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      • I remember that storm in 2007, still the strongest one I’ve experienced. It was videos of the utter surreality and otherworldliness of Burning Man, like this one, that drew me there. I honestly believe that if all I’d ever heard and seen of the event was videos like the one in this post, I’d never have gone. That says something about the videos that get the most attention and the people being inspired by them to attend. Nothing wrong with those people, it just keeps making the event less and less surreal.

        • Aside from the emotional agenda set by the music track, the primary post video is edited, just like a theatrical film. And it is no more real. Leacock and Pennebaker pioneered the mobile camera documentary movement and what they called Cinema Verité. Most conflate the two, thinking CV just means handheld with lower production values. But CV literally means Film Truth. Long, extended filming of a subject, unedited, is supposed to reveal the truth (of course without anything artificial like a music track).

          The Dust Storm Surreality is classic CV. That Glimpse into Burning Man is wholly synthesized crap. There is no truth, only the emotion enforced by the music and the carefully chosen pretty pictures or pretty people. It gives you NO glimpse of what the NV burn is like, only what one might want to sell you.

          Look at my video linked under “But if you really like the video posted, consider this version….” That shows you how much the communication agenda is set by the music track. There is no music track in BRC, and going there is not some stylized montage of hanging with pretty people.

          And that’s why I say, BURNING MAN IS NOT A MUSIC VIDEO!

      • Yes, in 2005, my first burn I was in a swirling dust storm at Gate, windows shut up, no A/c and sweating a river, thinking “this could really suck”. My greeter asked if he could hop into my passenger seat to get out of the dust as he answered my questions. Didn’t have to do a dust angel; I was covered as soon as I got out of the van to ring the bell. Missed ’07 but ’08 was legendary too. And ’09. Newbies got no idea of what the playa can throw at them.

    • And if you must have music with your videos, how about this?…

      [office src=”https://onedrive.live.com/embed?cid=CFFFF04CB76D019A&resid=CFFFF04CB76D019A%21310&authkey=APFa5Gzth6-HILw” width=”320″ height=”240″]

    • But if you really like the video posted, consider this version….

      [office src=”https://onedrive.live.com/embed?cid=CFFFF04CB76D019A&resid=CFFFF04CB76D019A%211992&authkey=AEqsPsYnd4gMZuM” width=”320″ height=”240″]

  1. Music, dancing, and booze. Kinda a limited idea of what Burning Man is. I’m going to the transformational art, creativity, and community gathering. But yes, it does look like fun.

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