Burning Man Electrician Tragic Death

ABC News has this story about Burner Ryan Brown, described as “an electrician at the Burning Man counter-culture festival [who] had been fired after a domestic dispute with his wife”. His Facebook page says he worked for DPW. He crashed his car into the Stratosphere in Vegas, then committed suicide after being released from jail.

my life is better than your vacationA hotel room suicide of a man who was freed from jail after being accused of intentionally crashing his vehicle into the Stratosphere and declaring he wanted to jump from its tower is raising questions about why he hadn’t been charged with a crime and whether he was properly screened for mental illness.

Answers weren’t immediately apparent.

Ryan C. Brown asphyxiated before he was found hanging Tuesday in a room at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, the Clark County coroner said.

That was a day after a Las Vegas judge ordered the 40-year-old Brown freed with no restrictions because prosecutors hadn’t filed criminal charges in the Sept. 10 crash at the Stratosphere hotel-casino, and didn’t seek more time to do so. Brown was told to return to court Oct. 15.

“The real question is why the district attorney didn’t charge him,” said Daren Richards, assistant Clark County public defender.

Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson was in meetings Thursday and unavailable for immediate comment, said Tess Driver, his executive assistant.

photo: Facebook

photo: Facebook

Richards, a veteran administrator in an office representing indigent defendants, said arrestees are usually screened during jail intake for suicidal thoughts and mental health issues. In some cases, judges are notified if more evaluation is needed.

In extreme cases, police or jailers can order a “Legal 2000” mental health evaluation by a doctor, said Officer Larry Hadfield, a Las Vegas police spokesman. That process can take up to 72 hours.

But “people can’t be held without cause,” Hadfield said. “It’s not against the law to be mentally ill.”

Hadfield said he had no information about Brown’s case.

photo: SuperBusyMom

photo: SuperBusyMom

Brown hadn’t been assigned a lawyer because he hadn’t been charged with a crime, and Richards said it wasn’t clear from the court record if Brown underwent jail psychological screening.

However, it seemed evident from a police report that crimes could have been alleged.

No one was hurt in the crash, but investigators said it appeared to have been a deliberate act.

Brown drove on a sidewalk past pedestrians before accelerating his Ford F-150 pickup through the valet area and crashing through the front glass doors, police said. The truck came to rest near the hotel bell desk, wedged between railings of a four-step casino entry stairway in a shower of broken glass.

Brown tried to run and struggled with security guards before police arrived and arrested him on felony cocaine possession and misdemeanor driving under the influence and reckless driving charges.

Police reported finding more than 1 gram of crack in the vehicle ashtray, and said Brown admitted using drugs for six days and smoking crack cocaine two hours before the crash.

Brown told officers he had wanted to jump off the Stratosphere and that he was excited to be making news, according to the police report. He said he had the same birthday as Elvis Presley, worked as an electrician, getting his first job at Transfer Electric, then at the Burning Man counterculture festival in northern Nevada, and had being fired after a domestic dispute with his wife. Her name and his hometown weren’t provided.

He told police he was born in Indiana.

Brown later became combative with jailers, who restrained him with a cover over his face to prevent him from spitting at others, the police report said.

It’s always sad to lose a Burner, and our condolences and sympathies go to the family and friends of Ryan Brown. After an earlier Burner suicide this year in Utah, some commenters drew the link between mental illness and recreational consumption of mind altering substances. Something to be considered, Burners, next time you go and “get crazy” for a week in the desert.

National Suicide Prevention HotlineNo matter what problems you are dealing with, we want to help you find a reason to keep living. 1-800-273-TALK



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  4. He was fired from his job after being accused of DV. That’s all it takes these days, just an accusation. Could have been just defending himself, who knows. Then your life spirals out of control.

    • Yea a newb that doeant know there 20 yr relationship got scared because they had there annual decomp intense scream match and went to the higher ups…..bs

  5. Is it possible to have a memorial service at the temple next year for Ryan? Is this in the works already? If so how do I volunteer?

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