Invasion of the Boy Bands

Ceasefire have released their latest music video for “In The Dead Of Night”, which features a lot of footage shot at Burning Man. The band were happy to ignore the anti-feather crowd.


Was it authorized? It doesn’t appear to be, according to this comment from Burner Dante at the Burning Man facebook group:

“BM Media Team has already gotten a half dozen tips on this one, The video is also on YouTube, and they used playa art on their Facebook Ad. The Intellectual Property team is notified and on the case. The best punishment is for the video to get as few views as possible before it comes down, so I wouldn’t mention on local lists unless someone asks. But if someone does ask, yes Burning Man knows and preparing for action.”

Ceasefire’s manager Gabriel Lee had this to say:

I only manage the band, so wasn’t really involved too much in the production side of making the video. Our Production Company took the necessary steps to make sure all the core members who were part of the music video signed a consent letter to be shown in the video. If you are uncomfortable with being in the video, please let us know at what time you’re visible and we’ll work on editing you out. We’ll also be redesigning the promo pics so that we’re not using any of the BM artist’s artwork for promotion. We worked with many members of the BMorg to make sure everyone was okay with the making of this video. We used the video to promote the band, content, and the beauty of Burning Man. The song is available on line for free download. We want to showcase Burning Man, not make profits off of it.

So it appears that many members of BMOrg did know about this and were okay with it.

ceasefire girlPersonally, I like the video, not a fan of this style of music though. I’ll wait for the dubstep remix.

Is “cease fire” an ironic clue that Burning Man 1.0 is officially dead now – assimilated into the   global capitalist consumer culture? Movie soundtracks, glamor shoots, champagne sponsors, Taco Bell ads, Bank of (un)America logos, $150 merchandise items, corporate raiders handing out french toast, politicians making guest appearances, P.Diddy…all are welcome in the caravansery, as long as they come bearing gifts.

Coming soon…Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber, live from the Temple.

6 comments on “Invasion of the Boy Bands

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  2. ” Imagine how all of us would feel if we all weren’t allowed to go because some feather was found…what then…” We would argue convincingly that bright pink geese, however rare have been sighted by ornitologists a mere 200 miles away. One might actually have been traveling over. Some were actually seen at BRC! (We will fail to mention the thing we saw was an ornitologist)

  3. Newbies always scrunch up their faces all “ugly-like” when vets comment on how much things have changed on the Playa over the years. So… I guess they never had a “pet band” or DJ they used to see in small clubs suddenly “make it big” and play coliseums? They jump up and down thrilled with the idea that their spiritual idols are now on Pepsi commercials? They are overjoyed that they now get to see “their” band while standing next to thousands of fans that don’t even “get” the lyrics? This Ceasefire video is the Playa’s “Pepsi commercial”… as Generosity, Community and Inclusion are not showcased. Skin, Hip and Hype are.
    (p.s. I was on the Playa when boas hadn’t been banned yet. It was heartwarming/heartbreaking seeing people hopelessly trying to chase down an errant feather in the wind… NO feathers in the future.)

  4. What an absolute crock of s*it them using Burning Man footage for there song.
    It is completely obvious that they were not trying to promote Burning Man, but use it to make themselves popular or famous….whatever garbage you want to believe mate.
    I do not agree with this use of the footage myself and for the potential gain of another…also feathers are not allowed at Burning Man and showing them in this video is showing others that it is okay to have them on the playa.
    Imagine how all of us would feel if we all weren’t allowed to go because some feather was found…what then…

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