Burning Man 2018 Financial Analysis

2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Burning Man Project IRS Form 990 The Burning Man juggernaut smashes on. Since they declared the business a “non-profit”, it sure has become profitable. Commodification Camps are running rampant, and Black Rock City … Continue reading

BMorg Outraged at $10m Bill for $42m New Revenues

The government wants to build a 10-mile fence to keep the Burners in a pentagon-shaped concentration camp. The Burning Man Project wants to increase the capacity of Black Rock City to 100,000 people. Locals object because of the trash and … Continue reading

2017 Black Rock City Official Numbers (via BLM)

We received this heavily redacted document from a trusted source today Official tickets sold: 76,580 Official ticket revenue: $41,825,941 BLM fee: $1,254,778 Paid Participants: 69,596 Peak Population: 79,638 Staff/Workers/Volunteers: 10,042   We are waiting for the official IRS Form 990 … Continue reading