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freespaceball-482x481Here is the full video of Burning Man’s presentation at San Mateo, including a complete panel discussion with:


14_1crude_awakening__dan_das_mann__karen_cusolito__burning_manThese Burners are doing terrific work in the community, with nowhere near the multi-million dollar budgets that the Burning Man Project has access to. Burning Man could do much more to support [freespace] and Reallocate than just introducing panel discussions.

American Steel make the amazing giant statues like 2007’s Crude Awakening.

[freespace] is a great place to go to see the World Cup.

1011 Market St (and 6th) 

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  4. My understanding is that this was a public event. Any plans to provide videos of the BOrg invitation/for-fee events?

    • FYI, one of the stone soup organizations I am a member of produces and sells many publications, but the ones that directly concern saving energy can be downloaded by anyone for free.

  5. Thanks Jon. We have been covering Reallocate and [freespace] for a while:

    I really like this from your coverage of [freespace] last year:
    ( )

    “the bottom-up nature of BurnerMap has bumped into the Burning Man Organization before. Earlier in BurnerMap’s history, as lots of people started to sign up for the first time, a significant number of them started putting fake playa addresses on there, making the map untrustworthy enough that Burning Man’s camp placement team got involved. BurnerMap started off fine without Org involvement, but as it got to scale, they had to add a disclaimer.

    And when BurnerMap has reached out to the Org for help, asking to pre-fill the map with official placement data, for instance, the efforts have fizzled out. Priorities are so different on either side of the bottom-up, top-down divide that it can hinder collaboration.

    Do BurnerMap’s creators want a closer relationship with the Org? “It doesn’t make a huge difference,” Morgan says. Micah feels similarly about the Org’s desire to be involved with BurnerHack itself. They have supported BurnerHack completely and in essential ways. But at times, it felt like the Org had to be involved. After all, they are Burning Man. Or are they?

    “We need the Org for Burning Man to exist,” Micah says, “but is it Burning Man? No. Burning Man is an emergent event.””

    Please put in a good word for both organizations to get donations from the Burning Man Project. The only way these CHARITIES survive is people writing checks to them or making donations online. You can become a member of Reallocate here:

    Burning Man has great reach to increase their visibility, but also a lot of money themselves, and fundraising capabilities from their global network. Reallocate would be a wonderful cause for them to support.

  6. Thanks for sharing the video! Just so you know, before you say “finally!”, we were waiting on the event organizers to produce the video, and we published the same day we got it. While I’m here, thanks for linking to the [freespace] post as well. That’s one of my favorite extended playa stories in a while.

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