24 Hours At Burning Man: 2014 Edition

Mark Day does it again…


Burning Man 2014 = the movie …. shot, edited & etc by Mark Day
Featuring the Alien Siege Machine, the Kraken and East Bay Burners

photobooth photography
by Michael Fox
a.k.a. BlueFox Studio

opening music by

Photobooth music
by nOtrO

various soundtrack music by
Chris Zabriskie

alien siege machine
awakening music by
Eric Oberthaler [eO]

and yes that was
Carl Cox DJing….

6 comments on “24 Hours At Burning Man: 2014 Edition

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  2. Great video. Great fun. I truly hope Burners take their passion for life home and affect social change. Like through community and maybe even voting!

  3. I really enjoyed watching this to its entirety. I have never gone to burning man and this was the best video I’ve seen online about it. The one question that still remains in my mind is why? I think it would be great if next year mark could ask the people what their motivation is to do what they are doing, dress how they are dressed, etc. I saw a part where a bunch of people were in pink and it looks like they all did a walk together. Was this for breast cancer? Mark has a great accent and I would love it if he explained peoples actioners to people like me who have never been. Great work! Xo

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