Re-Cycling Bike MOOP

Last year we brought you news of a program to do something useful that alsoaddresses the problem of hundreds thousands of Burner bikes that get dumped on the Playa each year.

Well, good news, Burners: it worked. They sold 400 bikes to Burners and have shipped a container full of bikes to Africa. It’s great to hear about a Burner-generated initiative that is actually making a difference in the world.

With a little more support, something lasting can now be created to support the bikes and the lifestyle they enable.

Burner Lily says:

Last year we sold 400 bikes to Burners, and now we successfully have sent a container of pre-loved Burner Loop Bikes to Namibia which is a huge achievement! But to make this a real success story we need to complete our last stage of the project by offering crucial on ground support and empowerment over in Namibia next month.
We have launched a crowd funding campaign recently to raise money to achieve some awesome bike related projects like turning the shipping container into a bike workshop, building a BMX track, working with communities to understand their needs and improve the Loop Bike, and making a documentary to expose the need for mobility in places like this.

You can check out the campaign here:


loop bike



Reserve Your Playa Bike Now

ginger bike repair

In the never-ending quest to bring convenience to Burners, theme camp Playa Bike Repair steps up. Now you can reserve a bike at Burning Man, and return it to them at the end. They will deal with the transportation and MOOP issues. Makes it a lot easier to come at the last minute and fly into the airport or catch the Burner Express. Reserve your bike here.

This year Playa Bike Repair are bringing a 1000-lb giant bicycle:

art bikeibis.600x400


Before Burning Man
We rent and sell Burningman bikes online.
We will transport your bike (any bike!)  from San Francsico to Black Rock CIty!  
Claim your bike at our camp at 9:00 Plaza!
Your online rental or purchase funds Playa Bike Repair!
Burning Man Bike RentalsIn Black Rock City 
We run a “Bike Lounge,” with a bar, music, shade, and tools.  
Mechanics drop in. Friendly, nurturing, and supportive, our mechanics would love to help you fix your bike!  
Last year over 3,000 bikes were repaired in our camp (Free!)  
Mechanics, please volunteer!   
After Burning Man
We transport and warehouse bikes.  


We have a small quantity of rental bikes.
• Reserve your Burning Man bike online.
• Claim your bicycle at our camp at Burning Man, at 9:00 Plaza. We’re open from Sunday to Sunday, 11 am to 7 pm.
• Return the bicycle before Sunday, September 1 at 7 pm.  (Or at the very latest, 10:00 am on Monday, September 2.)
To rent a bike for the entire event, including bike transport to/from the Playa:

$150 Tier 1 Bikes 000-099 Sold out
$175 Tier 2 Bikes 100-199 Sold out
$200 Tier 3 Bikes 200-299 Almost sold out.  Hurry!
$225 Tier 4 Bikes 300-399 Available
$250 Tier 5 Bikes 400-500 Available

Common Questions:

What’s the difference between Tiers?
Answer:  The bikes are the same, but the earlier you register the less you pay.

Can I pay for the bike online, and pick it up at your warehouse?  
Answer:  Sorry.  All our bikes are removed from the warehouse at once, loaded into a semi-trailer, then delivered to our Burning Man camp at 9:00 Plaza.  

Your support funds Playa Bike Repair!  Thank you!

They just purchased a brand new fleet of Electra Townies

They just purchased a brand new fleet of Electra Townies – 3 speed with front basket

Hot Wheels: Bike Thieves Beware

by Whatsblem the Pro


The latest issue of The Jack Rabbit Speaks links to a survey about stolen bicycles:

“Runs With Scissors has a cool project:

“It happens frequently: in the worst situation, you may find yourself exhausted after a party in deep playa – and the bicycle you were planning to ride back on is no where to be found, but a mangled wreck with a broken chain has been left as a sorry replacement. There are stories of people who have bicycles taken from racks in the backs of their camps on the first day and there are stories of people lifting whole clumps of chained bicycles and putting them into trucks.



“The trouble is that I only have stories and I want real statistics. I want to build a map that tells me where the most likely place is for a bicycle to be lost. I want to know what the qualities are of a bicycle is that makes it more likely to disappear.

“If we have enough data points, we can learn when and where we need to protect ourselves and how to prevent this from happening to ourselves. If you have ever had a bicycle disappear, please take the time to fill out the quick survey below.”

Life is so unfair

Life is so unfair

What really interested me about this JRS item was the mention of “people lifting whole clumps of chained bicycles and putting them into trucks.”

While wandering in the deep playa this year, I happened upon two separate caches of perhaps a hundred to two hundred bicycles each. They were mostly high-end steeds, and they were all lying down and locked, some to each other. These big caches of locked bikes weren’t near anything whatsoever; they looked as though they were just waiting for a big rig to pull up and someone to load them in.

It's better exercise than a handbasket

It’s better exercise than a handbasket

It’s undeniable that, after Exodus, a huge number of lost and abandoned bikes remains on the playa, deliberately ditched by departing attendees from far-flung corners of the Earth, or taken for an unauthorized joyride and abandoned, or simply lost and forgotten by their owners in the general frenzy. They’re not typically locked, though, and this wasn’t after Exodus; these caches of mystery bikes were there before the temple burned.

Three hundred used high-end bicycles sold at a cut rate of a hundred dollars each brings in thirty thousand dollars.

Is an organized bike theft ring operating in Black Rock City?