Cops Seize 36 Different Types of Drugs in Large Scale Operation at Aussie Regional

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The headline basically says it all. Re-blogged from Sydney’s Daily Telegraph (emphasis ours):

POLICE have charged 17 people with drug offences after an operation at Australia’s version of the Burning Man festival.

The large-scale long weekend police operation at the Burning Seed festival in the Matong Forest, near Wagga Wagga concludes tomorrow with police seizing a large number of drugs.

Sergeant Maggie Deall said there had been 40 drug detections and a total of 70 drug exhibits seized with additional police from Sydney helping in the operation.

“Some of those drug detections involve multiple drug possession matters,” she said.

“We have actually come across 36 different types of drugs; ranging from the party drugs that are fairly standard at these events.

Ecstasy, MDMA, cocaine, all the way through to magic mushrooms, cannabis, and prescribed restricted substances like buprenorphine…People are so laissez-faire about their drug use given that they’re so far from medical help, I think it’s a fairly risky behaviour to undertake,” Sergeant Deall said.

“You may have taken 100 different pills, 100 different times and nothing has happened.

“You never know what’s in them. The next one could be the pill that kills you.”

The festival is now in its seventh year…

Those charged are believed to be from Sydney, Melbourne, the Northern Territory and even Germany and all listed to appear in court over the next couple of weeks.

[Source: Daily Telegraph]

Emmy Mack at MusicFeeds has more details:

Police have wrapped up their first ever drug operation at Burning Seed festival — Australia’s version of Burning Man — charging 17 punters with drug offences.

Cops with sniffer dogs set up a roadblock at the entrance to the ‘deep space’ themed music festival, which is currently underway at ‘Red Earth City’ in the Matong Forest, west of Wagga Wagga, seizing “a large variety of drugs” including cannabis, mushrooms, cocaine and ketamine.

“Police are very concerned with the amount of drugs that people are trying to take into the festival and the danger to their health and safety,” Acting Inspector Maggie Deall from Wagga Wagga police station tells the ABC.

While a dude named Rodney, who volunteers as second-in-command on the festival’s front gate, argues that the majority of the event’s attendees were ex-hippies who aren’t even that into drugs.

“I’m 35 and I’m one of the younger ones there really,” he says. “It’s not a drug-fuelled music festival. You can lose yourself without having to get inebriated.”

Punters angry about the police presence at this year’s festival have flooded the Burning Seed Facebook page, calling for the event to be shunted interstate where drug detection isn’t as tough.

A man from Canberra — where the government has just given the green light to pill-testing measures — writes: “I advocate for not holding it in NSW or even VIC going forward given how both those State Governments are treating festivals of late like this, come to the ACT where we don’t go hard on those responsibly having a good time.”

Like Burning Man, Burning Seed culminates with the burning of a wooden temple and a 13-metre effigy.

The five-day festival is now in its seventh year, and is due to wrap up on Monday.

It comes after the tragic death of a man at this year’s flagship Burning Man event in Nevada, after he ran into the flaming effigy.


A “punter” in Aussie parlance means a participant. It also means gambler, so perhaps they are suggesting that these 17 chose to try their chances against the sniffer dogs and came out on the losing side.

Here is a link to the discussion at Burning Seed’s Facebook page

A story on Triple J’s being discussed at the Hack Facebook page.

Some photos from the Daily Advertiser:


ACT, Australian Capital Territory, is not technically a State of Australia, it is a special district – like District of Columbia in Washington D.C., or Distrito Federal in Mexico City, or the City of London. Interesting that they are making a play now for the rave scene. It’s home to the nation’s capital city Canberra, where the politicians rule the country from. Canberra is a notorious hotbed of porn and prostitutes, another city laid out from a Masonic masterplan.

Maybe the Feds want to move Seed out closer to Pine Gap, all the better to keep the All-Seeing Eye of JORN on the trippers…

Cartoon by John Shakespeare, Sydney Morning Herald


Could be a Burning Man art installation…or could be Australia’s version of HAARP. JORN antenna array in Longreach, QLD

Is that White Ocean’s new camp setup?

Pine Gap is a great place for a party, as some lucky ravers in the year 2000 can attest

The Jindalee Operational Radar Network, a Lockheed Martin project


Burning Man’s First Technology Guru Fighting #fakenews

The blockchain offers a new world of possibility, not just for crypto-currency or providing disaster relief, but also for truth – something I am extremely interested in.

It seems I’m not the only one. Burning Man’s first Chief Technology Guru, Brian Behlendorf, is one of the whales of the tech industry.

Screenshot 2017-09-20 18.17.38

Screenshot 2017-09-20 18.19.18

Image: LinkedIn

BB went on from Burning Man to Davos and the World Economic Forum, and is on the board of the EFF and popular “secure” communications app Wickr. He also used to run the SFRaves mailing list. Oh, and half of the entire World Wide Web runs on his Apache web server – which is open source.

old skool raver

Old skool raver

His plan to fight fake news? Put Snopes on the blockchain. Get the list of “what’s fake news” and record that on the blockchain so everyone can rely on it as absolute fact.

The title of the video is “what if the Internet could not tell a lie”, but in fact what he is describing is a single source on the Internet telling us what is a lie and what isn’t – driven by Snopes.

There has been a massive purge of “alternative news” channels and videos on YouTube since the Progressives were defeated in the election by a huge margin. Facebook, GoogleYouTube, Twitter, Snopes and Reddit were all caught trying to silence conservative voices and stories, while promoting all sorts of things from cultural marxism to communism to child abuse to cannibalism.

Meanwhile, the Snopes founder spent all the company’s money on hookers and blow – and then hired the hookers to be fact-checkers and married one of them. You couldn’t make this shit up. Not only that but he just easily crowdsourced nearly a million bucks more, despite this abysmal track record of fraud allegations over the use of company funds for personal pleasures.

This is who Brian Behlendorf thinks we should use on the blockchain to determine “truth” once and for all? Yes, seriously, it is. Watch the video.

In other bizarro alt-media news, Alex Jones of InfoWars also married an escort…allegedly.

Who says any of these organizations should just be assigned the role of determining complex arguments, such as the JFK Assassination – where the CIA just “lost” an entire volume of their files on Lee Harvey Oswald, after years of stonewalling their release. Are we to believe the official conspiracy theory of 9/11, 19 hijackers with box cutter knives? The University of Alaska just completely debunked the official story about the collapse of Building 7, which was not hit by any plane – so what is true? The official government story, or the scientific conclusions? Why not record the case for and against any topic under debate, present the evidence for both sides, and let the people decide what they find most compelling.

Snopes, Google and Facebook do not deserve to become the arbiters of truth. What ever happened to Objective Truth, “truth is truth”?

There is only one truth, everything else is just opinion. Let the truth speak for itself, and if there are questions over truth or arguments of “alternative facts”, let’s get them ON THE RECORD too. Get all the evidence out, record the Grammar and the Rhetoric, let the people use Logic and decide for themselves. We need the pertinent facts and documents out there in the public domain. And then debate their existence, authenticity, or relevance.


What we actually need is to use the blockchain to record truth and facts. Record all the stories around a topic – even the rumors – and let people expand on them or deny them with opinions and evidence. Like WikiPedia, but one that can’t be censored for political or other, more shadowy reasons. Bitcoin is not really suitable for something like this, Ethereum is better with its smart contracts capability, but both these blockchains are busy doing financial transactions. What is needed is links to an immutable data store like the Internet Archive. In some cases the amount of data around a topic (such as JFK, or Burning Man) will be very large. Other topics, such as disaster relief using the blockchain, are newer and easier to get one’s head around with less controversial content.

The point I agree with BB on is that decentralized, distributed ledger technology is the best hope we have to fight against censorship. Will the solution come from those deep within the Deep State? Or from We The People?


The Arrival of Empress Zöe

Burning Man didn’t always have themes. For the first 10 or so Burns, the theme was “Burn The Man”, recreating the Wicker Man effigy burn rituals of the Druids.


Cult movie The Wicker Man, 1973


These Wicker Man burns had been going on in San Francisco for some time before the first Burning Man on Baker Beach.

beelzebub josh white snake theater

Snake Theater Beelzebub Burn, Sausalito 1979. Image: Bruce Forrester

timothy oneill wicker man

Timothy O’Neill (Gnosis Magazine) Wicker Man Ocean Beach burns, 1984-85. Flyer is for related art gallery exhibition, via Timothy O’Neill

satan man 1986 baker beach

The Man looked a little different back in 1986

In 1995 Burning Man dipped a toe in the thematrical waters with “Good And Evil”, then doubled down on the Evil with 1996‘s “Helco: The Inferno”


The 1996 year of Hell was also the year that Burning Man had the first of what would unfortunately be many deaths to come during the annual radical ritual.

One of the big productions that year was a live opera by Argentinian artist Pepe Ozan.

photo of Pepe Ozan

Here’s a version of the above video narrated by Paradox Pollock, a seemingly close associate of deadly occultist Derrick Ion Almena:

It has never been disclosed what happened to the goat, but Paradox Pollack’s description makes it seem like it was quite a hassle for them having to keep it alive until the performance.

Screenshot 2017-09-18 14.14.57.png

Live animal sacrifices at Burning Man are still happening today. In this case I’m not talking about 2017’s terrible burning man tragedy or the crushing by Lucifer, but Google executives decision to fly live lobsters in from Maine to be killed at the Radical Ritual.

Screenshot 2017-09-18 12.57.31Almena got the lawyer of Hell’s Angels and Shrimp Boy (SF head of the Chinese Freemasons), Tony Serra – “the Hippie Atticus Finch”.

Serra, who took a lifelong vow of poverty on an LSD trip, said “he’s been made a scapegoat for persons or entities culpable for this tragedy…our client has been demonized

Demonized like a goat by entities, huh? Perhaps like the Kali Yuga? These people sure have a strange way of speaking and thinking, which happens to be Aleister Crowley’s way too…but I digress.

Paradox has sp(l)iffed up his social media image since pulling down the video with Derrick that can be glimpsed in the skull-infested screenshot above.

Screenshot 2017-09-18 13.28.41

Suit or not, he’s still promoting Evil:

He was the Master of Ceremonies and Emissary Coreographer of the 1996 Burning Man occult sub-ritual.

the music, magnificently composed and played by Chris Cunningham, was sung by Lili Oldfield, Pat Bregant, Sean Steward and Todd Nelson. The representation of this legendary true story was incarnated by Emissaries Justin Miller as Empress Zoe and by Steffanos X as the High Priest of Hell. The Devil was enacted by the goat Sussy, and His wife by WarriorGirl. Master of Ceremonies was Emissary Choreographer Paradox Pollack. The Graces of Hell were represented by CC, Shari Greenfield, Martha Thomson and Susanne Couture. Deployment Secret Services were executed by Emissaries Sculptors Morgan Raimond, Al Honig, Denzil Meyers, and Leo Nash. Messenger Coordinator was Julieta Ozan.


Here’s Ozan talking about his operas and how he was using these elaborate rituals to gather a Satanic sub-community of about 250 people out of the broader Burning Man group (1996 population: 8000):


This particular opera featured devils, demons and insects chanting the lyrics “devils’ delight, fire tonight” while dancing around a 40-foot towered sculpture with gargoyle heads called the City of Dis, named after one of the levels of hell in Dante’s Inferno. [Source: John Law]

temple of dis 1996

The Temple of Dis. Image: Burning Man Opera

This description of the Arrival of Empress Zöe is in the video itself:

“A tribal opera with a ballet of insects depicting the peculiar saga of a soul’s birth to death.

The hermaphrodite condition of Empress Zoe and her Lascivious Behavior in the Court has been revealed by Cardinal Petrocelli, one of her passive homosexual Lovers. Condemned by the Holy See to be drowned in the Bosphorous, the Empress manages to take to the waters the Light of the Casiksi Diamond which will assure her the favor of the Devils. Steffanos, the High Priest of Hell, is possessed by Desire at the sight of the Empress inciting the Jealousy of the Graces, who assist him in the Infinite Recreation of Fire.

Pretending to help in the production of the Dust of Darkness to spray the Empress out of Existence, the Graces plot the Destruction of their Rival, the Hideous Lil-llik to ascend in the Hierarchy of the Ninth Circle. Satan, embodied by a goat to please his Wife, seems amused by the events that threaten the very Balance of the Universe”

The wording has changed slightly from the original video to the official web site:

It is the year of ll58AD. The structure of power of the Fire Lingam Project has briefly shifted from Babylon to the Byzantine Empire in Constantinople. The hermaphrodite condition of Empress Zoe has been revealed by Cardinal Petroccelly, one of her passive homosexual lovers. Condemned by the Holy See to be drowned in the Bosphorous, the Empress managed to take to the waters the Light of the Casiksi Diamond which assured her the favor of the Demons. Steffanos, the High Priest of Hell, possessed by desire at the site of the Empress, incites the jealousy of the Graces who assist him in the Infinite Recreation of Fire. Pretending to help in the production of the Dust of Darkness to spray the Empress out of existence, the Graces plot the destruction of their rival, the hideous Lil-llik to ascend in the Hierarchy of the Nine Circles. Satan, embodied in a goat to please His wife, is amused by the events that threaten the very Balance of the Universe. As Chaos erupted, the Mantra singing of 50 devotees and 1000 participating audience helped to save the Universe

The seemingly minor changes – Devils to Demons, Ninth Circle to Nine Circles – could be dismissed as irrelevant, if there were no significance to them. If demons are vices, then we all have demons – even atheists. Devils is explicitly Luciferian.

As for the Ninth Circle, this is the name of a Luciferian Pedo Cult linked to Jimmy Saville, the Jesuits, the Vatican, and many world leaders which has been operating for at least 300 years.

Saturnalia was an ancient Roman orgiastic festival that encouraged gift-giving and continual partying. The god Saturn is associated with black rock.

Of course, this is all just a big farce of pan-ic art and coincidences, they’re not crazy for doing it but I’m crazy for pointing any of it out…go about your day.


BURNILEAKS: The Lucifer Cover-Up

By now we are used to attempts from the Propaganda-meisters at BMorg to control every narrative relating to their event. This latest incident had us wondering, WHY? What are they trying to hide?

Thanks to Anonymous Burner for sharing this via Pastebin

Hello all,

Please read and do not respond to anything on social media. We want to keep names out of the media and not give any details out. It’s turning into a witch hunt, but the authorities and lawyers have been involved since the beginning, which has not been reported.
We wanted to update you on an incident that happened Monday evening post-event. At approximately 8 p.m., a male participant was struck by a Burning Man staff vehicle near 5:30 and K. The man was treated on the scene, transported to the on-site medical facility and airlifted to a Reno hospital. We’ve been told he is out of the intensive care unit and beginning his recovery.  
The incident has received some media coverage but at this time we are not issuing a public statement. There is an investigation underway and we are cooperating with the Pershing County Sheriff’s Office. We will share more information as it becomes available.
We ask you to please give thought before commenting on the incident on social media, as reporters may interpret what you say to be an official statement by Burning Man


Really? Reporters may interpret comments on Facebook to be official statements from BMorg? Has that ever actually happened? In this case, there is no official statement from BMorg. We are forced to piece together what information we can about the incident from, yes, the dreaded “social media”. Which now includes leaks of internal BMorg memos.

Lucifer, the Lamplighters Staff Vehicle. Image: Pershing County Sheriff’s Department

Will the Org truly share more information as it comes available, like they promised? Based on past performance, this seems unlikely.

Anonymous Burner says:

The community deserves transparency. Even if this is found to be an accident, with Burning Man and potential staffers blameless, the silence, even if meant to insulate those involved from the spotlight as investigations occur, is concerning. It brings up the potential that other incidents were kept quiet in the past, or that incidents in the future could be kept quiet as well
The community should be in a position to know what happened in a timely manner when incidents like this occur so that they can understand event related risks (whether as volunteers, staff, patrons, or participants). They deserve to know so they can be more prepared to mitigate incidents on their own behalf, and to, if needed, demand accountability and action on the part of Burning Man, or other entities, to avoid such incidents in the future.


The idea of a “witch hunt” is an interesting choice of words by the BMorg official. There has been none of that at Burners.Me; where do others discuss such things? I can’t find anything at Reddit, ePlaya, Burn.Life, or the official Burning Man Facebook group. So why are they thinking about witches?

Here’s what we know:

  • the driver was female, 35
  • she was the tear down lead of the Lamplighters and a Burning Man employee
  • she was driving a 1970 Ford flatbed truck, the Lamplighters truck, a BMorg staff vehicle
  • she ran over a tent on Monday night (after The Temple burn) around 8pm – just 10 minutes after last light.
  • the tent was at 5:30 & K, the 45 year old man inside was sleeping
  • the vehicle went around a coned barricade and onto a non-roadway portion of the festival.
  • the tent was dark colored and had no lights (tents have lights?) – which should not have been a problem if the truck had its headlights on and the driver was paying attention to where they were going
  • according to Pershing County Sheriff Jerry Allen, the headlights of the truck were off
  • the victim received crushing injuries, placing him in a critical condition for 3 days. He was in severe pain when treated by the medical personnel
  • the victim was airlifted to Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno, Nevada
  • the driver flagged down medical assistance and has been co-operating with authorities in the investigation
  • she did not appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and submitted to a test
  • there is an investigation but as far as we know, no charges have been filed

Last year the Lamplighters set up manager was badly injured at Burning Man, requiring facial plastic surgery.

So – why the cover-up? Allow me to speculate as to the real reason:

Perhaps it is because at the Radical Ritual’s peak moment, thousands of Burners were forced to witness a public human sacrifice. This was bad enough in itself; but then another person almost died after being crushed by Lucifer. Exactly what sort of energies are being invoked with all these temples, shrines, and rituals?

The news of this accident was first broken by Rolling Stone, and since then there has been discussion of the story in People, Reno Gazette Journal, KTVN, Las Vegas Review Journal; most of these miss the detail that this was one of the Org’s workers driving a staff vehicle. All of them miss the detail that the truck was called Lucifer. It takes the fire from El Diabla (the Devil), the cauldron there to “cook the souls” of ritual participants.

Just another coincidence? Let’s take a look at some more coincidences this year.

The 2017 theme was Radical Ritual.

This year we will erect a temple that will commemorate the Golden Spike. Circles surrounding circles will converge immediately beneath the Man. We will mark this space with an omphalos, a sculpture that will represent the navel of our world, its central hub and gathering place. Passing through the spine of Burning Man, this axis will continue upward, emerging high above the temple as a golden spire. Participants are invited to contribute to this shrine, and to the hundred niches that will penetrate the temple’s walls.

In alignment with this theme, earlier in the year Burners in San Francisco hosted a session about it being OK that Burning Man is a cult

What are cults? Burning Man? Anusara? Landmark? One Taste? Heaven’s Gate? Hasidism? Are corporations cults? Is medicine a cult?

On-Playa events this year included “Not A Cult Initiation” (celebrating the “Radical Witchual”), A Sex Cult, Witches and Warlocks Teatime (brought to you by Servants of the Secret Fire), Sacrificial Altar to Dionysos, A Heathen Perspective On Ritual Slaughter.

For the first time, instead of standing free The Man was placed inside a temple-like structure.

Image: SFGate

The Man installation was called The Temple of the Golden Spike, signifying the moment that kicks off the construction of Black Rock City.

The Cauldron To Cook Their Souls is called El Diabla (The Devil), and is lit in a magickal ceremony

There were 30 additional shrines connected to The Man Temple.

At the center of Black Rock City, 20 Shrines will inscribe a circle around the Man base, known this year as the Temple of the Golden Spike. Throughout the week, the space will be energized with processions and rituals, inviting the denizens of BRC to explore what we as a community consider sacrosanct.

In addition to the 20 Shrines at the Man Pavilion, there will be 10 Shrines in the city Plazas, five in the 4:30 plaza and five at 7:30From traditional spirit houses offering protection to playful rituals; from shrines celebrating nature, water, and geographic regions to the exploration of dualities: mortal/divine, virgin/bitch, death/rebirth; from places of quiet reflection to those of simple action; from the importance of touch to the power within our own hands, all Shrines invite participants to engage with the sacred and leave offerings: written, thought, spoken, sung or secret. In the spirit of the sentiment, We don’t burn something to destroy it, we burn it to protect it,when the Man burns on Saturday night, these Shrines and the offerings made unto them will burn with it.

This year “The” Temple, which burns on the final Sunday night of the event, was itself made from dead trees “rising again” – see Dead Sierra Nevada Trees Rise Again in Burning Man Temple in Black Rock Desert (LA Times).

Image: IB Times

There was a Native American medicine Radical Ritual, bringing embers from the Standing Rock protest sacred fire, which caused controversy due to drugs, alcohol, and “bad medicine”

There were quite a few death-related art installations this year which received financial grants from Burning Man, including:

The Pyramid of the Dead

The Phoenix Rising

Image: Reddit

The Shrine of La Santisima Muerte: the Lady of Shadows, the Sacred Death.

Image: Stephanie Deveau, via Facebook

La Santisima Muerte is the Patron Saint of drug-trafficking cartels.

Looking out from her Shrine, she rejects none, for all will come to her in the end. She represents the universality of death that generates a fundamental equality amongst all of human kind. Her Shrine is covered in symbols and imagery of our innovation and folly, our greatness of spirit and failures of character, our precious love and our violent hate

Violent hate, huh? Sounds like the sort of thing Satanists worship. I note that Derick Ion Almena, currently facing trial for the death of 36 people in an Oakland warehouse party last December, said “I come from a family lineage of Santaria and Palo Monte and killing”. This is basically the same death cult religion as Santa Muerte, with its roots in African voodoo coming to the New World via Caribbean slaves.

The Tomb of Nahtaivel

Ancient stories tell of the Leviathan [backwards: Nathaivel], believed to be a great beast, a demon or one of the Four Princes of Hell. We believe that this branch of lore represents the individual struggle between right and wrong, physically manifested in the real world. Sometimes facing personal problems can feel like you’re battling a great beast. This temple is about the external and internal forces that bring people together to create the world in which we all participate whether it be good or evil.

OK, a Tomb of the Princes of Hell, a temple about creating a world of evil. Nothing Satanic about that or anything.

And we saw the return of “rowing skeletons zoetrope”, aka Charon

Image: Peter Ruprecht

A gigantic 30′ spinning wheel with posed human skeletons mounted on its inner edge, Charon is fully powered by a minimum of 12 people working in unison. Participants are invited to pull a series of 6 ropes which cause the wheel to rotate progressively faster. When the rope pullers are coordinated enough to get the wheel spinning at the correct speed, a strobe is activated, revealing the skeletons’ animation. The animation tells the story of Charon, the mythological gondolier and ferryman of Hades who carried the souls of the recently departed across the river Styx, the last right of passage on the way to the afterlife.

River Styx, skeletons, Hades, the underworld…nothing to see here, move along.

Then we had Múcaro, a giant, Bohemian Grove-like owl. Apparently somebody fell off it and was seriously injured.

Cremation of Care, the effigy burn ritual at Bohemian Grove

At the peak moment of Burning Man 2017, tens of thousands of horrified Burners witnessed a real life human sacrifice as Aaron Joel Mitchell, 41, got up from where he was sitting and ran into the fire, evading multiple Sandmen trying to stop him. He was airlifted to California, where he was pronounced dead at 6:30am the next day.

People that hung out with him reported that he was on LSD for over 3 days, of his own choosing. They also reported that it was a pre-meditated action. He talked about it, and wouldn’t change his mind.

[Source: Burn.Life, comments]

Despite the tragedy, the show must go on. Burning Man’s fire priestess Crimson Rose harrumphed to the media “we have a ritual to complete”. Did she mean “the” Temple burn on Sunday night, or something else? Regardless, there was even more horrific disaster to come.

After Burning Man officially ended and the sun went down on Monday night, Lucifer claimed another victim. Quite literally: the staff vehicle used by the Lamplighters to spread the fire from El Diabla (“the cauldron to cook their souls”) is named Lucifer. It nearly killed someone, running over their tent and sending them to the Intensive Care Unit for at least 3 days with critical crushing injuries.

In summary, we have rituals and shrines dedicated to death, in a pentagram, lit by the fire of the Devil from a truck named Lucifer. And people die or get seriously injured – is this really surprising? You get what you pray for.

Maybe instead of worrying about people discussing things on social media (which has never killed anyone), They should reconsider the use of occult black magick rituals. Just a suggestion…