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bacon manNo folks, that’s not a spelling mistake. is a relatively new player on the scene, offering VIP tickets to their favorite event.

if you don’t like the News go out and make some of your own. We did  ;)”

…is the theme of this site.

What do you get for your VIP ticket? Quite the laundry list of benefits:

Buy VIP tickets, while supplies last. VIP tickets are a great way to experience the finer parts of Burningman and give back support to our community.

VIP ticket Package includes;

A dedicated lane at Gate

Happy hour with Larry Harvey

Pre built dome tent with electricity outlet (single 110 outlet)

20 gallons of water.

Shuttle service to and from the Man daily.

30 Center Café Drink tickets

Kiosk privileges for three meals a day.

Shower passes (Staff Shower trucks)

A special activities Guide~ Advanced Who , What , When , Where for VIP’s.

12 Mutant Vehicle passes (valid on any art car in the city)

Valet Bicycle parking at Participating Theme camps (see VIP, WWWW Guide)

Front row seating at your choice of three main stage acts.

And autographed print of Larry Harvey

Bag of Bunringman Swag

Free car wash voucher for after the event.

bunring man datesSounds appealing, although they don’t say what the ticket price is. See below for the fine print.

Some more highlights:

“New RV restrictions and guidelines

Because of the population demands, it looks like we may be able to squeeze an addition 10.000 people onto the dessert , however we can not change the amount of port-o-potties provided in 2012 so, in order to accommodate 65,000 people on the playa this year, we will unfortunately have to enact a Ban on RV’s users from using the Port-o-potties.

The second unfortunate news is that the only way to ensure RV. owners follow through with this is by inspecting their septic tanks. each RV will be inspected daily and if the tanks remain unused, the RV will be ejected from the event. 
we know this may upset many people but is is the only way to ensure the people needed for our them camps make it to the playa. Thank you.”

And their take on the 10 Principles:


 Because of all the drastic changes to Bunringman,  the 10 principles have also been updated.  The new 10 principles are as follows:

NO SPECTATORS ~ Which means more than just showing up, and bitching about things you do or don’t like about Bunringman.

NO WHINING ~ Seriously, if it’s that bad, don’t let the dust hit you on the way out.

NO DRAMA~ We don’t care how it happens and who was to blame, knock it off.

LEAVE NO TRACE~ Which includes during the event as much as after the event, don’t let it hit the ground and if you see something, for fuck’s sake pick it up!

RADICAL LOTTERY~ Sorry not everybody can come anymore so your going to have to take your chances and adjust accordingly if you lose. PS your theme can is not the be all end of the world without only the friends you like. Learn to embrace change.

RADICAL EXPRESSION~ Look. If this is too cryptic for you to understand just think, “what is my art?”

NO COMIDIFICATION~ This mean you not us. We have to pay bills long after you are gone.

IT WAS WAY BETTER NEXT YEAR~ It was and it always will be and if you don’t understand why, it’s because you do not get BUNRINGMAN.

IMMEDIACY~ nothing is perfect, but we can always find value in doing something now.

FUCK YOUR DAY~ This means “Aloha” in Bunringman.

Bunring Man sounds like a great event, although perhaps somewhat let down by poor spelling. We’ll be buying our VIP tickets, registering our bicycles, and dirtying our septic tanks in preparation for August 33.

Here’s the fine print on their VIP tickets – actually not a bad take on interpreting the 10 Principles for Burgins:

Welcome to BUNRINGMAN!!!

Before we can process you VIP Ticket, please read all of the Respnsibilities assumed by you in purchasing a VIP Participation Ticket to The BUNRINGMAN ARTS FESTIVAL!




By purchasing a participant ticket, you agree to the following terms and conditions

There is no Burningman, but only what you create at Burningman, for this is the law of participation vs. spectator. Burningman helps create lots of cool shit, but realize that cool shit is there because someone like you enabled it. If the first thing you think of after Burningman is over is “I wonder what they will bring/do/create next year?” you are a spectator. If you first thought is “What will I bring/do/create for Burningman next year” you are a participant.

Thanks to Burner Christopher

Thanks to Burner Christopher

Burningman is not what we want it to be, it is what we make of it. In this way bitching and moaning about whatever you don’t like about the event’s official organization is pointless and speaks greatly about your own “spectator” failings more than the event itself. We are not in charge of the event, we are responsible for it. We are a “Doacracy“, that is if you see something that needs/could be/wants to be done, you are charged to do it. Waiting for someone else to fix/make/address something is a sign you are a “spectator” the lowest form of life at Burningman next to Commerce hounds.

It was better next year, because you are a slightly different person each year you attend, therefore because Bunringman is what we make of it, your future plans hold the future of Burningman within them. If Burningman sucks next year, it’s your fault.

Leave no trace is not an option. Leave no trace is not only one of the ways we promote health and safety at Burningman , it also makes us look really good to the powers that be above us, and there are many. We stay vigilant about how we are perceived by greater authorities to the degree we obey laws and create “official” liable structure to appease them. In fact the only reason we have an LLC to begin with is, without them, the cops would have shut us down a long time ago. Critiquing and Bashing the Borg is like telling your doctor to stop oppressing you with antibiotics.

Radical inclusion does not mean “everybody be nice to each other”. Radical inclusion means you agree to “love thy neighbor“, even if you don’t like them. That does not mean everyone has to be nice to each other, only you can’t escalate argument to a degree that takes away their personal freedoms. You can upset them all you want, but remember , they can do the same to you. Our Black Rock Rangers are highly trained and present to help facility any problems we may have with one another. Please keep them in mind before you pull out the boxing gloves.

Seriousness is not a crime at Burningman, but expecting or demanding it is. Unseriousness is a point of pride for many burners as, such , getting bent out of shape whenever disinformation, pranks, hoaxes, lies, tricks, and other tomfoolery happens your way is POINTLESS. Radical Inclusion means you agree to accept pranksters, klowns, fuckos, culture jammers, tricksters, bullhorn messiahs, hecklers, jackasses as valid portions of our community.

You have to take care of yourself. In fact the best way to take care of others is to take care of yourself first! We are not your baby sitter or entertainment travel guide. If you get bored, that’s your fault. If you get dehydrated, that’s your fault. If you get upset when someone destroys, being upset is your fault. You are expected to entertain yourself, take care of yourself and create things yourself. Radical self reliance means you agree to be responsible for your own health, safety and state of mind. Be prepared without being expectant. It’s tricky, deal with it.

There are many ways to participate at Burningman, but only some of them make Burningman “special” or different from other events around the world. Soup kitchens and dance clubs are great at Burningman but you can find soup kitchens and discoteques in the default world. If you really want to help make Burningman an awesome “special place” think beyond just doing a chore or recreating something “:nice” at Burningman. Think about ways of doing something at Burningman that is uncommon in the rest of the world. In this way you help make Burningman distinguishable form other events and cultures. Help make our uniquely Burningman.

Don’t bring anything to Burningman that you can not afford/do not wish/would not like to be destroyed by playa dust, other participants or any of the wear and tear that is Black Rock City. It is a city, shit happens. The smart person is not the one who thinks of ways to be unaffected at Burningman, but the one who anticipates that nothing is coming home the same, if it comes home at all. If you can’t lose it, don’t bring it. If you don’t want your bicycle stolen, lock it up.

Drugs and Burningman seem to go together hand in hand but consider this. If your so fucking high you can’t enjoy the rest of the city, what’s the fucking point? Sobriety is a sound choice. And for fuck’s sake if your going to do lots of drugs at Burningman , be prepared for the environment, both physically and mentally. Don’t experiment from your prescribed medications and whatever you do, don’t get so wasted you can’t maintain health and safety for you and everyone around you. It’s not a contest to see who can get the most fucked up. It’s a festival. Celebrate but don’t wreck yourself or those around you.

Sex seems also to go hand in hand with Burningman, but no still means “NOT WITH YOU!”. Just because people are walking around nude does not mean they automatically want to be naked with you doing sexual stuff. Protect yourself by being very respectful of other people’s rights and your own. Use condoms. Use common sense. Use a baby sitter if you are going to get so high your healthy judgment might be impaired.

Ultimately your ticket does not entitle you to shit, except a chance to do something awesome, bring your bad ass self to the Black Rick Desert and show of f a bit. If you don’t get the chance, you still get to be your bad ass self. Win win. Welcome Home!!!!

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  1. this is a lame!!!!!!!!!!!!!! someone is just selling a staff pass, all those privileges seem to be the norm for staff members, you just won’t have to build shit. and most of that stuff is free anyways

  2. Thank you for the update of this important information. In the spirit of cooperation I will be sure to bring a working poop-o-scope for RV tank inspection. More than willing to share with those on Turd Patrol.

  3. I wish I did’t so easily believe this could actually happen with the dedicated gate and all. The Org is a corporation after all. But I’ll continue to pray to the Man for mercy.

  4. Unseriousness is a point of pride for many burners as, such , getting bent out of shape whenever disinformation, pranks, hoaxes, lies, tricks, and other tomfoolery happens your way is POINTLESS. Radical Inclusion means you agree to accept pranksters, klowns, fuckos, culture jammers, tricksters, bullhorn messiahs, hecklers, jackasses as valid portions of our community.

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