Music of Cargo Cult Camp Compendium [Updates]

I’m no librarian, but I’m in a good mood today because I got my visa and I’m…

So this one’s for all the ravers, all the players, all the player haters, all the lovers, and all the Burners. A round-up of what’s on Soundcloud from Burning Man 2013, organized by camp. By now, most of the DJs have had the time to upload their sets. Some camps like to “trickle” them out. horse artMaybe there’s some still to come. I can’t say I’m going to continually update this post through the year, as every new DJ sends a mix in. Check the comments for other mixes, I might do 1-2 passes of updates. Nor can I promise that I’m going to do this every year; take it as my Chinese New Year gift to you all for the Year of the Horse.

chicken dicken
For the haters, hey, this is nothing special. It takes no special skills, not like Chicken John’s beloved “comments of the olden days”. Whatever that means! Any one of 68,000 people at the party last year and 530,000 on the Burning Man group could have done this for you at any time.  Even one of the year-round BMOrg’s 50+ employees could’ve been tasked to do this, squeezing it into their busy schedule of inventing themes and schemes.

But, the thing is, they didn’t.

Maybe something along these lines would be a better present from the people who bank the buck$, to the Burners and DJs and Sound Camps and Art Cars who gave so much…instead we’re blessed to bask in the wisdom of the Jacked Rabbit, and pay new taxes so we can fund Larry’s international fatherhood trips and tips. These are the official ways that customers of Burning Man can  Gift the Globe with culture.  

Apologies if I’ve missed anyone (I’m sure I have) , or associated any DJs with the wrong camps, or the grammar . Please correct in the comments.

distrikt 2013 crowdDistrikt

Brett Rubin

Darren Grayson

Elite Force

Fort Knox Five

Isaiah Martin


Kramer (Saturday)

The Scumfrog

Syd Gris


David HÔhme

Erika Mysti

Loomer (Burn Night)

Wolf and Lamb


K Dust live sunrise

Ashram Galactica

Kenny Harris

Boomrock Saints

Sundae Sushi – Camacho

Camp Feral Fauna

King Plow

Camp Pink Fuzzy Monkey

Mike Van Houten (Sunset)

Camp Questionmark

Anthony Motto

Danis of Chains and Frames

Camp Random

Lord Pyro

Camp Tetrion

Beat Freak (live)

Circles and 3’s

Apple Cat

Cosmic Giggle

Ras Gonzo


Dancetronauts Mix

Philthy Phil Temple Takeover

Darwin Fish Tank


Decadent Oasis

Bunny Bill


Cosinzero (Fri)

Dave Simon (Mon)

Dave Simon (Fri)

DJB Live (Fri)

DJB (Sat)



Hijinx (Mon)

Hijinx (Fri)

J Miah

Joseph Lee

Kem (Mon)

Kem (Thu)




Lt Daaan

Lt Daaan and Lisa Rose Tag Team

Mo Corleone

Neon bunny




Xane Fm Live (Fri)

Digital Apex

David Isaac


Dirty Beetles Boogaloo Car


Disco Knights

Anthony Mansfield (live)


SaneDrac Hunter

Fractal Planet

Swami Harami Temple Burn

giant cock car

Giant Cock Car


Heart Phoenix


AM Rebel (Burn Night)

Vitamin Devo

Zita Molnar

Hookah Dome


mayan warriorMayan Warrior


Dharma (Wed – Pt 1)

Dharma (Wed -Pt 2)

Galen and Adnan Sharif (live)

Jason Kendig (live)

Rick Korach

Shadyvil (Part 1)

Shadyvil (Part 2)

Music Savages

Waifs and Strays

Mystical Misfits




Nutz Camp

Elite Force/Simon Shackleton

Kramer (live)


Syd Gris



Dirt Junkee


Pink Love Bunny

Techmonkey Sunrise (pt 1)

Techmonkey Sunrise (pt 2)

Pink Mammoth

Adnan Sharif

Andy Caldwell


Jonathan Will

Marques Wyatt

Rolf (Wed)

Tara Brooks

Vivi-ann (BLONDish) vs Phillip Jung (M.A.N.D.Y)

Zack Walker



Peter Napoli

Reverse Cowgirl Creamery

Linzi Oliver

Robot Heart

Art Department (Live)



Benjamin Alexander


Bob Moses (Live)

Damian Lazarus / Rebel Heart

Damian Lazarus

Eduardo Castillo


Lee Burridge

Pachanga Boys

Pauline Rochas

Robert Reyesp

Swamy and John Dill – Burn Night


The Scumfrog



Dharma – Roots Underground

Dharma – Daytime Disco

Slut Garden

Pope Rajulio

Space Cowboys


Tiki Village

Loomer – Thursday 

Loomer – Burn Night


Mike Gano

Scott Meyer

Skez – Black Light

Sylvain Perron


B.B. Tschack


White Ocean


Paul Oakenfold

Tek Freaks Saturday Night Live



Other DJs

Ceri’s set from Jamie Jones and friends party

Cargo Bleep


 – Bass Set

– Sunrise Set

Chris MacKechnie

DJ E10

Hernan Cattaneo (what! can’t believe I missed him)

Indecent Noise (Live)

Kelly Kidd

Lord Vishnu

Maxx Polishuk (vinyl set)


Robbie Rickard

Tommy T (if it was Tommy Trash he would probably say that, right?)


Yental Beats

Larry Harvey in The Independent

Burning Man founder Larry Harvey has given a brief interview to Britain’s The Indpendent newspaper. It’s fairly juicy, managing in a single page to combine tales of child abuse, drug addiction, and necromancy. Hey, he said it, not me!

royal-festival-hall_0Larry’s in the UK for the BAM! (Being A Man) festival, which runs at the Southbank Centre from Jan 31 until February 2. The Southbank Centre is on the Thames river in London, and was called “Britain’s leading arts institution” by the Daily Telegraph.

You can catch Larry’s panel discussion at 11:15am on Saturday Feb 1, it’s £12 for a day pass.

Here’s the story from The Independent (emphasis mine):

Wilderness environments bring out the best in people At Burning Man [the annual week-long cultural event , held in Black Rock Desert, Nevada , which Harvey co-founded in 1986], people come to survive in an extreme environment, and as you’re all in the same boat, you bond. There was a fellow who came out a few years ago, a wealthy lawyer, who brought all this newly bought high-end survival kit, laying everything out along the floor. Then a wind came and whipped them into oblivion; he had a nervous breakdown. But a giant dust storm brings home everyone’s mortality, and you come together: replacement items began to appear. He was overwhelmed by other people’s kindness.

I was raised to be radically self-reliant I was raised on a farm; my parents were farmers, though my father was a carpenter by trade. He regarded any unnecessary conversation as mouth-flap. I would have put my arm in a fire to get praise from my parents but I never felt I pleased him. But what I learnt to do was stand on my own two feet.

Being adopted means missing a level of intuitive rapport with your family Of course plenty of biological offspring say they feel no connection to their parents, but being adopted for me meant that substrate feeling of “I am you” was lacking. Years later, my brother, who was also adopted, and I both admitted how we felt like exchange students: everyone treated us well, but we didn’t quite fit or belong.

My son was the perfect miracle to me Being adopted meant I’d never met anyone genetically connected to me. My son had this look as a baby, a sort of “You will respect my boundaries.” People who came up to hold him would get this look and I thought, “Oh my god, that’s the look I’ve given people my whole life.” It was so deeply affirming and reassuring to see it. Though of course he wasn’t me at all; that’s the big mistake that parents make.

Sometimes children ask for more than you have to give I raised my son as a single father and one night I remember being alone with him as he cried and cried, and couldn’t be comforted. His need seemed to be devouring me and I surrendered to a very angry impulse: I tossed him three feet into this closet filled with wall-to-wall mattresses. It was a shocking act, and there’s no social reward for confessing being enraged by a baby.

The dead don’t really die They linger on as part of you. Once when I was repainting a friend’s house, I summoned up my father’s presence and talked to him. I wasn’t hallucinating and he wasn’t there, but somehow, pouring out all this grief, disappointment and yearning, I was able to talk to him in a way that I never could when he was alive.

I can’t write without the help of tobacco Somehow the chemistry of tobacco got mixed up in my addictive compulsion to write during my teen years, so when I quit smoking for eight months last year, I couldn’t write one line. I had to postpone every writing job I had until I brought back the cigarettes.

Freud is one of my heroes I started reading his work while going through something of a midlife crisis and each night I’d look down at his photo on the inside flap for 10 to 15 minutes: even through the dry rhetoric and his speciality in narcissistic illness, I’d see this benevolent-looking figure with white hair and he became the father I didn’t quite have: it was classic transference.

Perhaps Larry’s attempt to quit smoking, and the impairment to his creativity caused by that, explains the long delay in announcing this year’s theme and ticket prices?

Fly Ranch Exploratory Project

The Burning Man Project has announced that they are entering the preliminary stages of a development plan for the 4000 acre Fly Ranch, a property close to Black Rock City with a natural hot springs and a beautiful geyser. The Project describe the property as one of the “Wonders of Northern Nevada”. Their intention seems to be creating a year-round community there.

fly ranch geyser 4For years, members of the Burning Man organization have championed the vision of an artistic and ecological community, founded on the Ten Principles of Burning Man, on the Fly Ranch property. Nestled on the edge of the Hualapai Valley on the northeast corner of the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, this 4,000 acre site contains an abundance of natural resources and wonders that will serve as a world class ecological heritage site and living arts community.

fly ranchThe Burning Man Project is pleased to announce the initiation of the preliminary stages of the development of the Fly Geyser property. This exploratory phase involves negotiating agreements for the rights to the property, producing a request for proposal to generate feasibility studies and geological analysis regarding the use and development of the land. Following negotiation and due diligence, and with an agreement on purchase conditions, the Project will move on to the exciting next stages.

fly geyser mapThe Fly Ranch Project Plan, still in development, will consist of several phases. The first is the current exploratory and negotiation phase. The first priority will be preservation and access—as development of infrastructure begins, the public will be able to access the geyser area for the first time in many years. Access will be coupled with preservation measures. Early evidence of Project involvement with the property will be the appearance of art in the area—the first pieces of a planned world-class art and sculpture park.

Future phases and plans could involve other avenues to promote public interaction with the high desert environment—a more fully developed art park, camping facility, conference center, and an alternative energy showcase are components of the Project’s vision for the area.

The Burning Man Project plans are for use of the area in a sustainable manner, while working to protect this ecologically unique resource. With nearly 4,000 acres of varied ecology, the Fly Springs Project will preserve the most fragile components of this ecosystem, the Fly Geyser, while providing opportunities for enhanced human interaction with the ecosystem, including artistic, ecological, and technological components.

The Fly Ranch Project presents unlimited opportunities and challenges. We seek to unlock human creativity in this remote yet inspiring setting, yet we must tread lightly on the land so that its grandeur will endure for generations to come. We are excited to be beginning what we hope will be a great journey to bring the wonders of Northern Nevada to the Burning Man community and the public at large.

They’ve been thinking about developing this property for ages, and now they’re entering into a preliminary phase to consider what to do with it. What does this actually mean? It’s hard to say, but we wish them luck with their project anyway. The geyser sure is purty.