning Man again, but the people in charge of the way they do tickets and some other things changing, I don’t know if I will be back, as sad as that would be. I have never missed a BURN since I started going as I was hooked, so I don’t know how I will feel till I miss a BURN.

    I think they should let Burners that have been to Burning Man before be first in line to get 1 or 2 tickets, and for people that have been more then once should be at the front of that line as well. If you have a bar code number on the ticket and ticket stub, you can use that number to register for tickets for the next year. So past burners come first with sales. There are to many new people going to Burning Man when , when people have been going for many years get stuck without tickets.
    So if you don’t look after the people that have made Burning Man what it is for so many year. Then that’s when things change and not for the better. I already have a problem with weekenders, people that come out just for the last weekend, and don’t come for the whole week. maybe tickets should just be sold at the gate first come first served. lol! That could get people who really care the most about Burning Man in the gate and you would not have to worry about scalpers and the people that truly care would get there at the start of the week. If you can’t deal with being at Burning Man for a whole week then you shouldn’t get tickets first. maybe the tickets should be sold with entry dates on them. So there should be tickets sold saying you have to enter the first day or 2, for people that run late or when people get stuck in the long lines getting in. So maybe make the full week tickets cheaper, and people who just come for the weekend, pay more for there tickets to make tickets cheaper for the people who have to spend more money for things they need to be out there for a full week or more.

    These are just some ideas, and I am sure I could come up with many more. lol!

    So lets how the people that are in charge of how tickets get sold and for what price, get shit together and figure it out better then they have the past few years. They had problems the past 2 years for a reason!

    PS- maybe someone should just come up with a new burner even to take the place of burning man and start things all over again the way they were in the past. Maybe things have gotten to big for the people running Burning Man , and there needs to be something new and fresh with other people in charge of things to take it’s place but with that same passion that started Burning Man, as it seems things might be going the wrong direction now. That’s how great things go bad at some point, with things in the past that were cool, then change to much from where things started. So I hope Burning Man gets straightened out.

    If the BLM is going to be to controlling, then maybe it’s time to move the location of Burning Man as well. Has anyone thought of that???

    • Thanks Trav E Ler, well considered comment. There have been rumors of Burning Man looking at other sites, but nothing substantive has occurred. BMOrg’s plan is to handle the growth by building up the Regionals – although it is going to be hard for them to exercise the kind of bureaucracy and control they’re used to, over these events.

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