4 comments on “Is Burning Man A Cult?

  1. I feel like it is for a lot of Reno people. A place where they fit in with ‘family’ and if you’re not part of it you’re not that important – including their own kids. These people live, breath and plan all year for the next event and basically have no other life and plan for nothing else.

  2. For most it’s a vacation, for others it is definitely a cult. When you are immersed in the community and suddenly 90%+ of all of your friends are Burners, you get into a tight spot. Everyone is drinking the Kool Aid, and the mere suggestion that DPW doesn’t kinda sorta really build the city, can get you temporarily exiled (parties, etc). So you get warnings from your so-called friends on what is acceptable speech and what isn’t. The themes are always cool and everyone in the community is always cool (brothers from other mothers). The men do the heavy lifting and the women look pretty. If a woman picks up a hammer or a saw, it’s time to take pictures so it looks like women do half of the actual work.

    If you stray from the message, and you don’t seem transformed, and if you criticize the Borg and their free-labor business model – you’re fucking kicked through the door, branded in whatever way they can brand you: “Well, he was hard to work with… He didn’t actually get it… Jaded, bitter, etc.

    Then in the end, you realize most of your brothers-from-other-mothers (and sisters, too. Don’t be sexist!) actually had very little in common with you if it didn’t involve talking about Burning Man.

  3. I guess its a place to dream dreams maybe make ones journey a starting point of life. Its a beautiful creation of all walks of life.

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