CryptoBeast Special Presentation: #govLARP

The changing face of high-tech propaganda. Ex-government employees take to YouTube to raise money from the public…but are they truly acting independently? Or is there more to their activities than meets the eye?

Download the presentations here:

Part 1 – Jenny Moore aka “Task Force”

Part 2 – Robyn Gritz aka “Valiant Defender”

Part 3 – Craig Sawyer aka “Sawman”

I did a well-received interview on the Lift The Veil channel discussing this research. George Webb called in and fleshed out the picture further.

This is my first attempt at publishing a CryptoBeast episode as an audio podcast. We’ll see if it works! Feel free to download and re-post any of this content to other channels and platforms.

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  5. I watched this whole thing all the way through and I am blown away. I’m not new to the world discussed in the presentation but my understanding was fractured and in small pieces not fitting into any bigger picture. After seeing this, where everything is in one place I am left with an entirely fresh understanding. So many thanks Steve, this is an incredible contribution.

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    • He’s a symbol of the 2016 Meme Wars. 4chan/pol played a huge role in the election, and are still a powerful (albeit decentralized) political faction today

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