Latest Weapon in the InfoWar: Data Maps

Recently I have been rather bizarrely targeted on Twitter by an account called Chronic0ps sharing “research” about my “connections”. I know this Anon from the Lift the Veil chat community, although I haven’t seen them around there for quite some time. Jack Posobiec revealed “we’re scraping all the Discord chats”, so we know that the intelligence community are data-mining social media, especially any channels that consider the possibility that media events may be staged by crisis actors. Is this person just a curious bystander, or does their obsession indicate some sort of professional interest?

These maps are produced using a free data visualization tool called Gephi. Basically, they suck a lot of data in from the Twitter API, then apply filters and drag and drop names to create “data maps”. By moving certain names closer to the edge of the screen and each other, they can make the connections and maps appear denser. Certain patterns can be color-coded.

Chronic0ps just released a video claiming to explain it. It sure did: it shows all they are doing is dragging and dropping names together to get the result they want, usually making someone look “connected”. Then they can screen cap the image and use it for further discussion as “proof”.

People appear close to each other in the data map, not because the data mining has revealed some secret connection, but simply because the human operator has dragged them to be close to each other.

In reality, it proves nothing. If I like, retweet, or comment on somebody else’s Tweet, it does not mean that I am working for them, know them in real life, or are “connected” any further than bumping into people on the Internet. I have just under 5,000 twitter followers on @steveouttrim and just over 15,000 @burnersdotme ; a few thousand more on Instagram and subscribed here on WordPress, and more than a quarter of a million on Facebook. How many of these people do I actually know, and how many do I really follow and interact with? Maybe 1-2,000, total. Given such a large dataset, though, it is possible to drag and drop names within it and change filter settings to create pretty much any grouping or clustering or color code you want. Just drag a controversial figure like “David Duke” next to me, if I retweet something from President Trump and so do they, it can be made to look like we are both “connected” to Trump and each other.

Now we have a known LARPer admitting that these data sets are the new memes, and should be used for the 2020 election.

You’ll note that he is not encouraging research into if there are actually connections of any substance. Just the manipulation of the data sets to create the impression of connections, which are then to be preserved on the blockchain forever. If a journalists writes content that is ideologically aligned to AntiFa, it seems likely that AntiFa followers will retweet, like or comment on that content. Does that mean that journalist is part of AntiFa? Not at all, this is two logical fallacies at once, a non sequitur and guilt by association.

I presume this is the same JB who claims to have founded #QAnon with Defango and Microchip, since they are all retweeting each other. These guys claim to have created Q as a LARP to troll the Christian right. You can read my debunking of that and also my analysis of what has really been going on with the Q psyop.

Part 1 #QAnon: Blind Items Revealed – #All4aLARP?

Part 2 Aleksander Qgin and the Qouncil for National Policy

The video below is an example of how these data sets are then manipulated with sophistry to spin a narrative. It doesn’t matter if it’s “true” or not, since it’s not really showing anything anyway. The underlying science is so far over most peoples’ heads that they will believe anything the presenter suggests. You will note Defango saying “very interesting” quite often, as if he is presenting some sort of vast conspiracy. But he never actually states why it is interesting, or what sort of conspiracy he thinks this “data science” is illustrating. Just “everyone on this map is part of a psyop”, something that Chronic0ps himself does not conclude.

Defango’s description is a lot of words but really not saying anything in particular.

The code doesn’t make up things, it just shows you what it knows how to do and how it’s doing it. Right now there are so many psyops running and people blame the wrong people for “promoting” it. When you look at the digital footprint on twitter of Cicada 3301 overlayed with Qanon you will notice something pretty strange. There are many things that are missed with connections, sometimes people forget that public platforms with public api’s allow people to do some amazing things if they have some skill. I was hoping for someone with this skill to start making some graphs of whats really going on and it’s a great piece of information.

“The code doesn’t make up things”, says Defango, but in Chronic0ps video it shows quite clearly how dragging and dropping names to different positions on the map paints different pictures. They can just keep doing it until they get the picture that they want; what the picture actually demonstrates is never explained by anyone.

Chronic0ps admits that the point of what they are doing is to control people through information. This is propaganda, or as Michael Aquino calls it, “Lesser Black Magic”.

I tweet with the #QAnon hashtag all the time, that’s an audience I want to be in. #AntiFa or #Cicada3301 are not. Unlike Defango, I don’t play puzzle LARP games on the Internet. In fact the only reason I am connected to Cicada 3301 is because I try to follow anyone who has anything to do with that network, either for or against. Chronic0ps knows that, because I told him directly. This does nothing to stop the data being used to infer things that are untrue because that suits a narrative. The current narrative is that anyone who criticizes Defango is part of an organized gang that is stalking him. The truth is that Defango has threatened me and constantly lies about me, I have a right to defend myself from his slander to also to express my opinion of him. Nobody has to pay me or encourage me to do that, he brings it on himself with shows like the above.

Projecting onto your opponents the crimes and bad behavior of yourself is straight out of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

Here’s my chat log with @chronic0ps , who has been studying me for almost a year now.

I have long sided with those who believed that the Cicada puzzle came from the intelligence community and was being used by the NSA as a recruitment tool. One strong piece of evidence for that in my opinion is that it’s promoted in a book of puzzles that the NSA funded their “Scholar in Residence” to write:

See also Secret society seeks world’s brightest: Recruits navigate ‘darknet’ filled with terrorism, drugs – Washington Times (2013)

It has now come out that Cicada 3301 was founded by Bruce C Clarke, Jr, the former head of the CIA’s research division; and co-founder Thomas Schoenberger previously worked for the Pentagon, possibly on remote viewing projects such as STARGATE or GRILL FLAME.

I connected Defango to IARPA, the Intelligence Community’s DARPA, in August 2017. See America’s New Q Branch, WIRED (2008). Defango has since admitted that he was indeed a participant in IARPA’s Project CREATE, which gave him access to unique analysis tools and required him to sign a secrecy agreement with the government. Defango has also admitted to participating in another government project the US Department of Arts and Culture and has had meetings with people who work in Homeland Security Fusion Centers and well-financed (dis)information operations.

Not every channel I listed is a #govLARPer or an IARPA agent, but some of them definitely are.

I spoke about Memetic Warfare and Weaponized A.I. Propaganda in Silicon Valley’s Secret Weapon – The Shadow History of Burners Part 7: Social Engineering on the Electronic Frontier.

You can download the Powerpoint presentation with citations here and see the rest of the series here.

This presentation on Memetic Warfare is very thorough, and eye-opening.


Here’s a 2018 paper equating Data Science and Memetic Warfare.


This next one talks specifically about meme magic:


in 2005 the Marines were planning a “Meme Warfare Center”:


I collect stuff like this. I want to know what they’re doing to us. It seems that these Data Maps are the latest tool that will be used for cyber-bullying and smear campaigns – directed not just at their targets, but also the followers of those targets.

Isaac Kappy Investigation, Part 3 [UPDATE]

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A lot is happening. Yesterday I did an interview with OutOfTheGate and also called in to the RxOnlyPictureShow. I will post the OutOfTheGate one here when it is released.

My bit starts at 3:14:39:

Robert_QSentMe reported that the FBI are now investigating Isaac Kappy’s death. I have information confirming that from 2 other sources also.

Confirmation left by Britt in the comments here of what others who saw Kappy’s missing last Instagram video are also saying – he was not driving.

Phoenix Enigma did an interview on Lift The Veil and then made a video on his own channel re-telling his story about the pickup truck driver who ran over Kappy hidden under some cardboard.

He says the bank statements shown by Kayla tell us that Kappy withdrew $211 from a PredictIt account. PredictIt lets you bet on political events. It was invented by Victoria University of Wellington in 2014 – my alma mater.

Cory (Phoenix Enigma) speculates that Kappy may have had inside knowledge of politicians relating to #PedoGate and a plan to bet against them on PredictIt. At this stage this seems like just a theory, however Cory does claim to have a lot of inside information he can’t release “because people are afraid for their lives”.

It is curious that the PredictIt web site has a widget with all the podcasts from StratFor. 5 million StratFor emails leaked to WikiLeaks are how we know about Obama’s “$65,000 for hot dogs flown in from Chicago” party and at one point they discuss “sharing a hot dog” amongst their own team. Both Robyn Laird Gritz and Craig Sawyer appear in the leaked Stratfor emails. Stratfor has been linked to Alex Jones, both are in Austin, Texas where the Army has two PsyOp battalions.

Phoenix Enigma is the only person we know of that has spoken to the driver, identified only as a male. The driver told an extremely implausible story about cardboard, a box of kittens, and 18 people waving on the overpass in what at first glance looked like a protest.

The driver has now “gone dark”. We basically are forced to take Phoenix Enigma’s word for the whole thing, a guy whose web site just happens to be about Deep Underground Military Bases like Camp Navajo. An occultist who says he is now a de-occultist.

Phoenix is obviously both a city in Arizona as well as a winged bird reborn from fire. It is interesting that Phoenix was specifically mentioned in posts from Kappy’s landlady “shell”. Her identity has been released but I am going to keep it private here. Her Facebook timeline is filled with posts about witchcraft, Wickedness and the Devil (always both capitalized).

August 2018 is when she first connected with Isaac Kappy. She appears to have created her Twitter account specifically to do that (h/t @MrMichaelDade)

“no victim here, just a Blue Circle team member on a mission”
“no more adrenochrome”
note the rose wrapped around the cross. Rosy Cross.

It was strange that she spoke about Tom Hank’s movie “The Green Mile” in her Periscope. Stranger still is that she only likes 3 movies, with Hanks coming up first.

Garry Trudeau, Drew Carey, Phil Hendrie, Campbell Brown, Matthew Cooper, John Podesta, Mike Murphy, Stephen Colbert and Greg Proops *Exclusive* ***Exclusive*** (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc)

She is linked to the Agape International Spiritual Center of Southern California. Jack Parsons’ occult lodge, where he was doing black magick sex rituals with Church of Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard as disciples of Aleister Crowley, was called Agape. Their spiritual guru founder Reverend Michael Beckwith appeared in the movie The Secret. It’s worth noting that Quinn Michaels has been saying for some time that his son’s mother’s family are a Luciferian cult who were behind The Secret. In Quinn’s latest video he says “everything going on with Defango and Kappy is really to do with me”.

One of her friends looks like some sort of Self-Help Guru/modern-day wizard. VICE made a video about his cult-like practices and conspiracy theories.

His last name is interesting. Ashley Massaro was a WWE wrestler and military sexual abuse whistleblower who committed suicide by hanging 3 days after Kappy’s death. She had appeared on the show Smallville, which links her (albeit peripherally) to Allison Mack and the #NXIVM trial which is currently going on in the Eastern District of New York.

Ashley Massaro on Smallville playing “Athena” – the Owl
Source: Daily Mail

Ashley had made sexual abuse allegations against the US military and the WWE. Vince McMahon the owner is a good friend of Trump, and Trump’s “Apprentice” producer Mark Burnett is also involved with wrestling.

Massaro alleged that she was drugged and raped by a man posing as a US Army doctor while in Kuwait on a tour of a US military base. She said she was examined by a WWE doctor after returning from the trip, and that the doctor reported the incident to WWE officials. Massaro alleged that WWE officials called her into a meeting, to apologize, and to persuade “her that it would be best not to report it to appropriate authorities.”

TRIGGER WARNING: this affidavit contains graphic details of brutal sexual assault:


WWE claim that they never knew the contents of this affidavit or anything to do with sexual misconduct until after Ashley’s death. Read their full statement.

WWE is saddened by the death of Ashley Massaro, and we reiterate our condolences to her family. However, we regret that her attorney Konstantine Kyros, who filed multiple cases against WWE, lost all of them, and was sanctioned multiple times by the Court for repeated misconduct and false allegations, is using Ashley’s death to further his malicious campaign against WWE by releasing an affidavit that she submitted to the Court and later apologized to WWE for being involved with, so we wish to make certain things crystal clear.

At no time was Vince McMahon or the management of WWE ever informed by Ashley Massaro or anybody else that she had been sexually assaulted, drugged, raped or sodomized by a military doctor with a nurse standing guard while on a goodwill tour in 2007 to U.S. military bases in Kuwait. In fact, if she ever articulated such a claim to WWE, we would have reported it immediately to the Base Commander.

At no time was there ever a meeting with Vince McMahon, Kevin Dunn, John Laurinaitis or other company executives in which she told them of such a claim and was instructed to keep it quiet.

They also said that Massaro emailed them last October and apologized for being involved in the lawsuit. She did not mention any of the allegations. Strangely, the full email has not been released, but supposedly they did send it to the New York Post. Her lawyer was unaware of her apology to WWE.

Long after Ashley Massaro filed an affidavit, which WWE only learned of the contents after she passed away, Ashley sent an email to WWE on Oct. 20, 2018 – approximately one month after the Court dismissed all claims against WWE and sanctioned the lawyer who brought the suit against WWE, Konstantine Kyros, for repeated misconduct including pursuing false allegations. Below are a number of excerpts from her letter to WWE:

“I love WWE, you all were my family the whole time I was there…”

“The lawsuit got out of control very fast-I had been roped in by the lawyer representing the others…”

“I apologize that I was part of this class action suit and knew it was a bad idea but was convinced by the lawyer and I want to acknowledge that I should’ve contacted you guys before agreeing to be involved-i was basically poached. But I accept my part of the responsibility and just want to formerly apologize and express my regret.”

“You all changed my life and I couldn’t be more grateful…”

“Can you express my sincerest regret to Vince, Stephanie, Hunter and Kevin Dunn.”

The “Squared Circle Sisters” [sounds Masonic] have created a GoFundMe for Ashley’s 18 year old daughter to attend college.

I haven’t seen this video yet so I’m not endorsing it but I know some people really get into the Gematria of these events.

Some are asking questions about T1’s use of hand signals in his “last scope about Kappy”

It appears to be sign language for V O G – “Voice of God”, “voice to skull” or V2K technology which has been around since the 1950’s.

The latest Periscope from Robert_QSentme. He reveals that he was suicidal himself and Kappy and other people on Twitter saved him.

[Update May 25 8:25am]

Michael Dade spoke to Kappy’s ex-girlfriend Kate. She said that shortly after they learned about Kappy’s death, the police came around to intimidate her, talking about some past speeding ticket. She also spoke to the towing company. The tow truck driver told her that there was no scene when he arrived, just the sheriff out there. Kate also said the military were the first ones to show up on the scene, but it’s not clear how she knew that.

Like with Phoenix Enigma’s report of the driver, this is second-hand information which is considered “hearsay” in Court and inadmissible – even though it could be true. It does sound more plausible to me than the “18 people on the bridge, Kappy in a box of kittens” story. It would be great if we could get a direct report from Kate and the tow truck driver.

LiftTheVeil is reporting that Isaac Kappy’s body was cremated, and there are no plans for a funeral service.

In Jason Goodman’s acrimonious phone call with (former) NSA/Jesuit Doug Gabriel of American Intelligence Media, Doug told Jason “when they’re done with you they’re going to throw you off a bridge”. Was Kappy caught up with the same people Jason Goodman is involved with?

good find by Leppo

Acton vs Goodman – Monkey Business

Some important new documents have been filed in this landmark case. Thanks to Leopard Meroz for publishing them.

Document 113 request for discovery from Jason Goodman

Document 116 Movant’s Response to Plaintiff’s Objection


LoneGreyHat has been doing a phenomenal job tracking the #SealedIndictments – which technically are “sealed cases”. About 10% of them have been unsealed since the tracking began, revealing major cases like NXIVM, Julian Assange, big pharma billionaires and opioids.

The so-called “Q slayers” will tell you there’s no such thing as sealed indictments. You can judge for yourself, right down to individual case level which can be confirmed on PACER.

Interactive map:

Spreadsheet with full details

Here are the case stats for the Southern District of New York for comparison:

Here is the video where Defango, aka “LARP Wars”, launched his gambit to get included in the legal case in Virginia:

In this video Defango claims he is joining the lawsuit and teaming up with Jason Goodman (blue team)
This is the video where Defango goes through the lawsuit against Jason Goodman that he never filed

Robert David Steele’s impassioned support for George Webb is surprising, given his claims to be an expert in Open Source intelligence. It’s perhaps more indicative of the side Webb is playing for than the quality of his research.

Previous coverage

Original CryptoBeast interview with Queen Tut:

Quinn Michaels: “Burning Man Sites On Top of a Massive Underground City”

CryptoBeast #2 – #Clownsource the #Peabody

CryptoBeast #13 – #govLARP

CryptoBeast #16 – Queen Tut Spills the Beans

Dave Acton Sues Jason Goodman

Acton v Goodman – Was Charleston Dirty Bomb Hoax an FBI Operation?

Acton v Goodman – Judge Rules “Off to New York”

Insane in the Ukraine: J.Go Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before

Insane in the Ukraine Part 2: The Spin Begins

See also Tracking the Leopard Meroz, where you can find most of the Court documents without having to pay for PACER searches yourself.

The Mysterious Sudden Death of Isaac Kappy [UPDATES]

Latest Investigation: Part 2

Part 3

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Eulogy From Fiona Barnett

Isaac Kappy, a whistleblower about pedophilia in Hollywood, has been found dead in a case immediately closed as a suicide, a couple of days after making a video saying “I am definitely not feeling suicidal”.

Prior coverage: The Sawman, the Priest and the Fi-Fi Dossier

I will be adding to this post as new information comes to light, updates will be posted at the end.

TMZ “Paris Jackson – Actor Who Allegedly Choked Her Jumps To His Death

Daily Mail Thor Actor Who Once Assaulted Paris Jackson Commits Suicide


Kappy forced himself off the Transwestern Road bridge onto Interstate 40 where he was struck by a Ford pickup truck…Authorities said two teenagers driving by got out of their vehicle and tried to physically restrain Kappy from jumping, but failed. No one else was injured during the incident and the investigation has been closed.

Source: Arizona Daily Sun

Sunrise in Bellemont, AZ is 5:22am at this time of year. Kappy died around 7:26am, as far as we know.

Here is the bridge he supposedly chose to jump from force himself off.

If you wanted to throw somebody in front of a speeding truck and make it look like a suicide, this would be ideal. If you want to leave this world in a final theatrical manner befitting a Hollywood star, after making a lengthy and mysterious video and a wordy Instagram post, this seems less ideal. Wouldn’t you pick a more spectacular location? He was not far from the Grand Canyon.

The bridge is visible in the background behind the base entrance. Source: Department of Energy and Military Affairs

The bridge is sort of in the middle of nowhere, right next door to an active military base. One of the only things around is the Arizona Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery. If you were going to fake a death, you would need a body…just sayin’. Maybe he entered the witness protection program?

The next stop on the road Isaac Kappy jumped off is Camp Navajo

Camp Navajo is an inspectable site under the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty and houses an Arizona Army National Guard headquarters unit, explosives ordnance company, and military police company – as well as Lockheed Martin, the National Weather Service and the US Forest Service. The 28,347 acre facility has miles of underground tunnels, bunkers and railroads. It provides services to “various Department of Defense agencies”.

Customers include the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Air Force, the Defense Logistics Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency and NASA. Primary customers for depot storage services are the U.S. Air Force (Minuteman II), the U.S. Navy (Trident I), and Defense Logistics Agency (strategic and critical materiel). The Camp also provides explosive storage services to other DoD customers ranging from small arms ammunition to large rocket motors. These customers have entrusted over $7,000,000,000 worth of their munitions.


It is a massive ammo dump, a curious coincidence given Kappy’s threat of a heavy weapons shootout with the cops on August 1 2018, which led to him being investigated by LAPD:

“In light of the interesting traffic happening around my house I want to make something CRYSTAL CLEAR: while I am a VERY strong advocate of peaceful disclosure, make no mistake, assets are in place and if you kill me or even try, it will rain .50 cals in the Hollywood Hills.”

Patch of the 362nd Ordnance Company, Stationed at Camp Navajo

Isaac Kappy was a Hollywood actor (Thor) who came out in 2018 as a whistleblower exposing pedophilia in Hollywood. He named his former friend Seth Green and his wife Claire as pedophiles with a hidden room in their mansion “where we keep the children”, and called out Steven Spielberg as a pedophile. Lift the Veil’s video with Kappy talking about that was ranked very highly by YouTube’s algorithms and triggered a backlash where LTV was placed on a Media Matters “alt-right” hit list.

Isaac Kappy supposedly physically assaulted Paris Jackson, another former friend.

Isaac made several appearances on TMZ and Enty Lawyer’s Crazy Days and Nights blog. Kappy challenged Gabe Hoffman, the owner of “An Open Secret” movie about Hollywood pedophilia who has been accused of being a gatekeeper seeking to control online dialog related to child sex trafficking. Hoffman is part of the crew connected to the CDAN, and has also been suspiciously critical of Lift The Veil.

Kappy appeared at the 2018 Politicon conference photographed with Zionist social media princess Laura Loomer and Media Matters mastermind David Brock, before he skipped the country to spend a summer in Australia.

Kappy said he was just trolling at Politicon. He also said “Kappy is a psyop”, several times.

Media Matters came out against Isaac Kappy and Nathan Stolpman from Lift The Veil, who has hosted ritual abuse survivors and whistleblowers on his popular YouTube channel.

Source: David Brock’s company Media Matters

I have seen many people in live stream chats today wondering what happened between Fiona Barnett and Isaac Kappy. I published some of the evidence 3 months ago in The Sawman, The Priest and the Fi-Fi Dossier.

I was speaking to Fiona on Twitter about Kappy the day that she took her account down. She suspected him of being connected to the dodgy dossier psychological operation launched against her. Ensin is Eliahi Priest of the “InsigniaGate” operation. Kappy was hanging out with him in Queensland, Australia while staying in Fiona Barnett’s home.

These are some of the last messages Fiona Barnett ever had with Isaac Kappy. Kappy was trying to bring Eliahi Priest into her home, despite Priest’s self-confessed connections to the Deep State as an “international diplomat” and diamond trader.

A few days ago I tweeted about what I guess was Isaac Kappy’s final stream. He made a long video saying he did something very bad, but he was not suicidal (video in @TheAAGabriel post).

Kappy apparently deleted every post from his Instagram, leaving only this “suicide note”:

The Truth community are already accusing each other of being responsible, with some demanding that nobody investigate the death and just accept the police and media reports on face value. Never mind Kappy’s own statement that he was not feeling suicidal.

Someone pointed out the Skull and Cross Bones subliminal messaging in the first second of Defango’s stream:

Defango accused his nemesis TS of causing this death through cyber-stalking, TS fought back with evidence.

Arizona is Craig Sawyer’s home turf. Another truther who died suddenly after publicly investigating big names in #PedoGate, Jenny Moore, called out the Arizona mafia and Sawyer in the days before her death. Sawyer confirmed that he had been in communication with Kappy about providing him protection, but didn’t pass the “vetting”.

Craig Sawyer was definitely “in the elite circles” when as a mercenary in the Middle East he provided close protection security services for Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Donald Rumsfeld.

The letter did not seem like Isaac Kappy’s style

Isaac Kappy got kicked off Twitter. MovieWeb has some good highlights from his Tweets from last year when he came out with his story.

Last year I was asked to join the #illuminati by @sethgreen
The offer was $250k a year and any car I wanted. As if I would abuse children for such a paltry sum
😂😂😂#Qanon#SDCC2018#ThisEndsNow#pedogate— Isaac Kappy (@IsaacKappy) July 22, 2018

Hey @lapd I saw you camped outside of my house. Thank you. I’m on my way to the W right now.— Isaac Kappy (@IsaacKappy) July 26, 2018

People are talking a lot about #pedophile jokes. The craziest pedo joke I ever heard was when Seth turned to me and said “this is where we keep the children!” As he was pulling back a secret bookshelf that revealed a hidden room at his Malibu house.— Isaac Kappy (@IsaacKappy) July 23, 2018

Hey @jamesgunn you know how I know your a pedophile? Because your friends are pedos too! Like @lloydkaufman@sethgreen@claregrant@yarvo and many more. There has been ample time to come clean, and yet I watch you just lie and lie and lie. Yarvo why’d u go private? Lol— Isaac Kappy (@IsaacKappy) July 22, 2018

I love life
I am not suicidal
I don’t use opiods
I don’t own a red scarf
I won’t be getting inebriated
I like to move it, move it— Isaac Kappy (@IsaacKappy) July 26, 2018

Also please note that I NEVER use opioids— Isaac Kappy (@IsaacKappy) July 25, 2018

In light of the interesting traffic happening around my house I want to make something CRYSTAL CLEAR: while I am a VERY strong advocate of peaceful disclosure, make no mistake, assets are in place and if you kill me or even try, it will rain .50 cals in the Hollywood Hills.— Isaac Kappy (@IsaacKappy) July 25, 2018

I am not suicidal. I feel GREAT!!!— Isaac Kappy (@IsaacKappy) July 23, 2018

At some point someone has to tell the truth, and trust me, I don’t want to be the one, bur you just keep lying and lying.— Isaac Kappy (@IsaacKappy) July 22, 2018

Its funny watching the media bend over backwards to defend “jokes” about fucking kids. We ALL KNOW. You fired @therealroseanne over one bad joke, yet try to excuse 10k tweet? @JamesGunn— Isaac Kappy (@IsaacKappy) July 22, 2018

@IncredibleCulk I know you were abused as a child. It’s fucking awful. Please help the world and tell them.— Isaac Kappy (@IsaacKappy) July 22, 2018

@ParisJackson remember that party last summer? Why did a child show up asking for Seth? Who was that little black boy?— Isaac Kappy (@IsaacKappy) July 22, 2018

[Update 15 May 2019 6:49pm]

Possible Connections to Other Current Events?

I meant to link earlier to this 2005 Vanity Fair story about Michael Jackson, the Yakuza, the Mafia, the CIA, and his ownership of the Beatles’ publishing rights. Michael Jackson’s estate has been in the news again recently with more pedo allegations coming out in Leaving Neverland.

Isaac Kappy’s “it will rain .50 cal in the Hollywood Hills” comment, followed by dying next door to an ammo dump, should be considered in light of the massive cache of 1000+ long guns and ammunition just found in the Hollywood Hills in an abandoned house next door to Illuminati Satanists Jay-Z and Beyonce, owned by Getty’s mistress. Another of her $50 million abandoned property portfolio in L.A., a Malibu beach house, features Masonic themes, secret chambers and passageways, and 666s and pentagrams on the wall. She literally had the same artwork as Jeffrey Epstein’s temple.

#QAnon posted about the family which runs California, which is the Gettys (or could arguably be the Hearsts or Bechtels). Governor Gavin Newsom’s father was their lawyer.

The links between Satanism and gun-running go surprisingly deep. Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey’s Uncle was part of the Lansky Syndicate, working directly for Bugsy Siegel. They rans the guns into Israel that enabled the State.

See: Arming David, The Church of Satan’s Connection to the Creation of Israel

These things may not be related, and merely coincidences added to the string of other coincidences connecting Isaac Kappy to #PedoWood.

This language about “a Good Man” just came out in the NXIVM trial. Kappy used the same language in his last video. Did he know Allison Mack, or any of the other Hollywood people connected to NXIVM (for example Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem)?

Someone on 4chan pointed out that in Kappy’s last video he gives a couple of clues to suggest he may be under duress, including making the throat-slitting gesture.

I’m not suggesting the Chans are a reliable source, but these comments were interesting:

Eliahi Priest gave a “burnt offering” and released a new track from Kappy:

[Update 5/15/19 8:28pm]

Vegan Mikey swears vengeance for Kappy, saying “I’ll be with you soon”

David Shurter echoes Fiona Barnett’s concerns that Isaac Kappy was a mind control victim.

A Telegram group for Kappy supporters offers more clues to his timeline leading up to the tragic event.

He was last seen in the Telegram group 30 hours before his death was reported.

Somebody ran the Gematria of “Bellemont”, where Kappy died. It comes up as “God’s Plan”.

More information is also coming to light about his signals during his long stream that he was under duress.

Tom Hanks, one of the A-list Hollywood stars called out by Isaac Kappy as a pedophile, made a weird tweet last month about “roadkill” on Historic Route 66. He is currently filming a movie in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where Kappy was from. While there Hanks has been tweeting repeatedly about lost gloves. Masonic symbolism? The I-40 where Kappy died is the Historic Route 66.

Hanks’ latest Tweet, on the day of Kappy’s death, is a red handkerchief. The red scarf is strongly associated with Hollywood star suicides.

The first media reference to the event was at 8am local time

“a good man”

The Internet archive only ever saved Isaac Kappy’s Instagram once, August 13 2018. He had some vaguely occulty stuff there, the hands pointing up and down = Baphomet

[Update May 16 12:27pm]

Jesse Spots has identified Bart Graves, the police PR person who gave the world the news of Isaac Kappy’s death, as a former Warner Television producer. He is also a former spokesman for the Democratic Party in Arizona.

He is a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity, which has as “honorable” members Brad Pitt and David Letterman.

From Wikipedia:

Notable Sigma Chi Alumni

Main article: Notable Sigma Chi Alumni

Sigma Chi has alumni who are notable in many different industries and fields. In athletics Sigma Chi has 5 MLB all-stars, 6 World Series champions, 7 NFL All-Pro players, 6 Super Bowl champions, 2 NCAA Basketball champions, and 3 Olympic medal holders. Some of these notable Sigs include Mike DitkaDrew BreesJoe GordonJay Wright, and Eric Fonoimoana. In politics Sigma Chi has had 24 U.S. Representatives, 11 U.S. Senators, 8 United States Governors, 5 Lieutenant governors, and 1 United States President through the honorary membership of Grover Cleveland to the University of Michigan chapter.[59][60][61] Among Sigma Chi’s notable actors include 9 Emmy Award winners, 5 Screen Actors Guild Award winners, 4 Golden Globe Award winners, and 3 Academy Award winners. These notable alumni include Brad PittJohn WayneTom SelleckDavid Letterman, and Ty Burrell.

Hat tip to Lift the Veil for alerting me to this research.

Camp Navajo has been identified as a site for Deep Underground Military Bases, something I spoke about in the Shadow History of Burners – Part 1.

The Phoenix Enigma drove under the bridge where Kappy allegedly died around 2 hours after the incident and saw no sign of any police or ambulance activity. He made a video about it.

From The Phoenix Enigma

First things first, I believe the locations of these D.U.M.B.s to be under or near Camp Navajo located in Bellemont, AZ, The Kingman/Wikieup area, and maybe Munds Park; Of these three I’m leaning heavily to Camp Navajo and something north of Wikieup near the HWY 93 / I-40 junction. Aside from the staggering number witnessed UFO’s and testimony of strange military operations in these areas, I believe the following reasons to be grounds for these locations.

Google view Bellemonte
Aerial view of Bellemont. Note the extremely close proximity of rails, power lines, and interstate.
  1. This region is centrally located. It lays between the NSA building in Utah, the ICBM’s in southern AZ, NORAD in Colorado, Luke AFB in Phoenix and all the bases in California.
  2. This area is the first viable area south of the Grand Canyon. The next available locations would be north of the Canyon. It also runs along the main transportation routes. Any tunnels coming from the east would either have to veer to the north-through Utah- or south along the southern rim of the Grand Canyon. This remote high desert corridor is along a natural route.The Colorado Plateau
  3. These sites are on the Colorado Plateau. The Colorado Plateau is a rather stable platform and is comprised primarily of soft Limestone and Sandstone with a top layer of volcanic rock. This Limestone is naturally riddled with caves, and sandstone is easily carvable with today’s equipment. All three mediums, including the volcanic, provide great drainage, or percolation. The Grand Canyon Caverns lay 80 miles to the west and is a natural cavern once utilized by the U.S. military during WW2 to store munitions, and supplies. The water table on the Colorado Plateau is quite deep due to the makeup of the soil stratification, so groundwater entering the facility wouldn’t be an issue. Water doesn’t begin pooling and running laterally until it reaches a Dolomite layer extremely deep where it runs south emerging in the Verde Valley and further south still. A quick records search for the Bellemont area plan did show water being hit at a level of 200 feet, but the production was only 14 gallons a minute (rather slow). This is one of two wells in the town, not including three small springs, three reservoirs, and one well located on the Camp Navajo Base its self.
  4. No major geological activity in the area. There are a few minor tremors from time to time but never anything catastrophic or major. In fact, up until 2014, I can’t recall a single quake in the area. And as of the writing of this article Nov 2015 we just had a minor quake out of the Black Canyon area to the south, but once again no damage of any kind.
  5. Mild weather. Arizona, as every snowbird will tell you has great weather, this is no secret. I would imagine that mild weather, especially winters would allow for easier movement and facilitation of year-round work.
  6. No flooding. This area of the state sees very little flooding of any kind. Come to think of it there are no hurricanes, tornadoes, or catastrophes of any kind in this area of the state.
  7. Proximity to I-40, I-17, and Hwy 93. For the reason of supplying and logistics, both in times of emergency and day to day operations, I-40 is a main artery in the U.S. highway system. Camp Navajo sits right on this highway which connects with I-17 only 9 miles to the east and U.S. Highway 93 or the (NAFTA) highway to the west. Munds Park sits right on top of I-17 with I-40 connecting 20 miles to the north. Phoenix is the 6th largest city in the U.S. and is located only 2 hours to the south. The Wikieup/Kingman base would be located near the I-40 HWY 93 junction. Hwy 93 was also recently upgraded to interstate 11 and is slated to be the newest cross-country highway route connecting Canada to Mexico.
  8. Proximity to the Santa Fe Railroad. We all know, or at least should know by now that almost every military base in the U.S. lays in extremely close proximity to a railroad. The rails are the most efficient means of moving mass amounts of supplies and construction equipment to any site, and these sites are located on or extremely near these rails.
  9. Low population density. This region of the state enjoys relatively low population. This is due in part to the lack or natural resources and available water, as well as the brutal winter storms. As of 2013 the population of Flagstaff 68,667, Bellemont 893, Williams 3,001, and Ash Fork 457. As you can see the immediate area enjoys an extremely low population with Flagstaff being the largest city around. What better place to construct a clandestine military installation than an already sparsely populated area.
  10. There is very little industry along the northern Arizona corridor. Forestry and Cattle pretty much make up the bulk of it. There is a high amount of tourism in the area due to the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, Oak Creek Canyon/Sedona, and Humphrey’s Peak, but there are very few people who actually work in the area year round. Due to the makeup of the soil on the Colorado plateau, there is virtually no mining and limited water which greatly limits industry.
  11. In 1965 a new airport terminal was completed at Grand Canyon Airport. I was originally informed that this airport does not accommodate airbuses and was specifically designed to land Air Force One. I had some doubts about that so I arranged to speak with a long-term manager of one of the helicopter tour companies at the facility and he informed me quite the opposite. He stated that the Grand Canyon Airport has the 3rd longest runway in Arizona, after Sky Harbor Airport and Tucson International Airport. He stated, “it’s just over two miles long and is quite capable of landing any modern day aircraft.” He said that the runway was not specifically designed for Air Force one, but that the first family did land and visit there a couple years back. What I find interesting however is that the 3rd largest airport in the state is located in such a remote location. One would think that the airports at Prescott, Flagstaff, and Sedona would dwarf this remote outpost. While this doesn’t fit into the “mysterious” box, it does cause one to raise an eyebrow. The Grand Canyon Airport almost exclusively facilitates tourism; that is, small fixed wing aircraft, and helicopters. Why was this airport overbuilt to the extent to which it was? Logistically speaking it’s only a 45-minute drive or a 10-minute helicopter flight from Bellemont. There are also rumors of another D.U.M.B under the Grand Wash Cliffs in the north-west corner of Arizona just off Hwy 93, near the Grand Canyon West Sky Walk attraction. There are no high-value targets in the area, which means that in the case of a foreign attack this area would most likely be spared. This airport would surely make for an ideal, centrally located, and clandestine landing location for any covert government business due to its remoteness and extremely defensible terrain, the Grand Canyon, after all, is a natural fortress.
  12. Which brings me to another consideration. Although these D.U.M.B.S. Most assuredly are capable of generating their own power, I’m equally sure they most likely don’t do so on a regular non-emergency time basis. Camp Navajo sits just north of a high voltage power line. In fact, it sits between the Santa Fe railroad and a high voltage power line. High voltage power lines also pass right through the town of Wikieup, AZ. As well as through the Hwy 93 / I-40 juncture where many believe a major D.U.M.B is also located. It would make sense that these installations would be located either along these lines or in very close proximity to a power plant of some kind, hydro-electric being the most ideal. That being said, all these locations are located in relatively close proximity to Hoover Dam, with the reputed Grand Wash Cliffs D.U.M.B. Being the closest at only 34 miles away. The Hoover Dam is also in close proximity to Groom Lake and Area 51,
Aerial View of the Hoover Dam.
Aerial View of the Hoover Dam. Generating 4.2 billion KWh annually.

Read more at The Phoenix Enigma

Missing children, underground bases and UFOs – Bibliotecapleyades

This is supposedly an account of the last communication with Isaac Kappy. His tire blew out 6 hours before he committed suicide, he spoke to this person for an hour about his gambling debts:

No explanation was given of who this was. We have to trust the Twitter handle putting it out – so it’s unverified hearsay. For all we know it could be someone trying to cover their tracks with a motive and a potential MKULTRA programming activation story. Was he stranded on a bridge until sunrise, close to a military base and Days Inn?

Wasn’t the evidence on Telegram from the day before?

There’s some rumors floating around of a “Dead Man’s Switch” information release, a video showing young children in a Turkish bath at a hotel. The hotel has been identified as the Titanic Mardan Palace in Turkey

A Deadman’s Switch that reveals no information, only more mystery. Is the Titanic reference steganography, a code message? The symbolism of the Titanic is there’s an unavoidable iceberg up ahead.

We have not yet seen a funeral notice or proper obituary.

Here’s a link to all Isaac Kappy’s periscope broadcasts. Download them while you can. Interestingly, the timestamp of his “last video” is about 1 minute shorter than the one I linked above.

According to the first media reports, the road was closed Monday May 13 2019 from 7:30am until 11am. This conflicts with the eyewitness account from The Phoenix Enigma who drove through there at 9:30 and saw nothing, and the lady called by Jesse Spots who drove through around 8 am and saw some type of police/EMS activity. Traffic was supposedly re-routed until 11am, neither witness reported that.

[Update May 16 7:18pm]

This Tweet from Seth Green is eerily ominous in light of what was announced on May 14. Seth has made no comment yet about his friend’s tragic death.

An Open Secret is an account that has blocked me, and yet is complaining about my Tweets. How exactly does that come about?

Many eyewitnesses in broad daylight? We only know of 2 eyewitnesses, at 7:26am. Who are the other eyewitnesses? How is it that An Open Secret knows about this but no other media is reporting it? Why are they keeping this key detail secret?

“Anon crazy person” – I am posting in my own name and am completely sane, thanks for the concern. Gabe Hoffman is not the only successful person able to operate Twitter.

“3 vehicles unaccounted for” – if you have information about the make, model, and drivers, please let us know. FORD: Found On Road Dead. We are only going by Bart Graves’ PR report. There is no obituary in any newspaper, no funeral notice. TMZ and People are taking the lead with this.

“Without getting the police report” – that would be great. Right now there are many researchers investigating this, including Jesse Spots who has been calling people locally looking for eyewitnesses and Phoenix Enigma who lives nearby. Perhaps these investigations will lead to a police report. Surely there is one American who can get it, without having to rely on someone in New Zealand to do all the work. An Open Secret have bragged in the past about their access to private investigator databases, maybe they can help out and publish the police report or other relevant details like the identities of the “many” eyewitnesses they cite or information about the three vehicles involved in this fatal collision.

Until then we only have what has been reported in multiple mainstream media sources who all have far more resources than this humble blog. A story that is originating from Bart Graves the PR person at the Arizona Department of Safety – which is located much closer to Craig Sawyer, in Phoenix. A quick spin in Sawman’s NASCAR machine oughtta do the job…

Arizona mafia territory: are they seriously arguing it’s not? See here:

Lynn de Rothschild sits on the board of the McCain Institute. Sawman’s old boss got in trouble for accepting donations from them in 2008.

The story of how the Bronfmans got their money and the story of No Name’s wife’s family is the same story:

Anyone suggesting that the Arizona mafia has no power in Northern Arizona is trying to sell you a bridge there. Their motives should be questioned.

Sawman claims to be an elite Special Forces Tier One Operator with a TOP SECRET clearance, but he’s unable to travel a few hundred clicks for operations in his own state? For this one he wouldn’t even have to leave the highway. It’s funny that An Open Secret back this guy up, who has taken millions in donations and kickbacks and never produced a documentary, while attacking the character of someone just because they are investigating this implausible incident. If you don’t believe what the cops and media say you’re insane – is that really the world AnOpenSecret and others are trying to sell to the public in the wake of a tragic mental illness fatality?

I might not have the police report, but I have the EMS traffic reporting the “possible suicide”. Stay tuned…I should be able to have something further out on this tonight.

Eulogy From Fiona Barnett

Fiona Barnett has published a eulogy to Isaac Kappy at her blog.

The public have been left with conflicting images of who and what the real Isaac Kappy was. Some label him a Psy-Op, a DID MK-ULTRA plant, a patsy, a LARP, a fake, a bad actor, a user, a drugged hippie. Others hail him as a hero, a genuine whistle-blower against Hollywood pedophilia, a talented musician, an intelligent comedian. Isaac was all those things and more. He was easy to love, and easy to hate all at the one time.

Kappy’s IMDB page has been updated with news of his demise. His nickname was changed to “Judas Iscariot”, which is weird.

I have listened to the EMS radio recordings for Coconino County and the Arizona Department of Highway Services for a couple of hours around the time of the accident.

It definitely seems like a real event with a deceased person with a California drivers license. As best as I can tell, there were two “striped” Highway Patrol officers on the scene and a police Sergeant. The timeline reported by witnesses – “something going on” around 8am (traffic diverted) and “nothing happening” by around 9:30am is consistent with the EMS traffic.

The first report of the event was “Reporting a possible suicide. A male subject jumped from the overpass onto [Westbound] I-40 and was not moving”. The first reported timestamp is 7:28am, by which time three units are on the scene (I’m not certain, but I think 2 police and 1 fire unit).

At 7:37am they shut down the off-ramp to see if there was any other evidence up on top of the bridge. By 7:42am traffic was diverted through Bellemont.

One thing of note: at 8:42am a police officer reported that the deceased’s car (a Hyundai) was located at the nearby Days Inn with a blown out front tire. So one of the 3 vehicles involved is confirmed. At 8:46am an officer described the event as a “963 suicide involving a vehicle”. CASE CLOSED, just over an hour after it happened. Had they even identified the victim at that point? One question was “is the victim still identifiable” and the answer was “10-4” (Yes)

[Update 5/18/19 9:36am]

An Open Secret are digging in on their insistence that nobody should have any questions about Kappy’s death. They actually claim his last video saying “I’m definitely not suicidal” is “evidence” that he was suicidal. This shows that either they are very stupid, or they know nothing about evidence…or that they are pushing an agenda and gaslighting the public.

Why do they talk about ignoring signs Kappy gave during the Periscope, then totally ignore the multiple signs that indicate he was under duress?

An intriguing connection between Isaac Kappy and “Kate Anon” has surfaced

Kappy with KateAnon last year.

Thomas from Cicada 3301 was threatened by Eliahi Priest last night, he sent an image that looked like Kate as some sort of “proof”.

KateAnon is a Q supporter who was involved in preventing an assassination attempt against President Trump. On the day of Kappy’s highway demise at a bridge in Arizona, there was a serious highway incident involving President Trump’s motorcade at a bridge in Louisiana which left three motorcycle officers injured.

Thanks to Lawrence from Lift The Veil Discord for giving us permission to republish this analysis of Kappy’s last Scope.

Kappy’s Clues (from his last Periscope)

[Hints at what he actually did (probably a social media post)]

“It happened a few days ago”

He did something in the blink of an eye that was “ego-induced”.

“Really stupid decision”.  “Bad things are coming my way— I can assure you of that.  I crossed a line I shouldn’t have crossed.” What he did at this point could still endanger people.  “I’ve done a huge disservice.”  “I want you to remember the love that I showed you”.  “You will find out soon enough.”  Somehow he feels he sold out.  Betrayal on a par with Judas. “There were some things that induced my decision…”

“So stupid, so selfish, and so petty.  Yes, something bad is about to happen.”

“If it’s something little, you don’t think about the consequences, about who might be affected by your decision, then you’re fucked.”

“Five minutes of folly”

“If you dig you’ll find it” !!!!!  Check Instagram!

“I could have avoided it very easily, but I didn’t. And for that I will pay.”

[He knew he was going to be killed]

“Yeah, I’m in danger, but only because of myself. “

He …put other people in harms way.

[He looks afraid, keeps sighing (hyperventilating even), and appears tearful]

“I betrayed a trust in a very petty way.”

“… I’ve been thinking, I hope to come back into this world, with the desire to find the light within and serve others… and care of the self.”

“We are at the beginning of a great new age, and it’s a shame I won’t be around for the first part of it.”

“It’s only going to get worse for me, I’m afraid.”

“I hope to come back and join you someday.”

[Speaks of his life in past tense]

“I feel like I’ve done a lot of good, and I have been brave.  [very past tense] But the darkness consumed me.”

[Relationship with Q]

Question: How will you find out? “Maybe Q will post this.”

“It will be newsworthy.”

Who else knows? “Probably Everyone, everyone who is important.”

Is Q mad at him now?  “Yeah probably”

[Nature of the threat]

Someone offers to have us all come over and keep him safe.

He says it would be irresponsible because he doesn’t want to out anyone in danger!

* He normally had 45 periscope viewers, but there were 120+ on this one!  how did they know?

“Yeah I’m in danger and it’s all my fault.

No one is threatening me.”

-He read the question “whose judgement do you fear?” And then couldn’t answer it.

He can’t say what happened, because more harm could be done

“Was I tempted by someone I trusted? Yeah, it was pretty elaborate to be honest.”

[Hints at Mind Control/Demonic Oppression]

“Some things were planted inside my consciousness and they were on repeat.”

“I didn’t take money.  I gambled on something stupid, it was, “Oh, look at that.” Without thinking.  Without thinking!”

“Things playing in my head, that came from outside; that happened.”

And thanks to @rocketdancer_ for this summary, not sure where it originated.

[Update May 17 2019 11:32am]

There is another major military facility in the area: the Lowell US Naval Observatory at Flagstaff. It was named one of TIME’s 100 Most Important Places in the world, as it is the place where Pluto was discovered. This is one of the few telescopes in the world that looks at the stars optically, not digitally.

The satellite photo gives an idea of how much underground stuff there is around Camp Navajo
Looks like the Lowell Observatory makes extensive use of tunnels

The United States Naval Observatory provides a wide range of astronomical data and products, and serves as the official source of time for the U.S. Department of Defense and a standard of time for the entire United States.

The United States Naval Observatory is a fourth echelon operational command reporting to the Commander, Navy Oceanography and Meteorology Command. The Observatory’s headquarters are located in Washington, D.C., with field activities located at the Naval Observatory Flagstaff Station (NOFS) in Flagstaff, Ariz., and the USNO Alternate Master Clock located at Schriever Air Force Base near Colorado Springs, Colo.

The U.S. Naval Observatory performs an essential scientific role for the United States, the Navy, and the Department of Defense. Its mission includes determining the positions and motions of the Earth, Sun, Moon, planets, stars and other celestial objects; providing astronomical data; determining precise time; measuring the Earth’s rotation; and maintaining the Master Clock for the United States. Observatory astronomers formulate the theories and conduct the relevant research necessary to improve these mission goals.

This astronomical and timing data, essential for accurate navigation and the support of communications on Earth and in Space, is vital to the Navy and Department of Defense. It is also used extensively by other agencies of the government and the public at large.

For Flat Earthers, this is probably the epicenter of the disinformation.

The SunSpot Solar Observatory in New Mexico was linked to #PedoGate last year when it was mysteriously shut down, and the reason given was child porn.

This is basically the next mountain range over from Lowell Observatory. You can argue over if 500 miles is a significant distance or not out in the desert, as an Australian who has driven over most of the United States I consider that a day’s drive – no big deal. Easy flight for light aircraft.

NASA and DoD employees keep getting busted for child porn – see this and this

I note that Los Alamos is in this part of the world too. The site of the most classified military project ever (that we know about), “The Manhattan Project” which was hatched at Bohemian Grove, Los Alamos continues as an active high research facility into nanotechnology and magnetic fields – ie. UFO shit.

Our national user facilities are the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center, the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory and the Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies.

Note the proximity to the Mexican border. This is a major human trafficking corridor

I might separate this D.U.M.B. stuff into another post, I’m still digging into this angle.

[Update May 17 2019 9:22pm]

One of Kappy’s last Scopes (May 2 2019) was naming names around Jeffrey Epstein. I find the style of it really cool, I wish I had known he was doing content like this, singing and with the beat while delivering truth. Seems like Kappy may have been inspired by Hoax Wars.

Significantly, he specifically calls out An Open Secret owner Gabe Hoffman, saying they have a house in West Palm Beach, Florida near Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein financed Bryan Singer, who was one of the subjects of the An Open Secret movie. He lists many things funded by Epstein, including Steve Bannon. He reminds us that Epstein owned the 10,000 acre Zorro Ranch in New Mexico and his plane’s flight logs show trips to Santa Fe.

Epstein purchased the property in 1993 from the Governor of New Mexico’s father, and was a donor to the Governor.

Kappy speculates that Alex Jones may have been linked to Epstein.

He said he got a “very good call” from the Pacific Northwest, “big things are happening”, and the guy recently busted in Portland for producing CP is one degree away from Epstein.

“You can never take truth tellers out because we tell the truth…especially now we have friends. Friends who aren’t the bad guys. Friends who are the good guys. And the good guys win! Read the book…it’s in the end”

“I think Q’s a pretty cool dude”

Jeffrey Epstein’s Zorro ranch is between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, and close to the Interstate Highway I-40 that happens to be the one Kappy died on. It’s about 390 mile drive (less than 6 hours) from Epstein’s ranch to Camp Navajo where Kappy forced himself off the bridge.

Epstein’s Zorro Ranch in Stanley, New Mexico features a giant occult labyrinth
There’s not another building near it for many, many miles. It seems hidden in the mountains. Are there tunnels there?
Ironically, the Zorro ranch is next to “Young Place”

In the first scope Fiona Barnett and Isaac Kappy did together in Australia, they specifically spoke about the Arizona National Guard (Camp Navajo) and two people Fiona had outed as FBI informants who also worked for the National Guard. They also called out Gabe Hoffman, Craig Sawyer, and Richard Branson.

Edited clip down to the relevant 3 minutes
Full interview for reference

Richard Branson’s island in the British Virgin Islands was rented several times for NXIVM events. It is not a huge distance from Jeffrey Epstein’s Little (and now Greater) St James Islands in the U.S. Virgin Islands, but they’re not exactly “next door to each other”. It’s the same area, in the same way that the Arizona-Mexico border is the same area.

Branson has just announced that he is moving his Virgin Galactic Spaceport to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico – also close to Epstein’s ranch.

@CoreysDigs has done some excellent work looking into Richard Branson and the Clintons’ activities in the Caribbean:

In another strange coincidence, Bellemont is just a couple of exits along I-40 from Seligman, pop 456. Martin Seligman was an MKULTRA torture specialist who came up with the concept of “learned helplessness”.

[Update May 18 2019 11:59am]

Isaac Kappy’s neighbor @truthofaflower has shared her story on Periscope, with a lot of important details. She says she doesn’t want to give out too much information because it’s a chess game. She mentioned the chess game a couple of times.

Kappy had been living with her female neighbor rent-free for a year, he didn’t lift a finger.

She says she saw him every day and did not think he did any drugs other than weed, alcohol and cigarettes. She saw him in the street on Thursday.

She saw a suspicious black car staking out their place around 9pm Friday night. Then he came back home Saturday then disappeared in a hurry.

She shows three places in Kappy’s apartment where it looks like someone punched the wall. Possibly signs of a struggle: surely the police should be investigating? Police are in touch with his ex-girlfriend Kate in Oregon. He left his computer behind but took his iPad. There didn’t seem to be any content of note on his computer, just a lot of head shots. I’ve asked on Twitter if we can get his browser history.

From his bank statements it shows he came home Saturday, gave away a bunch of stuff. When he went to visit Fiona he did the same thing, gave a bunch of stuff away to his friendly neighbors. He left California (definitely not Los Angeles or Norcal) Saturday in a rush with a lot of dark energy on him to go to Williams AZ (350 miles); Williams to Bellemont (23 miles); Bellemont to Kingsman (126 miles). Last transaction Sunday 5/13 authorization at check in to the Days Inn in Bellemont.

He went to a Love’s gas station twice, the first time $11 – probably to get cigarettes. The second time to put gas in the car, the amount was $6.66. Was Kappy trying to send a message? Apparently he did a Periscope or Instagram video from the car which has been deleted. People who saw it say someone else was driving, others say he was driving. He apparently had lost his license so should not have been driving, however the police did have a California license number that they called in. I’m not going to publish that but if @truthofaflower or his roommate or anyone else has a number for Kappy I could verify if it’s the same one.

She also said she and her boyfriend gave Kappy a book on how to disappear without a trace.


A New Low For Logos [UPDATES]

Jump to latest Update

Jan Irvin is becoming increasingly unhinged. See:

Debunking Jan Irvin

Debunking Jan Irvin Part 2

His latest behavior is a new low, even for him.

He is now reporting his critics to the FBI. For some reason he has enough influence with this government agency that they are actually going to peoples’ homes to question them for criticizing Jan and to intimidate them into stopping.

Fortunately the person in question has a Ring doorbell which records video, so he was able to capture the whole interaction. The video and sound quality is less than ideal, but you get the gist:

Jan accuses everyone else of being a government agent, but this is a clear sign that he is at best an FBI informant, and at worst an active part of their modern-day COINTELPRO operations.

The person swatted says:

He was obviously playing the christian card. Those FBI people said that he told them that he runs a christian podcast show. I told them he only recently started to claim to be a christian. That when I first met him he claimed Jesus was a mushroom and never actually existed. Pretty sure I know exactly when Jan called them. Because Jan told me he was going to call them. It was when he was filling multiple copyright claims on my channel. I emailed Jan trying to get him to stop filling copyright claims on me. He said he won’t stop. I called him a little bitch that dishes it out by attacking others constantly, but cries like a bitch when people give him a taste of his own medicine. When he did get the channel taken down I told him you just guaranteed that I will now make more videos on you. And that’s when he said he’s calling the FBI on me. I said go ahead. Not thinking he actually would. What I did not tell the FBI and I wish I would have remembered, was that Jan accuses other people of being me. But lately he’s been accusing people that disagree with him of being Steve (Zos). What the whole thing reminded me of is how whoever calls the cops first is the side the cops tend to take. Clearly the FBI did not even google Jan Irvin. They new nothing about him except for what he told them. Had they just googled his name, I bet they would have never bothered me.

[UPDATE 5/12/19]

The victim of Jan’s FBI swatting cyber-attack has spoken out, under his more commonly known alias:

These days Jan insists that anyone who questions him is a “crypto-Islamic Neo-Nazi”. This is ridiculous prima facie, because neo-Nazis are associated with racism and white supremacy, not praying to Mohammed.

Jan now claims that the government story of 9/11 is true, and that Islam is to blame for the collapse of the three towers – not the neocons and “dancing Israelis”.

Jan Irvin has appeared on Alex Jones’ InfoWars 3 times this year. On his most recent appearance he called out “GDL”, the Goyim Defense League, saying that they call for violence against gays. Like most of these claims, Jan provides no citation for it.

Since I published my Debunking posts and video, many truthers have now moved to publicly distance themselves from Jan. Jesse Spots severed all ties:

Former collaborator Matthew North said Jesse summed up his opinion too:

On May 17th Matthew North did a video explaining his thoughts on Jan.

Adam Green called him a “turncoat”, “deceptive”, and “fraudulent”:

Not content with publicly humiliating his wife – then asking the audience to send him superchats because “I need a steak dinner after this” – Jan has threatened her with legal action in an attempt to steal research she began before she ever met him.

On his most recent show he doxxed Handsome Truth from the GDL:

Doxxing and calling in copyright strikes to censor critics is colloquially known as “Gay Ops” in the truther community. Jan tried it with me:

Unfortunately for Jan, when I began collaborating with him I asked him to sign a contract giving me the right to use any content I created with him. Clearly he is not a man of his word, and lacks the integrity to honor contracts he has signed. I challenged the strike and it was removed.

Others were not so lucky. Albert Bishai was banned from live streaming because of a copyright strike from Jan, for playing a video from the Activist News channel that included a clip of Jan:

Jan’s recent shows promoting the Talmud and Islamophobia have been very poorly received by his audience, judging by the Like:Dislike ratio.

Jan claims that the many dislikes are from “shills”, in his mind it is not possible that any genuine person could dislike his content. Even if that were true, it does not explain why there are so few Likes from videos with thousands of views on a channel with 66,000 subscribers. He was doing much better a couple of years ago with my content:

His shows with his (third) ex-wife Holly were also well received:

Jan Irvin insists that he is an advocate for free speech, yet deletes comments, blocks anyone who questions him, files copyright strikes, and snitches to the FBI. All these actions are the complete opposite of what he professes to stand for. If you live in Logos you can defend your ideas with evidence and logic – there is no need to attack the messenger and silence dissent.

What will be next for Jan? More FBI raids on anyone who questions his increasingly erratic claims? Surely Alex Jones cannot condone frequent guests on his show acting in this manner.

[Update May 20 2019]