Silicon Valley and Burning Man Make Peace

13_theme_cargocultWatching Episode 5 of Beavis and Butthead creator Mike Judge’s new show Silicon Valley. It’s brilliant. We already covered how Tesla founder (and Iron Man inspirer) Burner Elon Musk said that Judge was missing the point of Silicon Valley, because he hadn’t been to Burning Man. Last episode, I noticed a Burning Man Cargo Cult poster on the wall of their shared tech house. Episode 5 just featured a Fertility 2.0 poster. They have clearly made peace and we welcome Mike Judge to the Burner world! Thanks mate, I have been working in Silicon Valley and the tech industry for 20 years and you nailed it, this is truly what it’s like and this show is what’s needed. Let’s take it back to the old skool…

Beats, hippies, hipsters, beats, dub step…the thumping doof doof doof of the Bay Area, twentieth largest economy in the world (if it was its own country)…

Happy How Weird, Burners. Meow!



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  7. OMG!!! last year there were so many celebs!!! i can’t wait to see who the special guest is at this year’s burnt man fest!!! YAY can’t wait til this party of parties kicks off!!!

  8. I hope that now the idea, sentiment, belief that BM values are not aligned with the dominant culture can assigned to the waste heap. Talk of or reference to ‘our culture’ as distinct from the ravenous consumer oriented culture is totally meaningless.

    From a gathering of artists, malcontents, rabble rousers to a corporate retreat where wealth and money are worshiped and valued as much as they are in the so-called outside reality.

    Really sad…

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