Rockstar Librarian 2013 Music Guide is Released

rockstar librarian silhouetteGet it here and print it yourself:

20-page mini-booklet

40-page guide

Time To Burn app (Android)

Time To Burn app (Apple)

Printing suggestion:

You may have different setting on your printer, but here is what worked for me on the booklet.
– Print on both sides of paper
– Flip on short edge of paper
– Print Landscape

For individual camp lineups, also check out our (much less organized!) 2013 music line-up coverage.

Rockstar Librarian is getting married at Burning Man, and we’re all invited:

You are invited to the burning nuptials
of Michael and Kate, aka Rockstar Librarian, Thursday morning, just
following the White Procession, as the sunrises and laughter ensues
(615am or thereabouts) on the 9:00 side of the Temple.
Reveling to follow at Bubbles & Bass, 745 & Esplanade.

Congratulations Michael and Kate!

I recommend everyone come and support my friend the lovely Miss Emma Nation, midnight Tuesday at Chakralicious, 2:30 & E, part of Club Exotica presents Seduce Me.

Brass Tax will be killing it at Friday 5pm, The Sunset Trip Village at Esplanade & 8:30

Opulent Temple will be back after all, in stealth mode (sort of)…their annual White Party is on Wednesday night at the Control Tower, 3:30 & Esplanade, in conjunction with Dancetronauts. Tune in to radio KNTRL 105.1, for an alternative to the eclcectic and often crappy tunes of BMIR.

Open Playa – The Opulent
Temple White Party will
take place around the
Dancetronauts Bass Station
@ Control Tower (lazer art
piece located on the Open
Playa) on Wednesday ONLY!
10:00 PM – 3:00 AM
11th Annual Opulent Temple
White Party

They’re up against the other mobile sound extravaganza Robot Heart, who are bringing the techno triumvirate of Seth Troxler/Jamie Jones/Damian Lazarus

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