Insane in the Ukraine Part 3 – Sheep Dipping the Truther?

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It seems that all roads lead to Ukraine in the news cycle right now. We have Glenn Beck taking to the chalk board in a 2-hour special to break it down for us. The Trump impeachment story and the Ukraine story are intimately intertwined, with the Atlantic Council financing an Adam Schiff staffer’s trip to Ukraine just as the latest “whistleblower” plot to topple President Trump was being launched.

It has now come to light in the mainstream media that the sons of Joe Biden and John Kerry teamed up with the nephew of Whitey Bulger in a “shady private equity firm” to get lucrative oil and gas contracts in Ukraine and China. Nancy Pelosi’s son was there doing deals too.

Former Breitbart journalist Lee Stranahan (who is a registered foreign agent working for Russian state-sponsored propaganda outlet Sputnik) has been banging the Ukraine drum for a while now. He’s the guy who introduced his long-time friend Jason Goodman to George Webb. He now seems to be hanging out with Webb, from whom Goodman has distanced himself.

So here we have two prominent alt-media personalities, closely connected to each other, covering politics, both defendants in lawsuits, and both connected to Ukraine. We explored this in more detail in part 1 and part 2.

Ukrainian Nazis, you say? Hmmm…Source:

We have received some updated information from a source I’ll call Raven. This provided some leads for further investigation. While I have no way to confirm the identity of Raven, I believe I know who it is and find them to be a very talented researcher who collaborates with other researchers I also greatly respect. I have vetted the information they have provided as much as possible and it has all checked out, but as always, Do Your Own Research.

Jason Goodman has been enraged by the opinions I have expressed about him and his various lawsuits on this blog and my YouTube channel. He calls me a liar while lying about me; but like others in the #BlueTeam who use the same attack vector, he has yet to provide a single example of an alleged lie nor any piece of evidence to refute any claim I have made. He’s had years now. Meanwhile we always present the evidence we are using to draw conclusions. The citations are in the hyperlinks – nearly 200 in this post. Where are Jason’s citations?

Sheep Dip the Spoof

Raven believes that Jason Goodman was taken out of military intelligence and “sheep-dipped” to create an artificial career in Hollywood. Sounds preposterous? Consider the evidence we are presenting here and decide for yourself.

21st Century 3D

The first anomaly we must consider is Jason Goodman’s company “21st Century 3D”.

According to the official story, it was founded in the 20th Century. 3D film technology has been around since the 1890’s (cf The Modern Supernatural and the Beginnings of Cinema) . Like “Virtual Reality”, they keep re-launching it as “the next big thing” but it never seems to really cross the chasm into mainstream acceptance as a default technology.

Officially, 21c3d began in 1999 when the company changed its name:

In May 2001, Jason Goodman was still writing letters as President of Multimedia Software Design.

The 21st Century 3D web site was launched in July 2001, claiming it as a division of MultiMedia Software Design. If the company changed its name in 1999, why would they describe it as a division in 2001? I can find no record of the company name being changed as Jason Goodman states above.

In 2001 their web site claimed the parent company was founded in 1992:

Note client list: Warner Bros. This particular studio keeps coming up in the Isaac Kappy story. New Line Cinema is a division of Warner Bros. The Bronfmans of NXIVM and Seagrams fame have ties to the Warner group.

I can’t find the name Jason Goodman anywhere in the 2001 web sites of 21st Century 3D or its parent company Multimedia Software Design. The latter’s web archive goes back to 1996 – they may have had a web site earlier, but I don’t think we had the Internet archive earlier.

From 2004 started redirecting to Jason Goodman’s name is still not there but there is a 2004 picture of him appearing to operate a camera.

The first mention of his name I can find on the Web site of 21st Century 3D was in February 2006. He is not described as CEO or President.

Jason Goodman is mentioned on the Multimedia Software Design website in November 1998 in relation to a column he wrote in Keyframe magazine. Once again, he is not described as CEO or President.

What’s the Problem?

The problem is that this “Jason Goodman” character – who supposedly has a 25 year+ long career in Hollywood – has basically nothing on the Internet documenting his activities in the movie industry until the late Noughties. There seems to be a 16 year gap.

His LinkedIn page tells two conflicting stories. He claims that 21st Century 3D was started in July 1993. Yet he didn’t graduate from NYU Film School until 1994. Why was he saying 1992 for Multimedia Software Design in 2001? In 1992 Jason Goodman was 19 years old and in the 3rd year of a 5-year college degree in Film. Why was he saying 1999 for 21st Century 3D in 2011? Real resumés don’t change years and company names over time.

Source: LinkedIn

Raven has searched but has not been able to verify that this Jason Goodman really graduated with a degree from NYU. It might seem at first glance that he was there for 4 years, but this is actually 5 years of college (my own 3 year degree was 1990-92). Jason Goodman was 17 in 1990.

The Wayback machine does not have Jason’s LinkedIn page archived, but my one is saved in 2008 and 2009. This suggests that his page was created later than 2009, and LinkedIn profiles no longer get crawled by the Wayback machine.

The New York State Department’s Corporations Division tells another story again. They have no listing for “MultiMedia Software Design” (nor could I find one in California). However there is one of “MultiMedia System Design”. This company was registered on the summer solstice, June 21 1994.

Trademark Search

When Jason Goodman registered the trademark for “Crowdsource the Truth”, claiming its first commercial use was October 1 2016, he did so in the name of Multimedia System Design Inc.


I could find no trademark for 21st Century 3d, 21c3d, MultiMedia Software Design, or MultiMedia System Design.

The US Patent and Trademark Office does have three registered trademark entries for Multimedia Systems Design Inc. Their mark was filed on June24, 1998 by Miller Freeman Inc, a publishing company in San Francisco founded in 1902. The trademark was issued in 2000. They would not have been able to get this if there was another company with such a similar name already doing business in the multimedia field.


Once again, the evidence does not match the story. If the story is legit, it should be easy for Mr Goodman to demonstrate this by showing incorporation documents, pointing us to his trademark or certificates of stock ownership, perhaps showing us bank statements or invoices.

Jason Goodman has called me a liar without identifying and refuting with evidence even a single alleged “lie”.

I have just demonstrated with evidence that Jason Goodman is lying on his LinkedIn page about his company history and name. There was no 21st Century 3d in 1993; as a legal entity, there still doesn’t appear to be one today. Even 20 years ago, his company was lying about both its history and its name. The difference between 1992 and 1994 might not seem significant but in the world of multimedia and the web it is the difference between being a pioneer and a latecomer.

What Happened 1994-2009?

The 21c3D YouTube channel was started in July 2009. Interestingly, the location is listed as the U.K.

One would think that a video production company that had been doing business for 15-17 years by the time they launched their YouTube channel would have a bunch of epic stuff they had done for their clients to post. There’s not a single video that I can associate with a date prior to 2009.

Here’s their 2013 demo reel:

Is that Cameron Diaz? If so, she looks more like 2013 Cameron Diaz than 1994 Cameron Diaz

Why does a Multimedia Software Design company have a “clinical research manager”?

A TruthFinder background report on Jason Goodman reveals some more interesting connections – companies that are not listed in his LinkedIn profile.

I can’t find anything online for LEVY:ARIE Media Brokers.

I did find a “Goodman Media Group” (no longer in business) out of New York with Jason Goodman as President, publishing UFO magazines:

The “Fit Yoga” President Jason Goodman has the same address as the Goodman Media Group one. There is nothing to show that they are all the same person, other than that’s what it says in his background report.

Terminator Takeover

In November 2014 Jason Goodman was named in an SEC filing as a member of the board of directors of Brick Top Productions, a Florida company that took over the Carolco brand (producers of Terminator 2, Rambo 1-3, Angel Heart, Basic Instinct and Israeli military propaganda film Iron Eagle II).


Last year the company, now called Recall Productions, paid $200 million to acquire an Artificial Intelligence business. Jason Goodman does not appear to be on the Board these days.

Carolco’s Lebanese founder Mario Kassar selected Goodman for his “oeuvre as substantial as some of the other great cinematographers”:


So where is this “substantial oeuvre”? Surely even one clip from it would be in his show reel? Or was Mr Kassar talking about the bikini car wash in 3D?

Seen Holding Statues

A “three-time Lumiere Award winning Innovator”, that sounds impressive. Innovator is even capitalized! Unfortunately for Mr Goodman (and other Officers of this publicly traded company potentially submitting false information to the SEC) this has been completely debunked by The Hudson Report in Jason Goodman: From Russia With Love

Since publishing this story: all of the pictures of Goodman with the Lumiere Awards statues have been ‘scrubbed’ from images in a Google search. Is someone on the Google team providing support for Goodman’s cover? The only picture with Jason Goodman holding the statues… now links to his IMDB page which has a description.

The funny thing about this description, is that it didn’t exist before this story was published. Once again, Goodman tries to change history using false information to support the ongoing ‘cover’ that he has developed and promoted for years. The International 3D Society’s 4th Annual 3D Creative Arts Awards Ceremony of 2013 NEVER presented Goodman with any awards. He did not win anything. How do we know? Here’s the documentation…Four different articles that provide the list of winners for the 2013 The International 3D Society’s 4th Annual 3D Creative Arts Awards Ceremony.

Goodman is not on any of the lists. He did not win any awards.

Goodman’s Lumiere Awards picture is designed to mislead the public. The evidence speaks for itself…

Source: The Hudson Report

This pattern of claiming credits for awards not received was repeated when Jason and his sidekick Charles Ortel made a big deal about “getting nominated for a Peabody Award” – which anyone can nominate somebody for. See CryptoBeast #2 – #Clownsource the #Peabody

Where Are The Credits?

The movie industry is not like software. If I start a company and take it public in an IPO, there might be some names of CxOs or other Key Personnel mentioned in documents, but you’re not going to read the names of the receptionist or development team. Hollywood is the opposite. Watch a movie all the way to the end and you will see “credits”. Everyone who worked on that movie is listed, “junior assistant to key grip” and so on.

Jason Goodman does show up in movie credits…but not until much later in his alleged career.

The movie industry has IMDB, the Internet Movie Database. You can go to it and search peoples’ names and see what movies they were in.

Jason Goodman does have an IMDB profile. The first entry is 2009.

There is not a single credit for any work between 1992 and 2009, even though 21st Century 3D had a Los Angeles office in this time period. This seems #HighlySuspicious.

Will the Real Jason Goodman Please Stand Up?

“Jason Goodman” is a common enough name – which makes it convenient for cover stories. There are other Jason Goodmans in Hollywood, such as this guy who made Bill Clinton: the Rock and Roll President

…and this guy

…who played “boy head” in a creepy pedo-ish video which begins with a teen male awaking with an erection, moves to close ups of him zipping his fly, then shows him covered in blood at a “killer” party surrounded by adults with their skin being cut revealing them as reptilians. Just some of the “other” Hollywood Jason Goodmans. Note the icon on this one’s web site:

There’s also this guy:


…and this guy:

Wire-rimmed glasses. A slight build that can’t fill up his uniform. The name is the same and they look very similar. The article describes Sergeant Goodman as “a guy who likes to slip into the background”.

In Part 1 I showed a video of Jason presenting in London in March 2014 as CEO of AeroCine, whose principals had just flown a drone equipped with high definition surveillance capabilities over Ukraine’s Chernobyl nuclear site in February 2014, the time of the Maidan Revolution there. I observed that he had a completely different demeanor and posture to today’s character – a military bearing as he moved about the stage.

Both have quite pronounced grooves running from their nose below their cheekbones, and a slight upwards curve to their lips like The Joker. Both have a dimple between the lower lip and the chin. The straightness of the nose and roundness of the tip, the flare of the nostrils, the size of these in relation to each other and the face…to me all look very similar.

What do you think, readers? Same guy, or different? Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

Hollywood Crowdsources the Revolution

Hollywood was deeply involved in the Ukraine revolution.

This revolution was not random, but part of a larger geopolitical strategy.

Source: W21CIR/Times of Israel

If you watched my CryptoBeast #22 and #15 interviews with Carl Hassell, or #11 with Joe Atwill, then it might not surprise you to learn that the neo-Nazis behind the Ukrainian revolution were funded by Jewish billionaire oligarchs:

Source: W21CIR/Times of Israel

Lest I be accused of anti-Semitism, please note that this is quoting a story from the Times of Israel about a secret report given to Benjamin Netanyahu:

Source: W21CIR/Times of Israel

The hands of the Obama Administration’s State Department were all over this coup (note Victoria Nuland is married to Robert Kagan, one of the leaders of the Neocon-Zionist cabal):

Ukraine’s revolution was propelled by “the Blue Helmets of Maidan”, a probable (and ironic) reference to the United Nations Peacekeeping Force.

According to Commander Delta, one of the key militias organizing the revolt was an irregular unit of 5 IDF soldiers leading 35 “non-Jewish” men and women, confirmed by Chief Rabbi Moshe Azman of Odessa’s Brodsky Synagogue (Chabad Lubovitch):

Commander “Delta” came out of a Reconnaissance battalion of the IDF – as in, drones.

In what seems like an unusual amount of work for a newspaper story, the New York Times shared a 3D model reconstruction and sophisticated multimedia presentation of the Maidan massacre sniper positions.

“The problem was how to take multiple vantage points and put them together into a coherent analysis,” he said. “Maidan was the same problem set, but on steroids.”

The quantity of raw footage amassed by Nefertari was overwhelming, running into the thousands of hours

Source: New York Times, May 30 2018

So much for “the revolution will not be televised”. This one was amply attended by Hollywood. They even brought 3D modelers and drone pilots.

See also: Veterans Today, The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia

Steganography From Seacaucus?

When the Maidan Revolution broke out in Ukraine, 21st Century 3D sent out a couple of cryptic tweets with the words Start and Reset, which were both commented on by Jeff Brink in an unusual manner. One was in Cromwell, CT; the next was from Seacaucus, NJ (code relating to “Caucasus”, perhaps?):

I can find no entry in the Guinness Book of World Records for Jason Goodman or AeroEscape. AeroCine did come up, something to do with Turkish pocketless billiards that appears unrelated.

Was this steganography? Or was he talking about his self-proclaimed record for the longest drone flight with a Red camera?

Videos and tweets are a good way to engineer an alibi. We have no way of telling if the upload dates were the same as the filming dates, or if it was Jason himself tweeting to the @21c3d account. The combined metadata creates the impression that he was not in Ukraine at the time. His team was, I will show proof of that in the timeline below.

Mission Timeline

The social media timelines of the principals shows how the operation unfolded, starting with a trip to Sweden for a “Black Armored Drone”:

There are 8 people pictured. Who was funding all this?

Who did they know? Surely it would take months of planning and paperwork to get a permit for something like this involving a sensitive nuclear site? This suggests they had someone powerful behind the scenes that was making this stuff happen for them.

Note the (very expensive) RED camera and ARRI equipment being fitted to the Black Armored Drone:

By February 8 2014, the Forward Operations Group was in place in Chernobyl, Ukraine, about 60 miles from Kiev:

Kevin Marsden got confirmation directly from the pilot that the Aerocine crew were there in Ukraine when the revolution was happening – not just for their Chernobyl filming:

Three days before the main event of the Ukraine revolution (assuming again that publish date is the same as filming date), Jason Goodman demonstrated that the AeroEscape heavy lift drone could have 3D capability with 2 RED EPIC cameras. Recognize that Chelsea rooftop?

The comments to the video from the New York City Drone Film Festival confirm that the footage was shot in February 2014 as a showcase of AeroCine. AeroEscape was the name of the project, after the successful Ukraine mission AeroCine became the company name.

What did Jason Goodman do from September 2014 until May 2017, when he appeared on the YouTube truther scene with George Webb?

What We Can Prove

The timeline above provides evidence that

  • Jason Goodman, Brian Streem and Jeff Brink, principals of AeroCine, were working together on drone projects in February 2014;
  • they were specifically working together on Feb 20, 2014, the day of the Maidan Square sniper massacre in Kiev;
  • key members of their team including the chief pilot were in Ukraine from at least Feb 8, 2014 through the revolution.

In Part 1 we posted proof that Jason Goodman, Brian Streem and Jeff Brink formed Aerocine together, that Jason Goodman was CEO, and the company claimed credit for flying its technology over Ukraine.

“Revolutionary” footage, get it?

In Part 2 we posted a list of responses to Part 1 from Jason Goodman. We have now addressed each one of these with evidence. Where is Mr Goodman’s evidence?

  1. “it started before I got involved”
    We have proved that Jason Goodman was involved with AeroCine in February 2014. He was the first one tweeting out about “Guinness”, being retweeted by co-founder Jeff Brink. Their Crunchbase profile specifically mentions the Feb 21 flight was conducted by AeroCine.
  2. “the original aircraft was purchased in Sweden”
    No dispute, we showed their trip to obtain the Black Armored Drone. Who financed this expensive drone, camera, and travel?
  3. “the two original owners of that company actually decided to go to Ukraine and do a video over the Chernobyl nuclear reactor”
    We have shown from their social media reactions that it is more likely that they were given this assignment than that they decided to seek it out. “Holy crap. Things just got real” and “It’s all about who you know”, said Brink.
  4. “this is before I got involved in the company”
    The same as point 1. We have shown Jason Goodman, Jeff Brink and Brian Streem were all involved together flying drones in February 2014, which is when the Chernobyl flight took place. We also showed Jason’s presentation in March 2014 as CEO of AeroCine where he showed the footage that “just went viral all around the world” (which has been edited out) – this was either the footage of Chernobyl, which it appears to be from how he is describing it to the audience; or if not then it was the footage of the ARRI “Guinness” flight. Tweets and video prove Jason Goodman was present at the latter, and Brink’s tweets about #AeroEscape prove they were working together.
  5. “they got in a dispute with the Swedish manufacturer and the helicopter failed”
    We have no evidence that the helicopter failed in Ukraine. Instead, a documentary of the footage won multiple awards, suggesting the mission was a success. We have shown the helicopter being assembled brand new, specifically for the Chernobyl mission. We also provided video of the successful test flight of the drone upon delivery in Sweden.
  6. “when I joined that company they had no working helicopter, I had to go to Sweden and re-establish the relationship with the manufacturer to get that helicopter repaired and back in the sky”
    The helicopter appears to have been working fine on Feb 8 2017 and they also had a working helicopter able to set “Guinness” records on Feb 20 and 21 2017. So at what point did they not have a working helicopter? Did the drone get damaged in Ukraine after the Chernobyl filming? Who provided the financing for Goodman’s trip to Sweden? Streem’s Aerobo raised $2 million but it was founded in October 2015, more than a year after Goodman’s departure.
  7. “then I got them to change the name of their company to Aerocine”
    They registered the company as AeroEscape LLC on December 18, 2013; after the Chernobyl mission they filed on March 12 2014 to change the name to AeroCine. Jason Goodman was tweeting with Jeff Brink about #AeroEscape on February 20-21, 2014. It’s all the same thing.

Trademark Turf War

On September 17, 2014 at 10:29pm, Jason Goodman was kicked out of AeroCine (LLC). You can see from this tweet that AeroCine and AeroEscape were interchangeable.

On September 18, 2014 Jason Goodman registered “AeroCine” as a trademark of AeroCine, INC. Was he trying to masquerade as the company he got kicked out of?

AeroCine, INC was registered as a Delaware corporation 9/11/2014, but was never registered in New York.

Goodman claimed commercial use of the AeroCine trademark since March 13, 2014.


I can find no registration for AeroCine, INC in the New York State Department Companies Register. Only AeroCine LLC, registered by Brian Streem in December 2013.

Jason Goodman claims he has used the AeroCine word mark since March 13, 2014; but the Name History above proves Brian Streem was using it commercially a day before that. The trademark was eventually granted to Jason Goodman, after what looks like some battle.

Source: Justia

On April 21 2015 Brian Streem registered AeroCine Ventures INC. He correctly registered the company in Delaware then registered in New York as a foreign corporation.

AeroCine Ventures, INC was registered before Jason Goodman’s trademark was granted in November 2015. They appear to still be doing business under that name, with 34 different drone aircraft tail numbers registered with the FAA since 2015. Hoovers estimates their annual revenues at $1.5 million, so the drone business seems a lot more lucrative than the crowdsourcing truth business. AeroCine Ventures owns the Aerobo and Vermeer trademarks.

A 2016 SEC filing gives further insight into the financials of AeroCine Ventures:

We presume that this is the same corporation as Brian Streem’s Aerobo.

Source: Crunchbase

Why is Jason Goodman allowing others to make millions off his trademark?

Minnesota Mentors

Jason Goodman has two mentors of significance to this story: John Rupkalvis and Jerome Corsi. Both are connected to Minnesota.

Goodman’s Mentor John Rupkalvis graduated from the University of Minnesota and did some of his first major projects there. He has worked for NASA, JPL, Grumman Aerospace, Stanford University, and Bell Research. He worked on the Viking Mars Lander and developed Virtual Reality technology for the US Army. He’s the first person I’ve ever come across with an 80-page resumé:


Rupkalvis is certainly someone who has won Lumiere awards – in fact in 2014 he was awarded their Lifetime Achievement Award.

Here are the two of them in 2005, one of the oldest photos of Jason Goodman to be found on the Internet. Does he really look like a guy who’s been CEO of a Hollywood multimedia production company for 13 years?

They met up again in 2006:

Jason was visiting from NY to attend workshops and demonstrate high-definition cameras

By 2008 Jason was sharing offices with John Rupkalvis and Pedro Guimaraes.

Jason Goodman (21st Century 3d) also calls our offices home

Rupkalvis, Jason Goodman, Ivan Stamatovski and Pedro Guimaraes worked together on a number of projects.

How does a guy like Jason Goodman find himself with someone like John Rupkalvis – with not just a Deep State, but even a Deep Space background – as his mentor?

Raven contends that Rupkavlis set Goodman up with a team to do the work and let him take the credit, in order to create a cover story:

Why was John Rupkalvis, technical genius, assigned to Jason Goodman? We have no idea. Nothing qualifies Goodman for this level of attention or training…
The year 2010 seems to be the ‘break out’ year for Goodman to present himself as a viable Hollywood ‘player.’ He had a few years of training, his 21st Century 3D company had been managed by other people i.e. Serbians and now it was time for him to move into his new role. Here’s the promotional video that launches his new cover. Jeff Pierce makes an introductory appearance along with John Rupklavis and Jason Goodman…the ‘star’ of the video. In the future, Jeff Pierce plays a role in Goodman’s drone business Aerocine.

Raven says:

It’s clear that Ivan & Baker were running 21st Century 3D…Milena was supporting their work. Goodman was learning about cameras via Ivan, Rupkalvis, Pedro and at camera shows as part of his training as a sales person/intel insert…

It appears that Pedro Guimaraes’s role was to promote Goodman as a stereoscopic designer. It’s possible that he was ‘Panama Mike’ from Crowd Source the Truth . If you watch any of the online videos prior to 2016, it is clear that Goodman does not operate the equipment. There are staged photos that have the appearance of Goodman working on something , however, it is our opinion that Goodman is ‘front’ guy for whatever operation he represents. He has never been an inventor…Rupkalvis is the real ‘wizard behind the curtain.’

I did find one patent application related to Stereoscopic technology registered with Jason David Goodman and James Vincent Masi, but it was abandoned. I found three patents for John Rupkalvis.

Raven offers this Steadi3d article as proof that Jason Goodman wasn’t allowed to actually operate the cameras, Pedro did all that.

Dr Corsi

Dr Corsi was the Washington DC Bureau Chief for InfoWars. He is also a columnist for World Net Daily. He betrayed Alex Jones, Roger Stone, and the QAnon movement. He was a key figure behind the “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth” psyop targeted at Skull and Bonesman John Kerry.

Jerome Corsi is proud to have learned the Black Arts of Propaganda (ie. “Social Engineering”) directly from the master Edward Bernays.

He claims to have “above Mossad” intelligence sources:

Dr Corsi has appeared on Crowdsource the Truth many times, frequently with his attorney Larry Klayman who sued Obama, Hillary Clinton and his own Mother. He was part of the infamous Clear and Present Danger show which shut down the 8th busiest port in the U.S. with a plotline apparently based on a 2005 book Corsi wrote about Dirty Bombs.

According to George Webb, Dr Corsi offered he and Jason $9000 each per month. Shortly after that the Port of Charleston Dirty Bomb Hoax, Who Spoofed the Seth Rich Files, QAnon and other LARPs were launched – the latest Part 3 of my series on LARPwars has more details.

George Webb, Jason Goodman, Jerome Corsi in Dr Corsi’s home office.

Jerome Corsi was linked to Minnesota when he was raising the “Israel Opportunities Fund”, an Israeli-focused mutual fund for B’nai B’rith (Jewish Freemasonry) designed to bring US dollars to enrich Israel by “developing business”.

This turned into a scandal in Poland involving one of the Rockefellers. B’Nai B’rith was banned in Poland for being “of Masonic character”.

From the Daily Kos:

Source: Daily KOS

in 2018 Mel Rockefeller sent a letter to Special Counsel Robert Mueller sharing his personal knowledge of Corsi from Minnesota:

Jerome Corsi once wrote a trippy childrens book about witches and dragons. Source: The Daily Beast

21st Century Cutout

There have been quite a collection of characters working at 21st Century 3D over the years.

Even though the company didn’t start until 1999, Lee Stranahan’s brother Ken who has “worked in Hollywood a lot” worked there in 1996. Hmmm.

Source: LinkedIn

Next we have the Serbians.

Let’s start with Ivan Stamtovski their social media guy. He left the company in July 2011 after 7 years.

On Feb 11, 2014, as the AeroCine team were in Ukraine and revolution was breaking out, somehow Ivan also decided to start a drone company, Easy Aerial.

They launched on May 13, 2014 with a Kickstarter with a $20,000 goal. They raised $45,627. Their next Kickstarter raised $38,500.

Then they raised a seed round of $1.6 million.

Source: Crunchbase

Now clients include the US Air Force and Navy, as well as Israel, Thailand, Japan and “Europe and Central Africa”.

That’s a lot of achievements for not very much investor capital.
Source: EasyAerial

EasyAerial seem to have a mostly Serbian team. Somehow they managed to get 5 senior Israeli Air Force officers on their advisory board.

How did Jason Goodman’s social media guy recruit a team like this?

Some more 21st Century 3D Serbians:

3D animator and production assistant Milena Lekovic went to Baruch College, same as Ivan Stamatovski:

Here she is at the “Guinness” flight in February 2014. This is significant because according to her LinkedIn she was not working for 21st Century 3D at that time.

Jeff Pierce was also at this flight. He’s the guy in the trenchcoat standing next to Jason Goodman.

Jeff Pierce ran John Rupkalvis’ company at the time Jason Goodman was getting his Hollywood experience.

Pierce’s current job involves cryptographic technology developed by the Defense Department.

Stephen Baker may not be Serbian, but in Raven’s opinion he was the real person running 21st Century 3D. Like Goodman, Streem, and Brink, Baker also graduated from NYU.

The 21st Century 3D LinkedIn group has 328 members. Why did Jason walk away from his long and “award-winning” career? For drones and LARPs?


Jason Goodman claims that I am a liar who just “makes up nonsense”. I believe that over three posts here we have demonstrated the quality of our research and evidence. Mr Goodman is yet to produce any evidence, and his own claims contradict the facts.

With all these Serbians involved with him, I find it #HighlySuspicious that Jason Goodman recently teamed up with Jan Irvin to smear me. Jan Irvin lived in Serbia around the time of the 90’s war, was married to a Serbian, and was registered as an agent and business contact for the American Serbian Association for Peace. See Debunking Jan Irvin – Part 2 for details. Both Jason Goodman and Jan Irvin have been on InfoWars, which is considered by most truthers to be a Zionist-friendly operation.

Jason is on video speaking fluent Russian. He sure has a penchant for associating himself with foreign agents. He has more guests with Deep State backgrounds on his show than any other YouTube Truther – by a country mile. More than Alex Jones, even. He’s also quick to whip out the Anti-Semitism card against his critics.

If everything we have presented is 100% true, not even a minor detail mis-stated, would Jason Goodman’s response then be to say “OK Steve, you got me, good job done. I admit I’m a Lifetime Actor, I lied to my audience to get money from them”? Or would he call me a liar, dismiss it as nonsense, play the victim of trolls and gangstalkers, and attack me with ad hominems, sophistry and doxxing?

Mr Goodman says that I am a coward because I criticize him in New Zealand where I can’t be sued. In fact New Zealand has a very robust legal system, as he should know from his relationship with Kim Dotcom who has been battling in the Courts here for the better part of a decade. The full might of the US Department of Justice hasn’t been able to railroad him out of here yet. Jason Goodman has been to New Zealand recently himself, coming along with Hillary Clinton on her last visit and miraculously being allowed to film and livestream her entire (sold out) $300 a ticket event.

New Zealand is ranked #2 in Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index. The United States is #22, meaning the U.S. is much more corrupt. New Zealand is #5 in the Index of Public Integrity, compared to #12 for the United States. Mr Goodman is more likely to get a fair trial in New Zealand than in the United States.

If I am wrong about something, I invite him to show the evidence and I would be happy to print a correction, even apologize if necessary. Can Mr Goodman say the same? His slander of me is easy to identify, but where is mine against him?

All I am doing here is showing evidence. Please consider it and draw your own conclusions, to me it seems obvious.


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LARPWars Part 2 – Moving the GoalPosts

This series is investigating the information, relationships and transactions behind the scenes of the alt-media “truth” community that are coming to light as a result of various lawsuits and catfights. Some of the biggest political stories of our times connect into these LARPers, who are increasingly attracting mainstream media attention.

Memes played a crucial role in the 2016 US Presidential election and it looks like LARPs will in 2020.

PizzaGate Body Count

In the weeks leading up to the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, WikiLeaks published the emails of Hillary Clinton’s Chief of Staff John Podesta (who, incidentally, helped John Perry Barlow found the EFF). The coded language, sacrifices to Molech and corrupt behavior revealed in these emails led to a crowdsourced investigation on an unprecedented scale. This was dubbed #PizzaGate because it centered around a man named James Alefantis who in 2012 was named the #49 most powerful person in Washington D.C. as the owner of a pizza restaurant called Comet Ping-Pong. Since then, all the bombshell revelations that have come out in relation to NXIVM, Jeffrey Epstein and the MEGA group have proved that the involvement of billionaires and governments in child sex trafficking and compromise operations is conspiracy fact, not theory.

There are a lot of dead bodies around this story, the Venn diagram intersection of PizzaGate and WikiLeaks that has been the front lines of the Internet truth community for the past few years.

Isaac Kappy (highway accident), Tracy Twyman (hanging), Jen Moore (unknown, covered in bruises), Ian Murdock (hanging/wellness check), Sam Fullerton (police shootout/wellness check), Himmmm (unknown), Chris Cline (helicopter crash), Andrew Breitbart (heart attack), Joe Hagmann (overdose/murdered), Max Spiers (overdose/poisoned), Seth Rich (gunshot), Shawn Lucas (overdose), Beranton Wisenant (gunshot), Senator Linda Collins-Smith (gunshot) Bruce and Nancy Schaeffer (shootout/murder-suicide), Monica Peterson (hanging), Michael Hastings (car explosion), Jeffrey Epstein (hanging), Anthony Bourdain (hanging), Kate Spade (hanging), Chris Cornell (hanging), Chester Bennington (hanging), Aaron Swartz (hanging), James Dolan (hanging), John Perry Barlow (heart attack; old and sick), Larry Harvey (stroke; old), Jim Channon (heart attack; old), John Jones (jumped in front of train), Michael Ratner (complications from cancer, old), Gavin McFadyen (fast acting cancer, old), Dave McGowan (fast acting cancer), Arjen Kamphuis (kayaking accident, body never found).

Even the hacker collective Anonymous itself was pronounced “dying a slow death” earlier this year by ZDNet with “hacktivist” attacks down 95% since 2015.

These names may not seem connected but a little bit of digging unveils a small cluster of people in and around this story who connect to many of them. Is it all just a bunch of random coincidences? For no reason at all, there just happened to be many sudden deaths in a short space of time of people who interacted with characters in this School Play.

How many coincidences until it becomes mathematically impossible?


ShadowBox was a private intelligence firm offering cyber militias for reputation defense. Their star technologist was Defango. Their mastermind strategist and deal-maker was Thomas Schoenberger. Their PR guru was Trevor Fitzgibbon. The initial money came from WellTraveledFox. Lestat was involved with this group making videos and designed their logo.

Here’s how they described it in their own promotional materials.

From Tracking the Leopard Meroz – In the Company of SHADOWBOXers

“You’ve been attacked.  Your reputation, your family, your clients and livelihood, you feel like the earth is moving under your feet.  You are in jeopardy.  You didn’t pick this fight.  But you can’t afford to lose it.


Shadowbox is your army.  We solve your problems and expose truth.  We unleash a multifaceted, strategic battle plan through integrated research earned media, legal and digital chaos.

Where your enemies have lied to paint you as the bad guy, we sow the seeds of doubt and present the counter-narrative that they are, in fact, the villains, and you have been unjustly accused.  We do this through sophisticated use of internet technology, meme creation, PR, and cyber-guerrilla tactics that stop the bleeding and begin to sway public opinion and the media in your favor.


Shadowbox designs crisis management/ counterinsurgencies to debunk and hit back at malicious and defamatory online and media attacks on our clients…..Our operations unit effectively routs adversaries away from you, sending them to chase phantoms and rendering them exhausted and perplexed.…”

Shadowbox is an elite team of online specialties that can respond to a variety of client situations and needs based on real-time events.  We use a combination of tactics and strategies to effectively promote your content, operation or services to create viral marketing campaigns that effectively target organic growth systems.  We take targeted marketing to a new level of access by identifying positive and negative promoters to prudently manage social online presence and engagement in real time which translates to sales, or higher visibility.  We can also help mitigate militia-like tactics used in targeted harassment campaigns to effectively thwart and vanquish internet threats, character assassination attempts, deleterious media, embarrassingly or potentially damaging links on google.  We act as your silent partner and protection in the vast online world and offer you cutting edge tactics ….”

Our backgrounds range from covert reputation strategists to technical specialists and PR experts with global influence caliber contacts. We specialize in uncovering unique intelligence and social business interaction methodologies and apply them to ensure rapid deployment virality across the media spectrum. Our researchers uncover what others cannot use cutting-edge intelligence mapping systems, private detective networks, ex-intelligence agents and officers….”.

Source: Tracking the Leopard Meroz

Standing Up To Cyber-Bullying

In this interview with Lift the Veil, Fox says that they started ShadowBox as a good thing, a way to help people deal with online bullies.

“Defango and Trevor decided to go behind our back and start their own company, Silent Partner, without telling us. And when that happened it killed the company…Trevor got $11,000.”

Her story here that the purpose was “to stop bullying” does not quite fit the description above – for example, “chasing phantoms and rendering them exhausted and perplexed”. Isn’t that doing the bullying? It sounds more like information operations, active measures.

The first target? The Seth Rich case. But rather than defending the Rich family from cyber-bullies, the ShadowBox team was pitching to the guy the family are currently suing in multiple jurisdictions at once.

Remember “Who Spoofed the Seth Rich Files”? We now have evidence indicating it was a deliberate LARP involving people connected to the intelligence community and WikiLeaks. The so-called “Seth Rich files” were downloaded from Guccifer 2.0’s blog and re-injected into the YouTube truther community via Crowdsource the Truth in conjunction with Defango.

There is not enough evidence to support a claim that ShadowBox was the only organized group behind the Seth Rich files LARP. There seem to have been multiple groups intersecting together for specific missions in the LARPwars.

Mr Ed’s Militia

Ed Butowksy was one client who signed on, with the price tag allegedly $40,000 for the first month of his own private digital army. A mercenary militia of experienced trolls, LARPers, shitposters, memers, hackers, YouTubers, Tweeters, social influencers, and narrative spinners. What would one do with such a motley cyber crew? Why, the usual. “Reputation Defense”. What does that really mean? The description of the offering sounds a lot like the kind of psychological warfare we see raging on social media on a daily basis.

What product are they selling? As best I can tell, the weapons in the arsenal of Reputation Defense were: Disinformation. Doxxing. Gang stalking. Promoting hashtags and memes. Viral videos mocking people.

#All4aLARP? All for money.

Defango still appears to be in the Shadow Box business today, and claims to be working with Shadow Brokers. He was in Florida in June this year meeting with one of them when the last Shadow Brokers ransomware attack shut down a hospital in the State. This only ended when the hospital paid $600,000 in Bitcoin to the hackers. Shortly thereafter Defango offered a one Bitcoin reward for the capture or location of Thomas Schoenberger. How did he suddenly get bitcoins to give away?

Who Goofed the Spoof?

There is evidence that Guccifer 2.0 and the whole “Russian collusion” hoax was cooked up by the same team as the “Pee Pee Dossier”: Fusion GPS, Crowdstrike, John Podesta, Robby Mook. Check out the work of Adam Carter (@with_integrity) and The Forensicator, who between them have shown that the Mueller report got it wrong in significant ways with respect to the DNC Leaks.

Guccifer 2.0 released a bunch of files from the Democratic party, including information from the NGPVAN database. Defango was a volunteer for OFA at Arizona State University. OFA is Obama’s volunteer army, 180,000 strong. “Grade A Bullshit that nearly killed the Democrats”, according to some Democratic state leaders. That sounds right up Manuel’s alley. Defango now works with “MAGA Coalition” and is associated with people who back Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and John McCain. He is a DNC political operative who will work for the highest bidder. He worked in OFA with NGPVAN and the sort of information contained in the Guccifer files.

The “Seth Rich files” that were “spoofed” according to Crowdsource the Truth were actually the Guccifer 2 files. They were handed to Patricia Negron aka “Trish the Dish” on a USB stick. One source told me this handover went down theatrically in a forest near Boston. It’s quite possible that Trish, Jason and George really thought they were getting some super secret hacker intel from Seth Rich, rather than being led into a LARP. It’s also possible that all the characters involved with this were well aware of what they were doing, why, and for whom. I find it hard to believe that every single character in this story was an innocent, unwitting patsy, and everything just happened to them by coincidence. #YMMV.

Florida’s Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was deeply connected to the Imran Awan scandal, which George and Jason also “covered” – they provided a cover of disinformation and LARPing to confuse anyone looking into the true details of the case. Imran Awan’s lawyer Chris Gowen thanked Jason Goodman on his channel for his assistance in helping Awan get a light sentence – “inadvertent disclosure” was the reason he gave.

There seemed to be some weird discrepancies in these “Seth Rich files”, which led to Jason Goodman’s now infamous claim that they were “spoofed”. This happened at the same time as Wikileaks were promoting their Vault 7 drop. These were allegedly CIA hacking tools that were now being released into the wild, including a virus called Pandemic that could travel through PDFs and Office documents – the exact type of content contained in the so-called “Seth Rich Files”.

Fox’s friend the White Rabbit (also somewhat involved in the origins of #QAnon, according to TS) gave the “Seth Rich files” to Trish. She, George and Jason made a big deal about receiving this USB stick, then Defango reached out to them to “help” unzip the files. Why they couldn’t unpack the files themselves is unclear. George Webb used to work for both SUN Microsystems (with Google Chairman and Pentagon adviser Eric Schmidt) and John McAfee (with Crowdstrike founder Dmitri Alperovitch). Surely he can figure out how to open zipped files?

In my opinion, this entire LARP looks like an attempt to paint Seth Rich as the DNC Leaker (supporting Ed Butowsky’s defamation defense) and Guccifer 2 as connected to WikiLeaks (supporting the Progressive’s #RussiaGate narrative). This objective seems to suit the DNC and supports the #QAnon theory that Wikileaks has been compromised.

A couple of months after the “Who Spoofed the Seth Rich Files” LARP, the main characters of ShadowBox are in a meeting in Plano, Texas with Ed Butowsky where people are getting paid money to strategize Seth Rich storytelling. The basis of multiple lawsuits from the Rich family is that Ed Butowsky and Matt Couch were spreading rumors and disinformation.

I have found no evidence that either Thomas or Fox went on to talk about Seth Rich after that meeting. There is evidence that both Defango and Matt Couch did.

Crowdsource the LARPs

Fox appears to have passed the Rich/Butowsky gig over to George Webb and Jason Goodman via her former friend Patricia Negron aka “Trish the Dish”. The Crowdsource the Truth team did many shows on the Seth Rich case, including interviewing Rod Wheeler who went to the White House with Ed Butowsky to brief press secretary Sean Spicer on their investigation. The purpose of such a large number of Crowdsource the “Truth” episodes about Seth Rich seems to have been to attach as much disinformation as possible to the story, such as “Alpha Jollah was the wheelman”. Jason Goodman attended a Seth Rich-related Jack Burkman press conference with Matt Couch, where Goodman may have fatally endangered George Webb’s sidekick Jenny Moore by showing her face (she claimed to be in witness protection after a violent gang assault; she was dead just weeks after Jason put her image on his channel).

Jack Burkman and Jason Goodman talk Seth Rich
Jack Burkman and Jacob Wohl. This press conference was supposedly about a woman who claimed to have been raped by Robert Mueller, except that she failed to show up for her own press conference and later said it might have just been a tall guy who looked a bit like him.

We showed the links between Defango, Mindy Robinson and Jacob Wohl in Part 1. Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman are currently holding farcical press conferences where they get people to stand up and say they had affairs with politicians. A recent one where they had a man saying he was a male escort hired out at great expense by Elizabeth Warren fell apart when the man said he thought he was doing something on a reality TV show.

Wait…Will Sommer? The guy who’s interviewing Defango? He sure seems to introduce a lot of LARPers to the mainstream media world over at the Daily Beast, where Chelsea Clinton sits on the board.

This team somehow managed to pull off a LARP that was spun to make Elizabeth Warren look good (“cool”, a “cougar”) while at the same time blamed on Trump supporters who were presented as amateurish buffoons. Are these people really Trump supporters? Or were Progressives behind this the whole time?

Agents of chaos…LARPers. Larpo ab chao.

The Dallas Dealeyo

Thomas Schoenberger has alleged in a legal deposition that Ed Butowsky tried to recruit the ShadowBox team and others to spy on the Rich family in Omaha; he refused and quit, his allegation is that Defango and Matt Couch took the offer up. Shadowbox broke up shortly after this meeting because Defango wanted to include Trevor Fitzgibbon and the company they had started together called “Silent Partner IO”.

In June Thomas made the claim that one of the agenda items at that meeting was surveillance of the Rich family.

Defango responded by saying that Thomas tried to extort Ed for $300,000. No evidence of this claim has been produced, and Defango claims to have shared all of his evidence on his Aaron Rich Subpoena stream.

However, on a recent livestream Defango did acknowledge that he was asked to do illegal surveillance and wiretapping at the meeting with Butowsky. Manuel says it was Thomas that asked him, which is confirmation that it was discussed. Thomas says it wasn’t and there were many people in the room at the time who will back him up. We may be able to actually get to the bottom of this as it seems like a key issue in multiple lawsuits.

Matt Couch’s tweets and periscopes immediately following the Sep 19 2017 confirm the meeting took place, and suggest a positive engagement:

The day after the meeting with Ed Butowsky, Matt did a periscope saying that Aaron Rich took money from WikiLeaks. Aaron Rich is suing him for saying this.

This claim came from “intel sources”, which appear to be Frank Bacon (discussed previously in more detail in Part 2).

I have been in direct communication with two of the people who were in the meeting, TS and WellTraveledFox. They both confirm that they founded ShadowBox with Defango and Trevor Fitzgibbon, and that it fell apart when Defango and Trevor tried to sabotage it from within with their own “Silent Partner” idea.

As best as I have been able to reconstruct, these are the people that were present at the Dallas meeting (if any of these people would like to step forward with their own version of events, either on or off the record, I would welcome it):

  • Ed Butowsky
  • Mrs Butowsky
  • Thomas Schoenberger
  • Manual Chavez III (Defango)
  • Trevor Fitzgibbon
  • Malia Zimmerman
  • WellTraveled Fox
  • Matt Couch
  • Josh Flippo
  • Dave Stossel
  • Joe Birkell

Fox has basically confirmed Thomas’s details of who was at the meeting, but for legal reasons does not want to answer many questions about it. Fair enough – I didn’t push her on that. Since Defango and Thomas were both subpoenaed, it seems a reasonable assumption that she has been asked to give a deposition as well.

Thomas said that Joe Birkell was connected to Blackwater. TS didn’t directly answer my question about Dave Stossel being related to Fox News host John Stossel, but did let me know about John’s current medical condition. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Blackwater is interesting here because of its founder’s connection to #PizzaGate. Erik Prince gave an interview to Breitbart immediately before the 2016 election and became one of the main initial promoters of the story linking Hillary Clinton to crime against children – later confirmed by information on page 294 of the 2018 Inspector-General’s Report. Prince’s sister Betsy DeVos was made Secretary of Education by President Trump. Erik Prince has been linked to Mueller witness George Nader, who was found to be a repeat offender traveling internationally with child porn.

Matt Couch (and if I’m not mistaken his colleague Josh Flippo) is connected to MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), as is Joe Rogan (very closely connected to both Jan Irvin and Alex Jones). Defango’s new padrón is also very into MMA, and was challenged to a cage fight in the Octagon by Isaac Kappy. Mindy Robinson from their crew is dating MMA fighter Randy Couture.

There is discussion on Reddit about “MMA’s mob connections“. Mobster John Gotti’s grandson is “MMA’s newest star”. Champion fighter Urijah Hall spoke out recently about “mafia shit going on in UFC”. A good history of the sport’s evolution is Sex, Drugs, Gangsters & MMA: Remembering Pride, UFC’s Wild Predecessor. I am not suggesting guilt by association, just highlighting some more coincidences for those counting. There are direct connections in this story, and around those direct connections there are also an enormous amount of coincidences. #CoincidenceTheory.

The Box Collapses

Fox shared a strange interaction with Thomas on the day of the meeting with Ed which made her uncomfortable.

This is sophomorish behavior, borderline sexual harassment since they are in a company together, but according to both Fox and Thomas she was the one financing ShadowBox which was only incorporated after this meeting. I asked Thomas to explain it:

Fox gave this Valentine’s Day card to Thomas in 2018

Further evidence has surfaced confirming some sort of romantic connection, though according to both parties it was unrequited:

Thomas does acknowledge here that he messaged Fox’s husband and that was wrong; however, he denies being responsible for messages posted on LinkedIn which have been shown elsewhere. I am not going to post that here, but it is another coincidence for us to count that her husband works for a company that Jason Goodman’s sidekick David Hawkins spent most of his career working for.

Fox says she was upset about the incident with Thomas and Trevor and quit ShadowBox as a result…but then “got drawn back in”. Judging by the Valentine’s Day card, things were back on track by February 2018. She funded the team with dinners and hotel rooms in Sugarland Texas. In addition, Ed Butowsky put Defango and Thomas up in a hotel suite at the Marriott for 60 days. That’s quite a lot of time to dedicate to one person’s reputation! According to Thomas, Fox also arranged his trip to Mexico to stay with Lestat, who designed the ShadowBox logo. Defango was supposed to deliver a couple of websites for clients who had paid, but was unable to – perhaps the festival season arrived?

Note that Fox is saying here that Trevor Fitzgibbon brought two friends with him who were spooks – meaning, connected to the Intelligence Community. Defango continually denies he has connections like this, while at the same time bragging about knowing the Director of the Keyhole spy satellite program, former CIA station chief and Marine Intelligence officer Robert David Steele, the Attorney-General of Texas, an Arizona Chief of Police, Shadow Brokers and a 33rd Degree Freemason in Florida. Recently

Manuel Chavez showed his achievement certificate thanking him for his service to IARPA, the Intelligence Community’s version of DARPA. So to me, I believe Fox’s characterization of these guys as spooks. Thomas said at least one of the people present was an Army Ranger.


Shadowbox split up and they all stopped working together, then Fox registered the trademark for Cicada 3301. This appears to have been at the prompting of Defango and Lestat, who wanted to keep it out of Thomas Schoenberger’s hands.

It may have also been a present that she decided to keep for herself:

The trademark specifically says that Cicada 3301 is an ARG: “Alternate Reality Games via the Internet”. Cicada 3301 is quite literally a LARP.

Note the use of an attorney in South Carolina. Fox refused to ask questions about why this location. Later in this article I will show she was entangled with Trish the Dish, George Webb and Jason Goodman, who shut down the Port of Charleston, SC from their YouTube channel with a fake dirty bomb story just a few weeks after the trademark was registered

The Cicada 3301 trademark is now in the hands of Primus LLC and Michael Levine, Thomas Schoenberger’s long-time composing partner who wrote the KitKat jingle and music for a Star Wars cartoon show with Seth Green. While there has been discussion of a rumored “Sony deal” for a feature film, my understanding is that a Cicada 3301 TV show is in the works.

This is an important factor to bear in mind when looking at this story: a battle over something that could potentially be worth millions of dollars. Money makes people lie, cheat, steal, threaten, blackmail, and worse. It appears to be a strong motivating factor behind the actions of some of the players.

The dirty side of politics, spin and propaganda and psyops, is another potential factor at play. Was everyone involved in this story being upfront and honest with each other? Or were some being manipulative?


Fox is very interested in WikiLeaks. This week Julian Assange appeared in court in the UK, barely able to speak and having difficulty understanding what was going on. Perhaps triggered by this, or perhaps in a totally random coincidence, Fox went on Lestat’s channel to talk about Thomas.

WikiLeaks is actually a common thread connecting many of these characters.

Defango tried to get involved with WikiLeaks via the Unity4J movement. They kicked him out. Lestat, who seems to vacillate between working for these people and betraying them, claimed this was because Defango created an online store and tried to embezzle donation money meant to free Julian Assange. #YMMV. Do your own research, as always, this is someone who knows the guy personally, collaborated with him for years and even took hush money from him. I’m not saying you have to believe him, he lies about me frequently. At the same time, I have no reason to disbelieve him on this, it certainly sounds plausible.

Defango’s partner Trevor Fitzgibbon also got himself entangled in WikiLeaks. For a while he did PR for Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and Michael Ratner. He is connected to the Center for American Progress, founded by John Podesta. Conflict of interest, much? He has had a long working relationship with David Brock, founder of Media Matters and ex-boyfriend of James Alefantis. These people are literally the *ground zero* of #PizzaGate.

Defango was tied up with his former attorney Steven Biss, who is representing Robert David Steele (multi-time Defango show guest) in his lawsuit against Jason Goodman (also very mixed up with Defango). Thomas Schoenberger introduced Steven Biss to #RussiaGate’s Carter Page. He denies Lestat’s claim that he introduced Biss to General Michael Flynn. Biss was the lawyer for former House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes in multiple social media defamation suits including $300 million lawsuit against a Twitter troll account “Devin Nunes Cow”.

Steven Biss’s wife Tanya is good friends with Nora Maccoby. She has been found giving large superchats to YouTube truthers to promote messages favorable to the Maccobys (she denies their connection to Laura Silsby and Friends of the Orphans in Haiti). I had a falling out with Jan Irvin immediately after he started interacting with Nora in the wake of the #PizzaGate revelations from WikiLeaks. Her brother Max Maccoby was James Alefantis’ lawyer. Their father Michael Maccoby is connected to the Frankfurt School and MKULTRA doctors like Henry Murray (OSS) and Timothy Leary (CIA). He is the top psychiatrist in Langley. Nora made a video about growing up in a CIA family in a CIA neighborhood – which happens to be the neighborhood where Comet Ping Pong is located.

James Alefantis with Nora Maccoby
James Alefantis with Izette Maccoby Folger

Jason’s ex-partner George Webb claimed to be a WikiLeaks source, involved in dropping thumb drives to Michael Ratner and John Jones (both now dead, just like George’s former partner/sidekick Jenny Moore).

WikiLeaks lawyer Michael Ratner’s sister Ellen turns out to be Ed Butowsky’s source for information connecting Seth Rich and WikiLeaks, which is now the subject of multiple lawsuits from the Rich family.

I don’t dispute that Ed Butowksy has told the truth…how would I know? It seems strange that truth-tellers need a cyber militia supporting their narratives with #FakeNews and LARPing.

Butowsky and George Webb are both connected to respected journalist Seymour Hersh, who claimed to have inside FBI sources about the “Seth Rich files” that may well have actually been George Webb & co (although according to Ed Butowsky Hersh claimed his FBI source was George’s nemesis, disgraced FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe – which makes the relationship between Webb and Hersh highly suspicious) . Hersh’s phone call with Butowksy was leaked to the media by Cassandra Fairbanks and promoted by WikiLeaks.

Butowsky claims he reached out to help the Rich’s because they have the same Rabbi. See Part 2 for more details.

Jason Goodman’s mentor and frequent co-conspirator guest Jerome Corsi was singled out by the Mueller investigation for his own ties to WikiLeaks. He is prosecuting Robert Mueller in a “Citizens Grand Jury” on Crowdsource the Truth with other frequent guest Larry Klayman as his attorney.

Roger Stone, InfoWars contributor, swinger, NXIVM advisor and friend to George and Jason, got a dawn raid from the FBI for his entanglement with WikiLeaks.

Roger Stone looks happier to be with George Webb than Goodman & Corsi

Stone was talking about WikiLeaks with radio host Randy Credico.

Jason Goodman and Trish the Dish flew to London in June 2017 and met with Wikileaks ambassador Craig Murray outside the Ecuadorian Embassy.

As soon as George Webb and Jason Goodman got together (introduced by Lee Stranahan), they did an interview with Trevor Fitzgibbon, who was also PR guy for the late Michael Ratner.

Were infiltrators trying to insert themselves into Wikileaks? Or was Wikileaks always made up of political operatives with ties to the Intelligence Community?

Lee Stranahan is a registered Foreign Agent. In 2017 he was working for Russian propaganda outfit Sputnik and proclaiming himself an expert on #Ukraine long before it became a mainstream news topic. Both he and Ed Butowsky have ties to Steve Bannon’s Breitbart operation, which was created in Jerusalem.

Here’s a refresher on him in case you missed Part 2 of this Series:

George Webb and Jason Goodman both appear to speak fluent Russian. Jason Goodman was married to a Ukrainian and was CEO of a drone company Aerocine, famous for flying high-definition camera drones over Chernobyl, Ukraine around the time of the Maidan Revolution. Jason Goodman’s former social media director is now running a drone company with a board almost entirely made up of IDF leaders. One of the worst cyber virus attacks in modern history originated out of Ukraine in 2017, targeted at the Maersk Shipping Line the same month they became victims of CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER – a different kind of cyber-attack launched in America featuring George, Jason, Trish and Dr Corsi. Jason Goodman is Defendant in multiple lawsuits relating to CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER. One filed in South Carolina was moved to New York and assigned to a judge who was appointed by Robert Mueller as Special Counsel to the FBI. See our 2018 story Was Charleston Dirty Bomb Hoax an FBI Operation?

Did this crew of LARPers play a role in Roger Stone’s sentencing to 40 months in prison for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s claims about his WikiLeaks entanglement? Did a relationship between Stone and WikiLeaks ever really exist, or was he led to believe that by the LARPers? Or was the relationship in fact real, but they tried to cloud it with a smokescreen of disinformation?

Why did Stone go to jail but not Corsi?

The coincidences pile up when you consider Ed Butowsky’s relationship with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and George and Jason’s targeting of Imran Awan – including the intervention of extreme legal significance to the case described by Awan’s attorney on Jason’s YouTube show.

Did Defango Do #GayOps on Kim Dotcom?

Kim Dotcom has claimed he was targeted by the Obama administration for being a major donor to Wikileaks. He has a 9/11 connection that not many people know about:

Kim Dotcom claims to have known Seth Rich was the DNC leaker. He predicted on Bloomberg TV in 2015 that Julian Assange would be Hillary Clinton’s biggest problem in the 2016 election.

It seems that somebody tried to frame Kim Dotcom for an amateurish attempt to hack the emails of the Rich family. More #GayOps from these wannabe black hats?

Open Letter From Kim Dotcom to the Family of Seth Rich via documentcloud

Kim was allegedly in the YouTube chat of Crowdsource the Truth one night with George and Jason, at the time the Seth Rich Files LARP was launched. This inspired many of the videos and remixes that helped introduce Jason Goodman to the truther community.

How Do We Launch An Old Dude as a YouTube Truther?

Since that time, Crowdsource the Truth has become the go-to place for old people with Deep State backgrounds to reinvent themselves in this new world of superchats and patreon subscriptions.

Weaving The LARP Webbs

Fox was friends with Trish the Dish, an early member of Crowdsource the Truth. Then she claims that Trish and Jason Goodman “targeted” her and the White Rabbit.

According to Queen Tut (see: CryptoBeast #16 – Queen Tut Spills the Beans), who did many shows on Jason’s channel, Trish left the Crowdsource the Truth team over Jason’s predilection for young girls.

Before that happened, Fox claimed that Trish fell in love with “Vetter” – an Internet account she didn’t know in real life. Fox is now claiming that Thomas Schoenberger is Vetter (aka ChristWins). I have no idea or insight I can give you, but perhaps others can in the comments.

Supposedly this is a message to Fox about Trish, from Vetter

Trish and Fox were both participants in the chat on George Webb’s show, part of his community. When George first met Jason, he was not livestreaming. Jason started putting their shows out on his channel, and that was one of the primary ways that Crowdsource the Truth grew. George’s audience quickly became Jason’s audience. George had built up quite a large following who were craving longer shows than his “man on the street” format allowed.

It did not take long between the time this crew got together and big stuff going down in the #LARPWar. The Port of Charleston got shut down, the Maersk shipping line got hacked by a virus originating in Ukraine, Who Spoofed the Seth Rich Files went viral…it was all happening in June 2017. This was also the time that the Mueller investigation was kicking off.

The story below of how Matt Couch’s intel drop from a “CIA source” was passed through alternative media channels then held up as factual shows how these LARPers operate in packs. One of the consequences of this particular operation was further promoting Jason Goodman, helping him paint the “victim narrative” that he uses as a smokescreen for his outfit.

Defango dropping the information while Dave Acton was on the line was perhaps an attempt to taint Dave by associating him with faulty intelligence – a similar attack vector was used by Robert David Steele against Alex Jones with his “slave children on Mars” LARP. Defango would later say “this came up in my call with Dave Acton”, maybe trying to add credibility to the tale.

Defango Somebody added some new elements to the story and then it surfaced on the Chans.

The Progressives were doing exactly this kind of information laundering with the Steele Dossier, Fusion GPS and Crowdstrike (founded by George Webb’s colleague). It’s just they had corrupt members of the FBI, CIA, State Department, DOJ and foreign intelligence services working on that mission. This LARP had Defango, Frank Bacon et al. The operators were different but the methodology was very similar.

LARPs Have Consequences

Why spend so much time looking into LARPs? These LARPs connect to the biggest stories of our times, WikiLeaks, Seth Rich, Ukraine, RussiaGate, PizzaGate, PedoWood, NXIVM, Epstein.

The characters may come across as mere YouTubers, but now we know that there is money changing hands behind the scenes and people who appear on the surface to be independent are actually connected together in networks collaborating on projects. For what purpose? “Reputation Defense” to me is like “anti-virus” software. We all know the virus companies make the viruses, even if that’s difficult to prove. Having an army of cyber-trolls sure puts you in an interesting position to run a protection racket, and there is evidence in the behavior of some of these people to indicate that is how they operate.

Lestat has been on a months-long smear campaign against me. Both he and Defango have turned on their former boss Thomas, and now bizarrely claim that he is my boss. I haven’t had a boss since I was 22 years old. Thomas is one of many sources I have interviewed for this multi-part investigation. The more I see him being attacked by the same people who lie about me, the more I sympathize with him. I thought Fiona Barnett got it bad from Internet stalkers but I have never seen someone under such relentless attack as Thomas, who was a private individual until he was doxxed by Defango in 2018 in what looks like an attempt to wrest control of the Cicada 3301 trademark away from he and his friend Michael Levine.

When Lestat published his latest lie about me, at first I turned the other cheek:

I let that slide, but they doubled down on it when Lestat had Fox on his show earlier this week:

…and then Fox came after me on Twitter:

Reading someone’s LinkedIn profile is stalking? This seems a pretty extreme position. Why have a LinkedIn page if you don’t want people to read it?

Fox may claim that she “just wants to be left alone”, but this does not gel with her coming out of the woodwork to join in Lestat’s false narratives against me. I left her alone, and in return she lied about her interactions with me. Is it just another coincidence that Jason Goodman and Jan Irvin were also pushing the exact same #FakeNews narrative – that I run teams of trolls and sock puppet accounts to smear people – on the exact same day?

This tweet could be read in multiple ways. Is she admitting that she has a dedicated group of trolls working with her to do her bidding? Certainly, her team has multiple sock accounts. Is this a threat that she intends to use them?

She cries “I don’t want drama”…but later on that same day, she injected herself into it using one of her own sock puppet accounts @foxfire3131 – which has now vanished. They arrive, they attack, they spread disinformation, then they delete the account and pretend nothing ever happened – while accusing others of their own misdeeds. Honest people don’t need to behave that way.

Although the account had 0 followers, I was incorrect in saying on Twitter that it was brand new. She’d had this sock puppet in her arsenal since last Christmas:

Here she is tweeting out her full name herself. So why does she now claim it is “doxxing” for me to quote Thomas saying “Beth”? I will address these issues more in the next part to this series.

Fox did not attack alone, she came with a team which included at least one witch. They made a hashtag #IStandWithFox for their campaign and even their own standard:

Part of the team’s activities was false narratives:

As she was making these false statements, SharkBellyKelly blocked anyone that could challenge them.

I have already posted evidence above of what actually happened. Both Thomas and Fox tell the same story, and you can read the actual messages between the people involved in this post. The truth is different from what Kelly is saying here. Why did she feel compelled to weigh in with a false narrative even though she has no direct knowledge of the situation?

Lestat can call me all the names he wants but he did not actually post any evidence in this Tweet, it is a lie prima facie – no further digging required.

Fox put up the money to bring everyone together and start ShadowBox. Unless she got that money from some other source (an agency, perhaps?) there was no other financier. She is the only person known to have paid any expenses in relation to this ShadowBox idea and team. If there was somebody else then they are welcome to show the evidence for that. There should be receipts, bank transfers and so on. Hotel bills rack up quickly. People were flying to Texas, Mexico, New York. Trevor Fitzgibbon allegedly got $11,000.

Even if you buy Lestat’s claim that Fox was unable to make her own financial decisions and was pushed into everything, it was not Thomas’s money being spent. It was not Lestat or Defango’s money. Either Fox was the financier – or it was not her money. Which then begs the question…whose money was it?


Perhaps Fox is trying to distance herself from this operation given the many lawsuits around it. While I am sympathetic to such an objective, that does not give her the right to lie about me and misrepresent our interactions.

Fox has been a good, albeit sometimes reluctant, source for this series. She has answered most of my questions, but not all of them. I believed her claims on Lift the Veil that her vision for ShadowBox was a positive thing. She came across to me as a nice person who perhaps got wrapped up in a complicated emotional situation, which then fell apart. She seems to have been manipulated by all the men around her, Thomas, Defango, Lestat and Trevor in particular. Although there does seem to have been a romantic entanglement inappropriate for a married woman, Thomas told me he never slept with her.

There is a campaign on the Internet to label me as a friend or associate of Thomas Schoenberger, part of his “gang”. Therefore any time he is accused of stalking I get tarred with the same brush, because they say he is a gang-stalker and therefore he must have a gang and therefore I must be in it. I have never even met the guy, and therefore I’m in no position to endorse or judge any of his actions. I have hundreds of great friends, I’ve met all of them and I know what all of them look like.

TS is his own man and makes his own choices in life. If he wants to defend himself on social media, that’s on him, not me. Remember that these people pointing fingers and screeching the loudest now, Fox, Defango, Lestat, all knew him personally and DID work with him – loved him, even.

On the one hand, Thomas has always acted like a gentleman to me. He has answered difficult questions, supplied evidence to back up his claims, and introduced me to witnesses who provided further verification. His stories have remained consistent over time, including as new details have emerged from third parties. That’s what happens when you tell the truth. There is no question that there is a campaign to demonize him, but that doesn’t automatically make him a demon. On the other hand, the people behind the campaign attacking Thomas are some of the shadiest characters I’ve ever come across, and many of them also attack me with lies – in gangs. Where is their evidence? Where is their integrity?

Fox is now playing the role of a traumatized victim of Thomas’ stalking. This narrative is lapped up by Lestat and his audience, because it is the one they have been pushing heavily since ShadowBox fell apart. Fox should develop Cicada 3301 with Defango and Lestat, Thomas is evil. Michael should be shut out and forced to disavow Thomas. Anyone who refuses to denounce Thomas is evil and works for him as a gangstalker. I call this The Narrative. There is some evidence these people have shown to support this narrative, but there is also much evidence against it.

There are always at least two sides to every story, and I have gone to great lengths to get all the different sides to this one. I am sharing it all with readers here as best as I can, there is a vast volume of information. Unpacking it to make it all simple, to describe it in a sentence, is easier said than done.

Basically, it’s a love triangle gone wrong, with a Hollywood story as an underpinning. That’s how I see it.

Who’s right, Thomas or Fox? Is Thomas evil and Fox good? Or are Defango, Lestat, Bobby, Daniel Doud, Monkey Savant, Cheri the good guys, trying to make the world a better place?

I simply can’t see this story in such simplistic terms. To me, there is wrongdoing everywhere I look. There are also good intentions. I really think all of the people involved here see themselves as good people, even though they point fingers at the others as being the worst, “garbage people” as Defango likes to call his critics.

People scream at me on Twitter about Thomas’s past convictions, yet conveniently overlook the rap sheets of many of the other people involved. To some this information from the past is relevant, but I am specifically focused on the disinformation campaigns that have been running in the alt-media for the last three years or so. I don’t consider what happened in the Nineties and Noughties to be part of the story. I’ve met people from all walks of life and I try not to judge others on past mistakes. What I see them doing in the present is how I assess their character. Are they honest? Do they play games? Are they LARPing?

Who is telling the truth? Can they back it up with any evidence? Who is lying? How many times have they been caught lying in the past?

Who puts these plan together? Who came up with the money in the past? Who is financing things now? How does Defango get a spare Bitcoin to offer as a reward for Thomas’ “capture”? Since when are there nationwide manhunts for probation violations?

The main weapon in the Information War is deception, distraction, disinformation, discrediting, disruption. The warriors behind it are trying to divide and conquer, creating chaos then attempting to polarize groups around opposing positions.

There is only one truth. Present all the evidence, let’s get to the truth. We can get there together. There are no ad hominem attacks here, that’s a sign of a person who doesn’t have an argument. We don’t need screenshots out of context: show us the whole email, the whole conversation. You want to offer an opinion, spin up a narrative? Go right ahead. Just show us the facts that you’re basing it on. Give us Muh Citations.

Truth is the way to fight LARPs. #RealResearch

In the next part to this series I will respond to the false allegations Fox, Lestat and the rest of their gang have made about me – as usual, and in stark contrast to my opponents, with evidence.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

CryptoBeast #22 – Mana the Man of Mystery Part 2, with Special Guest Carl Hassell

In the latest episode of my podcast Carl Hassell joins me to look once more into the Peyote Way Church of God and their enigmatic founder Mana Trujillo.

Part 1 (with Joe Atwill)

Here’s the previous episode – just a day away from 1 year ago. I hope we can get Part 3 out quicker than that.

It is interesting that Carl brought this information about the Peyote Way Church of God being a Mormon splinter group to Jan Irvin several years ago, yet for some reason he didn’t want to cover it. He just took a bunch of Carl’s research and added it to his Brain database without credit. Big ups to Carl for sharing it with us here.

This is an amazing intel drop on what looks very much like yet another MKULTRA drug and mind control cult, wrapped in the guise of New Age religion.

Carl has shared a large amount of information based on years of his own research – images, PDFs, and links. All the content below has been provided by him:

Here are some links to articles from the 60s-to mid 2000s.

1.This first link is titled “Peyote Legal in Colorado”. Describes Mana’s winning possession case.

East Village Other——-en-20–1–txt-txIN-Mana+Pardeahtan————–1#

2. 2 examples of Ashrama Pottery. Ashrama was founded with Bill Haines,the psychedelic yoga master. (Who also helped form the Boo-Hoo church with Art Kleps at Millbrook.

3. See above 4 attachments of Mana Pottery from 1946. Even though official P.W. literature/Mana Pottery Company, states the company was started in 1948!! (This is amazing, as P.W. claims Mana was in the Royal Marines & suffered traumatic brain injury, and was blown apart) 

4. This 2014 Village Voice Article has Matthew Kent saying for the first time Mana was part Jewish! & first mention his father was part Mexican!  AND mentions that Mana gave Kent & wife Anne Zaph the designation of “Rabbi”,& “Reverend”, even though they have no affiliation to either religion!  I include the cut & pastes from article..”As the story goes, Trujillo was born to a Jewish mother of French-American descent and a Mexican-Apache father. Trujillo’s father had come to the United States from Mexico in 1917 and enlisted in the U.S. Army to gain American citizenship.”  “Soon after their first experience with the drug, the two decided to stay and join the church. They were designated by Trujillo as the “Reverend” Zapf and “Rabbi” Kent, although they have no formal affiliations to Christianity and Judaism.”

The above article is well worth reading in whole! Also talks of Leary, Bill Haines, Millbrook.

5. 1968 Smithsonian Book of American Indian Painters. notice the complete lack of info on Mana, but a wealth of info on his wife Rena Paradis. 

6.PDF of The Lincoln Star, Lincoln Nebraska. Sat. Oct.2 1965. Article about Mana Pottery, with picture of Rena Paradis & Mana. 

7. Attachments to Mormon Splinter Groups: The United Order, an L.D.S. group started by Joseph Smith. 

8. Link from P.W. web page, describing the “Word of Wisdom” dietary guideline for vowed clergy.

10. Attachment to Official 33rd anniversary pamphlet from P.W. (How Masonic!)  

11. Attachment to official P.W. obit of Mana.

12.Link to Annie’s Blog January 25,2018. Annie talks of hosting 240 “Spirit Walks”,@ $300.00, which comes out to $72.000! And tells of Mana starting a Tucson chapter of the Ching-A-Ling Nomads M.C. Original headquarters are in NYC.

13. Here are links to various court cases and outcomes re: P.W.,_Inc._v._Thornburgh

14. Dr. Andrew Weil testimony in possession case of Mana in 1987.

15. Attachment from Getty Images Berkeley 1967, describing Mana, Leary on stage. ( Getty Images wants $500.00 for the full picture!)So I got a partial screen shot instead. 

16. PDF of Mana/Nixon/Goldwater mention from a 1982 article.

1. page 155 from the 1955 book saying Trujillo is born in Pennsylvania, to a Roman Catholic mom.

2. PDF of Az. daily Star Tues.Dec.6, 1960. Mana says he was born on San Carlos reservation.

3.PDF of El Paso Times Sun. June 14, 1987 Mana says he is one quarter apache.

4.PDF of March-April 1966 East Village Other article by Walter Bowart.

5.PDF of Feb-March 1966 East Village Other article by Walter Bowart, about Leary, Mana,& Castalia Foundation.

6. PDF of Feb-March 1966 pt. 2 of East Village Other article by Walter Bowart.

7. Diggers archives from 1967 flyer saying is Mana the man?

8.Diggers archives from 1967 flyer saying Mana is cool.

9. Diggers archives from 1967 with Walter Bowart,& Hare Krishna,& cannabis smuggler Michael Fortier vouching for Mana.

10. PDF of Az. Daily Star March 29,1970. Mana & Psychedelic Yoga Master Bill Haines/Ashrama pottery Co.

11.PDF of Az. Republic March 1,1970. Mana living on Peggy Hitchcock/Walter Bowart’s land.

12.PDF of Las Vegas Daily Optic from Thurs. July 23,1960,Government asks beatniks to give peyote back to Indians.

13.PDF of Rapid City Journal, Rapid City South Dakota Sun. Oct.11,1987. Indians support gov. case against P.W. Indians say “sham religion”.

14. PDF of Calgary Herald, Alberta Canada, Weds. Jan.4,1956. First of 3 separate articles detailing Mana cannabis bust.

15.PDF of The Gazette, Montreal Canada, Weds.Jan.4 1956.Second article of Mana cannabis bust. 

16.PDF of The Gazette, Montreal, Canada. Weds. May 30,1956. third article details of Mana cannabis bust.

17.PDF of Montgomery Advertiser, Montgomery, Alabama. Thurs. Sept.22, 1955. Announcement of Trujillo’s book. 

18.PDF of Clarion-Ledger, Jackson Mississippi, Sept. 18,1955. Another announcement of Trujillo’s book.

19. PDF of Daily News NYC, March 23, 1955. Beautiful pic of Mana in his self designed “Nazi-style” uniform, and Pat ward article.

Here is an article from Jan.8. 2014, where Matthew states for the first time Mana was part Jewish!! Even though the 1955 book says his mom is Roman Catholic. I include the article in whole, and the cut/paste with statement.

This is also the first mention of his father being part Mexican!!

“As the story goes, Trujillo was born to a Jewish mother of French-American descent and a Mexican/Apache father. Trujillo’s father had come to the United States from Mexico in 1917 and enlisted in the U.S. Army to gain American citizenship.” -Matthew Kent.

This contains links to court cases involving P.W.  I include the official timeline taken from P.Ws website of Detailed chronology of events in church history.

Also includes the copy/paste from P.W. website chronology indicating Trujillo met with July 2 1980 to discuss procuring peyote for church!! July 2, 1980
“First Church Pilgrimage to South Texas to introduce the Texas State government to the Peyote Way Church of God and procure the Holy Sacrament Peyote from a D.E.A. registered Peyote Dealer.
Rev. Trujillo meets with Lt. Governor, Assistant Attorney General, and the F.B.I.”

Also cut/paste from website chronology about cofounders arrested in Texas for possession in Nov.13 1980

November 13, 1980
…”Rev. Anne Zapf, Deaconess Norah Booth, and Rabbi Matthew Kent are pulled over by a law enforcement officer in Richardson, Texas. After asking for Rabbi Kent’s license and registration, the officer asked if the Peyote Way Church of God was a member of the Council of Churches. The officer had noticed a large sign on the side of the pickup truck, which read “Peyote Way Church of God, Texas Pilgrimage, 1980,” which was also painted with stylized Peyote buttons and firebirds. Kent replied no. The officer then asked if Church officers had any Peyote in their possession. Church officers produced their Medicine bags and revealed 12 buttons, the recommended quantity (four buttons each) for Church Clergy when traveling in the Temporal World, “…in the event of imminent martyrdom.” (Bylaws, Annotation One, Sacramental Procedure: Reformed Ritual.) Church officers were immediately placed under arrest and the pickup, full of Mana pottery, was searched and impounded.” 

Links to various court cases and decisions/analysis.,_Inc._v._Thornburgh

Dr. Andrew Weil’s testimony in possession trial of Trujillo in 1987

Here are links to articles in The East Village Other, one is by Walter Bowart from 1966 & 67 about Trujillo. One 2 part article talks of Leary facing jail time and ties in Trujillo.——-en-20–1–txt-txIN-Mana+Pardeahtan————–1#——-en-20–1–txt-txIN-Mana+Pardeahtan————–1#——-en-20–1–txt-txIN-Mana+Pardeahtan————–1#——-en-20–1–txt-txIN-Mana+Pardeahtan————–1

I am sending attachments of 2 official pamphlets from P.W.C.G, You will notice pamphlet 1 is the 33rd anniversary of the church(how masonic!!) & the official church obituary for Mana. Also 2 pages from Mormon Splinter groups page listing P.W. as a recognized sect. And am sending a link from Related groups listing P.W & The Neo American Church, founded by Art Kleps & psychedelic yoga master Bill Haines. This church was also at Millbrook, & Haines later founded Ashrama Pottery Co. with Mana. 

In the P.W listing you will notice that P.W. belongs to The United Order, started by Mormon Joseph Smith. 

Also included are links to 2 examples of Ash Rama pottery.

And a PDF attachment of the Ariz.Daily Star from March 29, 1970, the article talks about Bill Haines w/picture,& Mana.

This page from Annie’s blog from 2018 states P.W.C.G conducted 240 “spirit walks” in 2017,@ $300.00 per walk,this comes out to $72.000! She also states that Mana started a Tucson chapter of the Ching-A-Ling Nomads M.C. Their headquarters are in NYC. So we see Mana has been involved with bikers since the 50’s, as stated in his 1955 book, and the 2005 book titled “The Original Wild Ones” by Bill Hayes. And also a mention of the Ching-A-Lings & Mana in the 2017 book “True Stories” by Garrick Beck. Attachments will show the pages from 1955’s  “I love you…” by Trujillo, “Wild One’s”, and “True Stories”  

here are excerpts from Az. Daily Star, Aug.8 1982,where a reporter describes letters from Nixon & Goldwater thanking Mana for art pieces.

I include a page from the 1955 book saying Trujillo was born in Pennsylvania from a Roman Catholic mom. And a 1960 article from The Az. Daily Star saying he was born on the San Carlos reservation, and now known only as Mana. Article also mentions his studio at the Will Rogers Jr. Territory House in Tubac, Az. 

Newspaper reports on the NRP, newspaper reports on announcement of “I love you,I hate you, My 6 weeks of free love with Pat Ward.” 

Some Pat ward/Jelke news