14 Tips For Getting Burning Man Tickets in the Individual Sale

It seems to get harder every year for Burners to get tickets, so I thought I’d share some of my ideas. These aren’t official, so don’t blame me if you try everything and still don’t get tickets. If it works though, by all means you can send me a cheers!

This year tickets are selling for more than they ever have, and faster than they ever have. We have every reason to think that will continue, making this the biggest Burning Man in history. It jumped the shark, and now it is ready for the big leagues of mainstream success.

Too Many Names On The Guest List

From BMOrg’s point of view, last week’s Directed Group Sale went smoothly. 20,000 invitation-only tickets sold out in less than an hour (according to Megan Miller) and 45 minutes (according to Burners). There were the regular problems of people not having profiles or Ticketfly accounts, and credit cards being declined by their bank’s fraud protection. You’d think, after almost 30 years, banks would know what Burning Man is.

Image: Kristina Alexanderson/Flickr (Creative Commons)

Image: Kristina Alexanderson/Flickr (Creative Commons)

This year, though, a new problem cropped up. People thought getting a code meant they had a ticket set aside for them, and were devastated when the codes didn’t work.

1400 selected groups were given codes to purchase a certain number of tickets. However, some camps report that only 50-60% of their people could actually get the tickets. One camp reported that 25% of the invites did not work – and all the people who couldn’t get the codes to work were outside the US. Was this because Ticketfly can’t process a non-US credit card address?

Burning Man’s response? “We always said it was first-come, first-serve”.

What does that mean? There seem to be only a small range of possibilities:

1. Burning Man sent out more invitations than there were tickets, the way airlines overbook flights.

2. BMOrg sent out 20,000 codes, but each could purchase more than 1 ticket (up until 20,000 were sold)

3. Camps sent out more codes to their campers, than Burning Man actually allocated to them

4. People used”Burner hacks” to buy more tickets with the codes than they were supposed to. For example, 2 people on 2 different computers and credit cards using the same code at the same time. Did the software anticipate such scenarios and block them, or let them through?

Probably, some combination of all of the above happened.

From burningman.com, ePlaya moderator Trilobyte says:

Burning Man does not publish statistics on invitations. There are always more invitations issued than there are tickets available, for a couple reasons. First, they want to help as many camps and projects as possible to get tickets for their core essential team members (as it is, they can’t help everyone). And second, not every camp or project uses every single invitation slot or has every participant purchase the maximum number of tickets.

Whatever the reason for it happening, there is no doubt that many people in camps who got sent codes, thought they would have more than 45 minutes to go to the web site and use them. Last year it took an entire day to sell 15,000.

Burning Man’s ticket page says:

The invitation-only, first-come, first-served Directed Group Sale starts at 12pm (noon) PST, Wednesday, February 4, 2015.

To  most people, if you received an invite to an invitation-only sale, you’d think that would mean you could get tickets. Alas, no – you have to get in quick.

Most Burners who logged in within the first 20 minutes seem to have got tickets. The general wait seemed to be around 6-8 minutes, some reported up to 20 minutes of waiting, some only a few. The countdown clock seems relatively meaningless compared to the time it takes to get into the system.

Coming soon: Tickets for Any Burner

Next up there are 40,000 tickets left to sell in the Individual Sale next Wednesday, February 18th at noon PST.

Last year tickets in the individual sale sold out in about 40 minutes (officially) and about 25 minutes (according to some Burners). You need to get there very close to 12 to get in the queue, everybody who did in the first 7 minutes last year seems like they got tickets.

I expect it to be quicker this year. We’ve never seen this level of promotion before – The Simpsons, Grover Norquist in the political press, Wall Street via the New York Times and Bloomberg, a 747 dominating the EDM press.

Whether you like it or not, Burning Man tickets are a great financial deal for those with no interest in even going to Burning Man. Tickets are $1122 each on Stubhub and Vehicle Passes are $190. For an investment of less than $850, you get yourself a highly liquid asset that can be rapidly transformed into $2500 – and may appreciate further from there. Hedge funds should start collaterizing this shit.

occupy comic shazam

“Mike’s Robot Nightmare”. Image: Occupy Comic Shazam/Flickr (Creative Commons)

Demand conditions have never been so favorable for the vendors – which means harder for Burners.

How can you maximize your chances to get tickets?

1. Create your Burner profile beforehand.

2. Create a Ticketfly account beforehand.

3. Register for the individual sale – opens this Wednesday, Feb 11 at noon. Registration is open for several days, so (theoretically) it doesn’t matter whether you are there right on the dot of 12:00:01.

4. On Feb 18th, the day the sale begins, log in as soon as possible after noon. Getting there before 12:00:00 to be in the queue early didn’t seem to help last year.

5. Instead of going through the web site, if you were emailed a link, click the link in the email, a few seconds after it turns noon.

6. If the link does not work, or the site crashes, don’t be disheartened. Keep trying. Even if it says “no” or “sold out”, try again a few minutes later.

7. Reboot your computer shortly before noon, and don’t have a whole bunch of other browser windows open – this may help avoid technical issues.

8. You could try using a few different browsers, if you have any technical issues. Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer – all seem to work fine.

9. Have the right debit or credit card. They accept only VISA and Mastercard, not Amex. They don’t accept PayPal or Bitcoin.

10. Make sure there is enough money in your account, or credit left on your card.

11. Notify your bank in advance of the transaction, in case it triggers a fraud warning (some Burners have reported this problem).

12. Use a US credit card if you have the luxury of choosing. Some Burners reported problems in earlier sales for overseas buyers

13. Don’t listen to Burners giving you advice on the ticketing system based on their past experiences. Ticketing changed last year to Ticketfly, so the current system is still new. What worked in the past, may have little bearing on your chances to get tickets today.

14. When asked how many times you’ve been to Burning Man, say “0”. Statistically, Virgins are the largest group who get tickets – for the last 3 years, somehow there have consistently been 40% Virgins. Whether this is a pure fluke (3 times in a row and always about the same ratio), or whether the system has been designed that way, the fact is the people who say they have been to Burning Man 0 times are in the group that gets the most tickets every year. Chance favors the Virgin, in this “random” distribution.

Other Ideas

trilobyte says:

Having not only participated in Burning Man for a few years now, but having had the great fortune of going to hundreds and hundreds of concerts, festivals, and events, I can say that for the most part it will always get more and more difficult every year. If the band keeps turning out solid albums, the fanbase continues to grow, then it occasionally explodes with a big hit or two, and it goes from never having trouble getting tickets, to shows selling out, to shows selling out really quickly, then the band needs to start working out pre-sales to ensure that fans have a shot because tickets sell out in hours (or minutes, or seconds). In this case, Burning Man is the band. They’ve been turning out solid albums every year for decades, the fanbase is huge and loyal (there may be a track or two you don’t like, but dammit it’s still a great album :) ), and tickets keep getting harder and harder to come by. Even when it’s a band or performer who takes steps to keep the scalpers at bay, you’ve got to be on the ball.

Sure, the ticket team will continue to work on their end to try and improve upon the experience and the ticket-buying process (as they have since Burning Man started selling tickets), but they can’t make scarcity go away. As long as demand continues to outstrip supply, it’s going to be important to stay on top of the posted information and dates and act quickly when those magic tickets go on sale.

trilobyte has also created his own Ticket Tips.

On Facebook, Burner Scott Sanders said:

The reality is that (in approximate numbers) 12,500 people will click in the first three seconds ( 12:00:03 – locking up all 25,000 tickets) and it’ll take 45 minutes for the computer system to process all the orders while we sit desperately waiting to get in to buy a ticket. About 12:45:01, all the whining and butthurt will start. People will complain that their Am Ex card wouldn’t work ( even though the directions said so), and they’ll blame Larry, or the fucked up system, or they’ll complain the don’t get paid till Friday ( even though they had a year to get their finances in order.). Probably by 1:30:00, the slacker hippies will start asking for free tickets ( because they’re awesome in the universe) since they can’t afford one or be prepared on time. By 2:00, folks will be pleading and begging for a ticket for their Virgin friend ( with a fucked up life) who’s so needs to go home, but doesn’t know it. By 12:00:01, the Scalpers (who don’t exist) will be posting tickets on Stub Hub and Ebay ( but they got their tickets in the Secret VIP sale by paying extra donation money to BMP.

 Matt Nelsen:

remember people the principles are just an ethos now. NOTHING IS UNBURNERY NOW!

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  2. 2019 main ticket sale, it was situation normal for the BMOrg, it was all fucked up

    @burningman tweeted,
    We are experiencing unexpected technical issues with today’s ticket sale. We’re sorry for the difficulty our inability to properly minister a ticket sale and are looking into what happened. We will share more info when it’s available our Gaslighting Team pens a creative answer purposed to blame others.

    The new BMOrg ticket vendor, ShowClix, does awesome online tickets for numerous thousands of events, with no difficulties, including of the Renaissance Faire, New York Comic Con, and numerous other festivals, plays, and concerts, and ShowClix has an awesome system to sell tickets to high demand events and concerts, with no difficulties.

    ShowClix permits pre reservations of the ticket sales, and after sends ticket codes to be utilized to buy tickets, with a waiting room, and awesome features. The difficulty is of the BMOrg desired to utilize their Burning Man Burner Profiles, and their email server, in the place of the usual ticket codes, and Burning Man disabled the usual of the registration name must match the credit card, and of the shipping address must match the credit card address. The BMOrg was of the ability to place valid ticket codes within Burner Profiles, of Burners whom registered, and of whom they did not desire to exclude, and request of the Burners to copy the ticket codes to the ShowClix page, marked as a Burning Man page, for an easy peasy ticket sale, might the BMOrg be of the ability to minister a proper ticket sale.

    In due of the awesome system of ShowClix purposed to sell tickets, and in due of there were no difficulties within the prior Burning Man DGS, and rich people sales, I did not properly estimate the ability of the BMOrg to screw up this ticket sale.

    • In the manner stated priorly, Burning Man penned a creative Burning Man Journal blog post desiring of Burners to blame bots, and hardware, and others, in the place of Burning Man stating of the truth in regards of the 2019 main ticket sale fiasco. Megan Miller was hired in due of the 2012 ticket sale fiasco, the BMOrg might have permitted her to pen a proper response, in the place of the rubbish Burning Man Journal blog post purposed for Burners to blame others.

      The Burning Man IT team did mistakes within the sale, their mistake was in due of they obeyed the desires of the Borg, might they have utilized the easy peasy manner of utilizing ticket codes gained upon the pre registration, and proper checks in regards to scalpers, and credit cards, the ticket sale might not have been a fiasco for Burners.

      Their ticket vendor, of which, we are the belief of it is ShowClix, is solely partly to blame. ShowClix, of which, it is owned by Patron Technology, and the President, and the VP of Sales, of ShowClix, are the prior sales team of Ticketfly. Their mistakes are in due of they permitted the Borg, and their IT team, to do a ticket sale of this manner of complexity, in the place of utilizing the usual easy peasy manner of utilizing ticket codes gained upon the pre registration, in addendum of proper checks. Might Patron Technology desire to query the rationale of the prior Ticketfly sales team permitting a ticket sale of this horrible manner, in addendum of other queries in regards of the financials between Burning Man and Ticketfly?

  3. 2019 Update

    The BMOrg changed from Ticketfly, in due of it was assimilated by Eventbright, to ShowClix, thus a Ticketfly account is not required to purchase tickets, and the ticket sales directions are upon the Burning Man website. The DGS sale of 32,000 $425 tickets towards the Worlds Biggest Guest List was done within February, and the rich people sale of 3,500 $1,400 tickets of was done within March. The directions of the proper manner to beg for the near to 4,500 $210 Low Income tickets sales is occurring, at present, is upon the Burning Man website. The Main Sale of 23,000 tickets of $425 is registering from 3 April to 5 April, and the ticket sale is noon 10 April.

    The BMOrg desires Burners labour for them, for free, to gain tickets. By appearances, there are near to 5,000 free tickets to volunteers, and to the Regional Representatives, whom labored for them the prior year, and the BMorg promised tickets to the 2019 burn might the volunteers promise to do the same within 2019, might, in actuality, the BMOrg honor the earned tickets within 2019. Near to 2,000 $425 tickets are to be sold within July, or August, towards Burners whom labour, for free, upon an art project, or in a similar manner. Within 2017, the BMOrg sold near to 10,500 $990 and $1,200 tickets, many during the Summer, and, within 2018, it was near to the same number, numerous $1,200 ticket sales occurred during the Summer, from the Burning Man website. The five people in control of the Burning Man Project gained their desired cashout of a hidden amount of many millions of dollars for selling their Burning Man (TM) trademarks, from their privately owned Decommodification LLC, to the Burning Man Project, within 2018, and they oversold the 2018 event by thousands of $1,200 tickets, thus, there might be a lower number of $1,400 tickets sold within the Summer within 2019, they do not have the same need to do so, in due of much of their Burning Man (TM) trademarks cashout occurred within 2018,.

    In due of ShowClix replacing Ticketfly, there are changes. Ticketfly had a waiting room, with a little man walking across the screen, of which, it was easy peasy to cheat to gain tickets, numerous insiders, scalpers, and our mates, gained tickets in due of the cheat, there is a rationale of why Burners whom did not know of the cheat did not gain tickets during the sales. By appearances, ShowClix does not have a cheat. My belief is to follow the directions within the email Burning Man sends after registration for the sale, copy the link to the URL bar within your browser, and hit Enter immediately, within two seconds, after noon of 10 April. ShowClix places people within the waiting room within five, or 10, seconds, and has a spinning wheel, of which, it will stop when you are redirected to the ticket buying page. Refreshing the spinning wheel page does not help towards gaining tickets within ShowClix. It is most important Burners call their credit card companies prior to the sale, and state to them to authorize the charge for the Burning Man tickets prior of the sale, many credit card companies deny the charges might Burners not call priorily.

    • Might Burners be curious in regards of the rationale of why they did not gain tickets from the TicketFly main sale, or OMG sale, it is in due of they did not know of the little man waiting room cheat. I did not describe the cheat, prior to 2019 February, in due of many of our mates gained tickets in due of the cheat. Burning Man insiders, scalpers, and our mates utilized the cheat within the TicketFly sales of 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 to gain tickets. We were most surprised in regards of the BMOrg permitted this cheat each new ticket sale for years. In due of ShowClix replacing TicketFly, by appearances, there is no cheat within the 2019 main sale.

      The Cheeky Traveler explains the prior walking man cheat in a most excellent manner within I Bought 40 Coachella Tickets Last Year. Here’s How.” The Cheeky Traveler has awesome tips purposed towards gaining tickets of other festivals and holiday spots.


      In previous years I had gone to the Coachella presale ticket purchase page and waited as my little digital man slowly makes his way across the screen only to be told that tickets were sold out after an hour of waiting and with my little guy still only halfway towards his destination.

      Translation – I wasn’t even close to buying Coachella tickets.

      This year was different.

      I was determined to get tickets. Coachella ticket prices had gone up again, but I wouldn’t let that stop me dammit. I would not be beaten. So I researched, tried to learn how Coachella’s system works, I had to become Coachella.. think like Coachella…

      Not only did I manage to get myself tickets, but also 20 of my closest friends – who, unlike me have normal jobs and couldn’t be online at 11am like a nerd.

      That’s right, I got 40 tickets for friends(2 each) in less than hour.

      Below, I lay out exactly how I did it, and how you can do it to come January 2019.


      As soon as tickets come online, you go to the website and open up the ticket window, essentially confirming your place in line for tickets. However what if you could have multiple friends in line at the same time?

      Think of it like trying to get a drink at a bar, rather than picking one end of the bar and putting all your eggs in one basket you increase your chances of getting served by all getting in line across the entire bar.

      In order to increase your chances of even getting the chance to actually buy Coachella tickets, you need multiple spots in line.

      The algorithm Coachella uses to dish out tickets isn’t exactly known but it seems to be a mix of random selection weighted towards people who get in line earlier. You must, therefore, have multiple spots in line as early as possible.

      However, you can’t just open up multiple windows on your laptop as Coachella only assigns one “QUEUE ID” to each person generated through a cookie attached to their browser.

      One advantage of this is that if you accidentally close your window, or lose internet connection, once you log back in the system(within 10 minutes) will recognize your “Queue ID” and you won’t have lost your spot. However, it makes it harder to get multiple spots in line.

      To get multiple spots you are going to need multiple ‘queue ID’s’, so let’s get a little cheeky with it…

      10 CHEEKY STEPS…

      1) Sing up to Coachella’s mailing list to get a head up when tickets are going on sale. The actual date only comes out a week before so it’s easy to miss. Set an alarm and DO NOT MISS IT. It is usually during the first week of January.

      2) Get as many laptops, phones computers as you can. Borrow from work, roommates, friends, steal if you have to. Each device will have it’s own Queue ID.

      4) On each laptop download and install 5 different browsers: Safari, Opera, Firefox, Chrome and Vivaldi. Each browser will also have its own Queue ID for that particular device. Congratulations, you’ve just increased the chance of getting Coachella tickets 5 fold per device.

      5) Open up a window in each browser on each device. Whilst opening up multiple tabs or windows in the same browser will give you the same Queue ID(not helpful at all), it is possible to open a second, special window in each browser that will give you a unique Queue ID. These are windows that don’t save any data from your web searches, including any cookies – they are most often referred to as ‘private browsing’. On chrome the window is called ‘incognito mode’. Now you have 10 Unique Queue ID’s per device.

      6) Get in line at https://www.coachella.com/guidebook/passes/ 20 minutes before they go on sale. Whilst the tickets usually don’t go on sale until 11am PST, from my experience It seems as though the website does start logging cookies and Queue ID’s 10- 15 minutes before. So even though you won’t see a little running man yet, signaling your place in line, the system has registered your position internally. Depending on how many separate windows you have open, it will take you 5 -10 minutes to log in on each page, so account for this time.

      7) Have all your information ready. Once you get to the front of the line you only have 10 minutes to buy your tickets. Coachella only allows 2 tickets per person. So if you are buying for a friend, have their account details, address and credit card details ready. Filling all this in can take 5 minutes and if two windows get to the front of the line at the same time you are going to be pushed for time.

      8) DO NOT sign in to any specific account before you get to purchase passes window. You won’t know which window will get there first so don’t log into or create an account before you have to.

      9) Buy those god damn Coachella tickets.

      10) Dance your ass off at Coachella 2019.

      The Cheeky Traveler

    • By appearances, it is best to obey the directions within the email in due of registration for the sale. Click upon the link, or copy the link to the browser, including of your registration code, a tad prior to noon of 10 April, and the web page will be a waiting room, or a landing page. The instructions state of the page is to be automatically refreshed at noon, but, refreshing the page a tad after noon, perchance, within seconds, is permitted.

      The cheat within the 2019 ticket sale changed from prior ticket sales. For the 2019 ticket sale, the BMOrg disabled protections from scalpers, and scammers, within the ticket sale, it is permitted to utilize a credit card of another person, and it is permitted to mail the tickets to an address other of the address of the credit card.

      Thus, the cheat within the 2019 ticket sale is to create, or utilize, email addresses of all of your family, and create burner profiles of all of your family. Perchance, utilize different browsers, or computers, or phones, for others in your family, thus it will increase the number of chances of gaining tickets by the number of created burner profiles. Each credit card is permitted to be utilized solely for two tickets, and a vehicle pass. The scalpers know of this cheat, and the insiders know of this cheat, and they are utilizing this cheat, thus, why should Burners not utilize this cheat?

      The other cheat, of which, it is not a cheat, is might a Burner, or might the camp, not be in good standing with the org, create a new email, and a new Burner profile in due of this, and register with the new Burner profile. This is solely protection might the BMOrg send ticket sales codes that will not be selected to purchase tickets within the sales.

  4. Anytime there is something awesome, some blood sucker needs to make money on it. That’s not what Burning Man was about, but is now…

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    • Hey, Bernie, it’s great that you are doing this – quite a gift. But for me, unless it comes with a time machine to pop back 10 years, I would not want a free ticket. After all, does it come with a vehicle pass?

      Back when I went, EVERYONE who wanted to be there was there. The creativity was first the simple decision to go, then anyone who was likewise inspired could join you. And those were the people who were there.

      Now, those that have sucked up to the Borg have comped tickets, and are in denial about what I just wrote. Those that get tickets have have played some convoluted, byzantine game with the Borg. It’s not your father’s Burning Man.

      But I like your use of the Figment question: “What are you bringing?” And that is the most important question.


  7. Near to all tickets have been sold out for 2016

    I am placing this comment here in due of this post is the top of the top ten viewed pages list.

    View Tickets 2016:What Really Happened in regards of difficulties within the sale. The Borg desires Burners to do their STEP program might tickets be sold within the STEP program, but, few $397 tickets will be sold within the program in due of near to all Burners have mates that desire their tickets, and the Borg does not disclose of the little number of tickets sold within this program within prior years. The OMG sale, within August, is of solely 1,000 tickets, thusly, few Burners gain tickets within the OMG sale. They state 6,000 low income tickets are being sold, but, the number includes of some volunteer tickets, and the Borg is selling more $1207 tickets than they stated, lowering the number of low income tickets within the sale.

    What might Burners do in due of not gaining tickets to the playa?

    The Borg desires of people labour for them for free to gain tickets to Burning Man, but, in actuality, the proper manner to gain tickets is to pay near to $1,100 for the tickets, might people desire to do so. More than 6,000 of the $997 tickets were sold, and many people whom bought the $997 tickets desire to buy $397 tickets at cost, and, then sell their $997 tickets, perchance, at cost. In addendum, at present, the Borg is scalping tickets for $1207, and fees, in the manner burnersxxx stated within the tickets 2016 post. In addendum, the Borg is opening their Secure Ticket Transfer program, permitting scalped tickets to be transferred in a secure manner. My belief is of, in due of the numerous tickets gained by people whom desire to sell the tickets at profit, the price of the scalped tickets, perchance, might be lower near to the burn.

    Might a Burner desire to participate in awesome Burnerly festivals in the place of the playa burn, many awesome festivals are thrown by the Burner community, of which, the Borg does not permit discussion of these awesome festivals upon their Facebook groups, or websites, in the manner of

    Further Future by the awesome Robot Heart crew. Numerous tickets have been sold, but tickets are available, and Further Future added more tent spaces in due of the tent spaces were sold out. Further Future begins on this Friday, 29 April, and it is a classy festival with an awesome international lineup near to Las Vegas. Click the Further Future website, or view their Facebook page.

    Boogaloo Music and Art Car Festival by the Dirty Beetles crew. All RV and car camping passes are sold, but tickets are available, and a parking lot, near to the camping area, is available for parking. Boogaloo begins on this Friday, 29 April, and it is an awesome burnerly festival with an awesome community and lineup Click the Boogaloo Music and Art Car Festival website, or view their Facebook page.

    How Weird Street Faire is Sunday, 1 May. It is of near to 40,000 people, and stages by Opulent Temple, Symbiosis, and others, on Howard Street within San Francisco. View their website, or view their Facebook page.

    Lightning in a Bottle by the DoLabs crew. This awesome burnerly festival will sell their near to 20,000 tickets. LIB occurs 25 May to 30 May, and it has a Temple of Consciousness, and it is family friendly. View their website, or view their Facebook page.

    Symbiosis Gathering. This awesome burnerly festival occurs after the playa burn. View their website, or view their Facebook page.

    These are solely awesome big burnerly festivals, thrown by the Burner community, and, not assimilated by the Borg, and, thusly, it is not permitted to discuss of these festivals upon near to all Facebook pages, or websites, assimilated by representatives of the Borg.

    Other burnerly festivals, thrown by members of the Burner community, are upon the Burner Burns page.

  8. I was on at 12:00 and in the queue and never got a chance to get a ticket, that little man never made it half way. They did sell out in less than 20 minutes no matter what anyone says, the tickets that kept coming up as available were tickets that were already purchased but the payments had not processed so to the system it made it look like they were still available. Also within 5 minutes of the sale there were tickets for sale on E-Bay for over $1500.00 each. Don’t think there are tickets that become available later you won’t be that lucky I was on the site trying for three hours and occasionally a ticket would come up but if you went to purchase it was already sold.

  9. My experience this year, for the individual ticket sales, was pretty much as described by Scott Sanders:
    – I had a burner account ahead of time
    – I had a ticketfly account ahead of time
    – I was logged in and in the queue by 12:00:07
    – For about an hour, the little man walked toward his goal
    – After about an hour or so, I was told the tickets were all sold out

  10. It is the wee early hours of Wednesday, just three days before the man burns in NV. But tickets are still available!

    VividSeats has no tickets, but has vehicle passes for $1,811 each:


    What a ripoff! I am not paying a cent over $1,800!

    Not to worry, EBay has some tix from $1.29 to $1,999.99:

    [office src=”https://onedrive.live.com/embed?cid=CFFFF04CB76D019A&resid=CFFFF04CB76D019A%211999&authkey=ANrPVXIG-WnCuDw&em=2″ width=”476″ height=”288″]

    And if you decided it’s finally time to SELL your tkt, try this guy Ben Feibleman:


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    • Nothing comes easy, and the better it is, the harder. BurniungMan is the best so don’t judge it until you experience it. BurningMan is totally worth the effort, if you can get a ticket. I need one too. I have snuck in before, a long time ago though. I hope to see you there.

      • “Nothing comes easy, and the better it is, the harder.”

        No. Actually that’s a rationalization for the silly effort since the sellout. It was more fun when there were ticket sales at the gate, because there was no suffocating “getting tickets” overlay to the event, as evidenced by this and similar discussion threads.

  13. I’m a virgin, but happy to go. I guess I’m one of the ‘minority’ 40%, not the 60%. Planning on volunteering in the medical section. Thrilled to be working on my mirror costume this summer. See you there!

    • Replying to my own post above. I got two tix in the regular sale, gifted one to my friend who went with me (really, bartered for use of her death trap of a minivan), and sold the other ticket for cost on Craigslist to a burner who didnt make the regular sale. I DID volunteer in the ESD, 24 total hours, which enabled me to get a reduced cost ticket without going through the sale. Totally worth it, and I feel that volunteering was symbiotic for me and the event. Maybe I was lucky , but glad to have a skill that got me in the side door, and get my purchased tickets to other burners. Alas, did not wear a mirrored outfit, but am still coughing up playa from the critical tits ride. Hope to do the same again this year.

      • 55+ Birgin here researching how to get tickets. I’ve been reading for the last few nights. Do I understand correctly that you obtained tickets for 2015 through normal means, then volunteered for ESD. This put you on a ‘reduced price list’ for 2016, allowing you to bypassing the ‘Sale’ sites & get tickets for this year, 2016?

        I realize BMOrg does not guarantee ‘reduced price’ or ‘free’ tickets, but they don’t deny it happens either.

        I plan to volunteer somewhere. Rangers was my first choice but I don’t meet the requirements having never gone. So I am looking at the others. Lamplighters, Arctica?, (Ice sales) Being self employed, my schedule is very flexible so maybe setup or cleanup. Anyway, thanks for your post and response if you see this.

        • 2015: I initially obtained 2 tix via reg sale. I gave one to a friend, and sold one on Craigslist for cost. By volunteering with ESD 3 or more shifts, I was able to get reduced cost ticket for 2015 (allowing me to sell my 2nd reg ticket.) I was going to volunteer regardless, but this was a nice perk.
          2016: I actually bought one ticket in the presale for like $900 as an ‘insurance policy.” This was again for a friend. There was no extra donation (ok, I donated $25, but when I was at checkout) and it was easy, as not too many people will shell out the dough. My friend and I both did not get tickets in the general sale (sold out when we got to front of line.) However, I plan on volunteering again and this time it’s really 80% because I want to, and 20% because I do not have another ticket. Ha.
          Honestly, volunteering is the way to go. I’m glad to be a part of it. Met tons of people, even if only for a few minutes each. Loved it. 🙂

          • PS..I do not know if volunteering in all areas gets one a reduced cost ticket. For medical, it does.

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  15. re: DGS sale

    1. Trilobyte admitted as much. And it is apparent. What, however, is not apparent is whether the overbooking was larger this year than last. I suspect that this is the case.
    2. Possible
    3. Impossible. Camps aren’t in charge of codes, BMorg is. Camps give BMorg the number of emails they asked for, or fewer.
    4. I suspect this is impossible, or Ticketfly would have issues in other sales, with other things.

    What is different about this year, is that unless the total number of VPs have been decreased, there will be more of them available in the pool for anybody, since DGS didn’t get a lock on them.

    • The total number of vehicle passes has been decreased. It’s 27,000 now, instead of 35,000. There are only 12,000 available now in the Individual Sale, for 40,000 tickets.

        • Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s 2015. But consider the challenge the BOrg is facing now! How are they going to make it more byzantine and convoluted for 2016. Eh? Any ideas? Maybe have you create a profile for your car before you can buy it a pass? Pre-sell vehicle passes at $500 each? Surcharge people for sunshine and air?

          Not as easy as you might think! That’s why there are so many of them working full time!!

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  17. my camp got 25 spots and Im pretty sure everybody got tickets… two tickets each even. I have been in the directed sales for the last 4 or 5 years and we always get tickets. we aren’t some big flashy camp either but people know us and like us. It pays to have BRC street cred AND have green on the moop map yo!

  18. Isn’t it possible that virgins or new ravers fill out the census in higher percentages than those of us who don’t give a fuck and have haven’t for the last 7 years? Why give the census my info? Does it somehow matter? Some of us have never filled out a census and don’t blow up our scene posting images on Facebook. The fresh, new, take photos and prove everything types may want to fill out questions and information and think that’s how it is and has been. Proof to their peers they actually did it. I remember when you had to have your cameras registered to use them out there and with a visible tag. Things have changed. Not all people fill out the nothingness or even care about census bs, no one in our camp of 24 have filled one out, ever. Tickets through the directed group sale help us keep building and making. The new crew of virgin bucket listers can afford whatever tickets may cost on the internet resale sites. Stubhub is a normal how to get into sold out shows thing. They don’t know that’s not how we have traditionally done things. That scalping is bad and against our old school ideas. Many new people are clueless to the ten principles and you yourself bitch about them being a joke Larry wrote over ten years ago. We still influence and inform the virgins around us and explain and give background to the reasons and idea. Citidiots aren’t used to LNT practice or even camping, it’s nice to see them defaultly have to jump through these magical hoops you seem to hate on. Virgins are great and when it used to be dust storms for days and tough to ride bikes on the loose playa they would leave on Thursday afternoon. Things change and the party is not the same. But evolving is lovely and the Borg have helped proven, for real artists who clean their messes up, get tickets since 2012. I thank them for that. Variety is the spice of life.

  19. Wow so many positive comments here! Perhaps the reason that so many virgins get tickets is that the people who have been before are starting to move into camps and therefore acquiring their tickets through directed group sales. Stop moaning, do your best at getting tickets, and if you don’t want to go then see ya!

  20. Coming soon: Tickets for Any Burner ANYONE

    It is going to be interesting reading about the coming clusterfuck that is going to be BM at BRC 2015. My suggestion for anyone interested in a “real gathering”, attend a local burn and fuck this thing in Nevada, for example “Element 11” just announced. Sooner or later the BMorg will mess up the regional burns, but for now they still seem like a fine way to go.

    • Though the other burns are smaller, they still often fill several days or a weekend. The NV burn is an exercise in excess. How much of that can you really experience – 10 or 15%? A smaller burn with 3,000 can often give a comperable expereince. Excess is the thing today, at least for the billionaire crowd. Don’t be fooled. Your burn experience is based on what you bring.

      • Actually the population of most regionals is under 1,000 attendees and I believe there are only 2-3 that are above the 3000 mark. I am lucky that there are two regionals near me with 2000+ attendees, Transformus & Alchemy; but smaller burns can lead to a much more intimate encounter with fewer rules and the density of fire performers is much higher as well. I would guess about 30% of transformus spins fire vs 4-5% of burning man.

  21. I know of a few camp groups that received the direct sales invites that then openly advertised the availability of these tickets within their friend circles, so plenty of virgins were given the opportunity to buy. Not really in the spirit of what the sale was intended for. I think the 11th principle should be “Look out for yourself at all cost”.

  22. It’s simply not worth the effort, regardless of the expense. Keep in mind the Simpson’s episode – BMorg has so many bucket-listers in the queue that they’re set for the next 10 years. Veterans are simply a pain in the ass for them. Corporate funded art cars and theme camps are lining up to keep the spectacle spectacular. Burners need not apply anymore. No one give a fuck about your awesome art car or your chill space and sound camp and whateverthefuck you think adds to the experience that you bring. Doesn’t matter anymore.

    Either jump through the hoops and pay the prices, or go fuck off.

    • Yeah, there is that. 🙂

      That’s why cries to boycott are silly. It ain’t gonna get fixed because there is absolutely no reason to change. As long as they can sell tickets and get a few die-hard camps, they are good to go.

      Let the billionaires and lemmings have their “burn.” Time to move on, or embrace defaultification. The consolation is that it mean less chance of their spoiling where I am.

  23. Keep in mind that the NPD BOrg are positively feasting on all this ticketing attention – something that was not there 10 years ago. Could it be any more convoluted? Well, if so, they will do it. Pay the pre-sale price, or never be sure you will get a ticket. Yup, that’s the way to be sure to get the team for your theme camp.

    Can you tell what’s coming?… Kickstarter campaigns to fund pre-sale tickets for your theme camp.

  24. One word… after all the nonsense, the BS of Larry and his BMorg, higher and higher ticket prices, all the changes for the negative at BM, etc, etc, etc…… SUCKERS!

    It looks like there are 68,000++ suckers ripe for the plucking Larry, you should have raised priced even higher, you left money on the table. Oh well, there is always next year.

  25. How the directed sale worked:

    Group leaders were told that they could authorize some maximum number of group members to get codes to purchase tickets in the sale. The group I was in, a very small funded art project, was allocated 7 codes. I heard about a theme camp that got 14. Big camps and projects probably got more.

    Each group member gave the leader the email address associated with their Burner Profile. The leader, in turn, gave those addresses to the Org. I forget whether or not this step actually existed, but think I had to go to my Burner profile and register for the sale once the Org had me plugged in.

    A couple of days before the sale, group members got emails with the codes and unique links (with their codes embedded) to the Ticketfly site. Then the sale went as normal. Since the codes were associated with Burner Profiles, it would have made no sense for anyone to swap or transfer theirs.

    Each sale participant was able to buy two tickets and one vehicle pass. As far as I know, everyone in my group got their tickets – so, a total of 14 tickets.

    1,600 groups x 14 tickets = 22,400. Who knows how many groups got more and how many got less, but it appears that they simply authorized more potential buyers than there were tickets available.

    … it will be interesting to find out if they also sold out of vehicle passes. It appears that there will be slightly fewer of them this year than there were last year, to a point where some people who buy tickets in the regular sale might not be able to get vehicle passes. Recipe for a clusterfuck at the Gate, for sure!

  26. All great tips! However, not sure about #14. I know that is a large percentage of Virgins every year, but wouldn’t you really have to compare how many returning Burners and how many Virgins attempt to get tickets? If, out of all the people who try to get tickets, 40%+ are actually virgins, then it wouldn’t really matter how many years you put. Maybe I’m missing something. Thoughts?

    • It might have nothing to do with the Burner Profile, and could be a complete coincidence. Maybe a reader with the mathematical skills and inclination could calculate the odds of a random distribution coming up with 40% , 3 years in a row. If this year is also 40%, it becomes an even more improbably random occurrence. Such things do happen, as any roulette player could tell you. Probably.

      • My belief is the 40 per cent newbies each burn, is not in due of newbies selected in place of veterans within the sale, that does not occur. It is in due of the purpose of the Burning Man Project is to spread the culture, the purpose of the Project is not to maintain a community, their belief is the best manner to spread the culture is for many newbies to be on the playa. The 40 per cent newbies each burn is in due of solely 10,000 or 15,000 directed tickets sold, or, 20,000 tickets within 2015, and then by solely chance within the sales. Might the BMOrg desire to maintain the community, or, reward burners for their labours for the burns and for the community, they might permit many more tickets to be distributed through the community, but they do not desire to do so, they desire their near to 30,000 newbies to be on the playa again, in replacement of veterans whom have priorly contributed towards throwing the burns.

        The BMOrg does not purposely select newbies for tickets within the sale, but, by appearance, Burner profiles contain a field, hidden from burners, of if a person might be a scalper. Might a person, in the Individual Sale, have this field clicked upon, they solely will not be selected for tickets, they will have no knowledge of the rationale. It is easy peasy for the BMOrg to click this field for numerous people whom the BMOrg do not desire on the playa, any person labouring for the ticketing team might click upon this field. burnersxxx, might this be what you viewed within the 2014 ticket sale in regards of your prior campmates having difficulty to gain tickets?

    • Burnersxxx has some well-founded beliefs about what Larry Harvey wants to do with the festival, but he has a conspiratorial bent and, imho, has used cherry-picked numbers to illustrate his belief that the Org is intentionally manipulating the system in this way. There’s no way the upper management could do this without the collusion of quite a few staff members AND Ticketfly, and I view it as unlikely that this level of cloak-and-dagger bullshit would stay undercover for very long.

      Plus, I think that Larry would be very proud of a plan like this, and would proudly announce it to the world – the only downside of doing that would be pissing off veterans, which would serve his purposes in the first place.

      Additionally, I suspect that most directed sale tickets go to vets….

      On the other hand, this is nowhere near the realm of fantasy…. the fact that this idea could seem at all realistic illustrates just how pathetic the Org’s leadership has become.

      • I’m using “% of Virgins at the last 3 Burning Mans” from the Black Rock City census. Hardly “cherry picked numbers”, if anyone else has any other stats we can go on, please share.

        I do admit to having a conspiratorial bent, which does not automatically make me wrong. This isn’t the regulated politics of a democratic republic, and there’s no mystery in a high profile non-profit customer and a software vendor colluding/collaborating. The contents of the algorithms involved at the core of these systems are definitely a mystery, and most probably will remain that way to all but a very small group of people involved in writing them. It is a unique system, no other festival sells tickets this way. Ticketfly had to do some customization, and not all of the systems involved are Ticketfly’s.

        It would be easy to link the Burner profiles to the codes – if every code is unique, some codes will not work at the final step.

        They *are* quite proud of their focus on Virgins, and have talked about it pretty openly. A continued thirst for “more Virgins” means it gets harder and harder for veteran Burners every year, there is no conspiracy in that – it’s a mathematical certainty, the consequence of fixed supply and rising demand.

        • Maybe, just maybe, it’s been consistently about 40% virgins every single year since 1992? From 1992-1996, population doubled every year. Basic math tells us that back in the good ole days, it was at least 50% virgins.

          I don’t think there’s much data from 1997-2004ish (and the census links on the new Burning Man website seem to all be broken now). From 2005-2011, census asked which years somebody had previously attended. Consistently, about 40%-50% of people responding to the census in that period hadn’t attended the previous year. Some of those would be vets who’d taken the previous year off, but most would be virgins. Census wasn’t weighted back then, so it’s hard to get a firm idea of the numbers, but there really isn’t any evidence that virgin % has gone up (and it clearly has gone down from 1995).

          You keep arguing that there are more virgins now (or BMORG is engaging in a conspiracy to keep virgin numbers high). Do you have any evidence that virgin % was significantly lower than 40% at any point in the history of the event?

          • I thought it was unusual that since the ticketing system changed, it was 40% Virgins – when it had happened twice.

            Now it has happened 3 times. If it happens again this year, it is seeming less and less like coincidence. In the early years, most people had not been – so there was a massive pool of virgins. Every year, as more Burners lose their virginity, the group of veterans increases. Veteran = 3 or more Burns. If there is a ratio of virgins to veterans, then as the number of veterans grows, if the ratio is to stay the same the party has to get bigger or the veterans miss out.

            This is still the case no matter how many virgins there are. The only way to make Burning Man for the Burners is for the ratio of Veterans:Virgins to be floating, not fixed, and always improving in favor of Veterans. Right now we have 29% Veterans (defined as having been to Burning Man more than twice).


            The Afterburn Census data is no longer available on their web site for every year showing what the % of Virgins is. I found one year when it was more like 20%.

            Even if the ratio is set purely by statistical chance, it still makes sense for Burners to want it to skew towards the % of Veterans increasing above 29%. Perhaps BMOrg *could* implement some algorithms to do that, if their goal is *not* 40% Virgins.

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