Here are some other sites useful to the Burner Community. If you know any other sites that Burners would find helpful, please email us.

Burner Created Sites – Burner Map helps if you want to find where your facebook friends are camped at Burning Man – useful content and tips for Burners – occasional Burner-related commentary – video, audio, blog about Burning Man – online magazine about Burning Man – Burning Man fashion site – commentary on Burner culture – general culture that Burners would like – Historic book of magazines from past Burning Mans – humorous blog – blog – blog – local media coverage of Burning Man – the Craigslist of Burning Man – a Lexicon of Burner terms – a collection of Burning Man panorama photos going back to 1999
Discussion Groups – all things Burning Man found by Reddit users – for the women of Burning Man – Bobzilla’s Burning Man tribe group – SF Bay Burners – Anthropology of Burning Man – Art of Burning Man
Reference Information – unofficial music guide – Guide to Burning Man from SF Bay Guardian – tips about wind-proofing tents–  how to build a Hexayurt – some good basic tips for first timers – How-To’s for making Burning Man stuff


Official sites: – official Burning Man web site – the Burning Blog, official voice of the BMOrg – discussion forums

Sign up for the Jack Rabbit Speaks, the official Burning Man newsletter – Black Rock City Internet radio station – volunteer Burners helping the world – Black Rock Arts Foundation – Friends of Black Rock desert, environmental group – community site for sharing, finding help