A Permanent Utopia?

Fly Ranch Geyser, Washoe County

In NYMag, Nellie Bowles reports that BMOrg have their sights set on a permanent community, and once again will be bussing investors from First Camp out to the nearby Fly Ranch property.

Burning Man’s leadership, nicknamed “the Borg,” has been quietly pushing the entity toward a new phase.

Quietly? As quiet as you can be with half a dozen people in your media team, a Minister of Propaganda, and staff flying all around the world for panel discussions.

As the six founders who built the festival and still guide it start to age, a new generation of leaders is being tapped, including the charismatic and ambitious Bear Kittay, now “Burning Man’s social alchemist and global ambassador.” The Borg is cagey about plans, secretive about money, distrustful of the press (whose Wi-Fi they’ve shut down this year). But co-founder Marianne Goodell has hinted at another major change…developing a private tract of land as a permanent Burning Man community. 


Time for a change? Bear Kittay, Marian Goodell and Danger Ranger. // Photo by Christoper Michel

Is this Burning Man’s future? Bear Kittay, Marian Goodell and Michael Mikel. // Photo by Christoper Michel

Last year, the Borg renewed efforts to purchase and develop a nearby property, the geyser-filled Fly Ranch, which they’d been eyeing for years. As Goodell recently said on a podcast called Positive Head. “For the long-term survival of the culture, we are going to need a physical space…We will, as time goes by, find it hard to only be in the Black Rock Desert. We may need to find a place that would allow for infrastructure. I’m certain that’s in our future.

fly geyser mapFly Ranch is, by all accounts, spectacular: it’s about 4000 acres (880 of which are wetlands) with 23 hot and cold springs and around 40,000 feral horses. There’s one 104 degree lake that’s a couple hundred feet wide. Rod Garrett, one of the original architects of Burning Man, had drawn up plans for a Burning Man Fly Ranch city, a mix of homes and communal spaces built to blend into the desert.

“Employees and affiliates may build on a ‘Homestead’ basis, or rent or buy into the Village community at the project’s north end,” he wrote, in his lengthy proposal.

According to one plan, Fly Ranch buildings would be made with unpainted, rammed earth and sod. No fences would be allowed, and all members of the community, who could either build homesteads or buy into a communal village, would live by Burning Man’s “Ten Principles”...Organic vegetable farming and a Burning Man-like conference business would serve as the economic base of the community.

Growing organic crops in the Alkaline desert, hundreds of miles from the nearest small town. A conference center in the middle of nowhere, in a place with notoriously harsh physical conditions and world famous bug infestations. Sounds like a lot of smart business planning has gone into this idea over the decade+ they’ve been developing it.

FlyGeyserFestival co-founder Will Roger writes of this new Burning Man city in utopian terms: “I fondly hope that this concept can develop rapidly, and become not only a destination for learning and wonder, but a model to the world of a community, although remote, that is ideal and sustainable. It is for the Burning Man Project to create this wilderness paradise.” 

Development of this scale would require a lot of money, and last year, the organization began giving tours of Fly Ranch to potential investors. People around the playa whispered that well known burners like Elon Musk, Sergey Brin, and hotelier Chip Conley were among those shown the property (though none have confirmed that they actually were). 

Burning Man first tried to buy it in 2005. They tried again a few years ago, but the asking price was around $11-12 million, and they only raised about a half a million dollars, he said. But last year, the landowner Sam Jasick passed away, leaving his son Todd in charge, and Todd said he’d welcome another offer. Roger, who lives in the nearby town of Gerlach, decided this time he would get it right.

During last year’s festival, he said they were leading two tours a day. They had set up a little camp there for prospective investors to lounge and get a sense of the area’s energy.

Because nothing says “Decommodification” like 2 busloads a day of investors going to the real estate sales lounge. And nothing says “sustainability” like building a 70,000 person city for the purposes of entertainment, creating art just to burn it down, and in a week producing the amount of CO2 emissions of a small country

From Roger’s perspective, buying land means Burning Man can serve more people — the demand for tickets already far exceeds the supply. “This year, 60,000 people didn’t get tickets to this,” he said. “By owning our own property, it means putting in our own infrastructure. It could be a retreat center or an art park.” He said the plan would be to build that retreat center and a museum, hold smaller events, and create a city to test out what it would be like to live on Mars (guess which tech billionaire could be thinking of that?). “What interests me is the experiment in a permanent community,” he said, adding that the tech titans felt the same way. “They’re interested in that too, yes.”

So far, not interested in it enough to fund a Series A for this 30-year old start-up. But maybe this is the year.

Part of the appeal of the site is recent moves Will Roger has made on the board of a local Advisory council to get the BLM to re-designate land so that it can be sold.

burning_man suitsAdjacent to the Fly Ranch property is, Roger said, “a playa, public land.” He had joined a political group: the Sierra Front-Northwestern Great Basin Resource Advisory Council. In this position, he helped to declare that land disposable, defined by the Bureau of Land Management as “land that can be sold.” He added, “Getting it on the disposable land list was crucial because we could have our own playa then, something smaller for five to 10 thousand people.” The property is “A-rated solar, A-rated wind,” and Roger said the income from that power generation would become the foundation for a community. “If you look at a 100-year plan, it could be remarkable as a planet changing culture,” he said.

If someone can figure out a way that you can put solar panels miles away from industry or population, and that itself makes so much income that it could sustain a growing community, then that could indeed be planet-changing. Usually, local generation offsets costs rather than creating revenue – and industrial-scale facilities are built near the main power transmission grid.

As Burning Man emerges as an emotional and intellectual center for the tech world, Roger thinks the chances of a deal going through are higher than ever. His employees were leading tours while he hung out at First Camp — “I don’t swim in that world, but my staff swims in that world,” he said. He said he was just thrilled the vision to create a town has finally come closer to fruition. “I’ve had my dream in this and my heart broken so many times,” he said. “Now I’m 66 years old, I’m almost retiring, and it might happen.”

Emerges? Isn’t that how the whole shebang has been marketed, since DARPA first unleashed their Web weapon on the general public in the 90’s?

Although Roger says he doesn’t swim in that world, 4 years ago when they bussed me out to the site on one of these investor tours he was the man in charge. Swimming in the world of hot springs was part of the sales pitch – everyone was encouraged to get naked, of course. The details about how investors would get a return on the most expensive desert land on earth were sketchy…“we’re going to run a business based on the Ten Principles“. Ummm, which ones? Gifting and Decommodification? Leave No Trace? So how does that work again? Everyone volunteers for free, pays to stay in a conference center where you bring your own bedding and catering and take out your own trash, the Founders get the ticket revenue (which of course “isn’t enough due to all our costs”), and investors donate the money?

A year has passed since we sat together in the playa, and it hasn’t quite happened yet. When I asked a Burning Man representative about their plans, the website they had up saying that they’d begun to develop the land came down. But on the Wayback Machine you can still see their statement: “The Burning Man Project is pleased to announce the initiation of the preliminary stages of the development of the Fly Geyser property.”

A quote on the site from Will Roger reads: “The Fly Ranch Project is a key component of a broader plan for economic and community development in the Northern Nevada area.”

Read the full story at NYMag.

Permanent infrastructure for Burners is a great idea. Destruction and pollution is so 1980’s. Leave It Better trumps Leave No Trace. A Center for Philosophy, to spread the culture around the world? I could see that happening. Putting these things together, a couple of dozen miles further out into the wilderness from Gerlach? That leaves me scratching my head. I always thought the key to real estate investment was location, location, location.

If you build it, they will come…maybe they should build it in Colorado and sell weed to tourists to pay for the thing.



Notes On Two Wheels: Stupid Laws, Stoned Burners & Public Transportation

BicycleAs I mentioned autonomous vehicles (self driving cars) in a previous post, I felt it was only fair to discuss one of the other issues that ties San Francisco, New York & Black Rock City together: Drunk people on bicycles.

DzrsqldpTGy9rmx4Mze3_Popcorn BallgameNow that I’ve got your attention! Whether it’s the deep playa, SoHo, or any of those insane hills you Frisco people shoot down on the way to work, we’re all pleased that bicycling is catching on finally here in the United States. After being a niche for the well-to-do & granola among us in the 90’s, out East, the trend started picking up speed in the 2000s & now NYC has bike paths, while you get odd looks if you show up with an SUV anywhere outside of LA. As we all know, biking is better for the environment, can save you cash & gives you those crazy calf muscles. However, we’re starting to see something unnerving here on the East Coast that I know SF & Black Rock City has had to deal with for some time. And that would be biking under the influence. Continue reading

Hey Plug & Plays, Bring Self-Driving Cars To The Playa!

by Terry Gotham

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve heard about autonomous vehicles, or self-driving cars. It’s moved so far out of the Google/Silicon Valley bubble that late night talk shows are cracking jokes about the emerging technology. The sophistication inherent in these vehicles has been expanding in leaps & bounds, to the point where entire towns have been built to test them. The tech is so good now that there’s not even a point to having a steering wheel. As it starts to move into the realm of policy & actuarial models begin to incorporate these cars, it’s time to give ourselves a break. At the risk of sounding self-important, let’s think of what we can do with these things besides reduce congestion, eliminate drunk driving & dampen carbon emissions worldwide.  The nice things is that some of these cars use the same parts as the regular cars, so if you already have a site when you search about car parts as garage chief you can still use it for a self-driving car.

While I know this is totally impossible for this year’s thing in the desert, I’d love to put it out there to get you thinking about it while you’re roving the playa. I think Google & all of the self-driving car companies need to start field-testing these things out at Black Rock City. I think we’ve seen hundreds of people injure themselves biking in the darkness, everyone has heard or experienced a story where they’re moving around in the dark and someone doesn’t have the right blinky shiny. 

So let’s put these bad boys to work. Just think about it. shuttle service to & from the temple, the DMZ & the man. Chart an expedition to the trash fence & sip cocktails on the way out there. Swarms of autonomous vehicles that follow art cars, having little micro-parties inside of them, while connected to their sound system. I think the people who are developing these vehicles should most certainly think long and hard about investing hardware & experiential gifting to their design arc.

Yes of course people are still going to want control options, and because of the fact that it’s on the playa, maybe they could have them. or maybe it could just be a nice little exercise in “letting go.” I’ve always thought of Burning Man as what a colony of settlers would look like, when we finally get to places otherworldly. I think the futuristic, neo-urban vibe could not only be enhanced by the cars, but building in an automated transit system is possible there more easily than any other art/music festival in the world. But, it would also be hilariously expensive. And this is where all those 1% camps come in. Hey extensively wealthy people who go to the plug & play camps on the outskirts, want to get around & see the cool things, but don’t want to talk to anyone, got an idea for you. What if, y’all funded this stuff, in exchange for having your own personal/slightly better transports. Here’s how it looks: the tech illuminati that hang out at BM just magic’d up a “hazard test” for the technology, brought it to the playa, got everyone to sign a second death waiver, and then can access the service to transport ice, get to the deep playa, or just make it from 10 to 5 without having to bike in the 1pm sun. Obviously, priority would be given to Rangers, Green Dot transporting patients, children, the elderly and that one time you swore you saw a pregnant woman on playa. Transport could have BM radio piped in and be re-directed during events and help ensure people aren’t traveling through the deep playa stoned as fuck.

In exchange, the 1% get future vehicles on playa, and of course, I assume their personal rides would be better than the ones your average attendee would interact with. This, for everyone who has forgotten the time, is the experience most people who don’t have access to art cars experience anyway. This would also give them a way to prove they have something to contribute, even if they don’t want to leave their plug & play camps outside of the IncuBubble rides they’ll be testing out.
Some of this may be tongue in cheek, but I think this is definitely within the realm of the possible. Especially with the micro-deployment that could be tested out, in addition to the more sophisticated feedback you’d just happen to get because of the breadth & depth of technical experience and straight up lifestyle of the different burners using your product.

People keep asking for their jetpack as proof that it’s the future. Forget jetpacks. I want my robot car. Specifically, I want a robot car to take me from party to party on playa & when I get bored of that, I want to be able to tell it to follow whatever art car replaces the Dancetronauts juggernaut. It’ll drive along matching speed & direction, possibly even broadcasting the audio out of the speaker system inside of my pod car. Perhaps a couple of channels, illustrated by what color the pod glows. Kind of like Silent Disco headsets, but with cars. Do you agree?

Psychedelic Libertarianism: An Emerging Trend

by Terry Gotham

I recently gave a presentation on the dangers posed by largely untested new psychedelic substance use. Afterwards, I was chastised by someone who was very concerned I was carrying water for the DEA. She told me that I shouldn’t be exacerbating the problems associated with these drugs, as she had purchased them from a trusted source & used them safely. I asked what she did and she told me she was a technology professional living in San Francisco. She’d done quite a bit of research and had a very lovely time on all of the ones I mentioned. I asked if she’d tested them, and she replied that she didn’t need to, because she knew her source. And therein lies my thesis. Libertarian “every man for himself” thinking ensures lower quality drugs for everyone. Privilege and access is stratifying drug use in ways that we’ve never seen before, which ultimately hurts all users.

Picture via Cracked

Psychoactive substance use, contrary to the belief of the British government recently, has been a facet of organized society for thousands of years. However, tribal usage has slowly morphed into recreational usage, especially for the 1%. In the United States, the “bowl of cocaine” fantasy remains a much more compelling goal than the white picket fence. These privileged few have the square footage, support structures, self control & bank roll to do drugs in a controlled environment, largely away from harm or legal consequences. Others are forced to buy drugs on the street, at non-negotiable price points with questionable purities. In the last 5 years, this unnerving trend has sharpened as the 1% & 99% diverge in how they experience Western recreational pharmacology. The replacement of MDMA & LSD with new psychedelic substances such as MDPV, alpha-PVP, NBOMe & other synthetics such as methylone and the cathinones have created new problems that I believe can scale up in ways that previous issues could not.

The success of MDPV, methylone & the synthetic cathinones available in the UK, Australia & the USA is something that wasn’t possible years ago. When 2cb/2ci & the first wave of research chemicals arrived in the late 90’s/early 2000’s, you were lucky to get a certain level of chemical quality, purchased either online or offline. If you were buying something legal you were still taking a shot in the dark, as these chem companies didn’t exactly have a “for human consumption” best case practice involved with these drugs. But, 2cb was relatively non-toxic & less taxing on your cardiovascular systems than most illegal drugs at the time. The best estimate we had for research chemical production a decade ago was maybe 2-4 got from synthesis to production & sale on a large enough level that they would hit the “mainstream” of psychedelic drug culture. The number available to anyone who has done their research & has a decent network size is now approaching 50 a year. That’s 50 totally new chemicals that you can beta test with your cardiovascular system.

The problem is that for someone who is experimenting with new psychedelic substances in a controlled environment, they’re probably reasonably safe. However, more and more kids are getting these drugs not only at major dance music festivals, without knowing what they’re taking. This is a real problem that has killed a non-zero number of people, but the privileged wouldn’t know it. If you have a good network and disposable income, it’s quite possible that you won’t ever need to buy drugs from someone you’ll never see again, or that you’d even think to test. That means that over time, it becomes even less likely for someone to empathize with the needs of the average festival kid who has probably never experienced “pure” MDMA. This divergence in experience based on income & network effects is a terrible step backwards.

When 30% of the people who think they’re taking MDMA at Ultra Music Festival are actually taking a drug called Alpha-PVP…Burning Man may be good, but I don’t imagine it’s perfect. The problem exacerbates itself in an exceptionally hostile environment. Even in the perfect world, you’re still rolling the dice, which is a point I don’t think most people realize.

To be very specific, even if you test everything you buy, whether it’s from a “trusted” (family/fam/house/”that guy”) source, you don’t know what you’re getting. All reagent kits operate on a binary principle. You run the test, it tells you whether you have something. Yes or no. Not percentages, amounts, or anything more sophisticated than “this has/doesn’t have x.” From any serious industrial chemistry process standpoint, this is totally inappropriate for human consumption. Even if you’re buying from the perfect dealer on the Dark Web that has 100% positive user feedback, you’re not any better off than the person testing the shit Stevie bought from the white guy with dreads at Electric Daisy Carnival. It could still be shit, and for all we know, it might kill you.

It may seem like you’re safe because you know people who are synthesizing this stuff at the chemical labs in California, or because you’re embedded so deeply in the Silicon Valley psychonaut universe. But even there you’re not 100% safe. These drugs have been taken by 1/1,000th of the population of users of MDMA, LSD and psilocybin, so even if the drugs are safe in the micro (read: they don’t kill you at the party), we have no idea what these chemical modifications do to the safety of the substance long term. It’s easy to tell someone not to smoke because we know that cigarettes kill you. We don’t know what NBOMe or Alpha-PVP or DOI will do in 20 years. People can speculate, but the plural of anecdote is not data.

Of course, the solution to this is regulation, legalization & FDA approvals. We can all hope and dream about the days when basic bitches will be able to buy gingerbread flavored cocaine to go with their Pumpkin Spice latte. But until then, we need to be cognizant of the risks many of us no longer face. I survived being a young idiot with access, so did many of the people who read this blog. The stakes are higher now, so maybe yelling at & shitting on efforts to inform, or acclimate the younglings by organizations like DanceSafe & Drug Policy Alliance isn’t the best idea. Even if they’re never going to make it to Burning Man or think Steve Aoki, bath salts & the Swedish Fish Mafia are the most important thing to happen to Western society since someone figured out how to lower their low end import car.

I think it’s important to have this conversation & I think Burners are the only ones that can have it. Other communities either totally disavow drugs or they revere them to a point where it’s not possible to have an honest conversation about the damage they do. What do you think? Do you check your drugs using kits? Do you have friends who have ordered new psychedelic substances using the DarkWeb? Do your poor friends complain about the quality of the substances they’ve done as of late?

Private Concierge Service [Updates]

Once again, an idea originally introduced to this community as an amusing farce, has now become an established money-making service.

The Burning Man concierge is here.

From BurningmanVIP.net:

concierge girlsBurning Man Concierge Service is a product of The Key Group. We are an european company based in Geneva (Switzerland) and Luxembourg, specializing in Family Office and Private Concierge services.
From the begining, we always develop some new products in order to meet the specific needs and requests of our clients. Our dynamic team is used to treat the most eccentrics requests, while maintaining total privacy and also the safety of our clients.

Going further than just a supplier, we study the request with our customers to assist them in each project. Together We develop projects proposing some new ideas, extremely targeted to provide total satisfaction to our customers. Whether to make a personal dream, any urgent need, planning some holidays, or even to please your own clients in a Business to Business, our team will make every effort to surprise you.


Following the request of a group of clients, we decided to create this service of Burning Man Concierge Service to allow you to enjoy this wonderful experience in the best conditions of comfort you can expect. With a long experience in the major festivals around the world, our team will take care of everything for you, to let you live your Burn and keep a magical memories of this unique adventure !

bm weddingplanner

What sort of services are on offer, for those who like their Radical Self Reliance to be Immediate? Everything from holding your parasol to fetching you in a private plane and designing your own art car.

To enable our customers to make the most of their experience at Burning Man, we offer a concierge service that takes care of all the logistics of their stay, and which offers the best comfort you can hope for in a desert camp.

P.Diddy's girlfriend Cassie poses in front of the couple's Pilatus PC-12, a sweet ride to the Playa

P.Diddy’s girlfriend Cassie poses in front of the couple’s Pilatus PC-12, a sweet ride to the Playa

Example of proposed services :

– Arranging and booking of flights to Reno
– Welcome and support from the Reno airport
– Flight to Burning Man in a private plane
– Skydiving over the playa
– Survival pack 
– Establishment of a camp with electricity, water and satellite internet wifi connection
– Welcoming participants in some luxury RV, comfortable and air-conditioned (2 – 4 people per RV)
– Daily water supply for the RV
Private toilets for the camp
– Musical entertainment in the camp
– Organization of Camp central tent (decoration, sofas, beds)
– Supplies additional costumes and accessories for bike decorations
– Customized Art Car for all the group with BM authorized driver
– Cooks and fresh buffets for every meal
– Snacks 24/24
– Open bar 24/24 with fresh drinks and alcohol at discretion
Possibility of ordering goods and products from outside Black Rock City every day (+24h)
– Technician guard 24/24
Physical coach and 4 times per day sport training sessions at the camp and around the playa
– Massages on request provide by the physical coach
Photo reportage and editing a souvenir book
– Organize a goodbye party for 300 person (guest + friends) in the camp (DJ)

Extra VIP services :

– Study, design and creation of your own art cars
– Coordination of any artistic performance of your choice

[Update 8/10/14 1:44pm]

cue feather girl whiteTechnically, this is all perfectly fine for them to offer – just like Turnkey Plug-n-Play camping – as long as BMOrg gets their cut. The BLM takes 3%. Radical Inclusion, Radical Self Expression, dehydrated Sparkle Ponies and Leave No Trace butt up against Civic Responsibility and Radical Self Reliance and Decommodification and Gifting and Communist Ethics Communal Effort in one big, confusing, lucrative mess. Wash your own brains. The people giving you a ride on that public conveyance Art Car or displaying that giant fire breathing statue for your enjoyment might be there on one of these packages, so think before you hate. This is by no means the only private concierge service at Burning Man.

Commenter Nomad Traveler points out that this must be sanctioned by the BMOrg, like SK8 camp’s merchandise, since they are using the Burning Man logo.

http://burningmanvip.net must be a BOrg-sanctioned activity because:
a) it has the Burning Man logo;
b) it uses the “Burning Man” name in it’s title and domain;
c) it uses BM pix for commercial purposes;
d) they list a US contact: Los Angeles +1 323 375 0 735 usa@the-key.ch.

Otherwise, those add up to the sort of thing the BOrg has unleashed their lawyers on. Nope. I figure it is just another way the BOrg is cashing in.

[Update 8/11/14 9:22 am] Thought it was a troll? I told you, this is just one of several private concierge services I’m aware of at Burning Man. Some people objected to their music lineup because they took it from the BMOrg site. The true story is it was just satire, masquerading as fact, yet again: an April Fools Day post from Burning Man announcing the music lineup. A big farce. For just a glimpse of the real lineup, see our post on White Ocean and keep checking Rockstar Librarian for her guide.
fellowship-of-the-fool-09783It ain’t no troll people. This is the real deal: and for many wealthy clients, an indispensable service. Their personal assistant might not have Playa experience.
The Key Group have updated their web site to share their views on the negative comments this story has generated. Don’t hate, Burners! There isn’t some special device inside an RV or private plane that suddenly makes you “not” go to Burning Man. Radical inclusion means everyone is welcome, whatever their style – except haters. Haters should fuck off.
From the Key Group:

An article about our services has been posted on the website Burners.Me, causing negatives reviews from Burners.

More and more camps offer paid services to improve the comfort of Burners. This is not new. You can also have your RV directly delivered on site, and arriving by plane to avoid the long wait to get to Black Rock City. Burning Man Sanitation offers against payment to purge your RV to take advantage of your private toilet and showers. It is a part of the most pay services you can found at Burning Man, and actually probably reserved for Burners with a higher budget…

Through this website we offer to the Burners who want to be able to enjoy there Burn with a greater comfort. We do not sell the experience, it is personal and unique to each Burner.

Also we make a point of honor to explain the principles and ideology of Burning Man to our clients, so that they are participants and not spectators. We also ask our clients to take part in a community project of their choice.

We are surprised by so many negative reactions on the services we offer, and which already exists at Burning Man for several years. Moreover, the first principle of Burning Man is not the Radical Inclusion? Defined as such on the official website of Burning Man: Anyone May Be apart of Burning Man. We welcome and respect the stranger. No prerequisites exist for participation in our community.

Finally it might be good to remember, as it is also mentioned in the article that those « wealthier » Burners help support and fund many projects that benefit the entire community. So please Think Before you hate!

Burner and Concierge Antoine had this to say in our comments:
Dear Burners,
I understand very well that some of you may be surprised (or offended?) by the creation of such a service, but as the article notes does well, more and more camps offer luxury services for rich Burners. We must also not forget that many rich Burners support artists, art cars, and many other projects that contribute to the magic of BM and benefit the entire community …
In our case, and as you can see on our website, we ask our customers to support in the way they choose a project for the community. We try to stay as close as possible to the spirit of BM. Also we explain to our clients the principle of BM, and the fact that there, no matter who they are or how rich They Are, that they remain Burners first. They should stay simple and open to everyone.
I think everyone is free to live his burn in its own way, and I do not see why rich Burners would have to play the poor’s to come, especially when we know that their wealth allows them to benefit others burners of their projects and their financial support. It would be so hypocritical to force them to live a life that is not theirs…
Have you ever seen someone restrict you to jump on his art because, or come and enjoy the DJ at a party on the pretext that it was the one who financed? Are what we should then think interdict the RV’s at Burning Man, because maybe some Burners are not afford to hire one?
Also you all probably know that Burning Man keeps work to thousands of people, from the Rangers to the RV rental companies (which also deprive themselves to double or even triple the price), people who build art cars, pilots that allow some Burners to come directly by plane, … And personally I think the more important for people who work around Burning Man is to stay the spirit first…
I’m a Burner first, and I want to preserve the spirit of BM as much as you, to continue to have the possibility to live this fantastic experience. I can promise you that I do my best to make our customers live BM as Burners and not as tourists, despite the luxury in which they can live it…
I really appreciate all your posts, thank you all for sharing your opinion, whether positive or negative with respect to our services, and it reinforces my idea of ​​renewed attention to the towards the importance of the integration of our clients in the spirit of Burning Man.
 Seems perfectly reasonable to me. But then, I know a lot of rich people. And a lot of them are Burners.