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We The Burners! Without us, a party is just a bunch of people drinking and listening to music.

With us, consciousness expands, people reinvent themselves, the world changes.

We are for We The Burners, not They The Man. Burners without bureaucracy.

Freedom for Burners forever!

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    • hee hee… guess I am somewhat stupid… it’s Slightly Stoopid (the San Diego band)…

  3. This will be my 0th burning man and I am happy. What a joke you guys are. Smaller parties and festivals my friends. Sorry.

  4. From the above desciption, I did not understand what you are… But, and I hope that I am not causing myself a problem, “Freedom for Burners forever!”!!!!

  5. I love the culture that’s been created. Real humanity working together for one common purpose to share the beauty of life. I have traveled the world and experienced some of the most profound things ever…BURNING MAN changed my life and I thank you! It was truly HOME for me. Please don’t let it ever change.

  6. “GOT FIREWORKS”??!!

    These works represent genuine, authentic & truly inspired.”Firework Shows” in the realm of Fine Art!!.

    This presentation is simply too profound to be addressed as anything but the most “Sensational” exhibit/documentary in recent Art History (160 years).!!

    It all began with a “Zen enlightened experience”, inspired by the “Ritual of Celebration”, itself, when I was 5 years old…I began appropriating & collecting the graphic art of fireworks. .


    “The Graphic Art history of the essence of Celebration ”

    Chinese Firecracker, – “FIREWORK ART DISPLAY” (ca.1850-present)

    This presentation has evolved into a unique & exclusive,world wide documentary on “The Art of Firecrackers / fireworks!
    It’s finely detailed graphic imagery + fauvist colors have been part & parcel to the rituals of celebrations observing birthdays,National holidays weddings,New Years, Home-commings et.al. ,around the globe,for the last 160+ years.
    This extraordinarily unique medium, which encompasses the entire (graphic Art History of fireworks, 1850’s-present),is unprecedented, as well as the interpretive breakthrough in organizing advertising
    art :(ie) a collage technique of assigning elemental values to the various colored wrapping papers,(water=blue, land=green, & sky=varied colors), &
    juxtaposing them with labels of similar themes.
    Please regard : http://www.pyroart.net for imagery & more details short film (3min 50 sec} under “Professional Details” ,
    (F.Y.I), The printed imagery on “logo” firecrackers were exploding into “smithereens”,(1930’s), before the “POP ART”/”New Realist” movement was invented, in the late 50’s!!
    I have a sensational performance, (Fireworks), presentation as well…
    Thank You, JM

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