#LimoCrash Investigation On Lift The Veil

A lot of things don’t add up about this limo crash. I started a Twitter thread gathering all the information and stories about it that I thought were interesting. It’s a rich tapestry, one that you won’t find anywhere else on the Interwebz. Why do so many mainstream media stories add so many details, and yet no mainstream media stories incorporate all these fascinating details? Are there seriously only like a dozen or two real journalists left in the wild?

So far I’m up to #120 noteworthy items in my thread. As I find more, I will keep adding it to this thread. It’s the craziest story I’ve found since I first got online in 1994. Which is really saying a lot!

The Twitter thread starts here and ends here (as I write this)

I did a 90-minute interview with Lift The Veil on it today. YouTube went down right as we were going live. YouTube was down for 90 minutes. The electricity  circuit breaker in my office went out at the same time also. #CoincidenceTheory, of course. Either that or this is the Front Lines of the Internet.

Thanks to my genius friend for the tip. Sometimes a little really means a lot 🙂


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  1. Soundgarden did an (amazing) song titled Limo Wreck:

    If you want a deep-dive into Soundgarden conspiracy theory / research, let me know; there’s a LOT. Here’s a sample:

    Open the Wikipedia pages on (a) Chris Cornell and (b) Eddie Vedder, lead singers of Soundgarden and Pearl Jam respectively (two of the “big four” grunge bands), and you’ll be able to confirm the following strenuously unlikely coincidences / synchronicities (on top of the already strong links between Chris & Eddie / SG & Pearl Jam, far too lengthy to go into here, except to note the similarities in appearance, (purported) vocal abilities, disaffected surburban childhood etc):

    (1) Both born in 1964
    (2) Both mothers named Karen
    (3) Both fathers named Edward
    (4) Both parents divorced
    (5) Both adopted their mother’s maiden name after their parents divorce:
    – Christopher Boyle became Chris Cornell; hence the CC initials
    (also note that using the simple A=1, B=2, C=3 etc cipher, CB = 32, and CC = 33,
    i.e. symbolic advancement from 32 to 33)
    – Edward Louis Seversen III (eventually) became Eddie Vedder
    (hard not to conclude Seversen is a bit of an in-joke play on words, given the
    widely known ‘fact’ that the early (melodramatic) Pearl Jam single “Alive,” which Vedder wrote the lyrics for, was purportedly a semi-autobiographical recounting of Vedder’s upbringing, raised believing his step-father and family were his real family, his mother only telling him the truth about his real father—whom he thought was a vague family friend—after his death. SEVER SON: get it?)

    Notorious music rag Rolling Stone did a deep-dive article basically “exposing” Eddie Vedder as a constructed character (LARPer):

    Pearl Jam swore off music videos after their first or second album, supposedly because they were too f**king real to be treated like a commodity by their record label / MTV / fans, but after (a) re-watching Eddie intolerable gurning, yarling* turbo-melodramatic overacting in the music video for “Jeremy,” (b) reading so many accounts in the Rolling Stone article by people who knew him growing up, contesting the “tortured artist” persona he later adopted as the oppsite of the truth, and (c) watching Vedder’s bizarre facial expressions, and fake affected way of speaking, I think it’s more likely they got the fucker the hell away from the cameras for several years until the fake persona had long enough to bake into the mix. He seems happy in his own skin now; but the whole thing’s bizarre. Oh yeah: he was one of the core team of celebrity defenders of the three kids jailed for the supposedly satanic murder of a young girl back in the 80s (along with NZ’s own Peter Jackson, who, along with Vedder and Johnny Depp, got matching tattoos with the main weirdo in the case, who an overt satanist, but not the blood-ritual sacrificing / SRA kind.)

    And Kurt Cobain famously called Vedder out from Day 1 as a fake.

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