Collaborative Coding in [freespace]: Burnerhack

freespace warehouseIf you’ve ever used Burnermap, you’ll know what a useful tool it is. In theory, anyway – it’s surprisingly difficult to find people at Burning Man even if you know their location, while at the same time it’s incredibly easy to run into people totally randomly. Burnermap was created by Micah Daigle and others as something free for us all to benefit from. Taking that spirit further, Micah just announced Burnerhack, an event coming up in San Francisco for the open source and maker community. They’re taking advantage of “[freespace]”, a 14,000 square foot warehouse in the city’s trendy South of Market area that is being offered for free to San Francisco’s creative community for a month.

BurnerHack is an entire weekend full of beautiful people manifesting marvelous creations in preparation for Burning Man.

​Hack on software. Hack on blinky lights. Hack on costumes. Hack on interactive body piercings. Hack on anything your robot heart desires!

WHEN: June 7-9, 2013

WHERE: 1131 Mission St, San Francisco

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1. Get in the Burning Man spirit. You are encouraged to dress in your sparkliest, dustiest, and/or sexiest playa gear.

2. Follow the Ten Principles of Burning Man.

3. This is not a hangout space. If you attend, you should participate in building something! (And if we catch you working on your startup, you’re fired.)

[ )'( ]  PROPOSED PROJECTS  [ )'( ]

  • Updating & improving BurnerMap
  • Creating OpenPlaya, a Black Rock City Wiki 
  • Awesome T-shirt Hack-N-Slash! 
  • Hexayurt construction
  • Training: Crowdfund Your Art Project
  • Planning a post-Burn reintegration event

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