BREAKING: Anonymous Terror Group Claims Responsibility For Burning Man Attacks [Updates]

anonymous fire

Last night somebody calling themselves “anonymous burner” left this comment on our Hooligans Attack and 2016 Scandals stories. The details indicate it is legitimate. They claim there are 4 in this terror cell, located around the world. They threaten continued attacks on White Ocean if they ever return, and on other elitist Burners and camps too.

Whats true and whats not…
There were no cables cut
yes super glue in key holes
yes chicken and beef cubes in rv resivoir
yes dye in rv water too
Dish soap added to shower water cubes
Yes water dumped
yes olive oil in the bathroom floors
no personal items were stolen
yes lug nuts off their art car were taken
Not connected to the hotel cube collapse

The four people that were targeted were Timur, Oliver,Eduardo, Kfir…. these rich seperatists think they are above the burning man ways.. they think they can stronge arm people with threats of violence from their connections to the russian mafia and or throw lawyers with lawsuits at you to force you to do what they want…. they hire mexican workers to do all the camp setup and breakdown for burning man and their other events(further future)… if they cant demand their way then they bribe it… why do you think they were even allowed back after the last few years…all they allow at their dinners are the rich and famous and they dont even bring food or water for the mexican workers they hired… them and their friends drug women and try to take advantage of them, and btw their drug mule is ########… they only put Paul okenfolds name on the camp so the bm community would “feel it”…. because what burner could really relate to a billionaire russian gangsters son? With all of the people tgey have fucked over and threatened over the 4 years they have been a compound at burning man they deserved some payback… This is just the beginning, every year they return people will mess with them and their camp… This should happen to all the elitest groups on and off the playa…
These rich entiteled bastards dont deserve to treat the playa like their own personal parties…. it is the communties…
This was done by 4 highly trained individuals who are spread out in the burning man community around the world listening to how the other elitest groups are treating their fellow burners… take your community back, stand up against these kinds of snobby bastards ruining burning man…

This is no conspiracy theory. The perpetrator – or someone close enough to them to be an at least an accomplice – is quite clearly telling us it is a conspiracy. What more do you need?

It seems unlikely that this is the same “Anonymous” as the hacker group, although they were very involved with the #occupy movement, as were many Burners in the Burn Wall Street project. This seems to be a new group of terrorists saboteurs, specifically targeting wealthy burners.

anonymous ferguson

The commenter calling themselves “anonymous burner” has the same IP address as an earlier commenter on this blog, who was upset with White Ocean’s red MOOP score in October 2015:

Im a part of White Ocean, we cleaned, everyday we cleaned up trash left from the partiers in our dance area… everyday of breakdown we had people doing their part cleaning, while the structure was be dismantled we made sure no bolts or washers or nuts were dropped… our core stayed a day after everyone else to moop the area(thursday)…… so understand that there are many reasons why we could red like this, and we are wondering why ourselves… also note that its been years since a corner got less than red on its dance floor(which u showed fur us, 2010, the only year that corner was clean) also look at how we took care of our area last year… we are trying….

Ps .. we actually made this huge grid n dropped all of the pooh n piss n other shit yall left fur us just to get the perfect red square….
n Fuck Off, n Fuck ur Day!!!

Pss…., ur a kunt…
I have posted my real name and email, if there is any issues with White Ocean or myself, please feel free to contact me, I wont hide behind a blog…:-)

I would never share the name of an informant who requested anonymity. I think I’ve proved that now in almost 5 years of blogging and 1657 posts. This is just a commenter, though. They didn’t contact me requesting anonymity before sharing information – as in the case of every other tip I’ve shared here from Anonymous Burner. Instead, they just posted here (twice) proclaiming themselves to be “anonymous burner” (lower case). This is less of a tip, and more of a confession to a crime and a threat of more crimes to come. And in the above case this commenter made quite a big deal over his desire to not be seen as “hiding behind a blog”.

Before any Ray Donovan types rush to bring this guy to the interrogation chamber, if you were the perp this would be a simple way to finger someone else for the blame (although he did post this last year). 2 posts from the same IP address are not evidence it is the same person – could be room-mates, or a company account. If you lose power or turn your modem off, your cable company might assign you a new IP address – but there is no way that 2 posts a year apart from the same address, both about White Ocean is an accident. If the police want to contact me I’d be happy to provide the IP address and other details (it is located in California).

Remember when Burning Man used to be about fun? It was just a party in the desert?

Perhaps this is why BMOrg need Flysalen now: a Gated Community for First Camp and the elite Burners, while the Black Rock City Communist Party (last post before BM2016: Psychedelic military attack) and the remnants of the Cacophony Society wreak anarchy and havoc at Burning Man. Leave The Man Burn to the cops and the plebs, watch everything on HDTV and just chopper in for fancy dinners with the Sheriff and meetings with promising startups.

anonymous leader further further peter ruprecht 2016

[Update 9/7/16 2:50pm]

Perhaps predictably, “anonymous” has now come forward to confirm his identity and his desire not to hide behind blogs. He claims to just be the messenger, not the perpetrator – and he “was just talking shit”. He just happened to be the one to answer the Playa telephone when the call came in with all the details of the crime, and wanted to share it on this blog so badly that he posted it twice. Interesting that nobody else has shared anywhere near this level of detail, even though by John’s account a lot of different people had them.




Some Burners have claimed about the grammar of calling this a “terror” attack. When Pershing County Sheriff Jerry Allen warned of terror attacks at Burning Man 2 weeks ago, I’m not sure MOOPing the freshwater was quite what he had in mind. The word that has been widely used in headlines for these attacks is “sabotage”. Sabotage is the same thing as terrorism, just minus the violence. It’s easy to see how taking lug nuts off a car’s wheels or making a floor super-slippery might lead to people getting hurt. What was the point of this sabotage, if not terror? Entertainment? Education? Intimidation is the purpose.


Terrorism vs Sabotage: What’s the Difference?

[Update 9/8/16 8:40am


Click here to learn about the Logical Fallacy called “The False Dilemma”

“You’re either part of White Ocean and we’re gonna get you too, or you’re a true Burner and with the terrorists”. One Burner’s terrorist saboteur is another’s Freedom Fighter.

Sabotage is either a military action, or a terrorist action. And these are actually the same thing, it’s just the army has a different composition.

This is pretty low on the spectrum of terrorism – attacks aimed to intimidate psychologically, rather than through violence. As far as we know, there was no physical harm done – but by the sound of it there easily could have been.

It reminds me of the anti-Burning Man rancher’s expensive yacht mysteriously sinking in Tahoe when he was in a dispute with Burners. Nobody was harmed and no violence was involved in that act of sabotage. See Don’t Pick A Fight With A Burner

In my opinion this is a group, not a lone individual. They are operating covertly, with threats/plans to do more attacks. They try to “Leave No Trace”, choosing the type of attacks that are hard to photograph. This is a psychological operation. The purpose is to change White Ocean’s behavior and attitude, to conform more to a profile desired by the attackers.

“It’s a self service cult. Wash your own brain” – but if you don’t wash it the right way, expect sabotage and psychological warfare.


The report last night came from Sacramento. I note that the Sacramento Cacophony Society announced they were starting “the next phase of cacophony” in early December 2014. They changed their Facebook group from Closed to Secret and then kicked me out. At the same time Danger Ranger launched his anti-rich attack on me, and the Burning Man Facebook Group was overthrown in a coup which several long-term members suspect had the backing of both BMorg and Facebook Inc.



According to their web site today, “Project Mayhem” is underway with funding and personnel:



You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to suspect that “attack the rich” and “Project Mayhem” may be the same thing.

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  2. Plan on buying your drugs in Reno or elsewhere and condomizing them, store it in your rectum. Going into the Diamond Lake zone is dangerous, go slower than posted speed limits, keep all drugs stowed away, drug sniffing dogs are in use by the DEA up there. Only take enough for yourself. Don’t plan on selling any. Unless you like Nevada Corrections. MDMA, nutmeg infusions, poison ivy, nux vomica, fly agaric, poison hemlock, these are all great drugs to consume freely at Burning Man.

  3. Remove my name and photos from your site immediately. I had nothing to do with the incident you are posting about, I wasn’t there, nor did I aid or assist anyone associated with the events you are reporting about. You do not have permission to use my name, photos of me or photos that belong to me in any way. Remove them immediately.
    John Shaban

    • What photos are you talking about? Please identify them.

      There is a screenshot of the Sacramento Cacophony Society, where you commented publicly in 2014. Are you disavowing involvement with this group? Are you denying that you made the above comments?

      Why did the group go private in 2014? Why did you kick me out of it and block me? What is such a secret, about innocent merry pranksters?

  4. I have heard from a well-connected friend that the White Ocean attack *did not happen,* and that White Ocean has in fact pranked the entire BM community. It does seem strange that we have seen no evidence of a police report, no photos, no first-person accounts.

    So my question to you is what evidence do you have that this alleged attack actually happened?

  5. wow did you know that anonymous is just a word that means someone doesn’t want to be identified? Just because someone declines to state their name and says they would like to remain anonymous does not mean they are saying they are trying to represent Anonymous.

    • Also.. Anonymous is not a terror group. Not to mention how offensive it is for you to call this terrorism. It’s like teenager level pranks and vandalism

      • You seem to really be struggling with the word “anonymous”. First you explain that it’s just a word. Then you seem to think that the hacker group “Anonymous” is somehow involved in the Burning Man attacks. When in fact it is an anonymous group of saboteurs, probably not related to the hackers in any way – as I point out in the article.

        • You’re a willful literalist like 10 year old boys are when they have no real world context for the meaning of words. It’s pointless to argue about it, maybe you actually believe labeling vandals as “terrorists” isn’t sensationalizing the event because you looked it up in the dictionary, so how can it be misconstrued? Ha.

          • Some people seem to equate hackers with terrorists, but not saboteurs. I see sabotaging car wheels and cutting power lines as more intimidating and potentially harmful than defacing web sites. YMMV. I am coming from a military context, not the “real world” of getting my information from CNN and the Huffington Post.

          • Remember, the power line damage actor is in dispute, even if you believe the WO report. It could have been an independent action inspired by the other damage.

            But I still find it unbelievable that the whole WO camp would be someplace else while the vandals attacked. Putting a fine point on any of this seems silly.

          • Defacing a web site is hacking. Taking down a power grid, financial system, election system is terrorism. Same act (hacking into a digital system) with different aims and results. It’s a matter of degree.

            Slashing tires and cutting generator lines is vandalism. Blowing up a building is terrorism. Again, it’s a matter of degree. Seems like an obvious distinction.

          • I agree that they are different but I disagree that they are a matter of degree on a continuum. Terrorism has characteristics that are missing from hacking or vandalism. Just look at any of the current TV specials on the topic, like the Wormhole and Nova episodes I linked above. These are the subject of serious research, well beyond blog speculation.

          • Blowing up a building in war is a military move. It may be designed to clear space, or kill the enemy; the purpose is unlikely to be fear, since war is already terrifying to civilians.

            Sabotage to cause fear among civilians, not obtain military objectives, is a form of terrorism.

            We will have to agree to disagree on this one gents, but at least JV and Nomad are on the same side 🙂

          • Actually, JV is more on your side, since he sees it as a matter of degree. I see it as a matter of intent.

            As cited in an NFPA publication, one night some people fire-bombed a museum. You and JV might consider that “terrorism.” It was not. They were robbing a bank, and used that to draw LE attention away from their theft. BTW, the sprinkers put out the museum fire, and they caught them robbing the bank.

            Terrorism is not a matter of degree but intent.

          • And that’s my point. There is no terrorism “threshold.” Intent is intent. There is no threshold. You either intend to terrorize people, or you don’t; the magnitude of the act itself is irrelevant so long as it is effective.

            Executing a person who committed a capital crime is a form of justice, since we know that it in fact does not have a major effect on the commission of those capital crimes. Happens all the time in Texas. Televise that same execution, and you have now terrorized the viewers. Remove the capital crime, and you have the ISIS videos.

  6. This amounts to “you got your choclate in my peanut butter,…” You shouldnt call this terrorism as we enter the weekend of 911 anniversary, and not in comparison to other things. Be thankful this summer was still a world where people can take wild vacations. N.Korea is setting off bombs, we might get Trump for President, everything might shift pretty dramatically. Be grateful, get some perspective.

  7. First world problems.
    Maybe rethink what is actually “terrorism” as we near 911 anniversary. Watch some of NIST coplection of day-of videos from 911.
    Not to mention real stuff in real world (kids in Syria getting chlorine gassed, etc).

    • If you think the 9/11 anniversary is somehow related to Burning Man sabotage designed to intimidate, then you need to learn the difference between actual terrorism and false flag attacks. Perhaps you’ve never had your LPM.

      NIST has been thoroughly discredited, despite years of investigation they were never able to re-create their physics-defying “3 buildings collapse at free fall speed from fire” scenario in computer modeling. The only way they could make it work was to input incorrect data to their calculations. There are 156 different witness accounts of explosions.

      On the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, everybody should read the latest Europhysics paper: 15 Years Later: On The Physics of High-Rise Building Collapses

      • No burnersxxxxx, *you* are the one who doesnt understand the definition of terrorism. You have an article about how this stupid prank is terrorism, and its *not*. We are nearly on the 911 anniversary. And kids are getting gassed in Syria. So shut up about how a glorified vacation was pranked.
        And spare me the nist shit. The report was bogus but they collected a lot of real videos from eyewitnesses which were released thanks to a FOIA, and this easily accessible via youtube. So watch that shit whenever you feel outraged about a pranked vacation. 911 was still terrorism, regardless of the actors involved.
        911 and real shit in the world is more important than someone stupid spilled water or glued doors. It sure the fuck ain’t terrorism. Get a freaking clue you primadonna.

      • You can stuff your notion that this burning man prank is “terrorism” up your arse. Get a clue about real terrorism and tragic events in the world. White person, first world, vacationers problems. Not terrorism. Maybe shut up on 911 ffs.

  8. At least we all learned one thing: Clearly it’s time to search all those who enter Burnt Man for ANY of the following vandalism contraband: super glue, bouillon cubes, dye, dish soap, EVOO, and lug wrenches.

    Bouillon cubes are no real nutrition, who needs to be picky about dirty dishes, and coconut oil is better for you anyway.

    Yeah, I know, hooligans will figure out clever ways to get these in, perhaps inside fake spray paint cans, quart cans of 5W30, or mixed in with dime bags of weed. Maybe we can get some dogs trained for next year to sniff out super glue and lug wrenches.

    Looking forward to next year!!

    • Correct me if I am wrong, since I have not been since then, but per-capita, it seems that things have deteriorated since the 2011 sellout and the Borg curating the ticket invites. My money is on the Borg actively seeking virgins (a confirmed goal) so they can minimize the hysteresis of veteran burners, and more easily create the event they envision. This is what you get.

      Nice case study for either the business school, or the med school psychiatry department.

    • If TPTB declared a sort of constant Amber Alert/Martial Law from the start to the finish of the festival, that would get rid of that pesky 4th Amendment thing that bums the cops out. They can easily assume that among 70k people, there’s always at least one person missing, and that it is in the public’s interest to suspend a certain number of their rights… because of the children. Children are our future and they say cute things and it’s terrible when one of them is dismembered and shoved into duffle bags and flown off the playa in a private jet.

  9. ”This seems to be a new group of terrorists”

    Terrorists for dropping water onto the floor ?
    Are you fucking serious ?

    ”I would never share the name of an informant who requested anonymity. I think I’ve proved that now in almost 5 years of blogging and 1657 posts. This is just a commenter, though.[…] If the police want to contact me I’d be happy to provide the IP address and other details”

    Okay we get it, you are a tool in service of the rich and the dominant. Please keep justifying your delation.

    I think I can say without sounding stupid that in our current world, the rich get richer and the poor poorer, and our electoral processes dont seem to arrange this situation. Now you either accept to be a bitch to the dominant power, or you fight back.

    Also theses allegations of rich people drugging women dont seem to do much waves, but I guess that’s way less important than some dish water in clean water or something.

  10. As far as the dedication to drama-mongering over reality we’ve all come to know and… love? from

    1) “Terror group”. Vandalism and property damage is now terrorism? You realize that is the same word game the FBI plays with eco groups to delegitimize them? Here’s a quarter. Go buy some perspective.

    2) Going from the assumption that there is any truth to this posting, sharing an identifying information based on your stated evidence is incredibly irresponsible. Not that I expect more out of, but it is rather breathtakingly stupid.

    Regarding the petty vandals:

    3) To whomever did this: christ on a cracker, cut that shit out. You’re not making anything better, and giving your opponents legitimate reasons to play the victim (because you made them the victim) is an extremely counterproductive way to, ah, make your voice heard.

    3a) Worse, you’re not being burners. You’re being assholes, and keeping this up will kill the event. Go read the 10 principles again, offer Larry a hand job and think about what you’re trying to accomplish.

    4) If you’re going to start a war on playa, at least get a sense of humor. Glueing locks is boring.

  11. Lots of simply wonderful demolition derby speculation here. This will continue until we see these things that we know must exist:
    a) Photographs
    b) Police Report
    c) Trump’s Tax Returns
    d) Clintons Wallstreet Speech Transcripts

    Until then, carry on!

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  13. let’s see photos that document the real crimes these alleged vandals committed. This camp sucks and have knowledge that they were no fun to camp at last year. My sources were glad to be rid of them this year.

      • No photographs is a silly premise to support the lack of them. Easy enough for pix of the admitted missing lug nuts, and disputed “sliced wires.” What they used for all this mischief could have been carried in one tote bag. Can you suggest more visible non-violent vandalism so easily transported that would make better pix?

        And I still think it was an inside job (enabled by people in the camp) – likely those who did not benefit much or at all from the things vandalized.

      • Good sleuthing, but you didn’t need to go to Just scroll down the page. Poll was posted 2012-01-04 (with the tags “art cacophony living poetry power tool drag racing project mayhem pub crawls redefining tastless pranks. sacramento events santacon underground urban golf”). Clearly “pub crawls” is code for “we’ll bring Occupy’s war on the 1% to plug-and-play camps at Burning Man”

  14. I love how the MSM in UK and the US referred to the vandals as “hooligans” (which they certainly were not) and how this post ridiculously refers to them as a “terror group,” a now near-meaningless term usually reserved for those who use violence to oppose large systems of power, particularly the U.S. military industrial complex (as opposed to those who use violence to support them). If the White Ocean vandals’ motivation was political — as they claim — then they could just as easily be classed as “non-violent guerrilla resistors.” In any case, the term “terrorist” should be reserved for those who use violence against people; vandalizing an oligarch’s camp hardly deserves to be classed under the same category as 9/11, ISIS beheadings and bombings at black churches. Using the word “terrorist” to describe activists, regardless of the legitimacy of their actions, only serves existing power structures. Note, for instance, how activists are routinely branded as “terrorists” by the MSM. Animal rights activists, for example, are charged under newly-minted “terrorism” statutes, as are “eco-terrorists” and other courageous activists.

    The above should not be construed as any kind of endorsement of the White Ocean vandalism. I do not know anything about the legitimacy (or not) of the very serious accusations being made by the alleged perpetrator(s). I oppose vandalism because it’s a bad tactic (and particularly pernicious at a place like Burning Man), but violence against property should never be conflated with violence against people. Nevertheless, I do wish that instead of vandalizing anything the perpetrators had simply occupied the camp en masse and dared the BMorg and police to come in and arrest them.

    On the other hand, I suspect that trying to non-anonymously resist Russian oligarchs carries very real risks to your personal safety, risks that are too-easily dismissed by those who never actively resist such types of power.

    • “Sabotage Group” then. They are not trying to obtain a military objective from their target. They are trying to intimidate. Intimidate = “cause fear”. Terror = fear.

      Seems like the complete opposite end of the spectrum from Animal Rights activists. Whose rights were these people defending? They were simply infringing on the rights of others.

    • “but violence against property should never be conflated with violence against people.”

      BS. You break my window or smash anything on my property, I’m shooting your ass.

  15. Do you realize that you put John Nabozny in unnecessary danger? He is easily identifiable by the information you posted , so now White lOtion and their drug dealers could be after him…

      • I don’t know, but i could easily find the person mentioned above on FB, and apparently we have a good number of mutual friends… So publishing his name and his email address wasn’t necessary , especially when to situation revolves around Russian mobs and their drug mules.

      • @burnersxxx no they won’t, but if the person mentioned as their “drug mule” (and he also could be easily identified) will have a problem crossing the border or with with his visa, they will drop a grand or few to some motor gang outlaw to teach him a lesson.
        You are a fucking Fox news for BM community. “Anonymous Terror Group”. Fuck you!

  16. ‘Anonymous’ doesn’t exist as a organized collective. Anonymous was once feared – if you tossed a cat in a trash bin, Anonymous would find you and ruin your life (that kind of thing). The term ‘Anonymous’ has now been hijacked by everyone with an agenda, mostly referred to as ‘protestfags’, like these 4 numbskulls who are spread throughout the galaxy.

    Beging a douche cunt camp that harshes your vibe at BM is not on the same level as tossing a cat in a trash bin. If you must go after them to get some kind of revenge, make it fucking funny. Use some creativity and make a statement, rather than playing the role of socialist protestfags. If there are no lulz, you have wasted everyone’s time.

    • I might be a sick fuck but I find the whole thing to be fairly lulzy. From the incident to the reporting and then this “investigation” I’m gurgling with top kek.

      • With a little creativity and skill they could have wired into the DJ booth and started playing ACDC or the Banana Phone Song on Saturday night. Or painted the art car pink.

        Praise Kek.

    • Also, as much as I despise the elite camps (and the Russia mob scumbags), I despise those who STILL go to to Bman, give the Borg their money, and then bitch about the whole thing even more. I don’t like the “new elitism” of the Burn, therefore, I DON’T GO AND DON’T GIVE THEM MY MONEY. Economic boycotts are legal, effective, and nonviolent and non-destructive of prpperty(sorry, hippies, yes, I will lump the two together). If Thunderdome, Megavolt (assuming he still goes), the Temple folks and every other creative, artistic person complaining about how much the Burn simply boycotted for a couple years, you would have a bunch of poseurs standing around going “geez, where’s the art and music and cool shit, this is just a bunch of rich dbags in feather boas and old CEO shirt-cockers”. And the Borg would get their wakeup call. But every Burner who GOES, PAYS, and then complains is part of the problem. Sheep….

      • Oops meant to say:” every other creative, artistic person complaining about how much the Burn has changed for the worse simply boycotted for a couple years”

        • Those that cannot re-create a new event have missed the point of Burning Man: creating something new from the efforts of a group of creative people. Easy! You don’t have to do it in the desert and pay homage to the prophet Larry.

        • Yep, while I have ZERO sympathy for the White Ocean types, why are these supposed “anarchists” giving their money to Larry and crew? Unless they were able to sneak in somehow, they must have paid, right? And if they are such “rebels”, they should create their own Bman. Others have done it. When people who dislike the Borg, yet STILL GO, they are saying “we can’t do this ourselves”.

          Shit, look how much people have done with Flashmobs on social media. How hard would it be to organize your own festival with all the social media ability these days to publicize it? Labor Day is a TERRIBLE time for a festival anyway, and it mostly rules out thousands of students and teachers who are just starting the school year. Do people think the playa is the only “magical” part of the massive Great Basin desert? (Hint: it’s not… you’re on drugs so it just seems like it). For such “Freethinkers”, there sure seems to be a lot of attachment to this ONE place on this ONE weekend, giving money to ONE group of greedy shitbag/Medici wannabes. Anyone who knows ANYTHING about the Medicis should know to make a 180 degree turn when confronted with a group that wants to MODEL themselves after them. If you ignore what the Borg is saying RIGHT TO YOUR FUCKING FACE, you deserve to get fleeced.

          • There is no one correct response to the Borg wrongs being done.

            With great forethought, these people cleverly sneaked in: super glue, bouillon cubes, dye, dish soap, EVOO, and a lug wrench. They used them to maximum effect, and did it strategically.

            If the Borg had formally involved the burners in event management and the BoD, instead of carefully disenfranchising them, these people might have felt there was another way to express their disappointment in how the Borg have stolen the event from the burners.

  17. I’ve never understood why people hate rich people building stuff at bman so much. Soundcamps are open to the public, art cars are there for everyone to enjoy. I guess people just want it to be more punk/anarchist like the early days? My first year was 2011 so idk, I never saw it before the rick folks ruined it I guess. Somehow I still have a good time.

    • “rich people building stuff”

      The problem with that phrase is that, for the most part and certainly in the case of White Ocean, rich people didn’t built shit. They paid people to build (and more importantly, to design) stuff for them, from the sound stage to their camps to their art cars. Then when all the work is done, they helicopter into the event and swan around the playa like they actually did something, and brag about “gifting” this or that to BRC. So when you run into Timor Sardarov, one of the financial backers of White Ocean and son of a Russian oligarch thug, and his wife posing in front of “their” art car like in this picture from his Instagram account (, you can’t strike up a conversation with them about how they built it, or trade stories on the blood sweat and tears it takes to bring a project to Burning Man. I’m guessing you can’t even strike up a conversation with them at all, those types don’t seem much interested in exchanges with people they don’t already know.

      The impact of this is that the immediacy and participatory aspects of Burning Man, to my mind the most crucial elements, get diluted and degraded. Over time, it begins to negatively affect the event to the point where relatively new arrivals like yourself view these camps as central to the Burning Man ethos by the fact that they’re big and loud and flashy and have a public dance floor.

    • To add:

      The pride, excitement, giddiness and willingness to engage that comes with “look what I built” is replaced by the haughty, closed, superior “look what I bought.”

    • Sure the big stuff is cool, but is providing it as any means the best way to go for a community like Burning Man that espouses to be better than the default world? Inclusion, participation and decommodification are supposed to be some of the tenets of this community, so how is elitism, bribing, drugging women and paying people to provide an outdoor dance club any different than how business is done every day a few hundred miles south of the playa in Las Vegas? Why does that need to be replicated at a counter cultural event like Burning Man? How is replicating Vegas dance clubs providing anything different than what one can experience any day of the year?

      While I do not support destruction of property as a form of protest, perhaps it is time for the community at large to stop supporting this ultimately destructive race for excess which has been happening on the playa every year as the wealthy play the age-old and boring game of “mine is bigger”. News flash, most of them have small penises and shitty personalities so it is quite pathetic to see how far they have to go to validate their narcissistic personalities in their effort to get laid; look how that worked out for Roger Ailes. Bigger is not always better and personally, I would support some community driven limits on these camps that would actually encourage alignment with the principles that are supposed to be oh so important to this community; otherwise shut the fuck up about how important they are or how different Burning Man is…I am tired of hearing the lectures for what is such obvious bullshit.

      • Well said. “Drain the swamp” by taking the dollars, as they say in counter-terror circles. Instead we have the incredible two-faced Borg bs about the Tin Principles, which they will never actually encourage. Also, Zos, love your work exposing the psyop elements of the whole thing (main reason people folks are utter FOOLS to go, many of whom KNOW what is going on, incredibly!) and think the Hakim Bey connection to Larry is fascinating and telling (was news to me). Have you ever commented on Larry’s ties to weird-ass “mystic” Ken Wilbur? Another pervert in monks clothing…

          • Sorry, forgot to point out that Larry is on this page, along with other New Age icons like Marianne Williamson, Tony Robbins, etc. The bottom of the New Age/Self help barrel, basically. It’s funny to look back on a time when I was naive enough to be SHOCKED to see somebody like Larry involved with a group like this. Up till then, I was a total Larry Koolaid drinker.


            And here is the woman that Wilber works with (for?) who runs an invesment company out of Munich based on Wilber’s (Tin?) principles. She also would fit very neatly into your Shadow History powerpoints. Member of Club of Rome, for starters!



            Also, sorry, but I’m behind on your podcasts, but have read most of the powerpoint material. Have you ever covered “Larry’s missing years”? For such a public figure, I’ve always found it odd how thin his bio is? What was he doing those years up in the boonies of Oregon? Growing weed? Fine by me, but I never see “former pot grower” in his bios. How did he survive up there? What art has he produced? How did he support himself in SF all those years without selling said art? While not as bad as it is today, SF wasn’t exactly cheap to live in during the 80s and 90s. How did he pull it off, and with a kid to raise? Nobody ever seems to even ask these questions of him… “it’s good to be the king”.

          • wow, what a page (Integral People). Maybe this explains the nudity obsession. Thanks for these great leads.

            I interviewed Janet Lohr, who dated Larry up until 82. I got the impression she paid the rent and took care of most of the bills, she had a steady job.

            I have his jobs as:

            – landscape gardener
            – bicycle courier
            – hotdog vendor outside a punk club
            – Army typist
            – taxi driver

            Growing weed or selling acid would make a lot more sense, but I’ve never heard that about him.

  18. Wtf i was just talking shit like everyone else… this is all the stuff i heard on the playa… on wed night i was working the forklist swing at opulent temple, and doing fire effects for carl cox….the safety team even came by n talked to me that night to shut down the swings!!!! So much for talking shit, now im the one they blame

  19. Having read the “statement”, I’m still not a supporter of this kind of action. Also, I don’t see how rich assholes ruin BM by being non-inclusive. If I’m not mistaken, they did share White Ocean dance area with everyone, and even though I avoid those giant ear-busting camps like the plague, many people seem to like it. They may be horrible people, but how about just spending time with other people if you don’t like them. Lastly, it’s possible those “Mexicans” really appreciated having the work to feed their families.

    • Also, olive oil on bathroom floors, water spilled in camp and art car lug nuts seem to affect people other than the 4 mentioned.

    • Michael, I get your point, but the problem is that CERTAIN folks are able to get away with hiring laborers to build their stuff (which allegedly goes against “principles”) while others with less power and connections would get their hands slapped by the Borg if they did so. THAT is the double-standard people are pissed about more than anything else. The constant lecturing from the Borg about “leave no trace”, “DIY”, “self-reliance”, etc. which is totally ignored by the elites who chum around with Larry. Also, I could live with these types actually PAYING Mexicans to do their work, but some of them AREN’T paying their help (not just Mexican laborers) for their work. That is also part of the problem…

      YOU, roofer guy from Hayward, who scrimps and saves to pull of the Burn each year must wait in 10 hours of traffic, sleep in a tent, build all your art on your own, pick up women the old-fashioned way (no cash), and listen to every diktat of the DPW, Rangers, etc.

      YOU, tech CEO, Russian oligarch “lucky at birth” brat, etc. can spend thousands to fly in, sleep in a fancy Commodification camp, fuck whores paid for by your wealthy buddies, take selfies with Larry, and ignore every one of the Tin Principles.

      THAT is what has pissed people off.

  20. Elitests or serial philanthropist? I’m part of a philanthropy group that gets misconstrued for being an elitest group all the time. Don’t let a few bad eggs spoil the bunch.

    • oh please… “serial philanthropist” my ass. See the definition of the word philanthropist : “… especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.”
      The entertainment event that cost $400+ per person is not a “good cause”. Don’t kid yourself.

      • “The entertainment event that cost $400+ per person is not a ‘good cause’.” Particularly when the persons that paid provide the entertainment.

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