Busting Man: RIOT Calls for General Strike at Burning Man

by Whatsblem the Pro

The Critical Snitch Parade? -- PHOTO: Getty Images

The Critical Snitch Parade? — PHOTO: Getty Images

In the wake of what seems to be the beginning of a serious police crackdown on Burning Man, rumors of a general strike have been quietly spreading among the workers and volunteers out in the Black Rock desert early to build the festival’s infrastructure. Whatsblem the Pro interviews a cabal of DPW workers who wish to remain anonymous, other than to identify themselves as members of a group known as Reform In Our Time (RIOT):

WHATSBLEM THE PRO: Tell me about your group. Why is it called RIOT?

RIOT SPOKESPERSON: Not because we’re trying to start a riot, if that’s what you’re wondering. RIOT is a quiet organization of people who feel that there are certain issues at Burning Man that need to be addressed. The name is meant to convey our sense of outrage and urgency; when there’s a problem that doesn’t really need to be solved right away, you can work within the system. When you need change immediately, you might have to kick harder than that! You can’t wait for it, you have to make it happen, right now.


RIOT SPOKESPERSON: Yes. Some things are just not acceptable, and if we believe in what we’re doing, we shouldn’t just continue to let those things happen. . . we shouldn’t take it, and we shouldn’t walk away from it. We should demand change, and if our demands are not taken seriously, we should enforce change.

WHATSBLEM THE PRO: You want change? What changes are you looking for?

RIOT SPOKESPERSON: Our demands are simple: We want law enforcement excluded.

WHATSBLEM THE PRO: You want to kick the police out of Burning Man?

RIOT SPOKESPERSON: People at Burning Man have each other to rely on, and they have Black Rock Rangers. We don’t need outside law enforcement, and we can call them in if we do.

WHATSBLEM THE PRO: I’m not sure the various agencies involved would be willing to give up the annual infusions of cash they get from Burning Man without a struggle.

RIOT SPOKESPERSON: You’re right, it’s all about money in the end. We could find a different way to pay the powers that be, though. A way that doesn’t involve filling our city with police officers from other cities when there’s no emergency.

WHATSBLEM THE PRO: Would the basic deal with local law enforcement need to change at all, if they stayed just outside Black Rock City and only entered when called in for a specific purpose?

RIOT SPOKESPERSON: That would work. The problem is a huge growth in outside law enforcement officers invading the playa, not the money it costs. We would really appreciate them if they stayed outside and only came in when we really wanted them to.

WHATSBLEM THE PRO: What about radical inclusion?

RIOT SPOKESPERSON: Of cops? (laughs)
If the cops would leave their badges and guns at home and just be burners like everyone else in BRC, we’d welcome them just like we welcome anyone else. We’d even build them a Donut Camp!  We’re not against cops necessarily, we just don’t want outsiders doing law enforcement in our city. We have everything we need to take care of it ourselves without any outside help!

WHATSBLEM THE PRO: You said something earlier about also wanting DPW to be paid. You want them to have a union?

RIOT SPOKESPERSON: We want DPW to have a union if DPW wants to have a union. It’s hard to say how much support there might be for that. It isn’t a new idea and it may not be the direction we want to go in. Paying DPW volunteers would be a step in the right direction, though.

WHATSBLEM THE PRO: A lot of people seem to think that volunteerism is sort of part of it all. . . and of course, some DPW people do get paid.

RIOT SPOKESPERSON: They should all be paid. Even if it’s just minimum wage, they should all be paid. DPW workers volunteer to work long hard hours under very harsh conditions, and many of them turn their backs on perfectly good jobs to go to BRC and do that. They have to spend money just to get to Burning Man. That’s enough volunteerism all by itself. Making them work for free on top of what it costs them to drop everything and come to the desert is just unreasonable, especially when paying them a modest wage would still make them the most cost-effective work force on Earth! Making them work for free and then turning an army of cops loose on the playa to harass and bully them? That has to be addressed, as soon as humanly possible!
Really, the main problem we see right now is law enforcement, and everything else takes a backseat to that. We believe the Org has the economic leverage to deal with the current situation, so we want to see our concerns regarding law enforcement taken seriously, and we want something done. If we can’t get that. . .

WHATSBLEM THE PRO: That’s my next question. . . if you can’t get the Org to pay attention, how does RIOT intend to make them?

RIOT SPOKESPERSON: To start, as a show of strength and solidarity, we intend to stage a general strike, to prove that we mean business. On the Friday of the event, at dusk, those of us not doing jobs that are absolutely critical to safety will stop working, lay down our tools, and refuse to continue until the police leave the city. We call on all our sisters and brothers to spread the word and honor the strike. Friday at dusk, without violence, we take our city back!


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  5. no mater how the police chose to react during the strike it will show allot about where they come form and their priority… the actions taken could lead to the end of burning man in it current form… maybe a flash mob festival type deal where no one area may dictate how the participants gather and express for then they’ll just move and take the revenue else ware

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  16. Burning Man is not an altruistic event as much as you would like to think of it as such….it’s a business and with its popularity today it’s providing Larry a pretty good living….Larry will do what he has to keep it going, including licking the boots of law enforcement in the State of Nevada.

    Hail ol’ Burning Man LLC.

  17. Eventually, there will be a terrorist attack at Burning man. Some crazed asshead will show up sportin a bitchin arsenal of fully automatic weaponry and a homicidal attitude. Whan that happens, will you still be bitching about police presence? Grow up, children. When you come from hundreds or thousands of miles around to party in somebody else’s county, you’d better be ready to follow their laws. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Maybe it IS time for the burn to “starve Nevada out” of all that bribe money. After all, it amounts to maybe 1% of what the mining corporations are bringing into the state. Here’s a idea; what say you try this whole thing down in Mexico? See what happens to you there when you want to break the local laws and whine about how the law shouldn’t apply to your narcissistic little selves.

    • but is a victim-less crime out in the middle of the desert where every year they send more cops to patrol around… plus this is “Burning Man” about burning the authoritarian(the man) control over our life’s. it just feels wrong to have so much authoritarian energy controlling the anti_authoritarian festival of human beings

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  19. Perhaps the police and/or “powers that be” are not taking into account the massive trail of cash that BM leaves to and from the playa? The amount HAS to be astronomical. Propose a change in location that would effectively starve them of ANY revenue for state or local businesses and municipalities. If it’s money they’re after, cut them off the money they’ve been guaranteed for years. Fuck them.

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  21. What would it look like if we shunned the assorted law enforcement we see? Simply turn our backs on them whenever possible.

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  25. As much as I hate cops sometimes, we need them!! Yes things can resolved with rangers, fire dept, and medical staff but what if someone gets raped, roofied, harassed, or intentionally wounded? Or a child goes missing? Wouldn’t you want the person who commits the crime to get arrested and taken out of BRC? What if this happened to you or a close friend? Wouldn’t you want justice?? Ppl who commit crimes like this DO NOT belong in our community.

    • But the police should reduce the amount of weapons they carry since they never have to use their machine guns anyway

    • This is an event that has ben going 25+ years strong without any major police presence on grounds. Like they said in the article, it’s cool for you to be close by, but wait until needed and called. Burners go here to get away from this crap in the outside world, and have proven it works for a quarter century.

    • Jeez Gemma, In the 20+ year’s I’ve been attending the only major crimes that have happened on the playa are drug related or thievery. Nothing you couldn’t solve by calling an off-playa cop to come and investigate.

  26. We need LEOs, ambulance, fire. For sure, no doubt. Do we need undercover stings? The only people I’ve ever heard wandering around Burning Man asking strangers if they had any drugs, were cops. We should get rid of that. Make it an over 21 event, then we don’t have to worry about most of this. Put on a “Disney Man” event at a different time that is kid friendly, with less nudity, and that’ll keep the local judge and sheriff happy too.

    It seems to me that if there’s any different attitude from cops this year, it’s because Pershing County is pissed that a) they didn’t get the extra money they asked for, b) Burning Man claimed multiple victories over them in the media and c) BMOrg tried to go over their heads to the Nevada State assembly, even to Washington DC, and got a law changed that they thought would protect them. The law new says “it’s up to the Feds”. The Feds (BLM) said “Pershing County are the main LEOs in charge now” in the latest permit. So that pretty much backfired.

    The best way for BMOrg to handle this is pay off the cops. Some of that $23.23 million can be spent to ensure that Burners don’t get hassled and risk their careers to come to this party. It seems the only point of disgruntled cranky DPWers (is there any other kind BTW?) striking, it to suggest to BMOrg that they need to handle this issue. I think it’s obvious to everyone that the cops won’t give 2 shits if Burning Man volunteers put down their tools.

    If cops are enforcing the law, it’s because it was broken – and no-one should have any ill feelings towards the police for this, that’s their job, that’s why we need them in society.

    • “If cops are enforcing the law, it’s because it was broken – ” Unfortunately, this is not always true. The cops regularly lie and falsely cite law-abiding burners to collect fees. A few years ago, people from our camp were arrested for serving alcohol to minors– except this “crime” never happened. The cops said they had recorded video, witness accounts, evidence. All lies. They had nothing. Our campmates raised money, fought it in court and won. The point is, if we can’t trust law enforcement– and we’ve seen that we can’t– then why have them in our city? It was practically a police state this year. Law enforcement brought aggression, deceit, harassment, abuse of power, corruption. Pretty much everything that law enforcement is supposed to protect against.

      • We also heard that there were a lot more sexual assaults reported this year. Unconfirmed rumor at this stage – but supports your point, the increased LEO presence didn’t increase safety.

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  31. First they came for the Occupiers and the burners did nothing. Then they came for the journalists and the Burners did nothing, then they came for the Burners and there was no one left… You get the idea, I think.

  32. To what point? A group of black block anarchists think that their ‘perfect society’ is going to be overrun with zealous police. LEOs this year are no more rough than they have been any other year. The guy pissed on the Playa in front of the BLM people who lease us this land and a cop. The actual fine is acceptable, and the threats can be ignored.

    I was there the last year the DEA was out there letting dog’s run into camps to find drugs. They were stopped by the burning man legal team and local attorneys (more lawyers and judges go the the burn than you might think) . A group calling it self “RIOT”, that’s encouraging the working people of the burn to stop working; that’s unacceptable. If this is an issue, it needs to be dealt with the same way that these issues have been dealt with in the past, with actual lawyers and legal minded burners.

    The burn is composed of people who know what the they’re doing. If they don’t work, then the city falls apart.

    Do these “RIOT” people think that a day without sanitation, lamplighters, repair crews, baristas, construction crews, fire crews would make burning man better? The city would be hurt by it. People would be upset and there would likely be more fights, assaults, and thefts. This would simply encourage more LEOs and a stronger police response.

    LEOs are necessary. When a child goes missing, or someone starts a fight, or when weekend crowd bros try to roofie hippy chicks, it’s kinda nice to have the law out there. The cops who volunteer are there because they want to see burning man. Not because they want to bust you for running around on the playa stoned, which is all anyone who’s complaining about the LEOs is really worrying about.

    Just remember the same rules as every other year. Don’t smoke joints in public, don’t scream “I’m want acid”, don’t try to buy strange pills from strangers (seriously, if they offer to sell it, and don’t just give it as a gift they’re either a cop or a scumbag).

    Just be smart, and handle complaints rationally.

    • This is a social experiment in real time, and will play out based on willingness to face a mighty foe (uniformed armed unwanted agents) OR THE CITY WILL FALL APART FROM WITHIN, DUE TO WEAKNESS IN ITS OWN SOCIAL STRUCTURE. Identifiy the goal, get sober enough to speak with intelligence, and move this great big damn wonderful week to PRIVATE PROPERTY!!

  33. I love and appreciate everything the DPW does for our culture. I thank each and every one of you guys from the depths of my soul for all of your hard work. Our amazing city would not exist without the help of so many volunteers who give their time and effort to make it happen. That being said…

    In what way, shape or form would law enforcement have any regard for a burner strike? Give me a break. They could care less about whether you’re striking or enjoying yourself–they are going to be there to police the crowd. The larger the crowd gets every year, the larger the police presence will become. That’s simple math.

    From what I understand, much of this was instigated by members of the DPW pissing on the playa. WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS DOING PISSING ON THE PLAYA ANYWAYS? What part of that is leaving no trace? Long walk to the potties? Then bring a fucking bottle to piss in! I fail to sympathize with veteran burners who approach this whole scenario with such a sense of entitlement and do whatever the fuck they want. Set a good example. What kind of a community would we have If 60.000 people all took their cues from DPW and were pissing on the playa for a week? Quit bitching about being policed on public land. That’s laughable. What do you guys think you could possibly even do to keep them out? So many questions. So little answers.

    Stopping work on the city to strike is doing nothing but punishing yourselves by not seeing the project through to fruition as well as punishing all the burners who put in all the time and effort to make it out there to see it and be a part of it.

    Take some ownership for your mistakes. You can’t be mad at the police for doing their job. Utilize the Self Reliance that you veteran burners should all know so well–because Self Righteousness is a shitty substitute.

    • Well it’s not rocket science but I do have to say that pissing on the plays leaves no trace. It evaporates. It’s basic science dude. Just saying.

      • that is a fact! If you think about it how long since the Earth history goes back have we even had plumbing? Urine is a natural organic body fluid and once the H20 dries the particles become what they were before! Part of the Earth. If you want to get nuts go argue the nuclear leaks and on and on that big companies are destroying out planets atmosphere with. Now there you have a real issue to argue…

      • The water will evaporate, but the nitrogen in your urea and any other toxins that your body is expelling will stay right there, that’s basic science. That will leave a trace.

      • Simon is right! At least technically, perhaps not so much practically…

        Urine may be sterile, but that doesn’t mean it leaves no trace. Besides the urea, which is fairly harmless in high desert sand, there definitely will be metabolites of any medications and whatever else is in healthy/unhealthy urine… aka, not too much. Practically, it isn’t a problem! I agree that BLM is bullying the BRC volunteers and there needs to be some kind of “deal” made… some mutual understanding. There needs to be a negotiation, even if last minute, with the US federal government. As for urine on Playa sand, I doubt it will affect anything except the very few microbes that can survive in that environment, which is generally so desiccated this time of year that they are dormant or spores. Very few microscopic things survive in sand. As for the mammals, I highly doubt even high concentrations of “man-made” chemicals or natural chemicals will affect them. As for the reptiles and other animals, I honestly do not know… perhaps there is some ecological niche or even an entire species will be harmed by public/on-sand urination, by leaving natural and trace non-natural chemicals on the Playa, but I highly doubt it. Public urination, while unpleasant, should not affect the ecology, although I do admit that it makes sand-storms way more interesting. Thankfully, most metabolites of medication (birth control, SSRIs, any medication or any exogenous chemical) mostly get released thru feces, although of course some medications are excreted mostly by urine… so again, those sand-storms are quite interesting, as people could be inhaling trace amounts of metabolites of chemicals without knowing it.

        I want to just say separate of everything else here, solid waste (poop, with and/or without blood/mucus/lots of microbes/etc, etc) needs to be handled properly, as that is definitely both a human health hazard as well as detrimental to the playa ecosystem year-round, even if the effects are mostly seen under a microscope and may be practically irrelevant… solid waste is both gross and needs to be handled with some type of temporary plumbing solution, which is where those (mostly, I presume) hard working BRC Department of Public Works people play such a vital role in keeping BRC safe. I would have to study the Playa environment more to know which animals would be affected… anyway, leaving solid waste is awful, obviously. Sorry for this extra paragraph, but it is important.

        Yeah, I studied soil microbiology as well as environmental toxicology, so… even though a healthy person’s urine doesn’t do much, someone on medication technically leaves a trace! Then again, any scientist with knowledge in environmental science will tell you that the Playa must have been affected by BRC over the years… but it is not like a beach, there is much less microbial activity in that sand than much of the pacific seaboard.

        My biggest concern is that Burning Man, if it wants to “fight to survive”, needs to either strike a deal with the Feds (or county police) thru negotiation and/or find some other way to resolve this problem, but I don’t see what would work… FYI: I wrote this is under 20 minutes… not bad! And I am mostly libertarian, although I do believe in public health and concepts like healthcare as a basic human right. I’d prefer single payer to “Obama-care”, but anyway… off topic, perhaps. You guys should just beg Obama to tell the DOI-BLM to chill out… but keep in mind that Biden things Marijuana is the devil and from what I have understood has no medical benefit. Pfffft. Tell that to fellow humans who have or have had cancer, Crohn’s, or the many other horrific diseases… some of which are a direct result of “laissez-faire economics” (environmental toxicity… the EPA is a joke, kinda like the FDA… at least in most “departments”)… Biden should be ashamed on that specific topic (probably for other things as well), as for whoever is responsible for this DOI (Department of Interior) – BLM (Buerau of Land Management) crackdown (bully tactic). Why didn’t’ the DOI care about offshore drilling? Properly before that huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Oh, yeah… bribes! I hope it does not resort to that with BM management, but I do think they need to show some proof of something to make the feds happy… and it is definitely a tricky situation, as there are multiple factors to consider… =[

        I hope BRC continues to exist and I hope the DPW strike or non-strike or whatever it isn’t doesn’t compromise things like public health, as that could certainly backfire… I think “back-room” negotiations with the federal government to find a mutual understanding is one way of handling it. It isn’t noble, I suppose, but “taking a stand against ‘the man'” may turn out to be very bad for BRC and the BM event.

        Disclaimer: I know next to nothing about BRC/Playa ecology and I know very little about waste management or the many different but important tasks the DPW takes care of… but I do assume that it is pretty much the best that can be done is done by DPW. Anyway, as for urine, practically, there are no problems… but if you want to nitpick or whatever, focus on practically irrelevant details, then yes, there is of course an effect left on the Playa. Duh… but practically, I am much more concerned about Federal Law Enforcement intimation and/or careless actions by

        One thing to keep in mind: Ya’ll could just “walk the line”, face the “threat” (actually, it is seriously a threat… just a legal threat and not a very clear one) and focus on not getting caught… not a bad strategy! Oh, FYI to anyone to reads this far, heh, don’t bring weed or anything that dogs can smell…? The dogs can smell that easily. Unless you have Nevada State Medical Use card, but that is useless on Federal/DOI/BLM land… in fact, it is best to be completely law abiding and enjoy the art and projects in a sober way, as this may in-fact be the last Burning Man… it really depends, things are born and grow and eventually die… the federal enforcement issue just sounds like a force to prepare a coffin and then let BM-central push the nails themselves… maybe the spirit of Burning Man will live on in other temporary-civilization events… =[

        Or maybe BM-central will “make a deal” or fight or something else like that… all I know is that the DPW should not go on strike over a public urination ticket, but I agree that the DPW should represent themselves as they wish, union or not, as from what I understand, they do a tough job while many others are “running around” and having fun… if my body was strong enough, I probably would be going to BRC every year, but unfortunately I have a nasty case of Crohn’s disease, so… it is hard for me to leave the house much of the year(s) since I fell ill, let alone “survive” BRC. I would need to stay with someone in an RV or something and I don’t know if I would have the physical energy to even last an entire week. I was told that by a BRC veteran… I sadly should avoid the Playa until I am in better health… otherwise, I wouldn’t really enjoy it, and I think he was right.

        Burning Man means so many things to so many people… I would hate to see it “die”… for all those who read this, please do what you can to keep the event and/or spirit of the event alive, although I will admit that location is prime in many ways, so… cut a deal with the DOI or higher up in Executive Branch (if possible) thru channels such as Eric Schmidt. You may think I am joking, but the very wealthy Silicon Valley folks can just make a few phone calls and likely get a phone conference or face to face meeting with President Obama. Okay, so I addressed (some of) the science side of pollution on the Playa, and I addressed the larger issue at hand… I hope my post was helpful, despite being quite lengthy and perhaps hyper-verbose.

    • So how are you getting to BM? Are you walking there or using some other contrivance that does not emit pollution? Pissing on the holy sacred playa is nothing compared to the damage done by the thousands of pollution belching vehicles. Such hypocrisy!

      Also my guess is that the strike by the DPW is not meant to put pressure on law enforcement but on the Bmorg.

  34. we don’t need any fucking police there. Literally every situation there can be either handled by the Rangers, Fire Department, or Hospital staff. The police have insinuated them selves so they can literally do titty counts, and if you don’t believe them just ask and they’ll tell you. They’re worthless pieces of human garbage and serve no purpose whatsoever.

    • Is this comment in jest? Unfortunately I’ve heard and read where many have said this about the NSA internet spying.

      This kind of mentality also says: ‘the government, police, or whatever official body is allowed to come into my house at any time of the day without permission and go through all my possessions.

      Scary times we live in

      • No, t groan, that is not what I am saying. Are you breaking laws on PUBLIC LAND? If so, they have every right to enforce those laws or else why have them. You might want to keep that in mind. If you want to invite the burners to your home, then go ahead and you might be right about your ridiculous response scenario. Cannot you do any better than that, sir?

      • Ridiculous response? I hardly think so. Are you not aware of what is going on with the unconstitutional NSA internet spying and the increased growth of militarized police forces in the US (check out the writings of Glenn Greenwald and Radley Balko)?

        You maybe an average American and get your news from the MSM (which in actuality is little more than state propaganda) and therefore completely, deliberately, or blissfully ignorant of current events.

        Unfortunately I’ve heard the comment you made in your initial posting from too many in regards to abuses by the US government. It’s a cowardly and docile response. BM does not exist in a vacuum nor does it exist outside the ‘other reality’ as so many like to pretend.

      • Of course I am aware and regardless of where I get my news or information, you are missing my point completely. Burning Man has lost it’s purpose and has grown too large. The police have every right to patrol the behemoth that it has become. It has become mainstream and as such is subject to the same laws that all citizens are subject to. Yes, I am an average American and proud of it. To bring in the NSA internet spying and the growth of militarized police forces into this debate is deliberately changing the subject and off topic. I think that you know what I mean. For heaven’s sake, BM fashions are now a big business, the hedonism practiced is legendary to anyone who has not been living under a rock for the last ten years. Of course the activities at Burning Man will leak to the authorities. This “strike” is interesting to me only in as far as the participants will take it. If it’s for a relative short time, then I will understand that the greater purpose and mission of Burning Man will be merely a facade and an excuse for the excesses that it practices.

      • I agree with you in regards to what the event has become. It has, imo, become a commodity to enrich the Bmorg.

        I do not believe I’m changing the subject when referring to the NSA scandal and the increasing militarization of US police departments. To repeat, BM does not exist in vacuum nor is it separate from the society at large despite all pretensions to the otherwise.

        Unfortunately your original comment echoes what many in our society say who are apparently less concerned about the loss of their freedoms than their so-called safety. Poor choice of words perhaps on your part or perhaps just bad timing. Once again BM does not exist in a vacuum.

        This will be my last comment on this thread.

    • because the laws have become unjust and overbearing – most are victimless crime, and serve only to support a corrupt agency by extracting funds. who is the victim of piss on the playa ? where does the money go ? to the playa ? no…

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  36. There have been articles that have hinted the Bmorg has been busy brown nosing the high tech industries. Perhaps there’s a subconscious (I’m trying to give them the benefit of the doubt) intention to drive out undesirables and replace them with wealthy elitists. Then they could charge 800 dollars a ticket. Who knows maybe even more.

    This is a business-nothing more despite its pretensions-and, like most capitalist entities, wants revenue growth over and above any other considerations.

    The event is a long way from its roots and has continued to become increasingly mainstream. Only half jokingly I once commented that the future holds Ferris Wheels and will be called the Pershing County Fair.

    • The entire state of what Burning Man has become can be summed up right there in the first exchange.(“We’re not here to start RIOT, if that’s what you mean.”) Straight edgers, hipsters, millennials, whatever you want to call them, have co-opted and sucked the essence out of yet one more piece of American subculture, declawed it, defanged it,Nerfed it, bleached it and made it safe-safe-safe for mass consumption. The police are “cracking down” because of your fucking reprehensible and weak pussy-gentric politics and fear of shit that doesn’t exist.You can’t handle your fucking high, you can’t handle you personal liberty, and you can’t handle FUN of any kind. Burning Man is now like watching a reptilian swap meet full of snitches and sociopaths trying to out-irony one another. The cops just want to earn their paychecks and go home without getting their hands too dirty. The local economy lovse Hipster cash, but how else to protect you and make you safe from yourselves?

      • Oh, thank you, Captain Crank, for stating the truth so eloquently and well, gently. It’s time to burn the man and put the travesty that Burning Man has transmogrified into a time capsule and begin again.

      • I find it fascinating how you people latch on to a single piece of that post and totally ignore everything else I said. Is pussy weak? When it comes to throwing down in the middle of the fucking desert and creating an impromptu community of artists and free thinkers, you bet your sweet ass it is. Who the fuck cares if you left your inhaler at home or if you’re allergic to shellfish or what your definition of “rape” is. I don’t have time to babysit and coddle you, nor should anyone have to. The pussification of American society has finally filtered into Burning Man and taken its toll. For fucks sake, it didn’t even throw you people off one centimeter when drugs and guns became contraband — you fucking APPLAUDED it after falling to your knees and begging for it. Now you want to encourage the hired help that assembles your hipster jumphouse to strike or “not R.I.O.T” Irony. Ironic. Die hipster. Die. Die. Die. Die. Anything that is to remain fun or original or awesome needs to be kept out of your line of sight. Fuck misogyny. It’s just one more word, like “racist,” you jackoffs have worn the fuck out of until it’s simply meaningless. Shoot yourselves. PLEASE.

  37. Unfortunately police only know one way to police – with overwhelming power and intimidation. How else can they be sure 60,000 hippies are not going to hold them down and spray LSD in their faces.

    To bad they aren’t taking their concern for safety to a place that needs it – Detroit. Our community probably has the lowest level of crime in any city of twice the size. Consider the need vs the actual reposne and back the fuck off.

    • “How else can they be sure 60,000 hippies are not going to hold them down and spray LSD in their faces.”

      hmm,…thats not a bad idea….

    • I find it fascinating how you people latch on to a single piece of that post and totally ignore everything else I said. Is pussy weak? When it comes to throwing down in the middle of the fucking desert and creating an impromptu community of artists and free thinkers, you bet your sweet ass it is. Who the fuck cares if you left your inhaler at home or if you’re allergic to shellfish or what your definition of “rape” is. I don’t have time to babysit and coddle you, nor should anyone have to. The pussification of American society has finally filtered into Burning Man and taken its toll. For fucks sake, it didn’t even throw you people off one centimeter when drugs and guns because contraband — you fucking APPLAUDED it after falling to your knees and begging for it. Now you want to encourage the hired help that assembles your hipster jumphouse to strike or “not R.I.O.T” Irony. Ironic. Die hipster. Die. Die. Die. Die. Anything that is to remain fun or original or awesome needs to be kept out of your line of sight. Fuck misogyny. It’s just one more word, like “racist,” you jackoffs have worn the fuck out of until it’s simply meaningless. Shoot yourselves. PLEASE.

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  39. NO assault weapons should be allowed on the grounds, period. We have people who have PTSD as it is. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE USE OF WEAPONRY. The whole point of BurningMan is to leave that War on our FREEDOMS outside. As for making a stand, having volunteers just be passive is not enough. It is not a clear message. Communication to the organizers needs to be clear BEFORE THE EVENT BEGINS. The job of police is declining everywhere, and they will need to find new jobs, ones that PROTECT AND SERVE, or we as Burners can find a way for them to transition to a new career. Psychological wargames are not acceptable. THIS WAS A SYSTEMATIC ASSAULT ON FESTIVALS THIS YEAR AND BURNING MAN, AS THE RENAISSANCE ARTS MOVEMENT MUST SIGNAL A NEW PARADIGM.

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  41. It seems to me the threat of a strike isn’t aimed at making law enforcement, it’s aimed at the BORG: “We believe the Org has the economic leverage to deal with the current situation, so we want to see our concerns regarding law enforcement taken seriously.”

    If the BORG sees a strike grind BRC to a halt, maybe they’ll be emboldened to confront law enforcement?

    I sure as shit won’t be crossing any picket lines. Who’s City? OUR CITY!!

  42. this is a steaming pile of shit. not only is this not real or really funny, it actually clouds a bigger issue. the reason the cops are at BM is because it’s a public event. if it was a private event, different story. BM should be a private, members only club. and have democratic leadership. and have a written constitution.

    this is just silly. unionize the dpw? what fun is that?

  43. Black Rock City as it was in the beginning is unsustainable. In its persona as a myth, it has become a reduction to the absurd. No blame. Living things grow and change.

    The playa has become what Reno longs to be: a budget version of Las Vegas. Less fake, more open and loving, cheaper. Burning Man is a huge destination success. Again, no blame. Things grow and change.

    The police are here to claim the territory. They will not us secede from the state. Is anyone surprised?

    Also, the BLM very likely wishes we would just disappear. The event is almost certainly too big from their point of view. Sooner or later, it will be just too big, from everybody’s point of view.

    Maybe we should embrace what we have become.


    • “Maybe we should embrace what we have become.”

      maybe we will finally take a stand for our own lives out in the world if we can’t find it at Burning Man anymore. I think its all part of the plan. I mean, even the place where we BURN THE MAN… the irony..

    • Well said Will Grant! Evolution is the natural process. We need to embrace that and modify and direct the change as it happens. I’m kinda sick of whiny 10-year burners, they’re like the new conservatives of the playa. Sure there are things we wanna keep but you can’t block a tidal wave of change, you adapt.
      Let BM become a force amongst a wider humanity.

    • Well said! IMO once anything gets too big it falls victim to the lowest common denominator… I knew this had happened when I saw 50 year old straight people on top of RVs blasting Hewey Lewis & the News while drinking scotch…positively leering at the women… Anyone with any couth at all would want these fine females to be comfortable, not leered at disgustingly. Oh Well. This is why I like the regionals.. I do miss the big art but the community is much stronger in say… Mysteria for example.

  44. What is even worse. Last year I witnessed law inforcement bringing their buddies in the festival for free..

  45. I’m not sure how burners going on strike will convince cops to leave, i agree, this is the one place on earth where they very definitely are not needed, that is why they are threatened by it and that is why they will do what they can to stop it. I fail to see the connection though between the people that they are hounding going on strike and the bad guys realizing the errors of their ways and “leaving us alone” – they have no business being there but i think arranging such a scenario will only be accomplished via paying them off somehow. a strike will not work on cops.
    best wishes though.

  46. I’m also bothered by the strong police presence. And I support paying the DPW and unionization. But it’s not clear to me how a general strike will persuade the police to leave. What’s the connection?

  47. I love reading this sh*t but wonder what % of your posts are complete fabrication to push you political agenda? And yes we don’t need no Johnny law in our business

  48. last year i witnessed Pershing County sheriffs along with federal “s.w.a.t.” agents in a group of approx. 12, all wih ASSAULT WEAPONS, searching through camps and aiming their weapons at innocent burners including myself. (@ 9:45 & C) Im surprised this went by without huge coverage…. WHY THE HECK DO THE POLICE NEED SUCH FIREPOWER AT BURNING MAN???

    But honestly, bad approach to the problem R.I.O.T. people… Surely there is a better way to fight for our (Black Rock) CITY?

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