Regional Burn Conference in San Francisco next week

Burner culture is spreading like wildfire all around the world and even into space. As well as this list of 100+ alternatives to Burning Man, there are also more than 100 different “official” regional Burns around the world. The ticket crisis means that these events may be of increasing interest to Burners, and Art Cars that have been rejected from the Playa might start showing up at some of these instead.

Next week, Burning Man HQ will be hosting the annual Regional Leadership Summit in San Francisco. Representatives from around the world will  gather, share ideas and inspiration, and plot the course for how to best support this culture all over the world.

From the JackRabbit:

This year more than ever, the story of Burning Man is really becoming about the cultural community that creates Black Rock City, not just Black Rock City itself…local Burners getting organized and activated across the globe has never been more important than it is in 2012. We’re gearing up for what will doubtless be the most interesting Burning Man moment we’ve seen. Now is a moment of birth.

Fertility 2.0 indeed.

Some history from the web site:

Following the 1997 Burn, the pilot Regional program began, though modestly, as with all things at Burning Man. Initially, only a handful of regions were represented: Austin, theNorth Bay, and, believe it or not, the entire country of Canada

…In the late 90s, Burner communities continued to blossom in ever more diverse locales. As the number of people that traveled to the Black Rock Desert increased, so did the connections between people. Large-scale Burning Man-inspired events were organized, far from Black Rock City and the Bay Area. The first of these was Burning Flipside and the temporary city of Pyropolis, organized by the Austin Burn group in 1998. It is now an alternative destination, a place for people to invest their creative energy, for those who don’t necessarily have the resources to make the annual trek to Nevada. A rich and diverse community thrives around Flipside, as it does in many other regions. From Burning Mooseman in the Ontario backwoods, to Burning Toast in the Arizona desert, Burners are creating their own unique gatherings everywhere.

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  4. Of course, the regionals are also hitting their ticket limits. Flipside (which also sold out in 2011), Apogea, Lakes of Fire. Transformus sold out during the regional summit. In 20 minutes. Flipside has spawned a concurrent event, Otherside, for the hundreds of people who were denied tickets

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