Afterburn 2012 Report Published

Kudos to the BMOrg team for getting the 2012 report out quickly – although, the financials are still “work in progress”. They acknowledge up front the problems caused by their ticket system:

afterburnerWithin the Burning Man organization and throughout the community, one word was said far more than any other in 2012: tickets. After Burning Man tickets sold out for the first time ever in 2011, Burning Man organizers responded to the anticipated demand for the 2012 event with a new ticketing plan designed to level the playing field for buyers, one that would eliminate the mad scramble land-rush for tickets in the open sales of previous years. The random selection process that was instituted ultimately created some serious unintended consequences. Namely, the fact that theme camps, art teams, mutant vehicle crews and infrastructural volunteers found that sizable portions of their key members were left without tickets.

You can read more about the ticketing department’s woes here.

This year there were 360 registered Art Projects, of which Burning Man’s honorarium provided funding to 44. An additional 34 projects were from the CORE Regional Burns.

35% of 2012 attendees were there for the first time. The official peak attendance was 56,149.

Thanks to every worker and volunteer in the Burning Man Organization for putting together a great Burn, not the smoothest one ever but still amazingly awesome.

Gidday Mate! The Australians Go to Burning Man

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Aussie media loves Burning Man

The Aussie flag has been proudly flown at Burning Man since at least 1997. The word is well and truly out Down Under, Australians love a good party and this is the best one in the world.

Thanks to Burner Butchio for finding this. The video is described as:

Once upon a time four Australians undertook the adventure of a lifetime. This is what happened

I bet that’s not all that happened. If they’re like the many Australians I know, copious amounts of drugs were consumed and it was “fully sick mate”. Enjoy.

It makes me homesick…but not for Australia!

aussie-flag-with-labelsbrighton beach bathing boxes