4 comments on “Why I’m Returning to Burning Man

  1. I don’t understand too much all of those “I had no idea about Burning Man at all until getting there”, given how full the Internet is of information. Guess I just spend too much time online?

      • Yes. What I saw was within what one could imagine from reading on the Internet (say eplaya, erowid and a few random stories here and there), and having been around “alternative” crowds for a while. And most of the little unexpected stuff just comes from the fact that I’m not used to being around so many white US-people.

        Also, I’m aware this sounds fucking pretentious, but might as well use anonymity to be honest – also think a lot of the big surprise also comes from not questioning reality on a regular basis, and then you go on a place where everything is different, and then you are like “what the fuck have I been missing all my life”. But if you had a deeper inner life to begin with, then there is also less of a surprise there (though of course, existing within a different pattern or lack of pattern to things for one or a few more weeks can still be very enjoyable)

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