BM.TV Live




Chat room here:

Listen to the official radio station BMIR:

There is also a soundtrack for the art:



Here are some sources for live streams of Burning Man 2015, let us know if you find any more.

This year the stream is being broadcast over YouTube, rather than UStream. There have been a lot of problems with it and it keeps going down. When it works, the image quality is very high – it is possible to identify individual people. However the screen keeps jumping around and turning into blurry lines and boxes.


Here’s the official address:

These links worked in 2014, but don’t seem to be live in 2015.


Camp Envy

 Camp Envy Direct Links
If clicked from this page, each of these will open in a new window or tab.

2014 man with head

16 comments on “BM.TV Live

  1. Some people’s hooligans are other people freedom fighters, fuck the people who can’t even wipe their asses let alone be self reliant.


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  3. The only thing I can find is the YouTube main feed. The CampEnvy links are dead. Any other suggestions?

    Anyone know when the burn is scheduled? I presume it is 10-ish PDT? (Got a date to watch it with.)


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