Burnier-Than-Thous Ruin It For Everyone [Updates]

…everyone who likes Pee Funnels, that is.

For many years, female Burners have enjoyed the great equalizer that is the Pee Funnel. It prevents unhygienic contact with gnarly port-a-potties used by tens of thousands of crusty Burners. It makes it easy for women to pee into jugs without leaving the comfort of their tent. Pee Funnel Camp has given these devices away for free: 30,000, by their estimation.

Now, there is no more Pee Funnel Camp –  thanks to some Burnier-Than-Thous who help BMOrg by going undercover on eBay to snitch catch scalpers. These people are strangely silent when BMOrg gets busted selling tickets above face value themselves. It seems that $650 to BMOrg is “good”, $650 to Burners is “against Burning Man”.

In this case, it appears BMOrg had no interest in looking at evidence or hearing other sides of the story. It’s a simple matter of the word of a snitching Burnier-than-thou, versus that of Veteran Burners who have given countless hours and gifts on the Playa. They’re guilty without even the chance to protest their innocence. BMOrg seem completely uninterested in evidence or any system of unbiased governance and independent oversight. They’re content to continue running the city with the system of Crowdsourced Tyranny, Radical Hypocrisy and Unchecked Favoritism that fuels their money-making machine. Just keep those Virgins coming!

pee funnels 2009lWell done Burnier-than-thous, by trying to stop scalping – which isn’t even a problem, according to Larry – you have taken away one of Black Rock City’s long serving institutions. You think Burning Man is better now, that you saved us from scalpers? Well what about the scalpers still running the damn thing? Every lady on the Playa forced to piss in an uncomfortable situation, please think of these anonymous narcs and what they’ve done to you and all Burners.

What were these boogey-man scalpers going to do anyway? Take tickets away so popular camps couldn’t go? Nope, that’s BMOrg’s job. With the help of their Burnier-Than-Thou army, destroying  Veterans with selectively enforced “rules”, one camp at a time. You want Pee Funnels? BYOPF.

Here’s the back story:


If there were a Black Rock City Prison – I’d be in it. This is the story of how Pee Funnel Camp was falsely accused of scalping tickets on eBay and lost placement, early arrival, art placement, and most of our tickets.This will be my 15th consecutive year at Burning Man and my 12th at the helm of the best and worst idea I ever had: Pee Funnel Camp. Pee Funnel Camp was awarded 13 Direct Distributed Tickets, 9 of which were purchased by me, and I got two of my own pre-sale.Two of the members of PFC I found via ePlaya and they are traveling from Ohio. Because we had never met, they were understandably wary about sending me money for tickets. I offered to use eBay as security, and to include the camp donation of $100 in the ticket pricing – selling them 2 tickets for $1000. As soon as I put up this auction – another buyer swooped in and hit Buy It Now. I told them the story and cancelled the sale and re-listed – and the correct buyer got the tickets.During this process I was horrified to learn that there were “rats” on eBay trolling for scalpers. I listed my extra pre-sale ticket on eBay with a starting price of $250 and a Buy It Now price of $750 to see if I could catch a rat. Someone contacted me and offered me $650 per ticket and asked me to supply photos of the numbers on the back of my tickets. I used my campmates’ Direct Distributed tickets for this. They immediately turned me into the org for scalping tickets.Ticketing voided all 11 tickets bought under my name. Then Pee Funnel Camp had its placement and early arrival revoked. We then had our art placement revoked for the 2nd Pee Funnel Dispenser. I started to regret my curiosity and mild civil disobedience.I wrote to ticketing, placement, and art with appeals – but they would not hear my story nor see the screenshots to prove it. I even offered to step down as organizer because I feel fucking AWFUL about what I put my camp through around this (this debacle is costing my camp thousands of dollars) – but they refused to let PFC live without me. To them it looks like I listed 5 tickets on eBay for above face value, but based on their claim of what I did: they never looked at eBay or investigated – they just went on the word of the rat. My name is being thrown around the org with hate. I have been blacklisted.The rat that turned me in, upon hearing my story: “Oh shit. My wife LOVES Pee Funnel Camp and so do I!”

The org asked us to operate on our honor – and I did. I would never sell my camp down the river. I donate every weekend of my summer and the entire month of August to handmaking Pee Funnels and organizing the camp. I sink a lot of money into the camp, but I’m well-paid and that is the way I contribute to Burning Man. PFC has given out over 30,000 Pee Funnels over the years. Our port-a-potty ads have become a staple of BM culture.. I have personal relationships with Burning Man staff.

I’ve always hated the org and I took a risk to prove that the shitstorm that is ticketing this year is unfair and awful on every level. This being the case: I never intended to sell any tickets to anyone for above face value, nor to distribute our DD tickets to anyone but PFC. What I intended to do was to prove that their ticketing system is an absolute failure — and that they are not stopping short of entrapment. There are rats trolling eBay and offering extra money to people who have listed tickets for face value, then turning in anyone that bites. There is no nuanced investigation of these claims – they are taking these reports on the word of the person who baits and tattles without checking into the proof. This is what I proved at the expense of Pee Funnel Camp. It was surely a mistake.

Don’t worry though. We’ll be there. We don’t have early arrival or placement (please help us with this if you can!) – so we’ll be late to the game, but nothing can stop Pee Funnel Camp. If you’d like a box of Pee Funnels (130 or so per box) for your camp, village, or project — please let me know. We need to expand our distribution system so that we do not end up paying to store leftover Pee Funnels due to our shortened stay in BRC this year.

I realize that this was an incredibly stupid thing to do and that neither myself nor Pee Funnel Camp is entitled to, well, anything.

Stand Free and Pee! Brought to you by the Urination Liberation Organization.

On behalf of myself and Pee Funnel Camp – my heartfelt gratitude goes out to the hundreds of camps, art projects, and other people that offered their love, assistance, and support in the wake of me releasing this story.





[Update 8/4/14 8:03pm] Burner Bridget says that we are not telling both sides of this story, and that there is more information here on an ePlaya discussion. Read it if you have time and would like a more informed opinion on how this all came about. Despite this “evidence”, the facts remain: no Pee Funnel Camp for 2014.

[Update 8/4/14 8:43pm ] The discussion at ePlaya just further proves my point with this post. Absolutely atrocious behavior and hatred being spewed by the Burnier-Than-Thous (BTTs) towards a fellow Burner in the name of rule enforcement. A smug email from BMOrg. Only one Burner coming to Pee Funnel’s Defense, saying “wait a minute – if rules are rules, then it matters if the rules were followed or broken”. To this commenter, and to me, it appears that no rules were broken. Even if they were, this is hardly the first theme camp to re-sell tickets it got early access to purchase. It seems the “judgement by email” was executed against this entire camp, at which point a few vocal members of the community go “so there” in online forums and that’s it. Banished for ever! Something that helped 30,000 women at Burning Man, doesn’t even matter, the minute some “rule violation” occurs. The justice system in Defaultia is much more fair and balanced than this.

To save you having to read 2 pages of threads of this crap, here are some key postings:

The Placement Team wrote:Thank you for your feedback and concern regarding Pee Funnel Camp.

On July 20, 2012, it was brought to our attention that our main contact for Pee Funnel Camp was engaged in re-selling multiple tickets for above face value (scalping). Following a thorough investigation by our ticket office, all tickets under the name of this person were voided (with instructions on how to return the tickets for a refund).

We then canceled the advance, reserved Placement of Pee Funnel Camp, and associated early arrival passes. The Placement team’s reasoning and perspective in this matter were explained to the camp lead. Specifically, the camp lead was reminded of the instructions that were sent on March 16, 2012, along with the Direct Distributed Ticket purchase codes intended only for their camp.

Those instructions clearly stated:

“Remember: it is your responsibility to make sure access to these tickets goes to the people who are integral to the success of your project.”


“We trust the integrity of this community with the multiple-ticket order option described above, to maintain the one ticket per person limit
across these categories. Should you end up with a ticket surplus, please sell them back through the STEP ticket process”

We have reviewed the explanations and appeals put forth by the camp lead. They do not hold up – our ticket office does not cancel tickets unless they have substantial proof of wrongdoing and identity. Our decision in this matter is final.

Pee Funnel Camp can still arrive, setup, and pamphlet the event as a non-registered camp once our Gates open to the public.

Thank you,

– Placement

“It was brought to our attention” – thus proving the presence of the rats. The Burnier-Than-Thous, who think it’s great to wreck Burning Man in the name of rules that BMOrg break themselves.

BTT Trishntek said: Please don’t claim to be a capitalist and a free market individual while disrespecting the TEN PRINCIPALS and BMorg. Capitalism and free market have no place in a decommodified community.

Remember, this was 2012. Before “Decommodification, LLC” was announced by the founders as their free market capitalism way of securing royalties for use of the trademarks and images from our party. Before Burners had seen giant Bank of America neon signs on the Playa.

Diabolita is the “Pee Funnel Perpetrator”, the Heroine of our story, Luke Skywalker versus the BTT Empire. To her credit, she stands up and tries to explain herself, in the face of howling and name calling from the BTT’s that any regular reader of the comments to this blog would recognize.

Good god, I could go on & on (and have elsewhere)

Your entire defense reads as someone who got caught fucking up major, and is now desperately trying to pretend they didn’t do anything wrong to save face to your camp & the rest of Burning Man. I read your defense & it convinced me that you probably did try to scalp tickets. In all honesty, I think it’s you who dragged Pee Funnels name through the mud, not the BMorg. Think about it: I’m sure most people didn’t even know about this until your clumsy post.

{mod hat on}[/quote]

I could also go on and on – but we’re never going to reach an agreement.

The fundamental disagreement is that I don’t have any problem with scalpers nor do I find them a threat to this so called “community” – I am a staunch free market capitalist. I view the tickets as a commodity, Burning Man as a privileged event for the privileged (it would make me happy if the tickets were far more expensive – it would cut down on the population and solve a lot of problems) and if the org doesn’t want them viewed that way they should issue non-transferable tickets (though that would have fucked me this year so right now I’m sure glad they didn’t). I wrote to them early in the game and BEGGED them to the airline ticket model or really to follow ANY WORKING MODEL rather than make up their own.

Sounds pretty wise to me. In 2012 this blog was just getting started, and these views – though widely held – were not so frequently expressed. Back then, people had to have some courage to provoke the ire of BMOrg. They didn’t want to piss off the World’s Biggest Door Bitch, or their whole camp might get spanked. Which in this case appears to have happened.

BTT Eric has asked her a bunch of questions.

As to your points:

1. Ceded – totally stupid thing to do. Wasn’t thinking it through. Virgin said “let’s use eBay”. I said “okay.” I didn’t have any idea it would be a problem. It wouldn’t have if I didn’t proceed to do what I did next. Not only that – I didn’t and don’t really care what the Org wants. It’s my anarchic ways that got me to BM in the first place, and that got me in trouble this year. It never occurred to me that there would be people ratting. I tend to operate like Burning Man is still the way it was my first year – blinders indeed.

2. That is out of context. At that point I thought I had 2 extra pre-sale tickets – and I was going to GIVE them away to my friends for helping with PFC. Situation changed as my camp did – it never happened. I would have had 1 extra ticket had they not been voided. I would have given it away for free to anyone that would sit with me and shove tubes into holes for days on end.

3. Because I don’t think there is anything wrong with scalping. (As a side note, to me there seems little difference between scalping and offering tickets at different price points. It’s a nice idea to think that those that can afford more will pay for those that can’t, but that sure isn’t what happens. Everyone goes for the lowest cost tickets – I did for years and only bought pre-sale this time to get more rounds in the lottery.) Population growth is the major concern of “the community” (and the planet)- demand over supply is what got us into the ticketing ordeal. Curtailing the population through pricing the tickets highly doesn’t bother me. It certainly seems more fair to me than doing it randomly through lottery. Tell me how rats help the community:

A scalper sells a ticket for above face value. They are ratted. Best case scenario: the person that bought it contests the sale and hands it back to the scalper – who returns it for a full refund. Worst case scenario: they walk with the money while the buyer, unaware that the scalper has been caught, shows up to the gate to find their ticket has been voided because a “rat” turned the scalper in.

Rats hurt BUYERS not SELLERS. They may prevent the sellers from making a profit, but that’s about all. I am sure there will be people this year that show up and find their tickets voided. Most burners are not nerds about policy and don’t even know that there IS a list of voided tickets to check.

4. Yeah, that was stupid. I was drunk.

5. They are so lawyered up they claimed they copied the legal team on their correspondence with me and did not. I WISH they were more lawyered up. I wish that they would take the money away from funding art (since it doesn’t go to theme camps or art cars.. how is that “fair”?) and use it to fund better lawyers more versatile at defending them from the BLM. I don’t think any investigation happened here because they accused me of listing tickets for $650 – which I never did. The “rat” was the only one who saw that price. My friends on staff claim that it’s an utter clusterfuck and nothing is organized or well thought out.

6. I’ve always hated them as an institution, not as individuals. My friends on staff are not involved in ticketing or placement or any of the like – they are emergency services. Why should they profit off of what we all put into the city? Why are there no elections? Why is there no system of appeals for theme camps but there is for mutant vehicles? Why don’t those that contribute get any say in the way the city is run? I am not trying to play the victim – I’m just reporting what happened. I don’t expect anything or feel entitled to anything (PFC was not placed until they stopped letting us in early, in 2007) – I am just making noise because I do not think that a ticket lottery is fair, nor do I think that doling out tickets to theme camps and art projects is fair. Either make it random – or don’t.

7. Because the person and I had a conversation over the course of some days and I said I had a number of tickets available, by the time they asked for the photos I only had 5 on hand (the rest had been delivered to my campmates) and they wanted to see photos of all of them. Even so – ALL tickets I bought under my name were voided, it wouldn’t have mattered which numbers I showed them.

I paid for all 11 of the tickets. Again: they did not void all of PFC’s DD tickets. Those that were bought directly by PFC members remain valid. I bought most of our tickets this year because I had the money to invest and other people couldn’t afford it at the time.

As for dragging our name through the mud – it really is my prerogative, just as it’s my hand that caulks every single one of those motherfuckers. Don’t want a Pee Funnel? Don’t get one. Want one? It’s yours. Want to tar and feather me for making noise about this silly shit? Okay, I probably asked for it.

Burner Wasting was the only one who stepped up in Diabolita’s defense.

The Placement Team wrote:it was brought to our attention that our main contact for Pee Funnel Camp was engaged in re-selling multiple tickets for above face value (scalping).

Now, that’s interesting.

When I originally read the story from PFC’s view, I thought: Okay, whether it’s believable or not, it appears that BMOrg shot too fast. I wrote a letter about what I think BOrg did wrong to Bettie June and all she responded with was “there’s more behind it”.

My argument was: If PFC’s story is true, then she did not actually sell the ticket, only _offered_ them for sale. And with her own explanation, i.e. not really going to sell them, but only to see how rats react to that, she’s hasn’t done a violation of the rules.

Now, the above quote confirms this clearly: BOrg accuses her of selling. But she didn’t. So BOrg isn’t true to their own rules here, and instead uses out-of-scope measurements. That’s fucked up. How can they by the judge of others if they can’t even see how they abuse their power themselves?

While she (PFC) didn’t make a smart move, it’s even worse what BOrg did here: Punish for something that clearly didn’t happen.

Or did the sale actually go through? Then the PFC story is really a lie. But if not, it’s just a lot of hypocrisy from mean people who are no better from those they criticise and a wrong (illegal by their own terms) move from BOrg. Clearly

I don’t think there is anything wrong with scalping either. BMOrg does it. Larry Harvey said it’s not a problem. So who is making it a problem? The Burnier Than Thous, who got their way and killed 30,000 pee funnels over 11 tickets.





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  3. So how were the eplayans to know in 2012, the year Pee Funnel Camp got their tickets, placement & EA revoked, that the Borg would be guilty of scalping in 2014?

    • A snitch is a snitch is a snitch. That’s timeless. Larry’s comments that scalping is not even a problem – linked to from this story – were from 2012. I’m sure I’m not the only one that was aware of tickets being scalped by BMOrg insiders much earlier than 2014.

      • From the Seven Priniciples:
        2. Magical Thinking. See themselves as perfect using distortion and illusion, and dump shame on others.
        5. Entitlement. Consider themselves superior.

  4. I gotta say that 30,000 of those nasty plastic cups and tubing going to landfill doesn’t seem very burner-y to me. Be radically self reliant and bring a she-pee if you need one. The picture is NOT the items they hand out. When they handed me one I handed it straight back.

    It’s fucking gross. I would not buy or use or accept something like that in the default world because of it’s ridiculous lack of necessity and effect on the environment so I CERTAINLY wouldn’t accept it on the playa.

    Leave no trace for me means generating as little trash AS POSSIBLE. This is totally superfluous. I hardly think there would be women peeing themselves all over the place should this camp not make it one year.

    …. http://www.burningman.com/environment/

    Excerpt: “The Burning Man community is committed to creating a Black Rock City that makes the smallest environmental impact possible.”

    • “The Burning Man community is committed to creating a Black Rock City that makes the smallest environmental impact possible.”

      Haha…tell that to all of the folks that live down wind of the playa that get all of the pollution from the event; especially the burning of all the installations. There is zero effort to protect the environment; only to protect the ability to get next year’s permit.

      • Profit generated from new vehicle tax : $1.4 million +
        Amount BMOrg invested in carbon offsets: $0
        Amount BMOrg invested in tree planting: $0
        Amount BMOrg gave to environmental initiatives: $0
        Amount BMOrg spent on water to spray on roads during a drought: $262,693
        Amount BMOrg spent on fuel: $326,590
        Reduction in vehicles on the road from 2013 to 2014: unknown, probably 0

        We were told the vehicle tax was because they care about the environment. Sure they do.

      • From the Seven Principles:
        2. Magical Thinking. See themselves as perfect using distortion and illusion, and dump shame on others.
        6. Exploitation. Using others without regard for their feelings or interests.
        7. Bad Boundaries. Others are extensions of themselves, and exist only to serve their needs.

  5. I gotta say that 30,000 of those nasty plastic cups and tubing going to landfill doesn’t seem very burner-y to me. Be radically self reliant and bring a she-pee if you need one. The picture is NOT the items they hand out. When they handed me one I handed it straight back.

  6. Burning Man politics aside, the event itself is a divine experience when you leave out the red tape. In my desire to create a book that would reveal Burning Man rather than describe it, I have successfully published Playa Dust!

    In order to create this collection of experiential essays, I invested in the first few hundred runs because this creative journey has meant the world to me. Now that I can share it with you, please purchase your copy at: http://www.playa-dust.net and peer into the revelry that is Burning Man!

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  9. Oh wow I just saw this. Hi, I’m Zoe. 🙂 I am, or was, the queen of Pee Funnel Camp. There’s a lot of misinformation on both sides – and I”m not going to clarify it. 🙂 But – I do want to say thank you for the love – and the general correctness about the situation – and stay tuned. There’s more to come from Pee Funnel Camp.

    You know within 15 minutes of me arriving on playa last year the org found me in a golf cart and asked me how I’d managed to get there early. I’m not shitting you.

    I don’t hold it against them. It’s their party.

    Anyone who wants to talk about the ol’ PFC is free to find me on playa. The only way to do so will be to look under Pee Funnel Caravan at playa info. I’m tired of having my address in every bathroom.

    • “…within 15 minutes of me arriving on playa last year the org found me in a golf cart…”

      Why were you in a golf cart? …Just kidding. The point is that the Tin Principles are only for show, and they are a group of petty self-righteous sad people. My only question is if they are fooling themselves, or just trying to fool us – those that actually make the Burn happen.

    • Hi Zoe! Great to hear you’re still at it. Some people like to see happy sparkle ponies , or just imaginative devices to be used as shot glasses. It is indeed their party, and rules. I believe the Burners make the party. Thank you for all you’ve done for the Burners 🙂

    • Well there’s so much back and forth that I’m confused. Either way, I’m coming in early and I’m wondering does pee funnel camp and people need someone to bring in their funnels and or help hand them out. If so, I’m happy to offer my services.

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  11. Diabolita is an idiot :

    – Who the fuck uses ebay? Just use paypal directly. It’s exactly like ebay since that’s exactly how ebay does transactions, but no public market.

    – Who sells direct distributed tickets to birgins they don’t even know? Ain’t likely they’re critical to your camp.

    – Who “tries to catch a rat”? Why do you care if a “rat” gets caught or not? It makes zero sense.

    Was Diabolita scalping tickets? Yeah probably. Is scalping tickets bad? That’s tricky, but I’m please BM experiments with preventing it.

    Is pee funnel camp gone for good? Nah, anyone else could restart the camp.

    Are BMOrg exploiting their privileged position to make themselves rich? Yes. Just stop going to Burning Man and do regional burns instead. At least stop volunteering at Burning Man. Come be a ranger, greeter, etc. at your local regional burn instead.

    • Summarizing your response, I get:

      “what’s worse, Pee Funnel Camp or scalpers”? Your answer, scalpers. Anyone could create another Pee Funnel Camp (although they haven’t).

      I am still failing to understand what is bad about scalpers, and good about pulling tickets out of the STEP queue to try to sell above face value to the VIP list.

    • All sounds reasonable to me. …Oh, wait. That’s what I am already doing. Jeff seems to be a very smart man! 🙂

  12. “I realize that this was an incredibly stupid thing to do and that neither myself nor Pee Funnel Camp is entitled to, well, anything.”

    I think you said it very well right there. Why would you intentionally put your camps tickets in jeapordy trying to “catch a rat”? Just to prove the evils of the big bad Org? It seems like all I read on this blog are one paranoid conspiracy after another. I honestly dont know why I bother.

    You are not being punished by writing controversial views online – you were punished because you put your DD tickets up for sale above face value on Ebay in an attempt to entrap someone for “ratting” to the bmorg. Yes – it sucks that the rest of the camp has to suffer for your actions, but they were YOUR actions and even though its upsetting and embarassing you need to take responsibility for that.

    All that being said I would be happy to take a box off your hands to help distribute and I hope you enjoy your burn assuming you make it out there.

    • This is a blog that discussses what is written about Burner culture and Burning Man on the Internet. When we quote content from someone else’s web site, that’s not actually us writing the other site in disguise. I am not part of Pee Funnel Camp, I am a blogger commenting about this situation. I did not post any tickets on eBay or anywhere else.

      • I apologize if this was misdirected. I am incredibly frustrated by how increasingly negative this blog has become. Its no longer a place to celebrate the BM experience, but a sounding board for paranoid conspiracy theories and in the above example – people who made bad decisions at the expense of others. I apprieciate the concept of presenting all sides, but thats not what is happening here. This persons story is being held up as a reason why BM is unfair and up to no good. This blog uses it as an example of a hypocrisy that frankly – I have not been convinced exists except in the minds of a few individuals. Whining about the “burnier than thous” based on the account of stupid decisions made by the leader of PFC makes this whole blog look foolish. The author of this post has taken this story as evidence of wrong doing and clearly sides with the “victim” who – frankly – needs to sit in a corner and think about what hes done.

        I was going to keep going but no – screw this. Im just not following anymore. Reading this kind of so called “reporting” just makes me angry and I cannot deal with this kind of petty, entitled, ranting bullshit. Good luck trying to right all of the supposed injustices- I hope you get everything you need from whomever you need it from.

        • You think we should try to put a more positive spin on things like 29% veterans, AirBnB listings in BRC, camps selling hoodies and t-shirts with the BM logo, BMOrg selling gas, BMP selling tickets above face value? Or just only write stories that agree with the BMOrg party line, and ignore anything that’s “negative”?
          Pee Funnel Camp is no longer at Burning Man, as far as I can tell. If anyone has any evidence otherwise, please share.

          • PFC is not longer there because they f*cked up. BM sold tickets for 650 and 250 of it went into projects and is a tax deductible donation. So, 650 – minus 250 written off your taxes…. hmmm…. could that be FACE VALUE? Christmas tickets have always sold at a higher price for the joy of getting one first – is that a giant hypocrisy as well? 29% veterans?! – its like your figure keeps changing – didnt you JUST report 40% virgins the other day? So now its what – 71% virgins? AirBnB is bullshit – I agree! (How about that, we agree on something.) But so is taking one idiots mistake and attempt to deflect the blame off of himself and saying “see! see! The Org strikes again!” and calling that reporting.

          • clearly you haven’t been reading any of these posts that you’re criticizing. Our recent post “60% Veterans” discussed that actually, it’s 29%, if the requirement to be a veteran is having gone to Burning Man more than twice. There were no Christmas tickets this year. If BMOrg can sell $380 tickets for $650, what is so bad about Burners doing that?

        • I offer the rhetorical question: What might the BOrg have to do to earn your disapproval?

          I would suggest that they can in fact do no wrong in your eyes. That is what they are betting on with their blatant disregard for their Tin Principles(TM) while citing them as their goals.

          As burnersxxx has cited in this and other blog posts, please present contrasting information that discounts or discredits what has been posted by him or others. The lazy spectator just comments from unthinking dogma. Participate! Look things up. Explore links. Add something. Expand our knowledge.

          Spouting a cult dogma dedication serves no one but those who would exploit you and others.

          • Most people would rather keep their heads in the sand than stand up for what is right because it doesn’t directly affect them and they don’t want to be seen as stopping the party.

            Personally, I have little respect for this. It is the same mentality as folks that won’t stand up to their country club for not allowing those “other” people to attend. Fear of also being excluded wins again.

            So how is Burning Man supposed to better than the default world? In this community, that is the biggest delusion of them all.

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  14. Women on the playa have everything handed to them on a platter. I’m not against forcing these sparkle ponies to head to the porta-potties to do a little old-fashioned taking a piss in harsh conditions. Radical self-reliance, ladies. If you want to piss in your tent, figure it out yourselves. Men have penises – it’s one of the perks for building, maintaining, and inventing everything YOU use. So make the trek to porta-potties in a show of solidarity, and a ‘thank you’ to all things men provide you.

  15. I can’t help but think this site is just full of click bait faux articles. As I recall, last year there were flyers everywhere proclaiming that “2013 would be Pee Funnel Camp’s last year so be sure to pick up your pee funnel.” If last year was there last year, how are they loosing their placement for this year….?

    • They are not listed in the 2014 Theme Camp directory, which I provided a link to. There is no link to last year’s, BMOrg are hiding the 2013 Theme Camp directory, but it is available online – and Pee Funnel Camp is not listed.

      I have also provided the description of why they aren’t going which I got from another site, peefunnelcamp.com

      Now, maybe I could hack Burning Man’s site and make up a fake theme camp list – but why would I? Maybe I could create a fake peefunnelcamp.com site too, what would the motive be though? On the other hand, I can see the motivation for why BMOrg’s volunteer army of trolls, shills, and sock puppets would come here trying to disparage the accuracy of our articles – because we post things critical of BMOrg, using their own words and announcements and actions as evidence.

      If you have any evidence that Pee Funnel Camp will be at Burning Man this year, please provide it. I’m sure many readers here would like to know where it is.

  16. Sucks big. I love Pee funnel camp. I’ve carried one or two in my glove box and given them to women off-playa who needed them. They loved them. I don’t like scalpers. This doesn’t seem like scalping. I’m not sure someone reporting heavily scalped tickets makes them burnier or holier than thou. Pee Funnel camp should meet up with me. If they need it, I’ll haul their P-Funnel box in with me (which should be early entry) and place it where they want it to be, Or near a larger well-known camp that I help with which has lot’s of space.. I say subversion is the best form of anarchy. I’m a dude, but I still want my pee funnel.

  17. My camp mates and I love our pee funnels and the goal of the PFC! We will gladly help distribute from our small camp (Campe Diem) somewhere on the 4 o’clock side! Let me know how we can help!


  18. My camp mates and I love our pee funnels and the goal of the PFC! We will gladly help distribute from our small camp (Campe Diem) somewhere on the 4 o’clock side! Let me know how we can help!


  19. Just a suggestion, donate your leftovers to female Wildland Firefighters, who have to squat where they are, often in dangerous areas, as they fight to keep homes safe from deadly fires.

  20. I would love to help. Not sure where I’m camping but I will give out out funnels or put up fliers. How do I get ahold of you guys?

  21. I camp in Hushville on street frontage and would gladly give out pf to all. I use one myself and really support your gifts to the gals- it is such a sad story what has happened to Pfc this year :(. So sorry!!! We will be on E between 5 and 6 ask for Silent Ravers or Clockwerk.
    Yours in Dust,

  22. Obviously the PFC was an elaborate rouse for over a decade to finally cash in on ticket scalping. Saw their ads on the playa almost 10 years ago and knew immediately that this camp could be up to no good.

    The BOrg obviously did the right thing in coming down on them! And in spite of being caught by the diligent BOrg police, they will still be there this year, waiting to hatch their next nefarious plan!!

    Next time maybe they will get smart and instead of “donating” the time and materials for the gifts, they should use crowd-source funding and the friends of the BOrg to make all this happen. One hand washes the other, so to speak, even when pee funnels are involved.

    Power to the correct people!!!

    • when the original story is from is less important than:

      a) are there pee funnels this year?
      b) are there Burnier-than-thous this year?
      c) is BMOrg still scalping tickets in semi-secret?

      If you have further information on these questions, perhaps even some ideas about a resolution, please share.

      • The important thing is that this article and most articles here seem to be a complete pile of shite. Trolls!

        • i’d love to see your burning man website.. i bet it is full of great stuff and gets thousands of views, because you work so hard at creating worthwhile content that isnt shite.

          • it’s called burningman.com ! Definitely no shite there, everything they say is 100% true, even the little things like “after 3 years we have completed our transition to a non-profit” and “the only thing you can buy on the Playa is ice and coffee”

      • Shenanigans, since we’re so wrong and you’re so right, where can Burners go to get pee funnels this year? If you would like more evidence for any of our claims, try clicking the links we provide to sources.

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