Meet The Shit Queen of Burning Man

Nitasha Tiku at Gawker’s Valleywag has an interesting story on a person that we all Radically Rely on. She has the #1 job in the #2 business, as our reader Red commented.

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Meet the "Shit Queen of Burning Man," Commander of 1,400 Porta-Potties

image: Gawker

If you ask most Burning Man attendees what the annual MDMA and enlightenment mecca is about, they’ll probably reference one of the Ten Principles laid out a decade ago by cofounder Larry Harvey: “Communal Effort,” maybe. “Radical Self-reliance.” The vow to “Leave No Trace” in the Nevada desert.

If you ask RobbiDobbs, who introduced herself to me as “the Shit Queen of Burning Man”—a throne she ascended to after almost 14 years on the job—she’ll tell you something a little different: “Fuck the man, Burning Man is about shit.”

It’s hard to argue with her. This year’s event had 70,000 attendees. To service their basest bodily functions, Black Rock City was home to 1,400 porta-potties for the “general population” as well as 200 porta-potties for what Robbi called “Entitlement Camp,” or festival-goers who rent their own private unit.

And once Burners enter a porta-potty, their radical ideals tend to go down the chute—along with Gatorade bottles, travel-sized hand sanitizer, and those pre-moistened flags of surrender to convenience. Much like sewage systems in the “default world,” the bowels of Burning Man are clogged with baby wipes.

Complaining about the festival’s fetid porta-potties has almost become a team-building exercise for pre-billionaires. “They’re not necessarily rich,” RobbiDobbs told me. “Nearly most of them are rich and entitled. That’s why I used the derogatory term of ‘entitled.’ I think everybody should shit in the same place. What’s your fucking problem? Shit in my units!!!!

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Meet the "Shit Queen of Burning Man," Commander of 1,400 Porta-Potties

image: Gawker

image: Rick Hargraves

image: Rick Hargraves

6 comments on “Meet The Shit Queen of Burning Man

  1. I watched her melt down once at center camp telling a bunch of people how fucked up things were and how they needed to change RIGHT NOW! Of course, hardly anyone there knew what the fuck she was going on about.
    I bring a five gallon pail, a bag of sawdust, a seat, and rarely go into one of the blue zoos except to dump urine. Very nice, very fresh.
    If RD wanted to reduce the load on the structure, she would promote that rather than fanatically defending the sanctity of the blue plastic stink zones.

  2. If they kept the facilities stocked with adequate amenities they would have less to dig out. The beginning of the week was great…the last few days not so much. I started bringing back up folded and tucked away in my utility belt. It could be much worse, but still obnoxious.

  3. Our camp was unfortunate enough to be placed near this woman’s favorite bank of porta-potties in 2006. She is relentless and shrill, we pleaded with her to put down the megaphone on the third day of torture, and that just made her get louder and angrier. There is nothing funny about this person, she is mentally ill. She’s worse than all the baby wipes that have ever been put down all the porta potties in the history of Burning Man.

    We are peaceful people, but by Friday our camp was actually contemplating shoving baby wipes down her throat and locking her in one of the porta potties.

    • I shouldn’t say she’s ‘mentally ill’ , but rather has an unhealthy obsession with feces that causes her to annoy the fuck out of people.

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