BREAKING: Isaac Kappy Photo MetaData Shows Car Pics Taken BEFORE Death

The Phoenix Enigma has published photographs allegedly from the Cococino County Sheriff’s office in relation to Isaac Kappy’s death.

There’s just one problem: the metadata from the photos of Isaac’s car shows they were taken on May 12 2019 between 5:25pm and 5:28pm. The first EMS traffic mention of Isaac Kappy “forcing himself” off the Transwestern overpass onto Historic Route-66 was at 7:28am. He was pronounced dead on the scene right as Officer Luna arrived with the body camera running at 7:44am – on May 13 2019.

The Phoenix Enigma has also published 35 of 52 photos he received from the Arizona Department of Public Safety. These were taken with a different camera, a Nikon Coolpix A10. The creation date for each of these photos is the same, suggesting it was not actually set on the camera.

The Phoenix Enigma has published 5 videos of Body Camera footage from officers at the scene. The video marked “Officer Luna Body-Cam Footage #3” shows inspection of his Days Inn hotel room #234, which did not contain any personal effects. at 1:05 says “his car was pretty full. Had, uh, laundry and all that stuff in the back”. Where is the bodycam footage of this inspection and photo-shoot? Why would it not have been provided in response to the FOIA request?

If the police really did take these photos as part of a death investigation, within 2 hours of the death…why would the capture date be incorrect? Were the photos taken with a professional camera and lens before Isaac’s death? If so, how did they get mixed in with the FOIA response?

The timestamp on the bodycam footage of the hotel room inspection says 2019-05-13 15:30. Bodycams record in UTC time so this was -6, 9:30am on the 13th.

Compilation of bodycam footage:

EMS traffic:

Ghostcrab calls to Days Inn Bellemont AZ Night Manager who checked Isaac in:

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  1. My digicam, if I don’t set the time, which I can set to ANY TIME, sets all pictures taken on Jan 1st 1979, and it’s from 2010 (high quality, no reason to buy another one). I guess it’s different with portable vending machines, aka “smartphones” these days, with no ports and certainly no control of your apps.

    Anyways, who still cares about Kappy? All of this made me figure out he was on Breaking Bad in season 2, he’s screaming about his phone call and Hank just pushes his face back in his cell, lol.

    • Wow, what a pointless response. I almost fell asleep a quarter of the way through. You must be the type to “binge watch.”

  2. Geez!! WTH? Then we have Tracy which hit really hard. Thanks for your in depth research on her circumstances
    We still don’t have anyone in custody for her murder and likely never will.

  3. i just found your site and i want to thank you for this treasure trove of information. i have been looking into this a lot recently. something inside my mind keeps coming back to this research every week. obviously it’s fishy and doesn’t add up…but this is different. like a magnetic pull towards this. just finished part 1 and going on to 2 now. thanks again!

  4. Bloody hell, what a crazy time to be alive. Great work (as usual…) Steve.
    Damned twatter aint the same without you guys who make us “think outside the circle” which will probably be a felony in years to come…

    Keep it going!!

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  6. More great research Steve. This tale gets crazier as more is uncovered. Thanks for staying with the story.

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