Exterminate! Exterminate! Dalek Art Car

Look at this piece of Dalek coolness from Burning Man 2011.

This was created by Burner Cory and his wife , inspired by the classic British sci-fi series Dr Who.

This all started because my wife Hannah and I wanted to do an art car for Burning Man. We couldn’t decide on what to do and were quickly approaching the deadline for Mutant Vehicle application. She’s English and her parents recomended that we watch Dr. Who, especially since i’m a huge fan of Sci-fi and Brits. I thought a Dalek would be perfect for Burning Man, but like most of our previous thoughts, I suspected that someone had already done one. Much to our surprise, no one had brought a dalek to Burning Man, let alone building a large scale-ish version. The idea was planted, and there was no going back.

The first job was to get the golf cart running, and since I had almost zero experience working on an engine, it was a trial. Then the wood frame was built. Luckily we had a partial 1:12 scale model in the form of a clock, and with the aid of some calipers, the project was relatively smooth sailing. Unfortunately, the golf cart wouldn’t let us build it to the right proportions, so I had to make up a couple of weird angles. The mid section and dome were fiber-glassed expanding foam. The bubbles were made via a MAKE article on vacuum forming. Unfortunately, I had to waste some material learning to vac form .06 polycarbonate, but it proved to be a great material for driving down the freeway at 65.

Here are some more photos of the Dalek under construction.

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