Another Senior BM Exec Resigns

This time it’s Propaganda Minister Will Chase, who has worked for BMOrg for the last 13 years.
Says Maid Marian at the BJ:

After 13 productive years working on Burning Man’s technology, art, and communications teams, Will Chase — who has always preferred the job title Minister of Propaganda — has accepted an offer to join Maker Faire as their inaugural Director of Content and Community. Though Will is moving on in his career (to an organization with deep community and philosophical ties with Burning Man, I might add), we know his influence on who we are and what we do will continue to be felt. 


Oh great. They get to stop paying him, we still get stuck with the guy.

Will Chase, Burning Man's Minister of Propaganda

Will Chase, Burning Man’s Minister of Propaganda

Will himself says:

Through all of Burning Man’s communications channels (, The Burning Man Journal, the Jackrabbit Speaks, Facebook, Twitter and the ePlaya), my goal has to been to hold a mirror up to this community, sharing the amazing things you do, in hopes of inspiring more people to be their fully-expressed selves — in ways large or small — and to connect with others who’ll fan the flames of their inspiration. And if we manage to light up just one person, I consider it a victory.


Read the rest of the announcement here.

So propaganda is a reflection of this community? Meaning, it’s our fault that we get bombarded with it?

What will this mean now for Burning Man 2.0? A new era of honest communications to Burners, free from propaganda and spin? Or a doubling down on the rhetoric and logical fallacies?

Meanwhile, they’re still trying to find people to run the BLM, Ticketing/Vendors/DPW/Merchandise, and Medici fundraising.

What’s it like to work at Burning Man? You can get a picture from some of the comments at Glass Door:

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Screenshot 2016-02-12 06.18.58Screenshot 2016-02-12 06.23.02

22 comments on “Another Senior BM Exec Resigns

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  4. “asked to resign”, if that’s the case, means the company realizes it would look worse for them to outright fire someone – that they made a mistake in having someone run things at a high level who supposedly f-ed up enough to be fired. Meh.
    As for the comments at glass door mentioning nepotism and politics – that’s how it is EVERYWHERE as far as I know. But, I bet its worse at BORG because I’m assuming they have no oversight or procedures to enforce ethics.

      • There is an ethics committee, within the Project board, penned within the bylaws of the Project, purposed to review of conflicts of interests, and of other matters.

        • You’re right. Ethics does get a brief mention in the Bylaws. I can’t find anything about an Ethics Committee though.

          It shall be the duty of the Directors to interpret and enforce the Bylaws, rules, and regulations of this organization, and to promote the objectives and purposes of this organization effectively, prudently, and enthusiastically. Directors shall actively participate in fundraising and other organizational activities, and shall develop opportunities for the organization to expand its programs and activities. Directors shall conduct themselves ethically, and uphold their duty of loyalty and duty of care to the organization, as set forth in California Organizations Code Section 5231 of the California Nonprofit Public Benefit Organization Law, or successor statutes.”

          • My apology, there is no ethics committee. The Project bylaws are most humorous in regards of the near to total control permitted towards the six founders of the Burning Man Project.

    • Will Chase was a most valued employee, for thirteen years, whom did an awesome job of serving the CoolAid propaganda for the Borg. Perchance, within the manner of your prior comment of ‘things can continue to decay and stink more horribly‘, and of it was solely of the proper time in regards of Will ‘moving on with his career.

    • no, Im not saying he deserved to be fired or whatever. Its just a comment – in response the one below that people were supposedly asked to leave – that when companies do that to high level people (ask them to leave), it is a reflection of the fact they don’t want to fire someone outright because it would make the company look bad (for presumably having someone in a top position who shouldn’t have been there – if they needed to be fired). this is just a response to the idea that people were asked to leave. I don’t know if that’s the case, and I guess I don’t care. just a comment

      • Awesome. I penned the comment for safety in regards of what might be be permitted to be stated upon the matters of employment of a person.

  5. Some people, within the Borg, were ‘given the opportunity to resign’ within 2015 November, my belief is of it is in due of the desire, of the Borg, to lower costs, and in due of passionate and strong and divergent views upon Larrys direction of the Borg in regards of the rubbish theme of 2016 of artists licking the arses of rich Patrons purposed to gain a tad of their cash, in the place of the Borg paying for the costs of the artists from their near to $35 million of ticket sales.

    At present, more than 500 artists have requested of a playa art grant, from the Borg, perchance, many of whom are from the Maker community, and they are not of the knowledge of the rubbish of the Borg towards the artists. The artist contract is hidden from future artists, and from the Burner community, in due of Borg nondisclosure contracts, and artists are not of the ability to labour, together, purposed to gain a fair contract, might they desire to gain an art grant. In addendum, the Borg CoolAid does not state of the artists, might the artists gain an art grant, of the art grant will solely pay for lower than one half of their costs. Might Will Chase be honest in regards of this to the Maker community, or might he continue his rubbish CoolAid upon these matters?

    Larry is most delusional in regards of the artists, of his rubbish theme of artists licking the arses of rich Patrons purposed for a tad of their cash, and of the Borg support of many rich plug and play camps within BRC. Within the Burning Man Journal
    Larry says: November 30, 2015 at 8:49 pm
    … ‘This does NOT mean corporate sponsorships FYI!
    BM art is one of the keystones to funding the whole organization – ALL the art can EASILY be funded with strong major donor fundraisers. The art can drive the whole funding structure one day. As well ticket prices SHOULD go DOWN each year (YES!) with strong major donor work.’ … (emphasis added)

    In addendum of in regards of the rubbish Burning Man Journal post of Caveat Magister, repenning of Larrys delusional desires upon this matter, of the artists gifting of their art to Burning Man –

    ‘Second, because it is supporting projects that have already been given to the community (and ideally that there is a reasonable expectation will continue to be offered for free), it takes issues of commodification out of the equation, or at least greatly reduces them. There’s no quid pro quo. The art is not for sale; it’s already been given.’

    ‘Fifth, it offers the artist a new avenue to directly connect with admirers and potentially advance their careers’ Of which, it is the old rubbish of give us your art for free purposed for the exposure.

    ‘Finally, it leads naturally to the creation of a new kind of online “store” for Burning Man – a web store that anchored the work of our community, and actively supporting it.’ Of which, the profits go towards Burning Man, not towards the pockets of the awesome artists, and Makers, whom created the art, and are most deserving of the cash in due of their art. Or, perchance, might some of the cash go towards Decommodification LLC, in due of stated within the ticket terms ‘I acknowledge that the name “Burning Man” is a trademark owned by Decommodification LLC and licensed to BRC, … and that all of Burning Man’s logos, trademarks or other intellectual property are owned by Decommodification LLC …’, and the Borg refuses to state, towards us, the details of their conflicts of interests of the cash they are due upon the trademarks and other IP, within 2018? (emphasis added)

    Within the awesome film Dust and Illusions. A documentary. 30 years of history of Burning Man, of which, all Burners must view this awesome film, Chicken John states of the Borg II rebellion of the artists within 2005 ‘At least we got the art funding doubled, and the Borg artist contract no longer claims ownership of the art.’

    Except of, Larry, in a most delusional manner, still desires to claim ownership of the art of the artists, and of the Makers, and desires others to pay the costs of the art on the play in despite of Burning Man gaining near to $35 million of ticket sales, and paying solely 3% of ticket sales towards the costs of the artists.

    Might Will Chase be honest towards the Maker community upon these matters, or might he desire to continue the CoolAid?

    • Might a person imagine the awesome art at a festival that pays for the costs of the art from ticket sales, and permits the artists to brand himself, or herself, in due of their art, and permit the artists copyright of images of their art at the festival, purposed for the artists to sell images of their art? Might the Borg not desire to do so, might other festivals desire to do so?

  6. Being given the opportunity to resign usually comes shortly after the kool aid starts to wear off. They know the signs, like voicing opinions or making suggestions. That’s the fastest way to get shown the door.

    Thanks, Will, for everything you contributed over the years. No one gives a fuck.

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