What Happened To This Guy?

This video was uploaded to YouTube in December 2006, but it appears to have been filmed in Sonoma in January 2004 as part of a Katy Byrne community event “Returning Freedom and Power to the People”. It’s interesting to see the change in thinking about Decommodification from a decade ago (when it was a cherished ideal of the community, not even yet one of the 10 Principles) to today (when it’s a private, for-profit company that earns royalties and sues charities).


Relationship therapist Katy Byrne has produced dozens of television and radio programs dedicated to the art of conversation as a path to individual and world peace. Many guests have felt that Katy’s style of interviewing brings out their most profound and enjoyable conversations

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  1. I could see it being inspired by Jacque Fresco and the Venus project. In in interview he Jaques speaks about a free society where people do what they love and there is no money going around. People in the future according to Jacque are more consciences and don’t litter etc. No Money!! I’d ask Larry that if I met him and it would make sense because during the time Larry was growing up Jacque was doing a lot of interviews on tv talking about this idea. He was referred to as a futurist!

  2. Larry LLC screwed the pooch.

    I am a member of many long-term stone soup organizations. It does not have to become commercial, in fact, it is essential that it does not. Once it becomes commercial, there is no reason to volunteer. But the major aspect of a volunteer-powered stone soup group is that those volunteers must call the shots. They not only have to be enfranchised in the management, they have to be the management. The paid organization staff have to work for the volunteer members, NOT the other way around. We do some amazing things that are making the world better, but the volunteers make the effort and call the shots. Burning Man today = EPIC FAIL. )$(

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