#WokeWars – Cops Clash With “Anti-Capitalist” Climate Protestors in Black Rock Desert

For many years there has been a tension on the Playa between Burners and Cops. This year, though, it seems the two sides are aligned against a new invasive species: anti-capitalist activists. So woke that they travel hundreds of miles to the desert to hold up thousands of cars, idling in the heat and emitting CO2 for absolutely no reason. Did anyone learn about pollution from this stunt?

Fortunately these Pyramid Lake Reservation Rangers know what time it is. It’s one-time on yo ass muthafucka!

You might have seen the clip, but have you seen the full video? An epic moment in Burning Man history.

Maltese man with accent shouting “this is a democracy!”. He was then arrested.

“We need Burners to rise up!”, says whiter-than-thou hippy chick.

Burner Karen “you’re making an unsafe environment for other humans, which I know is the opposite of what you want. I support this planet, fuck you!”

A link between Burning Man and the Maui fires is claimed, but not explained.

As well as the 9 million (at posting) views on Raw Story’s tweet, this was picked up by LA Times, Daily Mail, NY Post, Fox News, The Hindustan Times, Russia Today and many others.

If Burning Man was a country it would be the 4th biggest polluter in the world. Will Burners finally address the environmental nightmare behind the rave? Or nah? Which branch of Woke overrides which? The Progressive Paradox…

Mud Man 2023

Burning Man is closed. Don’t Go.

No really.

“Do not drive to Gerlach, you will be turned around…the [front] gate will remain closed at least until noon PT on Tuesday”.

The storm is upon us, and it’s a killer named Hillary.

Her first victim? Center Camp, looks like a drowning in shallow water…

Images: SFGate, Patrick Reeves via Facebook

In 2014 when we reported on Burning Man’s gate being closed due to inclement weather it made international headline news, rocketing our post and this humble blog to #1 on WordPress. This year, after consecutive years of pandemic closure (where Burning Man happened anyway, just without the Org) followed by a lacklustre influencer-led return to the Playa that saw massive swathes of the city depart before The Man burned…does anyone still care?

Maybe the people spending $10,000 per night on their lavish suites with flushing toilets and showers care. Will this lead to chaos on the way in as thousands of people per hour get backed up? Probably not at this stage, as it’s only people going to set up the camps, stages and art installations. But it sure could lead to problems down the road.

Presumably this mud and lake are not great for the private airline and private jets to the private airport.

Hillary brought half a year’s worth of rain in 6 hours to Palm Springs…fortunately, not during Coachella.

Is this climate change? The result of too few people driving Teslas? Or are the Millenials and Generation Z just too coddled and pussified for Radical Self Reliance to still be a thing?

What’s a bit of mud between friends, anyway?

mud orgy

Mud Orgy at Burning Man, 1993

Featured image credit: water on the Playa creating a lake in 2017, David Calvert/Daily Mail