Why I’m Returning to Burning Man

Perspective on last year’s Cargo Cult from a newbie, who is excited to be returning this year

Tremendous Times

BRC from the Air Looking down on Black Rock City from a plane that I watched skydivers jump out of. NO BIG DEAL.

What is Burning Man like?

When I’d agreed last year to go and perform on the Playa with the burlesque troupe I’m in, I didn’t really know what I was getting into. I was thrilled to perform there, but other than that I had basically no knowledge about what Burning Man was (and is). I’d only ever just heard of it when I moved to San Francisco about three years ago, and all I really understood was that it was people camping in the desert.

As the months until the Burn whittled down, and then suddenly there were only weeks, and then days, I was actually dreading the trip there. I couldn’t admit it at the time, but I was pretty scared about going. 

Why? Because I had no idea what Burning…

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4 comments on “Why I’m Returning to Burning Man

  1. I don’t understand too much all of those “I had no idea about Burning Man at all until getting there”, given how full the Internet is of information. Guess I just spend too much time online?


      • Yes. What I saw was within what one could imagine from reading on the Internet (say eplaya, erowid and a few random stories here and there), and having been around “alternative” crowds for a while. And most of the little unexpected stuff just comes from the fact that I’m not used to being around so many white US-people.

        Also, I’m aware this sounds fucking pretentious, but might as well use anonymity to be honest – also think a lot of the big surprise also comes from not questioning reality on a regular basis, and then you go on a place where everything is different, and then you are like “what the fuck have I been missing all my life”. But if you had a deeper inner life to begin with, then there is also less of a surprise there (though of course, existing within a different pattern or lack of pattern to things for one or a few more weeks can still be very enjoyable)


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