Weather Update: F’kn Windy and F’kn Dusty

I know you hear “it’s dusty out there” every year, just like some wacky Burner always thinks it’d be funny to say that Daft Punk is playing.

Well, brace yourselves, because from what we hear coming back to us from Black Rock City, it’s a shit show. Literally:

Thanks to Black Rock City Playa Info for this image

Yep, a whole wall of portapotties blew over – one was completely destroyed. You can hate on RVs all you want, but I bet they’re wishing they had a few now as windbreaks.

I’ve just had this relayed to me, from someone who’s on-site at BRC…

“Over a 100 degrees everyday by 3pm. At 7-8pm for the last 3 nights we have had 60+ mph winds with dust whiteout. The playa is getting scrubbed by these high winds. We lost 2 roof so far from the Temple camp kitchen/camp area. We are running out of 40×50′ tarps !!!!! Be prepared – all the town locals & old burners say this is one of the highest wind years. We expect continued storms for the next 2 nights. We had a 20′ tall 50×50′ structure demolised last night & it was just substructure of 2×8″ wood – ripped off the foundation. Not enough cross bracing yet – uugh. “

WOOHOOO!!! batten down those hatches…..

Read our guide to Condition Alpha and prepare yourselves. It’s the middle of the desert, it’s the Wild Wild West, it’s the biggest concentration of Burner energy the world has ever seen. Anything could happen, and probably will!


Looks like you might want to order some of these as Playa Gifts…

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  3. If you use Reddit, you could have read EVERYthing in this article days ago. Quit Plagiarizing ! “Information relayed to me” More like Information STOLEN from reddit forums. Quit Plagiarizing burnersxxx !!!!!!!

    • STOLEN? What are you talking about. A Burner emailed me the weather report and I published it – 4 days ago. Who is plagiarizing what – it is a fucking weather report, not James Joyce. And it is clearly attributed as a quote from someone else, not my own words. I’ve seen this same quote posted by people all over Facebook, on ePlaya, Reddit, and all the other sources I go to for information about Burning Man. The difference you get at Burners.Me compared to most other sources of Burning Man information is commentary and analysis, with links to other articles, related photos, YouTube videos.

      Next you’ll be saying I’m plagiarizing YouTube by embedding videos inside my posts so you don’t have to leave the site to watch them.

  4. Please think of your lungs, folks. Particulate-induced asthma is no joke. Wear them religiously. I promise, it matters.

  5. My mantra, “Be one with the dust, cause it will damn well be with you!” “Now get over it and have a great Burn!!

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