Google’s Skybox Satellites Shoot GIFs Of Burning Man Being Built [Update]

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Google uses Burning Man YET AGAIN to test and promote new commercial products. This time, high resolution space spying technology.

[Update 9/18/14 10:33am]

Burner Doug cleverly observed that this imagery reveals a link to the Sherpagate scandal. There is a glaring discrepancy between what BMOrg said in their printed guide, and what really happened around the dreaded 9-K Safari Section:

“Last night my friend dropped off my survival guide that I lent her pre-burn. Just happened to notice the BRC map. It came as a surprise that the areas for registered theme camps in the printed guide does not include the areas of K/L at 3, 4:30, 6, 7:30, and 9. The online map of the city shows the opposite, those last two blocks to be registered. Right where our favorite plug and play was located. Kicker is that the 3, 6 and 9 plazas on K were suppose to be public plazas, where “we hold most of the camping space around these plazas for unregistered camps to develop and maintain as an experiment in spontaneous urban planning and collaboration”. Yeah right. You can see how early they started in this above site of Google spy…”


all your bases

Latin translation: “all your base are belong to us”

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