Another #PedoGate Researcher Suddenly Dies: RIP Tracy Twyman

Tracy Twyman was a researcher into the occult who lived near Portland, Oregon. I went on the RX Only Picture show with her in March this year, and called into the show again on May 22 when they did a special after Isaac Kappy’s death on May 13, 2019. Tracy had been in touch with Kappy and was investigating some of the same things, including Voodoo Donuts and their neighbor Dante’s – which both make extensive use of Satanic imagery and themes.

Tracy shared some of her research with me after that, but asked me not to publish it at the time because she was quitting Twitter and YouTube after receiving death threats.

The circumstances of her death are presently unknown, but it has been confirmed by S B Alger from the RX Only Picture show:

…and also Clyde Lewis from Ground Zero.

That makes this video that she created for me and one other person a kind of “Dead Mans Switch”.

Here is my full Twitter conversation with Tracy:

Here’s my show with Tracy before Isaac’s death:

Here’s the show where I called in after Kappy passed away (3:14:37)

Tracy’s reaction:

I did an interview about this with Lift The Veil, which I have released as CryptoBeast #21

Greg Carlwood from The Higherside Chats (THC) has made a statement in response to this post:

There is some disturbing discussion from 2018 on their web site about some sort of group magickal ritual for Tracy.

While I appreciate this guy is unhappy with the video going out because it doesn’t paint his best friend in a great light, perhaps highlighting his mental illness or perhaps pointing to something much worse, he is pretty much the only person out of 20,000+ views on the video so far objecting to the information being public. I didn’t know Tracy very well but people who did are supportive of this “dead mans switch”-type information being released. If anything ever happens to me, please release all the info you can.

With Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest, NXIVM convictions and other recent child sex trafficking busts, it seems like it is a dangerous time to be looking into the Luciferian Pedo Cult.

Isaac Kappy: researched #PedoGate, now dead

Tracy Twyman: researched #PedoGate, now dead

Jen Moore: researched #PedoGate, doxxed, now dead

Fiona Barnett: #PedoGate whistleblower, doxxed, disappeared from social media

Robert the Deplorable: researched #PedoGate, doxxed, disappeared from social media after a possible suicide or murder attempt.

I received this from a source who wishes to remain anonymous. They were in touch with “Robert’s uncle”. Robert claimed to have Isaac Kappy’s Dead Mans Switch and was in the process of opening it when he had to flee his home after being doxxed by Unirock, who said he had people in his town taking pictures of him.

Robert then ended up in hospital with what we initially thought was a suicide attempt. Robert’s uncle (posting from Robert’s Twitter account) gave some details that suggest maybe it wasn’t a suicide after all:

Some have dismissed Robert’s suicide attempt as some sort of LARP. In light of Tracy’s death, not even 2 months since Kappy’s, and Jen Moore’s death less than a year ago, further investigation is warranted.

I will update this post if more information comes in. See also:

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[Update July 13 2019]

Thread from Tracy’s friend SB:

Video interview with Tracy’s friend Darren Williams:

Further discussion at Reddit.

Reports on Twitter are obviously not as solid as obituaries, funeral notices, death certificates, autopsy reports. If we get more information we will share it here.

This is one of the people Tracy was talking about in her video:

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  1. Take a look at her website!! Its 2022 but whoever is in control has posted a sigil and basically stating that they…whoever this is killed her 😪

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  5. The picture of the guy playing the flute…That is Lt. Col. Thomas Aquino in his military uniform. He is all tied up in MK Ultra and was even identified by victims and they could describe the inside of his house on base. He was also the head of the church of Satan and appeared on Geraldo as such in the 80’s Look at the eyebrows, waxed up to be horns. They are even like that in his official military photos, as a vet you can’t do that because its considered “faddish” Spooks can just do what they want though. The sex cult is international and is in most of all the top positions.

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  10. I came across this article on this morning:

    It discusses the strange, temple-like structure on Epstein’s private island. I was immediately reminded of the interior of that strange bath house in the alleged Kappy dead-man switch video.

    I’m not suggesting that they’re the same place but I am suggesting some very weird connections between wealthy, powerful men; sexualization of underage girls and occult symbolism and references.

    The targets of these grassroot, pedo-gate investigations have to all be part of the same, small social circles (just by the fact that the activities they’re involved in require secrecy, wealth and the resources to avoid detection). Therefore, it cannot be beyond possibility that Epstein and his people and those that have been targeted by the Kappy-related investigations are in-fact the same group(s)?

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