Who should get the 10,000 Theme Camp tickets

BMorg have the power to allocate the World’s Biggest Guest List to the theme camps that they think are essential to the functioning of Burning Man. We are asking them to make this list open and transparent, and to publish it to the community  – please vote to assist in this call.

Perhaps they could use some feedback from the Burner community. Let’s start with some basic categories of camps. What is most important to you for a great burn?

One comment on “Who should get the 10,000 Theme Camp tickets

  1. I’m not sure why it’s anyone’s business who the borg chooses to comp. It is against their self-interest to comp people capriciously. And, based on what little I know about the folks who get comped, those chosen few are friends, family and deserving long-time participants. Correct me if I’m mistaken but, at least in my experience, whoring out to the usual suspects (pop culture icons; the rich, famous, or powerful) has never been an issue. How many persons of common notoriety have asked for “press passes” or other special consideration and been told to buy a damn ticket just like everyone else? A hell of a lot. That’s how many. I don’t think the borg owes anyone anything when it comes to their comp tickets. Can you name a more transparent, private, for profit corp.? Let the creators and founders invite whoever they fucking want to invite.

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