A858 vs The Cat Ladies – Part 1

Part 2 here.

A858 is a famous internet puzzle. Today it seems to be the center of a cluster of crazy cat ladies LARPing – once again, with connections to the nefarious Net nasty Defango. He did a Pastebin on it.

The writing style of the “Defango era” A858 is completely different from the current Jack Quinlan character, who certain people seem to be trying to portray frame as the person behind #QAnon.

The A858 account became part of “CorsiGate”, where emails between Jerome Corsi and who he thought was “Q” were revealed. The email headers appears to indicate that for some reason Denise Matteau was copied on some of these emails.

The date of the video below is October 2018 – long before Leppo. How long has this “cockroach” attack been in planning? Schrodinger’s Cat is another account apparently associated with A858.

Recently “Jack”, the entertaining personality behind the A858 address, said that he is terminating this account and will no longer use it. He is being attacked by an Irish woman “Donna Emerald” who had a long-distance cyber relationship with this account. She has been laying into me all day on Twitter for doubting her version of events. I have the version of events from the other participant in them, which I will be sharing in this post. Readers can make up their own minds who is telling the truth. I have no dog in this fight but Jack has been nothing but gentlemanly towards me, while Donna has behaved like many of the #LARPsquad operatives that I seem to encounter on social media on an all-too-frequent basis.

Is it a little strange to fall in love with an anonymous internet character and then when the “love affair” ends, pretend that person was somebody different the whole time? We post the evidence, you can be the judge.

In this post are a selection of emails I received from this account. I’m not posting everything, but this is most of it. Why do people send me this stuff? Maybe because they trust that I’m an evidence-based researcher and therefore my audience is interested in seeing primary source evidence. Maybe because I seem to be one of the few people on the entire Web to be writing about these LARPs (see also Tracking the Leopard Meroz and Lenox7.com). Or perhaps I’ve been tagged in some sort of ARG. Donna Emerald is a promoter of #TheGame23, which i mentioned in Silicon Valley’s Secret Weapon Part 7 – Social Engineering on the Electronic Frontier.

Followers of my work will be familiar with my opinions about William S Burroughs (CIA assassin/chomo drug pusher) from the famous computing family, and Genesis P Orridge of Psychic TV (Tavistock chaos magician).

The whole 23 thing is from the Discordians, which we covered in mind-blowing depth in my interview with David Livingstone:

Read The Emails Here

I’ve had a difficult time today finding the best way to present these images. If anyone can recommend a good plug-in for WordPress that would let me display them full screen, please leave a comment. I think the PDF is the best format but I’ve provided some others and would appreciate hearing which one people prefer.

PDF Embedder Pro:



Jetpack Gallery:

Some other related images that didn’t make it into the gallery.

Check the dates of the next 3:


Thanks to Janon, A858 and TS the Dude for their assistance in piecing this story together. Something tells me this is the beginning, not the end…

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  2. This blogger did not seek my permission to publish my private Twitter DMs, either. I imagine he obtained them through his friend Thomas, or was sent them by the ID theft guy, a858 (Reddit Stonehenge puzzle guy), who passed himself off as “Jack”/ Q, using Tristans image and big to construct a fake persona. They are that close, Thomas and “Jack”, that they shared my whole history and family contacts, and are now both threatening me. Nonecof them see anything wrong with this behaviour, which strikes a lot of YouTubers, and bloggers, like myself, as rather odd, to say the least. Charming folks, who are no respectors of privacy. In fact Thomas once set up a “reputation defense” company, which, in its mission statement, reveals that it was, in fact, designed to be a reputation destruction company. He is best, it turns out, at annhialating his own reputation, despite his best efforts daily to slander others, on disreputable sites like ripoff Report. He’s permanently banned from Wiki, for sock-puppetry, has boasted of his “bot-army”, and enjoys dreaming others on Twiiter, and paying people to make defamatory videos on YouTube. This is why I felt compelled to investigate who a858 was, after he threatened me with a “Q-army” of 8Chan supporters, as Thomas and friends are involved in the harassment. Thomas’s online life, and lies, are the entirety of his reputation. It’s all he has, and he’ll do anything to save the shreds of it, including lie, threaten, defame and harass.

  3. Hilarious! I despise you for your complicity with felonious stalkers, but I am capable of admiring a job well done. Now get back to your real job, flirting with conspiracy charges with felons. Maybe tell some fantasies using fake names! Good idea! And take a shower while you are at it. You are the only person that I know whose bad hygiene was memorialized in the Australian press. I bet that was expensive. Brush your teeth!

  4. Part of Thomas’s smear campaign against me. They used my painting, because they figured that would hurt, and Steve is rich, so he thinks copyright laws dont apply to him. Thinks he’s special, like his friend Thomas, who he does this stuff for. Goodness knows why. Search Thomas on thepowerofnoblog to see who he is, and the posts they want taken down, and why they are doing dumb stuff like using my artwork without permission. Unpleasant characters.

    • How is it that you and your buddies are incapable of listening correctly? Pointing out that you had not provided proof anywhere that a858 is not Thomas, as you asserted in a tweet to me, doesn’t constitute a request to write a blog post. I dont mind that you have, but using Thomas and the a858 address, as well as other allies, like Janon, as primary sources for your “research”, isn’t research at all. It’s just a circle-jerk, as I believe its termed in modern slang. For example, a858 has been proven, on my blog (thepowerofnoblog) to be a liar, in 2 posts, and I was in communication with him, on a personal basis, during the period of time in which he used Tristan Nichols photos, and military biog.to try to pass himself off as Q to me. This aspect of his behaviour has been entirely ignored, I notice, in favour of the amusing gentleman narrative that Thomas pushes. Thomas, who didn’t have my Email address until someone supposedly “hacked” his supposed NSA account, to get it. Thomas, who threatened a smear campaign, right on my blog comment section, then commenced it, to pressure me to take my blog posts down. You guys are pretty much proving my point, that Thomas has a lot to answer for, and that his pals are rogues, too.

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