“I’m Up For A Sherpa Myself”

CBS News did a video story on “Silicon Valley Elite Accused of Ruining Burning Man”. Larry insists that they’re not, that people have been saying “Burning Man is ruined” since the beginning, and in fact every demographic migration enriches the culture. So the culture should be awesome in the future, once politicians, Broners, and Safari tourists fill the spots formerly held by the artists and techies. It seems this Sherpa idea is a real drawcard for Virgins.

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  4. I fuckin love seeing that art car (board meeting i think) and its well dressed crew! They wear shorts not pants under their suits. last time they passed me on the playa, someone asked me if I got the memo and to be on time for the big company meeting. Of course I was naked and baked so I said hell yeah! Those guys rule!

  5. CBS (and other mainstream media) should not report on Burning Man, they were 100% clueless and just threw in a bunch of words like “billionaires” “sherpas” “hippies” free-spirit”… done!

  6. Whatever we might like to think, very little “may seem like an unlikely playground for wealthy capitalists.”

    • That suited dude is on the mobile boardroom, a fantastic and subversive art car out of Vancouver that has been coming to BM for the past 10 years or so. The suits, laptops, and coffee mugs are part of the gag.

      • Damn. Wish I had thought of that! Could skip the WalMart shopping spree and just pack like a normal trip – maybe schedule some work on the way.

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