1 Down, 2 to Go: Jason Goodman Claims Victory in Virginia Lawsuit

The judge in Jason Goodman’s OG lawsuit in the Eastern District of Virginia has issued an Order dismissing the case.

It seems that Steele and his attorney the infamous Steven Biss decided to issue a 57-page Second Amended Complaint two days before the 60-day stay of proceedings ordered by the judge expired.

This procedural faux pas seems to have triggered judge Hannah Lauck, who tossed the case.

Although this is good news for J.Go, it is also good news for Dave Sweigert who is suing Goodman for damages in the Southern District of New York – as now Jason’s only visible asset, his Chelsea apartment, is not contested by Steele’s $24 million claim. NATAS, producers of the Emmys are also suing Jason in SDNY, but this suit is against his company Multimedia Design Systems so he is not able to represent himself pro se.



No word yet on when his live-streaming will return, or if he will lose his entire channel with just one more strike on YouTube.
Meanwhile, Charles Ortel is still “Closing In”…

[Update Sep 27 2020 9:51am]

Jason Goodman’s victory lap/dance/lapdance appears to be short-lived. Robert David Steele has announced on his web site that he will be re-filing the case on Monday in Alexandria.

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