Carl Cox, Christopher Lawrence, and Dutch – Opulent Temple recreates 2008 lineup for camp fundraiser on Treasure Island

On June 16, 2012, Opulent Temple returns to Treasure Island for their biggest ever off-playa party. No Syd Gris on the line-up, otherwise it looks pretty awesome. Carl Cox, Christopher Lawrence, and Dutch – a repeat of the epic 2008  Burn night experience, one of the best nights of music I ever heard on the Playa. With the welcome addition of Distrikt, and also the Dancetronauts, who first showed up with the most bad-ass Art Car “DeepSbass” at the 2011 Burn.

Get your tickets here, and help OT put on one of the key camps that define the party…for just $25, you get:

* 5 * Areas of Music

:: Main 1 : The ‘Opulent’ Stage ::

CARL COX ( UK/Ibiza/Melbourne)



Dutch (Opulent Temple)

Billy Casazza (Opulent Temple)

Alain Octavo (Spundae)

:: Main 2: The ‘Temple’ Stage ::

APHRODITE (Aphrodite Recordings, UK)

DOPAMINE (Disconnected Audio / Lot49, UK)


Tek Freaks (Opulent Temple)

Dulce Vita (Opulent Temple)

Dex Stakker (Opulent Temple)

Brian Peek (Opulent Temple)

DJ Brian Williams (Opulent Temple / Boomrock Saints)

:: Distrikt ::

DJ Kramer

Layne Loomis

Matthew Kramer


Darren Grayson

:: Synergy Playground ::

Bix Cannon (Skills / Time Unlimited)


DJ Hil (Yerba Buena Disco)

more tba

:: Shiva’s Opulent Chill Lair ::



Art cars including The Dancetronauts, The Dodo Bus, The Dusty Rhino, and MANY more


ART by Rich Martin, Karen Cusolito, Vinkalmann, Debi Danger, Analogia, Rafael and MUCH more coming.


Lazers by UV99, Sound by Tim Duffin & JK, Video Mapping and Visuals by VJ4 and Viberation, Special deco by Allasara & Anon Salon, LED Wall from EPR, Inflatables, black light art, live painting, and more tba

Have an Art Car you wan to bring?, a piece of art you want to show?, interest in volunteering? vending ? Get Involved :

It will be the mother and the mack daddy of all camp fundraisers.

via Opulent Temple : Treasure Island 2012.

(that’s for sure – who else has Carl Cox at their camp fundraiser?)

LA Burners create online solution for Campers to find Camps

Along the lines of the Playadex, this is another attempt to fill the void left by the ticket lottery’s “swiss cheese” effect:

Welcome to Fertility 2.0! In an attempt to help bridge the gap between Theme Camps looking for Campers and Ticket Holders who are looking to get more involved and join a Camp, the LA League of Arts has set up two forms.


2012 Los Angeles Burning Man Camps looking for Campers

2012 Los Angeles Burning Man Campers looking for Camps


Please click on the link above that applies to you. Only one representative from your group needs to fill out the form. Once you fill out the form come back and click on one of the links below that applies to what you are looking for.


2012 Los Angeles Burning Man list of Camps looking for Campers

2012 Los Angeles Burning Man list of Campers looking to join Camps


This list will be growing as people fill out the forms so check back often. Please do not edit anyone elses information but your own. If you find what you are looking for and are fulfilled, then you may remove your information from the spreadsheet.

via LA Burning Man.

Plug-n-play, Yea or Nay?

The rumor is that BMOrg is now asking “Plug-n-Play” camps to pay them 3% of revenues. This is a similar deal to what Westfield offers their mall tenants.

To me, Plug-n-Play camping is a natural evolution of Burning Man. The event is a major logistics exercise. The more times you go through it, the better you get at logistics. After a while, some members of your camp will accumulate RVs, trailers, generators, sound systems, lights, bean bags, teepees and domes, bikes, all kinds of stuff that they can re-use AND share with their friends and camp-mates.

On a larger scale, the bigger, older, better camps like Disorient and Opulent Temple know what they are doing, they have their shit together, they pull off a major logistical exercise and deal with every drama that comes up, time and again, with few to no failures. The amount of money they charge is insignificant, in contrast to what it would cost you to have a similar level of amenity and organization in your own camp.

So, if you’re a first time Burner, or just not an expert in logistics, what is wrong with camping with people who know what they’re doing? To me this makes all the sense in the world, and if you have the option to get in with one of these camps, my advice is to go for it.

This conversation with some Plug-n-Play camp members was interesting, I am on their side and think it’s great what they’re doing. Moving Burning Man into the St Regis age and out of the Bedouin age.

For example, Playaskool had:

60 RVs

20 Tents

8 Yurts

1 Teepee

200 people

Their members paid dues to create a camp that was highly interactive with the festival. They built a schoolhouse and had curated classes, including the first TED at Black Rock City. They had numerous art cars, and threw a 7-hour party with international superstar DJ Lee Burridge.

Headmaster Janus says:

Hopefully some of you were able to come and participate in our Interactive heavy schedule last year that included daily talks, classes, demonstrations in our SkoolHouse as well as hosting the first-ever TEDxBlackRockCity at our camp — an incredible venue to share some of the great voices and incredible Ideas Worth Spreading from OUR wonderful community. Or perhaps you stumbled on our Sunday Graduation party with the amazing Lee Burridge spinning for 7 hours leading up to the Temple Burn? Hundreds of people were there and the moment was, for me, sublime — We had envisioned this very party while planning Play)A(Skool, and that vision was eclipsed by the true beauty of the moment.

Our gifts to the Burning Man community not only included these incredible events, but we also shared 8 different art cars in our camp including Shaggadelica – the big furry bus, Shagillac, Christina (the 70ft boat), The Scorpion, BalanceVille, FishTank I and II, and others. One of our campers created the now viral video called, “Home” — which hopefully you’ve seen? Images of Burning Man that were featured in many global media outlets from a number of famous Burner photographers — yes — they too are from Play)A(Skool

Play)A(Skool started from organizing their volunteer plan. A lot of people were spending their efforts on developing art work and art cars through the year off the Playa. When they arrived, they wanted to come with an RV, plug it into an existing structure, and have the pumping, power and water ready to go. They asked around from experienced Burners and what they wanted, and what had worked for them in the past.

So part of the Burner culture community to Burning Man, is how to efficiently run a whole camp without anyone missing out.

Some other comments from the discussion video…

Terry Schoop – Black Rock City Community Services Manager. “Burning Man has a tradition of camps who provide opulent services for participants.”

Jon La Grace aka Headmaster Janus: :“We missed the whole vendor pass thing – in the theme camp guide, it says you have to have it, we also needed certification from the Nevada State Department of Health, because we were serving food to more than 120 people.”

Table Nectar Catering, Andy Tanehill and Kimberly Morabito – in their everyday business, deal with project management and catering issues.

We build 2 camps – [one for the guests and] a crew camp, separate comissary, our own chill zone, bar; we create community within that zone, and a support network; we are service providers in an environment that is diametrically opposed to providing service. Every camp we’ve been involved with has shown up in the green zone, we’ve prepared for it and know what to expect. The people in our crew are Burners, who are involved in other projects out there.

The issue of “Plug and Play” directly affects gate, placement team, DPW (heavy equipment operators, safety concerns), restoration crew. Suppliers to the camp are not necessarily participants, they need to get in and out quickly without dealing with Exodus issues. When the party is over, workers may be there for a week or more trying to make that Moop Map Green

I’ll let Headmaster Janus have the last word:

We are a camp of 200 of the most incredible, giving, wonderful, dedicated Burners who come from all over the world for a week in the desert — to fill our creative well, to let go, to demonstrate a craft or realize a dream. For some it’s about building art and art cars and participating in conversations about how to bring these incredible gifts back to the default world. I’m proud of our Plug and Play camp and campers as I think we exemplify the creative spring and the fabric of Burning Man. I think we are a model community in many ways — and therefore really hope to continue the conversation about what Plug and Play means