Resident of Oakland Firetrap Blames Burning Man Crowd

Breitbart News brings a first hand report of the history of the Satya Yuga collective that appears to have rented the property as a warehouse, yet somehow for at least 2 years had as many as 20 residents plus children and pets. Only one of the tenants perished in the blaze, resident genius computer expert and homeless Harvard graduate Peter Wadsworth. The other 35 dead were there for the rave all night underground EDM event.

The “Ghost Ship,” the warehouse and artists’ colony where 36 people lost their lives in the Oakland fire last Friday night, was “a serious attempt to bring the Black Oakland culture back into the art scene,” former resident Alexander Doré told Breitbart News.
However, that vision was overrun by what Doré referred to as the “Burning Man crowd.

“We called it ‘the space,’” Doré said. He described himself as a close acquaintance of Derick Ion Almena, the man known as the leader of the community, and one of his wife Mika’s close friends.

We didn’t even give it a name. It was meant to be private. None of it was for sale,” Doré said. “[Almena] wanted me to be a partner and I was brought over to the space by some local musicians and a lady who lived there because I was the third bass player in Sly and the Family Stone,” a well-known American band from San Francisco that was very popular from the 1960s through the 1980s.

Of the owner of the building, Oakland landlord Chor Ng, Doré said: “He should have applied for the permits.” The building was found to lack sprinklers and fire alarms, and the city’s efforts to inspect the premises were unsuccessful — though critics charge that local officials were lax in their duty to enforce fire codes.

“Ending up at this warehouse was part of my, I don’t want to say ‘downfall,’ but I got lost,” Doré said. He later left the community.

“I decided to say goodbye to Derick because I felt there was too much dark energy there due to the people living there,” he said, including youth that he claimed were into drugs, and who took advantage of Almena’s comparatively reasonable — although allegedly illegal — living accommodations in an area where skyrocketing rents have pushed traditional residents out.

Doré explained to Breitbart News that the vision behind “the space” was to revitalize and harness the Bay Area’s seemingly lost African-American culture.


What to some is perceived as a “serious attempt to bring the Black Oakland culture back into the art scene”, is seen by others as the classic gentrification model. The (mostly white) artists get sent in to drive the black families out of the neighborhoods. Black artists might get invited in to create the appearance of integration; maybe you find another Basquiat. Usually the ones that make it don’t stick around in the same neighborhoods they grew up in.

I’ve seen it happen over the last 20 years in the Tenderloin, SOMA, the Mission, Hayes Valley, Oakland, and in downtown LA. I’ve heard about it happening in places like Dallas and Houston too. First they send in the crack, and ruin the inner city neighborhoods, driving property values down and spreading poverty. Foreclosures boom, and buildings end up in the hands of the banks. Then, the artists come in, usually following the drugs and not caring about run-down buildings because they can paint them. They get away with more street art because the neighborhood is otherwise decrepit. Get enough artists together in one area and it can be marketed as a “colony”. Then the gays come in. They do all the houses up and make the neighborhood flourish with their higher disposable incomes and on-trend tastes. They don’t mind that the area is unsafe for children, since generally they don’t have them. Then the hipsters come, also without children. And then the rich yuppies. By then, the neighborhood has become safe for children again: private school children. Most of the people who built the community can no longer afford to live there and are no longer wanted. Then  comes the foreign money, looking for a blue chip home for their offshore investments. By this point the mortgages have been pooled and collateralized and synthesized and repackaged into bond and share offerings. The jobs left are service jobs, and if there is any art left is in high end galleries.

I’m sorry if anyone finds that description offensive, but it happens time and time again with such consistency that it cannot be coincidence. It is either a biological wiring, something in the DNA of humanity; or it is a long-term plan of social engineering – so successful that it keeps being repeated, regardless of the consequences. Hollywood itself began as one of these occult artists colonies. Qui bono? Follow the money. When an Oakland townhouse goes from $100,000 to $1 million, imagine what that does if you own 20-story buildings and entire city blocks.

My information is that the rent to be part of the Fruitvale Satya Yuga collective was $5,000 per month and the residents were paying $750 per month – which would be $15,000 per month if all 20 paid the same. If anyone can confirm or correct this please comment. The money clearly was not reinvested in safety, but it does indicate the potential real estate profits lurking darkly in the background of this and other tragic fires.

One resident, who had a fire extinguisher in hand and discarded it for a cat carrier, described the space as “amazing”, “beautiful”, and “family oriented”. YMMV.

Kelber woke up to hearing someone screaming “fire” and grabbed a fire extinguisher. She opened her gate and looked down the hallway and saw 15-foot flames, “a giant fireball.” 

She then tossed the fire extinguisher, realizing it wasn’t going to do her any good, and tried to grab her cat carrier from a loft area.

“I was almost knocked unconscious by the smoke,” she said. Then the power went out. The smoke pushed her window open, which let in air that fueled the fire.

She grabbed her cat and ran out. “The fire trucks still weren’t here so I went racing around the corner screaming ‘fire,’ carrying my cat.” 

Kelber and Frito said that they thought 22 or 23 people lived in the building, which was 10,000 square feet.

“It was one of the most amazing, beautiful spaces,” Kelber said.

She said somebody was always working on a different project, or cooking something.

“It was one of the most amazing, family-oriented spaces,” she said. “That’s why it was created.”

The idea that it is acceptable to have all night dance parties in family oriented spaces is not widely shared throughout the rest of the world. Even in Melbourne, arguably the world capital of warehouse parties, the “artists” would not try something like this. The police and family protection services would be there in a heartbeat. So why would it be socially acceptable in the San Francisco Bay Area?

This is an example of why the propaganda that “kids at Burning Man are fine” is dangerous. The argument goes like this: “All these smart billionaires go to Burning Man, and people take their kids to Burning Man, therefore it is smart to have all night dance parties around children”. This is a logical fallacy, a non sequitur.

I don’t see too many billionaires bringing their young children to Burning Man, why is that?

There is a great deal to be said for the good old-fashioned family unit. One man, one woman, and the biological children generated by mixing their genes together. Bringing the children up with good values, in an environment of love, promoting honesty and kindness. This model has taken humanity this far, why do we need to attack it? To go back to the Dark Ages? I am all for including other lifestyles, but surely nobody thinks it is OK that children lived in this place surrounded by skulls and occult imagery.

This music video was filmed at the Ghost Ship warehouse. It is full of occult symbolism and mind control visual techniques. The name “ROCChilds” seems like an almagamation of Rockefeller and Rothschild, as well as a nod to Illuminati rapper Jay-Z’s record label ROC-A-Fella records.

The song is not bad, with some impressive guitar work at the end. But the imagery is very concerning, in light of the holocaust that subsequently occurred at this temple to Shiva.


Crypto-landlord Derick Ion Almena and his partner Micah Allison make a cameo in the video

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  2. That gentrification pattern you’re describing has been analyzed and parsed with the exact same conclusions for decades, although it’s usually the gay community who moves in first, although there is a big overlap between the gay and artist communities. Camille Paglia called that the “gay shock troop” phenomenon. It’s human nature and it will never stop. I left a few comments on the Burning Blog post about that, that artists should abandon the Bay Area, both out of practicality and protest. Money is absolutely ruining the area, as it always does, and the people who made the area attractive in the first place are getting priced out and so should move and let the Prop 13 parasites and new money techies stew in its ensuing cultural sterility.

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  4. “This is an example of why the propaganda that “kids at Burning Man are fine” is dangerous”.

    This happens too much. Leave them at home. It’s not for you wanting to be the cool parent or try and live the life of a Burner and shitty parent at the same time. Pick one or the other.

    That guy who pushes the Burning Man playground book to kids should be kicked repeatedly in the dick.

    Who hasn’t seen infants or rather young kids at the main event, regionals, and underground burner community events. Leave them at home if all else for not watering down the event.

    • “…watering down the event.”

      What is being watered down? What IS the event? Is it just a party? Is it full-fledged community? I think it’s the latter, in which case kids should be fully welcomed. If not, then it’s just a party, and there are untold number of events already doing that. Do you want Burning Man and the regionals to be like all the other events?

        • Oh come on, we’ve been through this before. Adult-oriented events would not be allowed in common spaces even if it was a 21+ event. Those blowjob workshops and the like take place in private areas and kids are not allowed. Just like public sex is not allowed, nor would be if the event was 21+. What is being curtailed because the event is all ages? Nothing. People can still walk around naked if they like, although less and less people do, not because of kids but because of yahoos making them feel uncomfortable. The only valid issue here is the bogus “Amber alert” type road closures. That’s a valid concern, and one that is being addressed, hopefully.

          • The pedophiles, the drugs, the harsh playa dust, the registered sex offenders and mistresses of merriment, the fetishwear, the free booze and debauchery…none of this is suitable for children.

          • All that stuff is off-playa, too, except for the dust. Responsible parents will be responsible and neglectful parents will be neglectful wherever they land, the event has nothing to do with it. Also, it’s a bit presumptuous of you to decide what is appropriate for someone else’s kid, especially not being a parent yourself. From what I’ve heard, and certainly not just from you, people who want to make the event adults only are concerned only insofar as it affects themselves. And even that is 90% perception. Outside of the bogus Amber alert thing, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone whose activities were curtailed because a kid was around. And even then, tough shit. Kids are people.

  5. Despite being racist and homophobic, this article is also misleading. Just because someone thinks of any artists “the Burning Man crowd” doesn’t mean that Burning Man had anything to do with this.

  6. Oakland in the 70s was mostly white (I was raised there). When blacks moved in the whites moved out due to the rise in violence – deemed racist ‘white flight’ because whites should just deal with the beatings. Blacks destroyed most of Oakland, and in the last decade or so, the artists have moved into the mostly abandoned slums followed by their sycophants who set up coffee houses. Once the first sushi restaurant opens, we call that ‘gentrification’.

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