Art Protection Campaign Launched

Burner Sunshyne LeDaydream has come up with an interesting solution to the “problem” of graffiti on art at Black Rock City. It’s hard to say whether adding more rules will help prevent the problem (because taggers read and obey signs); or make it worse (because they will figure “if I can’t see a sign, it’s OK to tag”). 1000 of these stickers will be distributed on the Playa this year, look out for them kiddies before you vandalize remix someone else’s Art Gift.

A few months ago I overheard an Artery conference call discussing the problem of graffiti on art at BRC, and having experienced the sadness of it as an artist, I envisioned a solution.

Thanks to brilliant work from a graphic artist named Meps who made my vision beautiful, here it is. Artists can choose one or the other 4”x4” sticker when they check in at Artery, and display them on/near their works to either invite radical expression or say don’t mark my art. The entire community can then know the artists’ intentions expressed in this radically clear manner, and help each other respect them. I hope everyone reading this will help!

I just ordered 500 of each as a gift to our city; it was my out-of-the-box art project this year. Well, that and the new designs on the new web site…

Thank you Artery, artists, and everyone who upholds our 10 Principles. They sure changed my life every way I can imagine…

don't mark the art

mark the art



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